okay first things first I know the format is hard to read but this is just the un-edited thing I'll have the edited first chapter up sometime this week I had to do this on the computer's default writing program I'll have the completed chapter up like I said sometime this week I'm going to try my best to fix it up in the document editing thing but I make no promises and as my last item of business I'd like to give a huge thanks to the guys who helped give me this idea and convinced me with their words and stories that this was a good idea...at the time but now it's up two you guy's to decide. They are Ndasuunye and Ignika Kanak-Dragreder King thanks guys

SUMMARY: Nagato finds out Naruto's his nephew and realizing he's been doing the wrong thing sends Naruto to another dimension to save him and the world where he meet's a bummed out terra.

WARNINGS: Naruto will have the rinnegan, romance will start this chapter because I had a time skip that time skip is there for several reasons that I'm not sharing Also THIS WILL BE A NARUTO X TERRA PARING END OF DISCUSSION NO NARUHINA NO TERRA X BB NO NARURAVEN NO TERRASASU END OF CONVERSATION.


Nagato and Konan had just arrived in Konoha.

They were there for one reason to save Nagato's nephew you see nagato was originally from whirlpool and during the attack on rain his little sister


Had been lost but was found by the Slug Sannin Tsunade and taken to Konoha and the rest well that's a story for another time. but Nagato had discovered the truth about his nephew from Jaraiya who had stumbled across him in Amegakure and to save Naruto's life he was going to send him with all the jutsu he could gather as well as his inheritance from Nagato himself, Kushina, Minato, The two good Sannin, And last but not least the Sandaime Homage. As the duo entered the Hokage's office they saw a sad looking Naruto surrounded by his friends and surrogate family Nagato's heart was braking apart seeing his last surviving family member hurting. As he approached Naruto who had everything sealed into a scroll a massive one located on his back

the boy was wearing a robe similar in style to an Akatsuki one only it was colored Orange with black flames at the bottom of it as well as on the end of the sleeves and opening of the collar on the back the kanji for hero was drawn in black surrounded by a black circle it was rather large. Nagato spoke in a calm voice "Naruto I'm sorry about this but it's the only way to keep you safe and with you out of Madara's reach the world will be safe." Naruto nodded and smiled his true smile at everyone and said "Thank you all for being there for me and for saving me from myself and if this will keep you all safe then I guess it's goodbye."

everyone was smiling even Konan and Nagato knowing he was including them in that statement. Nagato spoke sadly at first "I'm truly sorry but this has to be done Naruto. there are a few things you I'm going to tell you, as you know there can only be one rinnegan wielder in the world and as you will be sent two another dimension you will develop the rinnegan but thanks to the seal Jaraiya placed on you you'll be able to activate it at will, second you must learn every jutsu that you have been given because in four years time Madara will be able to use his eternal mangekyo sharingan's dimension hopping ability, but this is just a precaution it's too difficult even for him to locate you in another dimension, and last once you enter this world you will immediately gain the ability to speak the nearest living beings language whether they be humanoid or animal." Naruto nodded he was prepared for this he turned to his friends as the said there goodbyes all with genuine sadness on their faces. Nagato began making seals at a rapid speed as Naruto stood with in the heavily complex seal before him Nagato finished on the Uma seal and shouted "Kinjutsu: Zenpanteki Jikouku Kuuhaku Sori no jutsu" (forbbiden technique: universal time space warp technique) after shouting the jutsu he clapped his hands together (like in FMA) a bright golden flash of light and Naruto was gone.

-In another dimension-

Terra was upset she'd been thrown out of another town as she set up camp a bright light caught her attention she looked up and saw a spiky blonde haired boy who was dressed strangely falling from what looked like a spiral symbol with a bunch of rings around it. Thinking fast she used her powers to rip the ground she was standing on up into the air Terra concentrated as hard as she could and caught the boy that was obviously her age. His eyes opened weakly looking directly at her and spoke "an angel..." before he passed out she blushed but managed too keep enough concentration to land safely. She pulled him into the tent and noticed he was just out cold.

