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"Hey Chris let's go get this fool so that I can go home" I said to Chris. He nodded then climbed on his motorcycle as I climbed on mine so that we could handle some business downtown.

I now live in Los Angela's, California….yeah I know way different then stupid Forks, Washington. Ughh Forks every time I hear about that stupid town I think about the night that now defined who I am today. It all happened the night of graduation.


I was driving to the Cullen's house to tell Edward that I except his proposal and we can get married as soon as possible. Me and Edward had been having the same fight for almost 3 weeks. He said that it would have been great for us to get married right after graduation and me being me I had to say 'no' and 'let's wait until after college'. he was just as stubborn as I was so for weeks he has been giving me reason on why we should just get married already.

Now don't get me wrong I would have loved nothing more then to be Edward's wife but I didn't think that we were ready for that yet. I mean, we have been together since we were both 15 but still we JUST graduated high school ready to head to Dartmouth together I never thought to put marriage in there yet.

It wasn't until the night before graduation that I had a dream about me and Edward. I saw a little boy that looked exactly like Edward. We were all watching a movie and smiling like a family and I heard Edward whisper "I Love You Mrs. Cullen" in my ear and that is when I woke with thee biggest smile on my face. At that exact moment I knew that I wanted to marry Edward, he was the love of my life. But I decided to tell him after the graduation…..BIG MISTAKE!

After graduation I headed straight to the Cullen home nearly giggling as I ran into their home. I basically lived here since I was 15 so there was really no need for me to knock on the door anymore. As soon as I got in the house I should have realized that something was wrong by the way that everybody looked at me when I walked in, but I was way to happy to pay attention.

I took the staircase to the third floor three stairs at a time ready to face my fiancée. But I was hit with a large load of shit because when I opened his bedroom door I was met with naked Edward FUCKING head cheerleader Tanya Denali…..doggie style (always his favorite position). All I could do was stand there in a state of shock as he kept thrusting into her grunting and calling out her name as she did the same.

When I finally realize what was happening I gasped and both bodies turned towards me. Tanya had a victory smirk on her face and Edward just looked regretful and conflicted on what to say next. I felt warm liquid on my face and I put my hand under my nose to see what it was and when I looked at my hand I saw blood, confused I looked around and saw that Edward and Tanya was looking at me wide eyed. That's when I noticed that I was taking shallow breaths and my ears were ringing and I could hear my own heartbeat beating at an extremely dangerous speed. I started to feel light headed and the last thing I heard before I fell into darkness was Edward scream "CARLISLE"

I woke up some time later with a massive headache and the whole Cullen/Hale family was staring at me. All their eyes held the same emotion sorrow, sympathy, and anger at Edward and Tanya. I only had one emotion running through my veins and that was RAGE. I was pissed at all of them they probably wasn't even going to tell me and I considered each of them my family except for Tanya but who cares, I just had to know one thing.

"How long" I surprised myself at hearing how much anger was in my voice.

Everyone stared for a minute just dumbly looking at one another seeing who wanted to answer. They were really starting to piss me off more but them pixie bitch of a used to be best friend stepped up with tears in her eyes (yea bitch you should be crying because your man still loves you…selfish).

"Listen Bella, you have to stay calm because you just had a bad panic attack and your blood pressure went up too high. But in our defence we just found out a couple of days ago and promised not to tell. We all felt terrible about it. He said that he would stop but kept going, he only said they started having sex about 2 weeks ago and--"

I had to interrupt then "So you mean to tell me that you ALL knew that he was cheating on me and let me go 2 WEEKS without a fucking clue" I was raising my voice know and I heard an annoying beeping and realized that I was in Carlisle's study and I was hooked up to a heart monitor and an IV. I turned to Carlisle and said, "Get these fucking wires off of me so I can get the fuck up outta here, since I am obviously I am not welcome here anymore" out if all the anger you could still hear the hurt in my voice I loved these people and they turn their backs on me.

