"For All of Eternity"

Disclaimer: I have no connection to Stephenie Meyer. All characters mentioned here belong to her.

I closed my eyes and inhaled Jasper's spicy scent. Though my head was on his chest and his arms around my body, my mind was lost in a memory of sixty years earlier. It had been that very day in 1949 that Jasper and I had been married; it was one of the happiest days of my life.

Jasper had asked Peter and Charlotte to attend the ceremony, which they gladly did. He'd reserved a small chapel and had covered the pulpit in orange blossoms. I had bought a beautiful white dress with a tight bodice and a full skirt that was really too much for the small occasion; I knew Jasper would love it anyways.

The minister who performed the ceremony was elderly and very cautious of us. He seemed to know that something was amiss about us from the very beginning. Jasper used his abilities to calm the man's fears; he also breathed very little during the service.

Our vows were simple and fit our relationship perfectly: "I take you, my beloved and my best friend, my chosen one, through all of our lives together. I give you this ring, which is bound to my heart. Wear it always, as a symbol of my love."

After exchanging our promises to one another, the minister declared us husband and wife and Jasper kissed me. It was as if he'd never kissed me before, as if I were seeing daylight for the first time. He was passionate and romantic as he whispered, "I love you, Alice Whitlock," in my ear so softly that even Peter and Charlotte couldn't have heard.

As we lay in bed together that night in the shabby motel room, Jasper did things to me he'd never done before. He was a wonderful lover and I could tell he'd been holding out on me. Just as our hearts were now one, our bodies were, too. I had no doubt then that Jasper and I would be together for the rest of eternity.