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We all crowded on the front steps to waive goodbye to Edward and Bella. I was smiling like a silly fool as I watched my brother gingerly help his wife into the car. Bella's foot slipped out from under her as she stepped into the Aston Martin. Edward, always her protector, deftly caught her in his arms and laughed. He kissed her tenderly on the lips as he did so. "Be careful, Mrs. Cullen," he whispered. The vampires in the crowd smiled and nudged one another. The humans hadn't heard a thing.

As they drove away, we all made our way back to the reception. Mike and Jessica were entwined on the dance floor under the elaborate canopy of flowers. Angela and Ben were sitting under a cedar talking and holding hands. Sue Clearwater was waiting at a table for Charlie with an open bottle of Rainier. Emmett and Rosalie dashed past me holding hands and began dancing circles around Mike and Jessica.

I took a moment to appreciate the picture before my eyes. We'd done it. Edward and Bella's wedding happened just like it was supposed to. It was even better, possibly. Bella was just as overjoyed as I had always pictured she would be, and Edward sparkled with pure triumph, it's true. But there was an ease and intimacy between the two of them that I hadn't foreseen in any of my visions of the future. When they came together there was something solid and beautiful between them, uniting them as one.

I held onto that victory before I let my mind stray to the part of my plan that had gone awry. In order to make this wedding happen, my mate Jasper had been tortured by an ancient vampire, and then attacked by an army of newborns. Emmett and Rose had agreed to commit themselves to the service of the Volturi if Bella was still human at the year's end. Yes, that part of the plan had surely fallen apart.

Of course, my mind was always scanning the future. I didn't see a chance that Bella would still be human in the New Year. But the future changes sometimes. Jasper, Emmett and Rose could all attest to that on a very personal level.

Suddenly, a more immediate vision of the future danced before my eyes and I was smiling all over again, despite myself. Until last night I hadn't seen Jasper in almost a month. I'd had twenty minutes at the airport with him, and then a two hundred mile car ride with Jasper, Emmett and Rose. That hadn't been enough by a long shot. I may see the future, I may have a little bit of trouble staying out of my family's affairs, I may go completely overboard when I plan parties and outfit my family, but at heart I'm just a normal vampire girl in love with her boy.

Esme and Carlisle walked over to me hand in hand. They were both beaming. My parents had been through so much with Edward. They'd resigned themselves to the likelihood that he might never find a mate. Tonight was a gift for them almost as much as for Bella and Edward. "Thank you, Alice," Esme whispered as she hugged me warmly. "It was perfect."

"Can I have this dance?" Carlisle asked.

"Can I take the next one? I have to stay here."

He must have seen something in my eyes. "Of course, Alice," he winked. "Esme, love, would you do me the honor?" Esme took his hand and they floated over to the dance floor.

Two strong hands grabbed me from behind. I'd been waiting for them. I bent my neck to the left to give him better access, because I knew he was going to nip me with his teeth on the right. And then overwhelming love surged through my body, breaking through muscle, bones, and organs until I was just a sensation floating under the lights. I was Jasper's love.

"Alice, our job is over. There's nothing left to do. Please, come with me." How could a feeling say no? I was aware of vague sensations, arms around me, something on my neck, a kiss? But my body was gone. And then, in an instant, voices, lights and all of our surroundings came crashing back. I was Alice again, back in my body.

"Jasper, I heard you were away," a kind human voice inquired. It was Renee, Bella's mother. "You were travelling this past month?"

"Yes, we only returned last night." Jasper kept his arms around me and I could feel the awkward disappointment that had taken hold of him.

"You must be so tired."

"Yes Mrs. Dwyer, I'm desperate to get to bed." And with that comment there was a burning twinge between my legs. I leaned on Jasper for support and managed to smile a little.

"Renee, how long will you and Phil be in town?"

"We're leaving in the morning. Phil has to get back. He has physical therapy. We have to get him back in shape for next season. Now is there anything I can do to help you all get started with clean-up?"

"Oh my! No, Renee. You're a guest, and you've already helped us so much. Please just enjoy yourselves."

Renee gave me a warm hug and shivered. She dropped the embrace quickly and rubbed her bare arms. "I think we'll be going after we say the rest of our goodbyes."

Humans could only take so much of our presence, really. Every human except for Bella, that is. She couldn't get enough of us.

Jasper turned my body to his and wound his arms around my waist. He pulled me into him. I nestled my head between his broad pecs and we started swaying gently in place. Jasper wasn't usually much of a dancer, but we were moving under a different influence. My body fell into his as warm waves of desire washed over me.

"I wasn't kidding, Alice. I'm desperate to get to bed."

"I know," I murmured. I could feel it building. Jasper would have to carry me up the stairs if this continued much longer. I couldn't walk feeling the way I did. But my more practical mind pulled me back to earthly realities. "But the clean-up. Renee was right. There's so much to do. And our cousins are staying the night."