"Please Bella you need to calm down or your panic attack could be worse next time" Carlisle said back pleading with his eyes (huh like I care). So figuring that he wont do it I pulled out the needles out ignoring the blood right now I really didn't care, I just needed to go.

I stood up getting ready to leave and I felt a hand on my wrist trying to pull me back, when I felt the electric shock run through my body I already knew who it was.

"Please Bella this is all my fault please don't leave like this" Edward said and I halted, I didn't even turn around from the door way as I spoke, "Edward, I came here to tell you that I would marry you, I was so happy I couldn't keep the smile off my face all day. But you don't love me cause' if you did you wouldn't be fucking some cheerleading whore in the bed that we once shared. Your family kept your secret because they love you. They were willing to hurt me to keep you happy that is YOUR family, not mine anymore. My family would never hurt me the way your family has. From this day forward you are all dead to me." with that I walked out of the Cullen home and never looked back.


That is show I ended up in California, that night when I drove away from their house I never stopped not even at my house. I did call Charlie a few days later to tell him that I was safe and I still do talk to him like 3 times a year. I never even bothered to call Renee she probably didn't even care.

I met Chris when my truck had broke down on the side of a beach about two days after I left Forks. He was this strange tall punk looking dude with grey hair and black hair with the ends died red that went to his shoulder. Me and him became fast friends and I told all that had happened to me, we understood each other and he was like the brother that I always wanted.

Chris and I had our own gang here in LA. We are both the leaders of the gang we also decided not to be cliché about the gang and left it without a name. I know what you might think how does sweet innocent Isabella Swan have a well known dangerous gang in LA. Well I am not plain Bella Swan anymore I am now Izzy and that is it no last name that is one of the rules in my gang we don't use last names and the other rule is don't get caught. I died my hair to a fire engine red to match Chris hair so that they automatically know that we are the leaders and not to fuck with us. I have 3 tattoos, one is a full tattoo all on my back of a black and red fierce dragon (picture of tattoo on my page) yes it my not look to feminine but I don't give a fuck I love it, one around my left ankle that says 'Fuck the Free World', and the last one is of barb wire that wraps all the way down my right leg starting from the middle of my thigh going down to my foot. I also have 5 piercing: a tongue ring, 2 lip rings (one on each side), a belly piercing, and a eyebrow piercing. Yeah look really bad ass I love it.

Me and Chris just made it to the house of the dude we are after. This dude Michael owes us 10,000 dollars and he thought he could just take our money and pay us back at any time….sorry buddy we don't play with our money.

Chris got off his bike and I followed him, since I got to fuck with the last guy it was his turn so I am just back up tonight.

I turned to Chris watching him pull out the shot gun from his bag so I asked "So Chris how would you like to do it tonight" he turned to me with a joyful glint in is eye.

"Oh, I was thinking that we just go in there if he has the money then all he gets is a good ass whopping, but if not then we just might have to pop and go cause we still have to open up the club in like an hour." I nodded. Me and Chris also owned a strip club……yeah I know why would I want to own a strip club, but hey it brings in big bucks around here so I don't care. But with the club we share all the money with the gang too, none of the girls in the gangs dance but we do different shifts to bartend and manage the stage so we all had a part in what our club 'Flaming Hearts' is and we are very proud.

We have sections for our gang: The club, the drugs, and the loan sharks. Me and Chris assign about three people to a group and we switch them out weekly. At the end of the week wee all meet at the club and go over our books and slit everything up evenly. We never fight over money because we all trust each other because we are all family. The only reason me and Chris are handling this today is because this guy has been getting on our nerves for the past year and a half and we are finally ending it.

We both walked up to the door and Chris knocked twice while I got my pistol out of my boot. Nobody answered the door at first so he knocked again then we heard shuffling in the house so we knew he was here.

Michael opened up the door about a minute later and when he saw that it was us his eyes got wide, that's when Chris hit him in the jaw with the shotgun, I heard a crack and saw him spitting out a couple of teeth.

