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Chapter 4: Sorrow


The whole family was now waiting for Nikki and the rest of their 'crew'. have already explained everything that was going on and what we were supposed to do. Everybody agreed that I would be the last on to speak just in case she did not want to talk to me and that way everybody had at least a small chance to say something to her.

Before the rest of the family arrived me, Emmett, and Carlisle decided to not tell them about the changes that Bella has now. Its not that we want it to be some big surprise its just that we didn't really know how to explain it and it would just break Esme's heart.

The club was now closed and we were standing there waiting when I saw Nikki come out of the hallway with 2 girls, one was a short young girl about 5"3 with long blonde going down her back. They were holding hands, I would say that they were lovers. The other looked just like Nikki, they were twins there was no doubt about it but the weird thing is they also look like how my Bella used to look except with black hair.

All three walked up to use and had a weird and almost menacing smiles on their faces, it gave me goose bumps.

Nikki let go of the young girls hand and stood directly in front of us looked at us each in the eye and said, "Hello Cullen family, I can not say that is nice to meet you because if I didn't think that I would hurt Izzy more I would painfully kill you all." her face did not even falter, she said it as if she were talking about the weather. Everybody then moved closer to each other ready to attack if necessary.

"Well as introductions go, we don't need any. You don't need to know us and we all pretty much know you now here are the rules: 1- you do not all start asking Izzy 'what happened', yeah she changed so what, you all know what happened so please do not repeat that question it will only piss her off. 2- you do not try to stop whatever it is that she is doing at the time, I don't care what it is you will get hurt if you interfere. 3- you do not do or say anything that will break her anymore then you already have. If I fell like I have to intervene then I will and some of you might not make it out if that happens." with the last statement Nikki looked directly at me.

"Now if you will meet us in the front parking lot we will be on our way." and with that she took the young girls hand again and walked to the back.

We all went out to the cars that we all came in and drove around to the back of the club to wait. What I saw shocked me even though I know it shouldn't of have. There were 8 people all on expensive looking motorcycles. They all had helmets on so that we couldn't see their faces. Without any warning they all sped off in such grace you would think that they were dancing.

We followed them for about 20 minutes and found ourselves pulling up to a large home in a secluded area. The house was beautiful and they all pulled their bikes into the largest garage I have ever seen. My family and I just decided to settle to park on the side of the road in front of the house. Carlisle, Emmett, and I all got out and waited by the car for the others to join us.

"What do we do if she doesn't want to see us?" Esme said.

Carlisle turned to her, "I don't know sweetheart, I guess all that we can do I hope that she will at least give us a chance. Even if a little of our Bella is left she will at least give us a few minutes." we all walked up to the door and knocked. We heard loud music coming from the inside so we just walked inside since the door was open. The scene playing in front of us was horrible and will haunt me for the rest of my life.

There was my Bella in the corner of the living room jumping around like a wild person. She had her back turned to us and we can see a tall male trying to grab and Nikki trying to tell her to calm down and sit down for a little while.

"Come on Iz why don't we just sit down and get you some clothes" Nikki was pleading with her that is when I noticed that she was only in a very red and sexy thong and bra set. I would have been aroused if I dint see the state she was in. Bella finally turned around and looked at the man and Nikki, not even noticing that we were here. We couldn't see her full body anymore because the man was blocking her from our site.

"Come c-chrissy you know w-wuv t-t-this song." she was slurring so we just figured she was intoxicated. Bella went over to the stereo and turned it up. I recognized the song and it broke my heart again to know that this song was about me.

All Around Me (Flyleaf)

My arms are outstretched towards youI feel you on my fingertipsMy tongue dances behind my lips for you

Bella started to dance, or more like spinning with no direction and we saw her and I heard the rest of my family gasps as I stood frozen in my spot. There was my Bella with numerous of bleeding cuts all over her body starting at her wrists then down on her stomach then on her thighs . There was at least 15 cuts in all and she looked like she needed help and it took all that I had left to not to just run up and hug her, but I remembered the rules and I will not ruin this all I did was watched as Bella paraded around the room screaming the song rather then sing but it was still beautiful. This fire rising through my beingBurning, I'm not used to seeing youI'm aliveI'm aliveI can feel you all around meThickening the air I'm breathingHolding on to what I'm feelingSavoring this heart that's healingMy hands float up above meAnd you whisper you love meAnd I begin to fadeInto our secret placeThe music makes me swayThe angels singing say we are alone with youI am alone and they are too with youI'm aliveI'm alive

I turned to look at the rest of the family and I saw tears running down everybody's face, I tasted salt in my mouth and I realized that I was crying to. We all look at each other and we all agreed on one thing that we all had a little piece of destroying her, me having the biggest part.