"Our cousins will keep. They have for centuries." He said as he nuzzled my ear.

"And you are the last person that needs to worry about clean-up, my dear. You've done your part and have earned a night off. Your mate needs you now." Esme patted my shoulder and gave me a firm push in the direction of the house.

We started walking to the house at human speed, so as not to frighten half of our guests. Emmett chuckled and punched Jasper's arm as we walked past him. "Finally dude! Have fun." Jasper pulled me closer.

I could feel his excitement multiply with each step, and it caused my own feelings to grow exponentially. As soon as we were inside we flew up the stairs and into the bedroom. I rushed into the room and Jasper kicked the door closed. I saw his hand flash to turn the lock.

Our bodies met in the middle of the room with a crack like the sound of distant thunder.

"Shh," I managed. But Jasper's large hands crushed my face against his.

"Tell me what I'm going to do," he commanded, his lips pressed against mine.

"You're going to – " But he didn't let me finish. He went ahead and tore through the front of my dress and had my breasts in his hands.

That's when the full force of Jasper's power hit me. The potent mix of love and desire that vampires feel for their mates is incomparable to anything else in the world. But when you feel that within yourself, and then the feeling from your mate is palpable in the air around you, it becomes overwhelming. It leaves a vampire feeling like more of a girl. At least it's how I think a girl would feel. I don't remember being a girl, but I've talked to Bella a little about it, and it seems comparable. I do things, like struggle with Jasper's belt and fly. My knees get wobbly and Jasper has to hold me up. My head swims and I can't think clearly.

Jasper's hands were under my dress and I felt my panties tear away from my body. He left my stockings and garters in place. Good boy. I loved those black lacey garters and I wasn't planning a trip to France any time soon for replacements.

After my hands fluttered uselessly for a few seconds, I finally managed to get his belt unbuckled and his trousers undone. Jasper's hands were under my arms lifting me, and then one hand reached around and positioned my body over him. Then, with a fluid motion, he let my body slip at the same time he thrust his hips to meet me.

"Jasper," I hissed.

I wanted to shout so that the whole gathering in the back yard could hear. The entire length of him was inside of me, like he had never left. I realized that my eyes were squeezed shut and opened them to see Jasper's beautiful golden eyes, just three centimeters from mine. They pierced into my eyes until my body was overflowing with lust.

"Say it," I whispered, "now."

Jasper lifted my body so that he was almost completely unsheathed, then thrusting himself completely inside of me he said, "Never." His eyes bore into mine. He repeated the motion, ending with the word, "Send."




"Oh Jasper, never. Never."

His words came faster, one word with each thrust. "Never - send – me - away - again. Never - send – me - away - again. Never send me away again. Neversendmeawayagain, neversendmeawayagain."

"Jasper. Jasper!"

He sunk his teeth into the soft spot behind my ear and I cried out. Jasper's head collapsed onto my shoulder and it sounded almost like he was sobbing, gasping, his body shuddering. I felt his cold cum fill me and then drip down my legs.

I clutched his body against mine. We were still attached. Jasper was still hard inside me. I didn't want to let him go, ever.

Eventually Jasper's body stopped shaking. His face was buried in my hair and his arms tightened around me. "Oh, Alice. Alice. I missed you."

"Sshh." My hands were rubbing him, caressing his back, his shoulders, his chest. I rained kisses along his neck and nuzzled his ear. I wanted to take away everything I'd put him through this past month. I had known that he could do it, but I was afraid of what might happen to him in the process. His life had already been so hard. When I felt I'd done all I could from that position, I pushed against his shoulders and lifted my body off of him.

His head shot up and his eyes blazed into mine. "No."

"Please, let me undress you, let me love you. I'm not going anywhere."

Jasper's breathing quieted again, and his eyes were on my hands to make sure that one of them was on him at all times. Touching like that, the emotional connection between us was the strongest. He knew exactly how I was feeling, and his emotions were likewise able to wash over me. There was nothing between us when our emotional bodies were touching. It was almost as if our actual bodies could get in the way of this communion. Almost.

At times like this it could be confusing and overwhelming. I could feel my own love and remorse combined with my mate's love, desire, pain, relief, and resentment. Yes, I could feel resentment. It all put me slightly off balance. I wondered if it was how Bella felt when I saw her knees tremble as she stood next to Edward.

I peeled off Jasper's tuxedo jacket, removed the cummerbund, undid his bowtie, and worked at each of the buttons to remove his shirt. I already knew what his new scars looked like, but I wanted to see them with my real eyes. I wanted to run my hands over them and make them better. I lifted his arms through his shirtsleeves and then trailed my hands from his chest, around his body to his back. I could feel the new ridges there. There were three long scars, running from his shoulder blades to his waist.