Terra carefully set him down on her sleeping bag now that she had a better look at him she realized several things

One he was very handsome and cute at the same time.

And two he had six strange whisker like marks on his face.

As she reached to touch them he began to stir a bit his eyes flickered open and she spoke in slightly shy voice "um-mm....hi what's your name." Naruto looked at this girl and he blushed a bit she was cute but upon hearing her question he spoke "my name is Naruto Uzumaki what's yours miss angel." Terra blushed again but composed herself now speaking without the shyness " My name is Terra, and mind telling me why you fell from the sky?"

Naruto grinned "pretty name, but as for why a fell from the sky it's a long story one I normally wouldn't tell anyone unless I could trust them but something about you tells me I can trust you." Terra blushed at the pretty name comment she grinned and said "well I've got all day " Naruto grinned and began "well I'll start with the fact I'm from another dimension and as to why I'm even in this dimension well my uncle sent me 'away' to protect me from a psychopath bent on ripping my soul apart to get to something sealed inside me but before you ask my home village of Konoha about 12 and a half years ago was attacked by a giant nine-tailed demon fox under the control of said mad man but my village isn't a normal one it was what's known in my dimension as a hidden ninja village."

Terra looked shocked but let him continue "my father was the leader of that village he was what's known as a Hokage he was the Fourth Hokage to be exact he was at the time the world's most powerful ninja well anyway he used a powerful forbbiden jutsu to seal the fox into me just moments after my umbilical cord was cut his last request was for me to be viewed as a hero.......ninety percent of my village's civilians ignored that request but only ten percent of the ninja ignored my fathers dyeing wish and the Third Hokage my surrogate grandfather was forced to intact a law that forbid those who knew from speaking of it under penalty of death......I was sent to the orphanage when I turned one I was there in till I was five by that time the matron could no longer contain her hate so I was thrown into the streets for my 5th birthday...and I stayed living in alley ways in till the Third found me he took me in and gave me an apartment after I turned 10 at my own request to prevent his family from being hurt in what those that hated me so lovingly called fox hunts"

Naruto began explaining about his time in the academy and then all bout ninja life as the final part of his story approached which was about the Rinnegan Terra was listening in such rapped attention and she felt so many emotions anger at the villager's, understanding and sympathy for Naruto and sadness that he was ripped away from his life and those that loved him. Naruto finished up but the reaction he got surprised him Terra hugged him and Naruto hugged her back after they released each other Naruto asked "so Terra what about you what was your life like"

Terra reluctantly explained about her powers and how she was treated because of them in the end Naruto was hugging her she spoke in a voice that was hopeful "Naruto would you mind...traveling with me..." Naruto grinned and spoke happily "I'd love to travel with you Terra...hey you said your powers were unstable right....well why don't we look through the stuff my uncle and Friends gave me and see if we can't fix that" she smiled at him and glomped him hugging him she shouted over and over "THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU." after she had gotten up Naruto pulled the huge scroll on his back off as he rolled it out Terra watched in fascination as Naruto bit his thumb and wiped it across the first of seven seals revealing...more scrolls they nodded at eachother and began looking through the scrolls it seemed luck was siding with them today as they found a scroll that gave off a famillier energy to Terra she looked at the title being unable to read it and handed it to Naruto he read it for her "Earth control exersizes." as Naruto unrolled the small scroll he grinned. Terra looked confused in till Naruto made a hand seal and shouted " Ninpo: honsho kawari no jutsu"(ninja arts: text changing technique) Terra again watched in fascination as her new found friend changed the text into English letters she smiled to as she read it. it was the perfect training manual for her she hugged Naruto again he'd given her something she never thought she'd have control of her powers he was turning her curse into a gift she promised herself mentally that she'd always be there for Naruto her best friend from this day forward.

