Night of the New Moon

A/N: A little while ago, I erased all of my stories. Well, I am posting at least some of them again. The ones I can find anyway.

This one was nearly lost and only when I remembered that it had been posted on a dying site did I go and retrieve it. I know that there are probably a LOT of editing issues in this little tale, but right now I don't have any real motivation to fix it. Try to enjoy it anyway and please head the warnings below! ^_^

Paring: WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!! This is a MIROKUKAGOME paring! If you have a problem with this paring, then I would advise you not to read it. You will not enjoy it!!

Additional Info: The story takes place approximately four months after Kagome first met Inuyasha, and three after they met Miroku. This story is slightly A/U, for two reasons.

1: Because the group consist of only Miroku, Kagome and Inuyasha.

2: Because I have changed the details of Inuyasha's previous new moon transformations to suit my own purposes.

Now, for those of us who like to read about alternate parings, silliness, suspenseful situations, and luscious sinfully delicious citrus, let the tale unfold…

A pair of uneasy chestnut brown eyes slowly looked up to the sky. Already hues of red, orange, and deep yellow, were bleeding into the previously blue sky. The sun would set soon. Wrapping her fingers tightly around her bow, Kagome felt oddly reassured by the wooden weapon, as it draped over her shoulder. Absently, she listened to the calm, almost lulling sounds of their collective footfalls, as they made their way through the heavily wooded landscape.

She, Inuyasha, and Miroku had been traveling for most of the day, and all the while, there hadn't been the slightest hint of a Shikon shard to be found.

There had been a notable tension between them today. An unspoken blanked of discomfort, that weighed heavily upon their little group. Though no one really said anything, Kagome knew why. They all did.

Kagome's eyes slowly traveled away from the sky, to her hanyou friend, and love interest. Inuyasha. She was slightly behind and to the right of him as they trekked along. She noted the swift, purposeful steps of his gait, as he picked his way through the forest. His back was ridged, and his shoulders appeared tense. From his profile, she could see that the muscles in his jaw were tightly clenched. He would change soon.

Since traveling back and forth to this time, Kagome had discovered that hanyous tended to have a specific time in which they lose their demonic powers, and transform into a human form. During that time, they are more vulnerable to their enemies. As a result, they often become moody, anxious, and paranoid. Inuyasha, did not prove to be an exception. And tonight, was his time. The night of the new moon.

For this entire day, he had gone through erratic bouts of short-temperedness, (even more so than usual) and anger. Spliced into that, were brief moments of remorseful, and apologetic behavior. And they say that women have mood swings!

Kagome had only gotten to see the hanyou's human form the one time. They had met Miroku a short time later. The last two new moons, Inuyasha had gone off on his own, and returned in the morning, having reverted back to his hanyou state. When she questioned him as to why he'd run off, he said little, and angrily brushed her off. It didn't take long for her to realize that Inuyasha did not trust Miroku. And apparently, he didn't like him very much either. Thought she had been on the receiving end of some of his ill-tempered outbursts, the monk tended to receive the brunt of his wrath.

Kagome blinked slowly and then allowed her gaze to drift away from the hanyou. She dared to look slightly back and to her left. Her eyes landed on the violet gaze of the afore mentioned monk. He held her eyes for only a moment, and Kagome thought she saw a tiny smirk form on his lips. But a mere blink later, and it was gone. Her eyes moved to the heavy yellow bag that rested on his back. While it tended to weigh her down, he seemed to carry it easily, and she was thankful that he had insisted carrying it for her.

She slowly peeled her gaze away from the monk to look back to the path ahead of her. 'Did he really smile at her just now? Or had she had only imagined it?' Oddly, an unsolicited mixture of dread and foreboding, mingled with, excitement, and anticipation began coursing through her body. 'What did it all mean?'

A heated blush bled into her cheeks. She knew what it meant. And, it was very likely, that Miroku HAD smiled at her just now.

A shaky sigh passed through her lips as a particular memory barged its way into her mind. It was the last new moon. The last time Inuyasha had gone off on his own, leaving her with Miroku.

