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Kitty was pissed off, she had been seething but the drive from the mansion to New York City had helped to calm her down some. The young woman had been having what she felt was the worst week ever, and she had hoped that the weekend would help her relax a bit. That was until Logan had decided to get on his high horse and tell her it was high time she shipped off to college.

The older man knew that she didn't feel like college was for her, at least not yet, but he kept pressuring her to go. Kitty knew that Logan meant well but when he got his claws into something he wasn't going to let up for anything. Combined with her stressful week, Logan's pestering had caused them to get into a shouting match to end all shouting matches.

They had both gone for the emotional jugular which left them both hurt and angry before they stormed off. She knew Logan had gone to his best friend Remy to get drunk while she had sped off to New York City. She planned to spend a few hours in the city and hopefully by the time she got back to the mansion Logan would be too drunk to remember which way was up.

Kitty had known the older man since she was 14 and over time they had grown close. Close enough for Kitty to consider Logan her older brother. In true older brother fashion, Logan grated on her nerves whenever he decided to treat her like she was a stupid little kid and didn't know what was what.

"Stupid Logan," she mumbled for the tenth time as she ran a hand through her long brown hair before turning onto West 65th street. Her eyes fell onto the Walter Reade Theater and a small smile spread over her face. Logan had brought her to the theater when she was 15 and it had always held a special place in her heart since then.

She was lucky enough to find a parking place close to the theater and she quickly got out of her car and locked the doors before heading to the ticket booth. There was only one movie that she was in time for and even though she'd never seen it before she decided to take a chance.

"One for 'The Man Who Laughs' please," she said.


The theater was partly crowded; there was enough room for people to be spread out all over the place. Kitty picked a spot that was closer to the back and sat down. She dug in her pants pocket and brought out her phone. There was a new text message from Jean asking if she was ok, and what time she would be back home. Kitty sighed before turning off her phone and returning the small device to her pocket.

She looked over in surprise as she felt someone sit down in the seat next to her. "This seat taken?" he asked with a smirk.

"Uh, no," she replied unsurely as she looked him over in the dim light. He had short brown hair, muscled build and even though he was sitting down she could guess that he was close to six feet tall. He wore a dark long sleeved t-shirt with an old and worn pair of jeans and an old pair of black Corcoran jump boots. But what drew her in were his blue eyes that seemed to have an inhuman glow.

Kitty realized she was staring and quickly looked away, biting her bottom lip in slight embarrassment. 'Great, my week has sucked, Logan and I just tried to kill each other with words, and now I'm looking like an idiot in front of a hot guy, this week couldn't get any friggin worse,' she thought in frustration.

"You ever seen this movie before?"

Kitty looked over at the man and shook her head "Just thought I'd try it out, you?"

"A few times, including when it was first released," he said and she looked at him in confusion before she shook her head, realizing he was teasing her.

"Yea cause you look 80 some odd years old," she said back with a small smile.

"You'd be surprised," he replied cryptically and Kitty began to wonder how old the man was. He looked to be only in his late 20's early 30's.

"So what's your name?" she asked, figuring she might as well keep up their conversation while they were waiting. He seemed interesting and she hadn't felt threatened by anything he'd said or done so she was almost sure he wasn't a perv or an axe murderer.

His blue eyes locked with her own brown ones and she almost gasped at the intensity of his gaze. "Name's Victor," he said.

Kitty put on a sweet smile "Nice to meet you Victor, I'm Kitty."

"Kitty?" he said thoughtfully "You gotta thing for cats?"

She laughed softly "I guess so."

Victor grinned "So do I, but only the big ones."

"No pampered house cats then?"

"Not usually, but then again you could change my mind," Victor said making Kitty blush. She was thankful and disappointed when the lights dimmed down even more and the opening credit began to play.

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