-1 week later-

As the duo wondered the dusty landscape of the Nevada desert not much had changed Terra was still wearing her black t-shirt with a large yellow T in a thin circle. As well as her tan cargo pants and her goggles. But Naruto he was now wearing ANBU like gear under his cloak instead of the jumpsuit. as the two walked along the landscape they felt rumbling earthquake like rumbling Naruto looked at Terra she caught the look and spoke defensively "what it's not me this time I swear!!" suddenly in front of them a huge lizard dug its way out of the ground but not just any lizard a three headed whip-tailed lizard Terra's eyes widened

she'd never seen a monster like this before Naruto had never seen anything like this period it looked at them and its right head snapped at Terra she jumped back and Naruto well...he did the opposite now Terra expected this she knew Naruto loved a challenge and she grinned when he grabbed the tail and yanked pulling it off but that grin became a frown when a new tail instantly sprouted then Naruto did something unexpected but effective none the less he picked the old tail up and hit the lizard thing over its heads shouting "BAD LIZARD BAD" she fell to the ground laughing as the lizard whimpered Naruto spoke again saying something that shocked her "now say something I know you can talk tell me why you tried to take a bite out of my friend" the lizard shook its heads and spoke both heads speaking simultaneously "why did I try and eat her....I'm hungry that's why now tell me brat what the hell are you no human has ever been able to injure me before but whether you do tell me or not I'm going to devour you both"

wrong thing to say Naruto looked back at Terra and said "hey Terra think you can pin him down with a big rock for a few minutes?" Terra looked at him odd but then it hit her what he was going to do she grinned and said "sure no problem Naruto" as she focused she pinned the overgrown reptile down with a lot of rocks.....A WHOLE LOT of rocks only leaving its heads exposed she knew this was going to be a bit violent but she could handle it. Naruto put his hands out palms open two black spikes extended from his hands he walked forward as the rings of the Rinnegan formed in his eyes he raised his arms and stabbed the spikes into the foreheads of both heads grayish blue chakra began flowing down coating the monster as it roared one last time before it turned into energy and was sucked into Naruto's eyes signifying his first rinnegan summon. Terra shuddered a bit she doubted she'd ever get used to that but it wasn't too bad the duo continued onward toward California where they'd unknowingly waste half a year fighting bad guys and monsters while constantly avoiding jump city and the teen titans by complete luck.

-One month later-

As Naruto and Terra sat in a clearing in some forest in California there tents set up they heard a roar a big roar they groaned it was that stupid bear man thing again. Honestly how many times did they have to kick his butt before he got the message? Suddenly they heard hissing and the sound of howling and the buzzing of wings their eyes widened those were the sounds they heard before having to fight several animal fused humans. instantly at the ready facing the direction the sound was coming from Terra spoke in an annoyed voice "Naruto?" the blonde whiskered cheeked teen boy answered back "yeah Terra?" the geomancer answered with another question. "What did we do to deserve having to fight all these bad guys at once?" Naruto just sighed "not sure." not a second after those words left his lips a man with a coyote head and humanoid wolf legs rushed at Naruto only to hit what felt to the gene spliced man as a brick wall and of course Naruto had raised his fist at the last minute punching said mutant in the head while

Terra threw a chunk of earth at what looked like a hornet-man knocking him out of the sky and into the clearing Naruto spoke in a bored voice "El Coyote Loco and King Hornet what a pleasant surprise." (both are OC villains and so are these next two)suddenly a woman that looked like medusa only with a cobra hood in the place of snake hair spit a green liquid at Terra only for a powerful gust to blow it off course into a tree fallowed by Naruto's cry of "Fuuton: Daitoppa no jutsu" the woman hissed out" fools you can't beat all of ussssssss" just as she finished a massive man that looked like a huminoid bear with moose antlers and a scorpion tail landed in the clearing he spoke in a deep voice that was guttural and in-human " You two will pay for Humiliating us now prepare for the hurt you punks."Naruto and Terra spoke in sync. "great Don Brunero and Cobrina just what we needed." as El Coyote Loco and King Hornet got up and joined their comrades Naruto and Terra grinned and