I can feel you all around meThickening the air I'm breathingHolding on to what I'm feelingSavoring this heart that's healingAnd so I cryThe light is whiteAnd I see youI'm aliveI'm aliveI'm aliveI can feel you all around meThickening the air I'm breathingHolding on to what I'm feelingSavoring this heart that's healingTake my hand, I give it to youNow you owe me, all I amYou said you would never leave meI believe you, I believeI can feel you all around meThickening the air I'm breathingHolding on to what I'm feelingSavoring this heart that's healed

When the song ended Nikki went over to the stereo and turned it down.

"Alright Bella, we have guess and we should at least show them welcome and then we will go put on some clothes and talk." Nikki and this other man were talking to Bella like a delicate baby, as if they say the wrong thing and she will disappear or something.

"WHO THE FUCK IS IN MY HOUSE!" Bella was yelling now, but the man and Nikki were unfazed by her volume. Bella turned to look at us and went wide eyed since she was just noticing us now.


"HEY RETARDS WE HAVE A MEETING, AND WE HAVE GUESS S-SO GET Y-YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE." Bella then limped her way over to he arm chair and reached down to the right side. By this time the family and I have taken our seats on the large couch when the other 6 people made it down to sit with us. The all sat in pairs so I figured everyone had a significant other except for my Bella which, I am ashamed to say that I was happy about that.

When Bella brought her right hand back up we saw that she had a 9mml hand gun. I looked at my dad scared out of my mind. Bella also seemed to sober up a bit because she wasn't really slurring anymore.

"Oh, Jason you said that you had some news for us, what was it?" she still had the gun and everybody in her crew looked very casual and I just couldn't understand it. How can they just let her hold the gun like that and just act like it was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Bella its not really important right now how about we discuss this tomorrow." the blond hair guy that I assume is Jason.

Bella slammed her blood soaked hand on the table and it made us all jump. "No we will discuss this now. What the fuck did you have to say" she was just seething now and waving the gun in the air.

Jason swallowed hard and said in a quiet voice "Angelica and I are getting married" the whole house was quiet now. Everyone looked at Bella waiting for a response. What I didn't expect was for her to burst out into hysterical laughter.

She looked around and said "Well that's great isn't it I mean everybody has somebody except for me right well I can fix that and I think that I will do that right now." she stood up still a bit unsteady as she went to the stereo again but this time to change the song.

As the song was going to start Bella got into the middle of the living room and put her hands and the gun above her head, looking up to the ceiling she said, "This will be the last time. You can not hut me when I'm gone I want you all to live your lives love and hate find the equilibrium." it didn't even seem like she was talking to us anymore. She was still in the same position when the song started and she sung along.

Sorrow (Flyleaf again)

Sometimes life seems too quietInto paralyzing silenceLike the moonless darkMeant to make me strongFamiliar breath of my old liesChanged the color in my eyesSoon he will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and bySorrow lasts through this nightI'll take this piece of youAnd hope for all eternityFor just one second I felt wholeAs you flew right through me

She sang with so much emotion it made me want to cry again. When I looked up at her face she had tears running down her eyes along with every member in her group.

Left alone with only reflections of the memoryTo face the ugly girl that's smothering meSitting closer than my painHe knew each tear before it cameSoon He will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and bySorrow last through this nightI'll take this piece of YouAnd hope for all eternityFor just one second I felt wholeAs You flew right through meAnd we kiss each other one more timeAnd sing this lie that's halfway mineThe sword is slicing through the questionSo I won't be fooled by his angel lightSorrow lasts through this nightI'll take this piece of youAnd hope for all eternityFor just one second I felt wholeAs you flew right through meAnd up into the stars

When the song went off my angle stood in the middle of all of us switching her weight from foot to foot since she was still very much intoxicated. She rose the gun in the air, and put the barrel just below her chin and said, "Sorrow dies" and then,



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