On that day, Inuyasha had exhibited high levels of crankiness, mingled with small bits of remorse. Much like today. In one of the villages they had passed thorough, they had exterminated an enormous rat demon. The village was not a very prosperous one, and its residents had little to offer as payment. She had told them it was not necessary to give them anything, but the village headman had insisted on at least giving them flagon of sake, as a reward for their help. Before she could to tell him no, Miroku graciously accepted.

Although he offered… repeatedly, neither she nor Inuyasha had any. Miroku on the other hand, had sipped on the warm rice wine throughout that entire day.

Later that night, after Inuyasha's departure, Miroku's already lecherous behavior went into overdrive. He repeatedly made suggestive comments and "accidental" slips of the hand. At one point the had embraced her tightly, and came dangerously close to kissing her. She had no recollection what she'd said to him, but somehow she had managed to distract him, and escape from his grasp. In his inebriated state, he had fallen asleep a short time later.

Afterwards, she had spent a long time, just staring at him. Watching him as he slept, and pondering his actions. She had seen the monk make suggestive comments to women before. She had seen him take the hands of pretty girls and hold them to his chest, while asking if they would bear his child. She had even been on the receiving end of those same behaviors. But never before, had she ever seen him even attempt to kiss any other woman. Not once.

So why her? What did it mean? Did it mean anything at all? She had spent hours that night trying to figure out the motives behind the monk's actions. The next day, neither he, nor she mentioned anything of that night, and they certainly mentioned nothing of it to Inuyasha. I was a strange one time event, and they had both since put it behind them.

It was the sake, she had told herself. Nothing more. While that was what she truly wanted to believe, she had to admit that a small part of her opted to believe that the sake had nothing to do with it at all. Miroku was very handsome. He was brave, and loyal, and intelligent. It would be really nice to think that someone like that had those kinds of feelings for her. What girl wouldn't be flattered by that kind of attention from someone like him? And yet, even now, the oppressing weight of guilt pressed heavily against her chest. She shouldn't allow herself to feel flattered by the idea that Miroku might like her… like that. She had feelings for Inuyasha… didn't she? She might not be in love with him, but… well… she liked him… a lot.

Kagome shook her head slightly, trying to rid of her useless thoughts. It didn't matter. She was just being silly. Miroku didn't have those kinds of feelings for her. He was a womanizer. He didn't try to kiss her because he secretly held some repressed feelings of love for her. He was simply drunk. That's all.

"Oh!" Kagome stumbled briefly, before regaining her balance. She rubbed her newly sore nose lightly, and looked up seeking the eyes of the hanyou, who had abruptly stopped in her path. "S-sorry." she mumbled, her voice muffled slightly. Unconcerned of the minor collision, the hanyou spun around quickly to face his traveling companions. "We're stopping here." he said shortly.

Kagome looked all around her. "Here?" Brows raised in question, her eyes traveled back to Inuyasha. They were in a small clearing, far away from any main roads, and villages. It was secluded. Very secluded. Almost… purposefully so. But why?

"Sure. Why not here?" he asked, a strange discomfort lacing his voice.

Before she could say anything further, Miroku came into her peripheral vision, and she looked over to him. He lowered her heavy bag to the ground and began rubbing his shoulder. "Well, it's not an expensive inn, but I suppose it will have to do." he said casually, a hint of amusement in his voice. Inuyasha gave the monk a dirty look before turning his attention back to Kagome. For a long time, the hanyou stared down on her, an unreadable expression on his face.

Finally breaking the awkward silence, Kagome said, "Well, I guess we'd better make camp. I'll get some wood."

A small chuckle broke from Miroku's lips, which he tried to disguise, by clearing his throat. Inuyasha shot him a murderous look, and Kagome wondered if she had missed some inside joke. Before she could ask, she noted the slight frown on Inuyasha's brows. "I umm… I'm not staying." he said quietly.

"Oh." her head lowered in disappointment. She thought he might say that. Well there was nothing she could do about it she supposed. She shot a covert glance to Miroku, and felt her heart begin to race. Was he going to behave like he did the last time? 'No… no, he'll probably be okay this time. He hadn't had any sake today. Yeah. He'll be fine. Everything was going to be just fine.'