Terra spoke "hey Naruto why don't we show them are answer to being out numbered?" Naruto grinned back and said "lets." Naruto made a cross shaped hand seal while Terra focused and was surrounded in a yellow glow suddenly the area was filled with 100 Naruto's and two 10 foot tall rock golems that stood high above them, the four animaloids looked afraid as the clones rushed them but luckily for them El Coyote Loco acted fast and began using his clawed hands to destroy clones. Allowing them time to shake off their shock and begin fighting back. while Don Brunero began fighting the golems Cobrina was blasting the clones with her acid spit from afar and King Hornet began impaling clones left and right but a clone tricked him causing him to not only impale the clone but a rock as well before the insectoid man could get his stinger free he was hit in the back of the head with a hard drop kick courtesy of Terra. as the giant bear-man crushed the last golem he was struck in the back by a huge ball of drilling wind the last thing he heard before passing out was Naruto's shout of "Fuuton: Dai Renkuden" but Naruto was slashed deep across the back by El Coyote Loco who spoke in a snarling guttural tone " you should of watched your back ese" Terra had just knocked out Cobrina when she heard this.

She turned and saw Naruto with a deep slash across his kidneys her world came tumbling down around her.

If this is it, then I've given all I can
The road that leads to nowhere has fallen in my hands
If this is it, then the needle has been found
The haystack is long gone
and the world's turned upside down

The boy that had become everything to her a best friend and she knew it sounded ridiculous but the boy she'd come to honest and truly love was falling to the ground blood seeping from a fatal wound his eyes glazing over and that...MONSTER was laughing...rage consumed her.

I see right through you
Everything you do
Leech on the side of me
Covert hostility-your negativity
Drains to get what you need
Your vampire logic
Turned out tragic
Lost your meal ticket to feed
Karma got to you
Ego ate through you
Nothing left to do but to bleed

Terra charged surrounded by yellow energy the earth ripping up around her she kicked the man away he just got back up convulsing as bat wings ripped from his back and he became a 10 foot long coyote wolf hybrid with bat wings it convulsed a little more standing up straight.

Now out come the wolves
out come the wolves
out come the wolves
out come the wolves

It rushed at her but she lifted the ground out from under her and tossed it into a large tree it just got back up snarling but she continued her assault hitting it with several fist sized rocks it launched itself at her again hitting her with its side knocking her back.

Cave in, just surrender
you know you're already six-feet down
Cave in, just surrender
Cuz you have nowhere to go but down

She noticed the big stone ledge behind him she focused on it.

Right now, it's over right now
Right now, it's over right now

It broke off and fell impaling the Mutated coyote-man ending his life and calming her rage she felt sick but it didn't turn back showing it's humanity was gone when he allowed his body to be mutilated in such away.

Your friends
Call them yes men
Ain't always the best men
To trust in or to believe
The credit you were taking
Let's just call it faking
Is obvious, everyone can see
Got a good ride on our coat tails
Now it's time to set sail
and leave you tied up to the tree
Karma got to you
Ego ate through you
Nothing left to do but to bleed

She noticed the other creatures get up and run in terror.

Right now, it's over right now

Terra approached Naruto and dropped to her knees pure terror and disbelief on her face as she looked at his pale face she put her head on his chest her long blonde hair covering her from view as she sobbed and cried she spoke in a soft shaky and broken voice

"I-I....b-b-broke m-my promise if I had just been paying attention....I ne-ne-never got to tell you...tell you what you mean to me..please don't go...PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME ALL ALONE AGAIN" as her tears fell from her eyes suddenly a dark voice spoke in her head a voice filled with regret "Do you wish to save him" suddenly a figure dressed in black appeared behind her it wore a black cloak and had long wild white hair the thing was it was at least 3 times her size and was almost transparent it's face was demonic yet filled with regret it had a dagger clutched in its teeth she spoke without hesitation

