Chapter 1

He was rejected once before, how many more times would it happen? Norrington kept himself apart from the opposite sex. Women. He didn't want to go through the things he did with Elizabeth again. Feeling sad, lonely, and hated by the one person he loved.

But now, he realized that maybe Elizabeth wasn't the one for him. Maybe there was someone out there for him. But he wasn't willing to look. He didn't want to get hurt again.

And so he moved on, and now he got his position as Commodore back, thanks to Davy Jones. Now that he was Commodore many women looked at him differently. They wanted to get closer to him. Not because of his good looks, but because of his wealth and power. Norrington wasn't interested in those types of women. He wanted a woman to love him for him, and not for his position in the Royal Navy. But he knew that was impossible, mostly all women he knew were shallow. And all were looking for men to steal money from and then leave.

Just then someone knocked on the door to his office, he shook his head and returned to the present. He found he had a pen in his hand and was in the middle of writing of a letter of some kind. Then the knocking got louder and he shouted for them to enter. In walked a smartly dressed soldier.

"This is for you, sir. A message from Lord Cutler Beckett, sir." And the man handed Norrington an envelope.

Norrington took it and nodded at the man. "You may leave, soldier, thank you for delivering this to me."

"Yes, sir. Your welcome, sir." The man bowed and made his way to the door.

"And please close the door when you leave." His request was met with the sound of a closing door. He sighed and sank back in his chair. Using a letter opener he cut through the Lord's wax seal, and took out the letter.

It read:

Dear Commodore,

Being as you've just received your former position, you will start small. It seems there has been a gang of pirates found here in Port Royal. I want you to find them and eliminate them and anyone associated with them. After that task is complete we will discuss the next step.


Lord Cutler Beckett

Norrington sighed, here he went again another pirate capture. Why did Beckett always give him the pirate jobs?

Anyways, if he ever wanted any part of his life back he would have to do what Beckett ordered. He stood up, brushed himself off, straightened his wig, and stepped out the door to assemble his men.

"Hold still, Isabella!" ordered a women as she yanked the corsets strings. The girl, who was unfortunate enough to wear the thing, had no air to argue with her mother. She was used to the whole thing. Her mother would make her dress nice and 'accidentally' run her into a wealthy man hoping there was some chance of her marrying him, and getting all his money and everything else she wanted. But it never happened. Yes it did work for her two older sisters, Marie and Catherine, now they were married to wealthy men and enjoyed getting whatever they wanted. And yet they didn't love their husbands. Isabella thought that a shame, she wanted to marry for love.

Once she was fully dressed and every hair was in place was when her mother told her the man she was after.

"It is Commodore Norrington. He is wealthy and very powerful here in Port Royal. He is the best man yet. I don't know why I didn't think of him before!" She pushed Isabella out of the door and handed her a parasol. "If you don't get this man, Isabella, I will surely throw you on the streets!"

Isabella grimaced as she heard her mother yell those words as she walked down the road. She didn't like deceiving men like this, but it was the only way she could eat and have a roof over her head.

"Alright men!" Norrington shouted to the few men he had managed to assemble. "It seems there is a gang of pirates running around Port Royal. And Lord Beckett wants us to get rid of them."

Then he spilt them up and told them where to go. He, himself, went alone. He had a score to settle with any or all pirates.

Isabella didn't know where she was going, she just walked around with her parasol over her head. She didn't know where Commodore Norrington was. Her mother didn't tell her. Was he supposed to be walking around? After all it was a nice day.

Suddenly out of nowhere a pair of dirty hands grabbed her. She tried to scream, but they silenced her with a hand.

"Look, gents," said someone behind her, the one covering her mouth. "I think she'll satisfy us quite nicely." That was when one of them kissed her roughly on the mouth.

The only reason Norrington wanted to walk around by himself was so he could think. Especially about the past. He remembered, and ashamed of how he was. He became a drunkard. He acted like a pirate. But because of that here he was today.

He was snapped into the present once again, when he heard a struggle. He looked up and saw two grimy looking men fighting over a woman.

Norrington rushed forward, but before he got there one of the men shot the other. Norrington was shocked, but he knew the pirate's ruthless ways.

Then he turned his attention on Norrington. The women's eyes grew wide. "Help me!" she managed to say before the pirate slapped her.

"Shut up, wench!" he turned his attention to Norrington. "Step one step closer and I will shoot her, Commodore!"

Isabella's eyes grew, so this was Commodore Norrington! He was here! Suddenly the edge of her vision began spotting black spots. She wasn't getting enough air! It was that darn corset! Her mother had tied it too tight!

"You wouldn't dare do that, pirate! You'll be hanging before you can blink an eye!"

The pirate smiled showing yellow and black teeth. "Oh-" but before he could finish his sentence Norrington whipped out his pistol and shot him. The pirate fell away, dead.

The women managed a small smile. "Thank you." Then she crumpled on the ground.

Norrington rushed forward, he feared he had somehow shot her too. But as he got closer he saw that she had just merely fainted. He gathered her in his arms, he found she was surprisingly light.

He looked down at her face and wished he hadn't. She was beautiful! Her light brown hair had come undone and now framed her face. Her cheeks were nice and rosy. And thick black lashes graced her eyelids. He wondered what was the color of her eyes.

But as he was peering at her he noticed her breathing was shallow. Something was wrong. He rushed to the nearest house and banged on the door. A frightened looking woman opened it.

"Please!" he cried. "I think she might be dying!"