Suddenly Inuyasha looked to the sky, drawing her attention again. It was getting dark fast, and he would revert to his human form any minute now. "I umm… I've gotta go." she heard him say.

"Right… well, I guess we'll see you in the morning then?"

"Yeah." he said, his voice low and gruff, as he turned away from her. Something about his demeanor was off. He almost seemed like he felt guilty about something. It must be so hard having to experience such wild mood swings every new moon. With that, the hanyou turned his attention to the monk. "You'd better no let anything happen to Kagome." he warned sternly.

Feigning hurt, Miroku placed his accursed hand over his chest in a dramatic display before saying, "Why Inuyasha, I wouldn't think of allowing harm to come to Kagome." he paused briefly before adding "Rest assured that she will be in good hands."

Kagome immediately felt her whole body flush, not only at his suggestive words, but also the strange sultry tone in which he spoke.

A long rumbling growl vibrated through Inuyasha's chest, as he again turned a murderous glare on him. The monk waved his had dismissively. "We will be fine Inuyasha."

"Yeah," Kagome chimed in, trying to sound encouraging. "I can take care of myself you know." Vaguely, she realized that she was trying to convince herself as much as him.

It wasn't bloodthirsty demons, that worried her, nor was it thieving bandits. No. It was a tall handsome monk, who wore a short ponytail, and had piercing violet eyes that she feared. Already, she had the strange, unrelenting premonition that Miroku, was not going to behave himself.

Inuyasha stared at her for a short time longer, before finally turning away from her, and making a hasty retreat. Although his powers had begun to fade, his speed continued to be rather impressive. Within mere seconds, he was gone.

"Well, I guess it's just the two of us now."

Kagome looked over to Miroku. He was casually leaning against a tree, A single brow was raised high into the shadows of his shaggy dark hair. A small self satisfied smirk was tugging at the corner of his lips. It seemed painfully obvious that the monk had no intention of behaving, and it instantly put Kagome on edge.

She narrowed her eyes on him. "You'd better behave yourself Miroku." she warned. "I know what you're up to you, you lecher!"

"My dearest Kagome," he began as he slowly advanced toward her, stopping a respectful distance away. "I can't imagine what you could be talking about."

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, Miroku. Just keep your hands to yourself!"

For a long time he stared at her in silence. Then, that smug little smirk formed on his lips again. "As you wish Kagome."

The pair of friends now sat in a comfortable silence. Kagome leaned against a fallen tree on one side of their small fire, while Miroku sat a short, (but respectable) distance away. They had each eaten a small bowl of ramen for their dinner, and were now quietly sipping tea.

For the most part, Miroku had behaved well since Inuyasha's departure. There the occasional suggestive comment of course, but that was to be expected right? I mean, he was Miroku after all.

As the monk lifted his small tea cup to his lips, Kagome's attention was drawn to the rosary beads that sealed the powerful air void of his right hand. The air void that made him immensely powerful against demons of unimaginable horror, and yet, the same air void that would one day be the cause of his own demise.

Glancing from the corner of his eye, the monk noted signs of worry etching across Kagome's face. Easily following her line of sight, he knew what she must have been thinking of. "Something troubling you?" he asked smoothly.

Startled out of her thoughts, Kagome nearly jumped out of her skin, spilling warm tea right into her lap. "Oh! No… there's nothing on my mind! I-I wasn't staring or anything!"

Looking down on her now tea soaked skirt, she heard him speak again. "Hmmm. Well, that makes one of us." he drawled, mischief etched plainly into his features. He unfolded his legs from their previous lotus position, rising to bend and knee preparing to come to her aid. "Here, let me help you."

"N-no it's okay! Really… I'm sure I have something in here that I can use to clean this up." She reached for her bag and then quickly began sifting through its contents looking for something to dry her skirt.

"Are you certain? It is getting cooler now, and a young woman shouldn't wear wet clothes in such weather."

Though his words were relatively innocent, the tone in his voice, and the dark glint in his lecherous, woman-hungry eyes spoke of not so innocent motives.

"Thank you Miroku, but I can handle this!"

"Hmm. Very well then." he said as he settled back into his previous position.