"Yes more than anything if you can help then please do something anything I don't want to lose him." it nodded and spoke "What would you give up to save him?" she didn't need to think "I'll give my life for his please help him." she spoke tears still falling from her face the being spoke again "Then you've passed the test I will save him but on one condition..You must tell him what he means to you and how you feel about him" the figure approached Naruto it inhaled and breathed out a grey mist the mist drifted into his mouth. suddenly color returned to Naruto's face he began breathing again and

his eyes regained their color his wound vanished and his cloak repaired itself Terra smiled and hugged him she turned to the figure to thank it noticing it was gone Terra whispered a quite "Thank you" she saw the body of the beast behind her and so did Naruto she broke down crying again Naruto hugged her realizing what must of happened Kyuubi had explained they were dying the all of the sudden his collapsing mindscape repaired itself something healed him but that didn't matter now.

the only thing that mattered was the girl he had fallen in love with was hurting and needed him as he rubbed her back he spoke "shhhh shhh shh it's okay everything's going to be okay Terra every things going to be alright" as she hiccupped a bit she spoke "I thought I lost you...I-I don't know if I could go on if I lost you *hic* be-because Naruto your my world and..I love you"

Naruto's eyes widened but he smiled a soft gentle smile that radiated warmth he spoke "Terra I love you too your my world my universe my angel." Terra smiled and leaned up a bit while he leaned down their lips met in a kiss that held all their emotions all their love. it was this moment they knew that signified that they belonged to each other as the kiss ended Terra and Naruto spoke at the same time but only said one word "wow." as they sat there like that for a good thirteen minutes Naruto said "Terra while I love sitting here with you we need to get up" Terra blushed and

snuggled her face into Naruto's chest her slightly muffled voice came out cutely "Don't wanna" Naruto chuckled lightly and put his arms around her shifting her into the bridal carrying position and stood up bringing Terra up with him causing her two let out an "Eep" and her face was now cherry red. Naruto mentally made three shadow clones that sealed up the tents and then after sealing the tent scrolls into the master scroll as Naruto and Terra had come to call it the clones re-attached the scroll to Naruto's waste as he held a now sleeping Terra. Naruto turned his now cold eyes to the corpse of the once human monster and spoke to his last remaining clone having dispelled the others and said "burn the body leave nothing behind I'm not letting this catch up with Terra so use a wind jutsu and get rid of the smell and scatter the ash then use an earth jutsu and cover the damage up then dispel yourself got it." the clone nodded. And Naruto turned walking out off the woods toward the nearest city.

-About 30 miles away from the city-

Terra woke up to see bright blonde hair and immediately realized that she was being carried piggy back style by Naruto Problly toward the nearest city or town she spoke sleepily and said "Naruto *yawn* where are we going?" Naruto looked back a bit, smiled at her and said "We are heading toward a big city thingy." she giggled at his half answer she yawned and fell back asleep after whispering "I love you Naruto." the last thing she heard was Naruto saying "I love you too Terra." after she fell asleep Naruto continued heading toward the nearest town or city he wasn't sure what it was

-About 5 miles away-

Naruto was growing tired his body felt weak his muscles screamed in protest to each step he took it was about this point Terra woke up again due to Naruto's uneven breathing she spoke "Naruto we can stop here and set up camp a little past the tree line" Naruto nodded and let Terra get down the two started walking toward the tree line Naruto stumbled a bit but Terra caught him and helped him walk toward the tree line as they walked past the trees.