Chris tilted his head toward the dirty old couch in the far corner by the kitchen and said to Michael "Sit" kind of like a dog but he obeyed anyway cause he knew we were pissed.

Now Chris turned to look Michael in the eyes and asked the question that I know will determine if he lives or dies "Now Michael, do you have the full 10,000 dollars that you us with you tonight?"

"Listen guys you know I'm good for it just give me another month--" I cut him off by shooting him in the head. I really didn't have too much patience to hear all of his lame ass excuses and we still had to travel for another half an hour to get to the club in order to open up on time.

"Beeellllaaa you said that I could do it this time you always get to kill them" he pouted like an angry 5 year old, I just had to laugh.

"Look C we have got to go and you were about to sit here and listen to him come up with some shitty ass excuse and I really don't have the patience for it tonight. I just want to go to the club and get totally shit faced tonight so lets just get outta here" and with that we left heading back to upstate LA to get to the club.

We arrived there only 10 minutes before we had to open up. On day that we had to handle business we give the keys to the backdoor to one of the managers for the night so that the girls have enough time to get ready before their set.

We unlocked the front door and turned on all the lights and started to put down all the chairs. Right about half way through we saw Jason walk in he was going to be the bar tender for tonight so he waved and went straight to the bar to start to set everything up for himself.

"Hey is the whole gang coming in tonight?" Jason asked looking a little nervous while cleaning glasses.

"I don't know, I mean I guess they can because we already went over books earlier this week but if everybody just wants to enjoy a drink then I guess it is ok" I said back to Jason.

"Ok I going to call Angelica and tell her to tell everyone to come by me and her have some news." he said already pulling out his phone to call his girlfriend.

Our whole gang consisted of 9 people: Me 22, Chris 25, Jason 23, Angelica 21, Spencer 22, Crystal 22, Nina and Nikki 19 (twins), and Robin 24. Jason and Angelica have been together for about a year now and they are so cute, yes it is hard to watch them be in love so much but I am truly happy that they are together. Chris is with Nina and they are adorable, Spencer is with Crystal and Robin is with Nikki. Nikki and Robin may be lesbians but they are really cool as hell and they don't care what others think abut their relationship (and they prove it by doing a lot of PDA…ew). Well anyway I know I am the only one that is single and I get a lot of respect for it, they all have heard the story of what happened to me so they really do not put too much pressure on me to get into a relationship. They also try to hide their love from me, but I tell them that it is ok and I mean it is only on some days that it gets hard but I am strong enough.

But it really made me curios as to why they would want to call everybody in and what they had to share. "So what's up Jason I hope you two are ok." I stated truly concerned.

"Oh no, really it is great news and I know that she wants to ell everybody at the same time." he said with a smile.

I went to the back to make sure the girls were ready because the line was already extremely long outside and we had to start getting them out to the floor and the stage.

I knock twice on the dressing room door so that they know that I am about to come in.

"Hello ladies, I just wanted to give you a 10 minute heads up, we have massive crowd out side and those of you who are suppose to wait the tables first shift I need you out there ASAP. Whoever is suppose to be on stage for the first shift need to give me the set list because I am introducing you guys tonight." I heard a group of "ok's" and "you got it".

Here at the club we treat our girls like professionals and not whores.

I got back out to the club to go find Chris, but when I found him he had his tongue down Nina's throat on the back wall. When I looked around for everybody else I found that everyone was with their respectable other. Normally I would have just walked away but we had to open the club in 5 minutes, so I cleared my throat dramatically.

"Sorry Izzy" they all said at the same time looking remorseful.

"Hey it is ok we just need to open up or else the people out front would not be too happy with us." I replied with a smile to show them that it was no harm done.

"Hey Iz, please let me open the doors this time I love to greet the people pleeeeaaaasssee" Nikki said while giving me the puppy dog eyes that she knows I can not resist.

"Fine but lets do this now before they start to fight like last time" I said while chuckling at the memory.

We all stood side by side to watch as the crowd filled into our club. We were not angels by any means but we were all that we had, and that was enough for us….for now.

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