I pivoted around him to face his back. Slowly, I ran my tongue over the scars, like a cat cleaning her kitten. It was too late for my venom to help heal him, but I wanted to somehow make it better.

I wrapped my small arms around his chest. Sadness, fury and relief traveled through my hands to my heart.

"I am so profoundly sorry," I whispered as I pressed my face into his back.

"I would have gone, even if I knew."

"I should never have asked."

"Where would we all be today if you didn't?"

I looked down at the ground, but it was no use. While I was touching Jasper he knew the feel of my answer. "See Alice, you did the right thing when you made me go."

"Never again. Always together from here on," I pledged.

"Yes." Jasper turned to face me and tilted my face up to his. He placed a soft kiss on my lips. Then he moved his gaze from my face to my chest and picked up the ragged ends of my bodice. "I'm sorry about the dress. You looked beautiful in it. But honestly, I wanted to tear it off you from the first time I saw it."

"I knew you would. It was made with that in mind." I turned around. Jasper's hands were on my waist. "Here, unzip so I can take it off completely."

I felt the satin fall away from my spine, and then Jasper gently eased the straps from my shoulders. My dress fell in a pile at my feet. I turned to face him wearing just stockings and garters. He was still hard, his pants undone, topless, a mass of muscle and silvery scars. I knew other vampires walked in fear of him, but I couldn't see it. I had known how my love would look from the first moments of my vampire awareness. All I needed was to have him with me and I would be fine. I'd never let him leave me like that again.

I already knew what I was going to do before I did it. But I still felt a thrill like lightening as I jumped and tackled him, bringing us both down on the bed. Our teeth clattered against each other as I forced my tongue into his mouth. His venom tasted like honey and metal, sweet and sharp. I couldn't get enough of it. I felt myself being overcome again. Desire hit me hard, and I could almost feel it force it's way between the individual cells of my body. It was a new sensation, rough, but incredibly intoxicating. It hurt me just slightly to know where he learned it. Jasper felt this of course, and he pulled away. "I'm sorry, Alice. I didn't mean to-"

I knew what he was going to say and put my finger to his lips. "No baby, how could I be upset with you."

But he said it anyway. Sometimes you can't change the future, even when you try. "I got through it the only way I could."

"And you thought of me. I know."

"But it hurt you. I can feel it."

"It hurts me that I put you through that."

And just like that the pain I was feeling was gone. Jasper sat up and pulled me onto his lap. I wrapped my little legs around him as best I could. My nipples brushed against his chest. Their stiff peaks tingled as they rubbed against the ridges of his scars. Jasper let out an enormous sigh. I inhaled his breath and let it fill my lungs. I couldn't imagine being more alive than this. The warmth was building again. Jasper pulled my body impossibly closer and pushed his length against me. My body was alit with sparks, then flames, then fire.

Jasper lifted me up, bit my nipple and thrust himself into me at once. "Aahh. God, Jasper." I ground my hips against him and heard him grunt in response. I was flooded with his need and I let my body sing out and show him how much I needed him too.

"Alice… Alice… Alice."

My name was murmured at my breast with each synchronized motion of our hips. I knew that he couldn't hold out for long and this knowledge in itself excited me. The vision of Jasper coming with my breast in his mouth brought me to the brink and I began to pant. Jasper moved his hips forward, so that his erection was rubbing just behind my pubic bone, and with each thrust the base of his shaft pounded against my hard nub. I pushed my body up and into him and took his ear between my teeth. That was all he needed, just like I knew it would be. I felt his nails at my back as our cool cum ran between my thighs.

I sucked at Jasper's earlobe before licking lightly just behind his ear, in the soft hollow on the side of his neck. His head fell against my chest and a soft purr vibrated deep in his throat. I pressed my legs securely around his hips and ran my hands gently through his golden hair. Jasper rubbed his hands languidly over my back.

"You know what I would like?" he asked in a soft and low voice.

"Of course I do. Let's finish getting undressed and I'll draw us a bath." Jasper loved our deep claw foot tub. I didn't have to see the future to know he wanted us both inside it.

I lifted myself off of Jasper and smiled as I saw that he was still hard for me. How long did it take one to get over a month's absence? I ran through visions of the future and couldn't see an end in sight.

I lay down on my back and pointed one leg toward the ceiling, beckoning Jasper to undo the garter. He loved old-fashioned undergarments, and could remove them with shocking speed and precision. Jasper came to me on his knees, and managed to undo the clasps with his teeth, without breaking them, I might add. I watched him intently as he rolled down the stocking and threw it on the floor. I lifted my other leg. This time Jasper licked my thigh as he undid the clasp with his teeth. He reached his hands up to shimmy the belt over my hips and as he did so, his mouth met me between my legs.