they found a clearing a big one perfect to set up camp Terra helped Naruto sit down and she took the scroll off his back and handed it to him. Naruto opened it and pushed chakra into the seal labeled "the camp" but in his tired state only one tent Appeared. But luckily for them it was the big one they used when they stayed in one place for several days. Terra quickly set it up working fast seeing some clouds roll in she was very grateful that Naruto took an interest in seals and put a heavy duty reinforcement seal on all their tents and gravity seals that activated on voice command from either Naruto himself or terra after she finished setting the tent up she noticed Naruto asleep with both sleeping bag rolls lying next to him she quickly picked up the bags and tossed them into the open tent she then rolled up the master scroll and put it inside the tent she then sighed and thought 'this is the hard part, 'why does Naruto have to put weights in his cloak...wait that'll work.' Terra quickly began to focus she created a rock golem and had it pick Naruto up she then commanded it to put him in the tent.

-Later that night-

Terra was still awake and for a very good reason. She was afraid of thunder and lightning as she trembled with each boom or flash. Suddenly a bolt of lightning hit about 10 feet from the tent
causing her to scream in terror. Naruto shot up seeing a terrified Terra he got out of his sleeping bag and approached her he put an arm around her shoulder and said in a soft placating voice "Terra what's wrong?" she looked away not wanting to see his face when she revealed her stupid in her mind at least fear she spoke in a meek voice "I-I'm scared of thunder."

she expected him to sigh or maybe chuckle if he did it would hurt her a lot but he just hugged her and said "it's okay Terra I understand" she smiled and snuggled into Naruto's chest and whispered "thank you" he smiled she looked up at him and spoke "Naruto I want to know what is are relationship now am I...your girlfriend?" Naruto looked at her and said "that depends am I your boyfriend?" Terra giggled a bit and said with total confidence and joy "of course you are there's no one else for me but you" he grinned and said "you just answered your own question my dear Terra" she laughed but suddenly bolt of lightning struck on the other side of the tent terra whimpered in fear hiding her face in his shirt "Naruto do you mind if I sleep with you to night" she asked a little nervously he spoke with a mischievous one "aren't we a little young for that Terra?" she blushed and smacked him over the head shouting "YOU PERV I JUST MEANT ZIPPING ARE SLEEPING BAGS TOGETHER"

Naruto laughed and said "I know but it's so much fun to tease you my earth angel" she blushed but Naruto continued "I don't mind Terra in fact I'd love to share a bed with you" she smiled and they dragged their sleeping rolls together zipping them into one roll they crawled in together Terra rapped her arms around Naruto and said "good night my fox" he grinned before hugging her to himself. Within minutes they had fallen into a deep sleep.

-The next morning-

as the sun rose Terra awoke to feel something poking her butt she blushed knowing what it was but she refused to take advantage of Naruto while he slept plus the fact she wasn't ready for that yet but she began thinking 'just because I'm not ready for Naruto to take my virginity doesn't mean I can't tease him a bit.' she grinned and whispered "paybacks a bitch my foxy foxy" she began to grind against Naruto's morning wood and she spoke in a dreamy voice "ooooooooh Naruto your such a man"

he instantly woke up and blushed crimson Terra noticeing his twitching ahem yeah you get the picture she burst out laughing and rolled over pinning Naruto under her grinning mischievously she said "pay backs a bitch isn't it Naruto?" Naruto burst out laughing and said "I suppose I deserved that hahahaha" Terra got off him she moved a strand of her long blonde hair out of her face and spoke "Naruto you know that were going to have to get to town today right?" Naruto nodded and spoke "yeah it's only a matter of time before the Freak Pack gets all their members together" Terra flinched at that something Naruto's trained eye noticed he looked at her from his sitting position on the ground and spoke in a calm smooth voice

