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Kitty had always loved silent movies, even though the actor's faces were painted with about 5 pounds worth of make up and everyone was over acting to compensate for the lack of sound. The stories were good though and, even though she'd never admit it, a feeling of sophistication always overcame her after the movie ended. She wasn't quite sure why, but it felt good so she wasn't going to try and stop the feeling. She watched intently as the child Gwynplaine came across a woman and baby in a horrible snow storm. Kitty's mind, however, kept drifting off to think about the man sitting next to her.

She knew nothing about him except that he like big game cats and his name. Victor, she had never met anyone with that name before. It seemed to her like a name from a long time ago, decades ago and Kitty began to wonder once more on how old the man really was. She looked over at him from the corner of her eye for another peek at him. He didn't look old at all, older than her but not too much older. Victor really was quite handsome and from the way he carried himself, he seemed aware of his good looks.

His lips turned upward in a small smirk and Kitty looked away quickly as he glanced over at her. She concentrated on the film and forced herself not to blush in case he saw her red cheeks in the ghostly light of the theater. Gwynplaine and the baby he had saved were taken in by an old man who soon discovered Gwynplaine's carved on smile and that the baby was blind. Time elapsed and the two children had grown into young adults. Kitty sighed as she saw that Gwynplaine was rather handsome even with his permenant smile forced onto his face.

'Nothing like seeing two hot guys to remind you that you're single,' Kitty thought bitterly as she scrunched up her face slightly in frustration.

Kitty almost jumped out of her skin when Victor spoke softly next to her ear "You think he's ugly?" She looked over at him and realized he had misread her experssion. Kitty smiled "Actually, I think he's rather cute."

"Even with his smile?" he asked in amusement and she nodded.

"Ya know, most people would think he's a freak," Victor said and she felt that there was alot riding on her response. On the screen, the black and white images showed Gwynplaine's inner turmoil about wanting to marry Dea but feeling that his face made him unworthy of her. "Well I'm not really one to judge someone for being a freak, that would be hypocritical of me," she said, hoping she gave the right answer while remaining vague enough.

He chuckled and brought his left hand up to rest his chin on the ball of his hand. Kitty's eyes widened as she noticed his claw like nails. She didn't know how she'd missed seeing them when she had first looked him over. But now she understood that the man was another mutant. Kitty didn't bother to hide her smile as she thought 'Freaks indeed.'

The lights came up and the feeling of sophistican washed over her. The movie was as good as she hoped it would be and her spirits had lifted considerably. Kitty and Victor left their seats and walked out of the aisle to follow the other movie goers out of the theater.

She wanted to say something to him but nothing came to mind. Kitty knew that the chances that they would meet again in a city as big as New York were slim to pretty much none. Just as she got the idea that maybe she could convince him to get some coffee and talk about the movie with her. Which was stupid, seeing as how she had just met him and he probably had more important things to do than talk about a movie he'd already seen countless times before with someone he just met.

As she argued with herself on the pros and cons of her idea, she noticed that she had lost him in the crowd. Kitty sighed sadly before making her way out into the chilly October evening. She stopped short when she heard a strange noise from behind her. It reminded her of a noise one would use to call a house cat. Turning around she saw Victor staring at her with a smug grin on his face. Placing her hands on her hips and quirking an eyebrow at him she said "You know I'm not a cat."

Kitty walked the few feet between them and stopped only inches from him. "And still you came, seems like something a cat would do," he replied which earned him a light shove on the shoulder.

"What?" she asked, wondering why he called her over, and in such an embarressing manner. Victor reached into his pocket and brought out a small slip of paper and held it out to her. Kitty took the paper and saw a phone number written on it. "Wow you've got really got handwriting," Kitty said and she mentally kicked herself for saying something so stupid even if it was true. Victor had really nice handwriting for a guy, and it sort of reminded her of when Logan did his calligraphy.

He chuckled before pointing at the paper in her hand "If you ever get the urge to see another silent movie," he said with a wink before brushing past her.

She smiled before turning around and mimicking the noise he had made earlier. Kitty smirked in triumph as he stopped and glanced over his shoulder at her before continuing on shaking his head in amusement. She put the paper in her pocket before she practically skipped off to her car. Jubillee was not going to believe this.

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