This time I let my mind wander. I didn't want to know what he would do next. I let my mind go free and lived for the moment. Jasper traced the outline of my soft folds with his tongue, but then stopped.

"Am I going to keep going?" His breath washed over my core and I squirmed. He took one of my folds between his lips and sucked, but he let me go too quickly. "Am I going to continue?"

"I don't want to know."

His tongue found my pearl, and he circled and teased there. "Tell me what I'm going to do to you."

I squeezed my eyes shut to try to block out the immediate future. Instead I made a demand. "You're going to fill me with your fingers, while you leave your mouth right there."

Jasper raised his eyebrows and his eyes met mine over my mound. "Really? I didn't see that coming."

I giggled. His eyes lit up with mischief. "Liar," he sang sweetly.

"Tease," I giggled in return.

Jasper pressed his mouth against me, and slid his fingers deep inside. Who says you can't change the future? I cooed and moaned and arched my back and pressed my thighs against Jaspers shoulders. And with soft, quick, precise movements, he found my sweet spot. My legs were covered with cool wetness, and I felt myself clenching his fingers inside of me. Jasper's mouth didn't let go until my body gave a final shudder. The he slowly climbed on top of me and let the full weight of his body press into mine. He tucked his arms around me and stared into my eyes.

"How did you convince me to let you go?"

"I'm too persuasive for my own good."

"Tell me it's all going to be alright for Edward and Bella. Tell me we did the right thing by them."

"We did the right thing by them. Right now they're on a plane to Esme's Island. And then tomorrow…"

"Then tomorrow what?" Jasper's eyes lit up. Of course, I knew what he would be thinking.

"You know a bet isn't decided on my visions of the future. You and Emmett are going to have to wait it out."

Jasper sighed and rolled his eyes. "Emmett has it in the bag, anyway. Edward told us about the bed."

"The bed?"

"You're telling me you don't know?"

"I was giving them privacy." But I quickly scanned the visions of Edward and Bella that I'd put aside. A vampire's brain never forgets. So even when I filter out visions, they're always held there for me to access at will. Then I saw it. Edward and Bella on his bed that last full night they spent together at our house. I was pleasantly shocked and felt my mouth pop open in surprise.

"He told you about that? I don't believe it!"

"It's still Edward. No details, he was a gentleman. But I almost don't believe it. Later we should take a little trip to Edward's room. I want to see it for myself. Speaking of beds, it's been some time since we've broken one."

With that Jasper playfully pulled me on top of him. But I already knew what was coming and Jasper could see the disappointment in my eyes.

"Can I ask you not to bring it up?" I tried.

But the future came quickly and a look of dread clouded Jasper's face.

"You said we did right by Bella and Edward. You didn't tell me they were going to be alright. Alice, you danced around Emmett's question in the airport. And I think you just tried to distract me by dangling the outcome of my bet in front of my nose."

I scrunched my face and tried to look away. Jasper sat up, picked me up and sat me down next to him. His face was hard and filled with concern. "What is it, Alice. What's wrong?"

"Well, there's some work that they have to do, and there's some work that we have to do to make it right."

"God, Alice. Just come out with it." Jasper grasped my bare arms and stared into my face. I felt his concern and his desperation."

I gulped out of reflex and my dry throat scratched against itself uncomfortably. "Well, Edward is going to hurt Bella a little."

"What? Alice, how could you let them leave?"

"Just a little Jasper. She's going to be fine. It's the kind of thing that happens even between two humans sometimes. At least, that's what I've heard. But you know Edward. He's going to overreact. They're going to have to work it out between themselves."

Jasper's alarm subsided before flaring anew. "And the work we have to do, Alice?"

"Jane's pissed, Jasper. You know that as well as I do."

"She's not going to let it go?"


"When are they coming?"

"Jasper, as long as you and I do our part, they won't be here until the new year, just like Aro promised."

"Are you saying that I have to leave again?"

"I'm saying that I have to go this time. And I don't want to leave without you."

Jasper's arms were quickly around me. "I wouldn't let you. Alice, do we have to do this?"

"We do. Unless you want to call Edward and Bella and tell them to get read for the Volturi. Jane can be very convincing."

"But last time things didn't exactly work out like you thought they would."

"I know, Jazz. But are we supposed to give up on them then?"

"Would it be so bad if Bella just turned a little early?"

"Bella wouldn't get her wish."

"So we're doing this so Bella can sleep with Edward while she's human, get hurt and force a confrontation on their honeymoon. Sound reasoning, Alice."

"This is bigger than Bella and Edward. The Volturi would find a reason to come to us, no matter what. We're going to stop it, at least for now."

"And how are we going to do this, Alice?"

"Well, that's the thing. I'm not exactly sure."

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