"Terra he's not worth it yes you killed him but remember all of the Freak Pack willingly let that man experiment on them they traded their humanity for power and the ice water that flows through their veins it may hurt now but think about it does he deserve your remorse does he deserve any emotion from you he was a monster you heard them when we first fought them they killed for fun before what's to stop it from

happening again but I know it's only natural...but I plan on stopping them once and for all" Terra's eyes widened knowing what he was going to say "Naruto your going to use...that aren't you." Naruto nodded he'd use the Gedou Mazou and tear the souls out of all 14 remaing Freak Pack members if he had to rank them the ones they fought were

barely Chuunin except El Coyote Loco he was at least mid jounin in stealth and high Chuunin in everything else but the rest were at least equivalent to A-rank ninja but their leader he was no doubt on par with Akasuna no Sasori and he'd no doubt be out of reach he'd hide knowing he was coming and would wait it out in till he could no longer hold the Gedou Mazou without risking permanent damage to his body after all the old crow-baboon was wise but very twisted and spiteful.

Naruto stood up and began getting dressed Terra stared at the ground she knew all about that jutsu he'd taught her all about the ninja world and she'd taught him about this world. and she knew that prolonged use of that jutsu could cause his death if he wasn't careful she spoke in a determined voice "Naruto I'm going with you I won't let you fight alone."

he looked at her she expected him to protest or use his speed to flicker behind her and chop her neck knocking her out but instead she got "Ok Terra just be careful and if I tell you to run you run GOT IT." she nodded a little surprised but she smiled and said "all right but promise me no matter what you'll come back to me okay?" he walked over to her and pulled her into a lip lock he pulled away and put his left hand on her cheek and said "nothing will ever keep me away from you my earth angel." she snuggled into his hand and whispered "I know."

-In a darker part of the forest -

"YOU WHAT!?!?"Don Brunero, King Hornet, and Cobrina trembled they'd just told their leader what happened the day before and it would be an understatement if I said he was pissed oh no he was downright furious before they could answer the question he spoke again "WHAT THE HELL POSSESED YOU TO RUN FROM A DYING BRAT AND A WEAKEND AND SCARED LITTLE GIRL WHO WAS IN KILL SHOCK I SHOULD DESTROY ALL THREE OF YOU-...."He stopped mid rant and began trembling he spread his wings and flew up letting out a cross between a bellow and a crow's call signifying a call to arms out of nowhere 10 different animal-human hybrids jumped out into the clearing

The first a big burly warthog headed man he had humanoid bull legs and a stink bugs thorax he was Gastrosus

Next was a woman that could only be described as a harpy an owl-hawk harpy to be exact with eagle talons to boot she was Queen Raptoria

Then there was a skunk-armadillo man with two tentacles where his arms should be squid tentacles to be exact his name was Stink Thing

Next was simply what looked like a hunched over humanoid bulldog ant with crab arms and claws he was Exohyde

Also what looked like a musk ox man he was blandly named

Then a woman who resembled a praying mantis she was Mistress Razory.

Then what looked like two rat-mice men the Bite 'n Chew Brothers

And the ninth to appear was a badger man with some Tasmanian devil traits comonly known as Massacre

And last was the massive Komodo dragon man Scaleus

they all approached the clearing only to see the thorns in their little gangs side as of late approaching they all grinned thinking how easy this would be the strongest present which just happened to be Scaleus stepped forward not noticeing that terra was a good 5 feet behind Naruto the reptile man spoke in an arrogant voice

"Well, well, well what do we have here two little human worms finally giving in to their betters." throughout his arrogant speech Naruto had activated his rinnegan and been making hand signs to late did they notice to late did they she Naruto bite his thumb drawing blood too late to stop him from slamming his hand on the ground terra had moved back another 20 feet when Naruto made the signal she was now out of range of the jutsu she closed her eyes and covered her ears.

a huge deformed statue appeared out of the massive cloud of smoke it looked hellish the beast people looked at it with a little afraid their instincts telling them to run but their pride refused to allow that dragons made of what appeared to be the spirit part of chakra appeared from the statue they rushed forward toward the humanoid animals. The spectral dragons ripped through their bodies taking their souls with it, it pulled back and sucked the souls of the former humans into the bardo for all eternity. Terra opened her eyes seeing the statue gone and the spikes it would of left in Naruto hit the ground suddenly they heard dark insane laughing