A few moments of relative silence passed between them. Then, Kagome paused in her frantic search, and looked into his eyes. He was staring at her. Just as he had done in the days, and even weeks before. It made her feel somewhat self-conscious. But strangely, something far away, deep in the back of her mind, told her that she liked it. Something about the way his eyes hungrily scanned her face and body, sent unbidden chills down her spine. It was a strange, and guilty sort of pleasure, and she had never really made any sense of it.

Willing herself not to blush, she struggled to hold his gaze. Then she suddenly asked him, "What's the deal with you anyway?"

Giving her his most innocent look he asked, "Whatever do you mean, Kagome?"

A small groan sounded from her before she said, "Never mind, Miroku." 'Why are you such a lecher?' She wanted to ask. Why are you always propositioning young pretty girls to bear your child? Why do you act like a complete…'

Wait a minute…! Kagome's eyes widened in realization. He hadn't been doing any of that stuff lately. In fact, she couldn't think of a time this whole month when he had made an inappropriate comment to anyone… just her. How… odd. Returning her attention to her bag, Kagome continued her search for clean dry linen.

Sighing in frustration, Kagome finally gave up. "I can't find anything in this stupid bag!" She sighed again, and her shoulders slumped in defeat. "Oh well, it's getting late anyway." she pulled out an oversized pink night shirt. It was one of her favorites because on the chest area, there sat a cute little kitty, with its adorable pink tongue sticking out of its little mouth. It was the first one she'd bought herself. It was kinda childish she knew, but it was cute. She hugged the adorable shirt to herself, smelling the lilac scented fabric softener that still clung heavily to it. The 20th century was a wonderful place. Finally withdrawing from her little moment, Kagome rose to her feet only to find that Miroku had done the same. "What are you doing?" she asked raising a brow.

Feigning innocence, he said, "If you plan on leaving, the camp, you will surely need someone to stand guard."

A mirthless bark of laughter burst from Kagome's lips, and she placed her hands on her hips. "Right, and who's going to guard me from you?!"

The monk raised a mischievous brow, and fixed his gaze on her… luscious slightly pouting lips. He noted a tiny amount of moisture that clung there, and licked his own lips seductively. "Who says you'd want someone to guard you against me?"

Kagome huffed in frustration. "You are absolutely hopeless, you know that?!"

Miroku's eyes traveled slowly from her head, down to her elegant little shoulders. They slowly moved on to watch the even rise and fall of her breasts. They lingered there for some time, before continuing down to her narrow waist, and feminine hips. For a brief moment, he attempted to imagine what sort of undergarments she may have on beneath her short kimono. Reluctantly moving on, his eyes traveled down her shapely thighs and lower legs, to her cute little feet. Then, the warm violet orbs slowly made the reverse trip, scanning back up her body. "I'm sorry… did you say something?" he asked innocently.

A low growl rumbled through Kagome's chest. "Forget it!" she groused as she spun around. She took a few steps away from him, before she turned back to glare into his stupid, pretty, violet eyes. "I'm going behind that tree over there to change," she gestured to a large tree a short distance away. "don't follow me, and don't you dare try and peep!"

A small lopsided grin was her only answer, and she quickly turned away from him again. 'Perverted jerk!' In her haste to get away from him, Kagome did not notice a prominent tree root in her immediate path. Her right foot caught, and she went plummeting to the ground. She barely managed avoid landing flat on her face, as her hands made contact with the hard, hard ground. She narrowly managed to save her precious nose from yet another injury.

"OW!" she cried as her shin scrapped hard against the apparently demonic tree root that for some strange reason had something against her. She lay on the ground for only a moment, before she realized that her skirt had come up over her hips, surely giving the monk a clear view of her pale blue underwear.

She gasped lightly, and quickly scrambled to right herself. She pulled her skirt back down, and quickly flipped over, moving to a sitting position. As she sat there on the moist grass, she immediately noticed that Miroku was not standing where she had left him. She had fully expected to find him gawking at her, and possibly slightly flushed from having seen her nearly bare bottom. Instead, he was at her side, looking into her eyes with genuine concern etched into his features. "Are you okay, Kagome?" his voice was soft, and laced with concern.