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" they looked up and saw a baboon like man with crow wings he was brown furred and his wings were normal crow wings only made to support a human sized creature it also had a grey eye with a scar directly over it the scar ran over its mouth down to the creatures chin in the place of feet were a combination of crow talons, baboon paws, and the feet of a human, it had the tail feathers of a crow over its tail it's other eye was yellow and had a small pupil the creature spoke in a obviously male voice "well done human you've killed my pack in one move no less quite the feet especially for such an inferior creature such as a human but never the less now you must DIE HAHAHA!!!" Naruto just glared at the man-beast and spoke in a cold tone "we'll just see about that" Naruto quickly made hand signs bit his thumb drawing blood and shouted "Kuchiyose no jutsu" a huge puff of white smoke appeared clouding the view of every one present the smoke cleared reveling the three-headed whip tailed lizard that Naruto had absorbed

a month ago but with some major differences for one it had the black chakra rods that both Terra and Naruto knew so well another difference was it had rinnegan eyes signifying that Naruto could see through its eye's like he could his own another thing was it looked completely emotionless and like it was soulless which in actuality it was its soul was in the Bardo now. Naruto was standing on the center head and Terra had somehow ended up on the left head Naruto spoke in the same cold voice "Tell me the name which you go by I'd like to know it.....before you die" Terra flinched at Naruto's tone and words but she knew it had to be done. The monkey-creature laughed insanely again but spoke any way "why not little human even though it is you who will die here this day my name is...Loki and I am your executioner." Loki bellowed loudly and the ground began rumbling and a crack formed

a small canyon sized crack out of it came a massive blob with an eye in the middle the blob itself was green in color and it's eye was yellow like Loki's it also had tentacles that had what looked like veins in them all running back to the eye Loki spoke again "like it this was dear 's last experiment before he disappeared its quite the interesting creature it's like an amoeba only it has these tentacles and that eye so I'm not quite sure what that mad-man was thinking when he made it." the whole time he was grinning insanely he spoke again with a twisted look in his good eye "The best part is it breaks down anything it ingests within minutes HAHAHAHA" the creature roared Naruto turned to Terra and said in a hard yet pleading tone "Terra get out of here wait at the camp site with my Kage Bushin I promise I'll be there in a few minutes I don't want you to have to see this.." she nodded and used her powers to pull a chunk of earth up she got on and flew off toward their camp site praying that Naruto would make it home to her safely.

after Terra was gone Naruto used his superior speed two appear above the Amoeba he extended his left hand spike impaling it into the creature the spike grew and impaled the over grown germ's eye it convulsed a ripple running threw it then it began to become chakra exactly like the lizard had before the chakra then entered Naruto's rinnegan eyes he turned to the now terrified Loki and held his still spiked hand out toward the insane beast-man Naruto spoke in an icy-cold voice that could chill even his uncle to his core "Banshou Tenin" the monkey-man was pulled by an unseen force into the

blade blood spraying out over the trees and grass Loki may have been as strong as Sasori but Naruto was on par with Itachi and with an unknowing, underprepared, un-expecting and terrified opponent and with such a power difference it was just too easy. But had he been facing the real Sasori or a more skilled opponent one whose power didn't come from brute force and intimidation he might not have won.

-At the camp site-

Terra paced back and forth nervously she knew that Naruto was strong and had a major advantage but that didn't stop her from worrying about him. suddenly the bushes began to rustle and to her immense relief out stepped Naruto she noticed his arm covered in blood he looked away from her she knew what he'd done and even though she hated the fact he had to kill she understood and realized that with someone like Loki it was a classic 'you or me' situation either Loki went down or Naruto went down she spoke in a sad tone. "Naruto its okay I understand you had no other choice in the matter." he looked at her a smiled a sad smile/ "Thank you Terra you don't know how much that means to Me." she smiled back at him.


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