Surprised by the fact that he hadn't jumped at the opportunity to stare at her butt, Kagome looked up at him, openly surprised. "Umm… yeah. I think so."

"Here, let me see." He moved near to her injured leg, carefully inspecting the damage.

Discomforted at his proximity, Kagome's heart began to race. "N-no… It's fine! I'll take care of it!"

"You are bleeding, Kagome."

Kagome looked down, to see a nasty gash on her right shin. Blood was pooling at the site of the injury, and Kagome grimaced slightly. "Great! That's going to leave a scar, you know. Just another one to add to the collection of scars I've managed to collect since I started coming to this time!"


"This place is really hazardous to a girl's. I mean no hospitals, no clinics. Even the people that are supposed to be healers, don't half the time wash their hands!"


"The last time I got a cut like that here, I got an infection! An infection! I mean really, who gets infections anymore?! I ended up having to go to take an antibiotic for two whole weeks!"


Kagome's attention snapped back to the gorgeous violet eyes of the monk. She absently noted that he seemed much closer than she believed he was only a few seconds before.

"Please, Kagome. Let me take care of it. The blood will attract demons if we don't see to it quickly."

"But… I can take care of it myself." she said quietly, almost as if she was asking his permission to care for her own wound.

"Kagome," he began beseechingly, "you have tended to my wounds on more than one occasion. Please, allow me to do this for you. Just this once."

Kagome's shoulders slumped. "Okay… I guess that'd be okay."

With a quick nod, Miroku smiled, and rose to his feet. He quickly retrieved her yellow bag, before handing it to her. Kagome smiled gratefully. She was greatly relieved that he didn't look into the bag himself. She had underwear in there! She quickly found her first aid kit, placing it into the eager hand of the young man next to her. Having seen her do it several times before, Miroku easily opened the box before turning his attention back to her wound. "Do you have water, Kagome?"

Kagome nodded mutely, before retrieving a fresh bottle of water from her bag. Miroku took the bottle and unscrewed the cap. He carefully poured the cool water over her the gash, rinsing away the blood and debris. Retrieving a couple of cotton balls, he carefully, almost lovingly wiped away the remaining blood, dirt and grass particles that had remained.

Kagome watched with rapt interest, as he continued his work. He treated her leg with a reverent gentleness, and she could not help but to feel a gentle warmth settling into her heart… and possibly other places.

After cleaning the wound with disinfectant, he carefully placed a large bandage over the broken skin. Strangely, something very tiny, and very deep inside of her, was highly disappointed that he was already finished.

"Thank you." he heard Kagome say. She sounded slightly out of breath, and when he looked up to see her beautiful face, he was pleasantly surprised to see the flushed pink glow coloring her cheeks.

"You are most welcome, Kagome." he drawled, the seductive lilt threading back into his tone. "Believe me, the pleasure was all mine."

"You know Miroku… I am starting to believe you."




"I was wondering…"

"Mm, hmm…?"

"I mean, if it wouldn't be too much trouble…"

"Mmm, hmmm…"

"Could you possibly…"


"Stop rubbing my leg?!"

"Oh," said the monk, having apparently just returned to the waking world. "do forgive me Kagome. As I said before, the pleasure was all mine."



"What do mean was?"



The monk's attention snapped to her face, before he looked down to his own hand as if it was acting of its own accord. "So I am!" he said light heartedly, as if he hadn't realized it before. A goofy smile plastered itself to his handsome face. "Perhaps I'd better stop then."

Yet, in spite of his own words, his hand continued to stroke her leg. For a moment, Kagome lost focus, and watched stupidly, as his warm masculine hand slowly dragged back and forth across the length of her leg. The area of her injury long forgotten, she watched as his hand came up further, and further with each pass. She watched as his thumb brushed against her knee, taking a brief moment to caress the skin there, before making its way just a tad higher, and then retreating back down again.

Finally, his hand came up again; this time much higher than the times before. The tips of his fingers brushed tenderly against her inner thigh.

"MIROKU!! Finally snapping out of her stupor, Kagome slapped the offending appendage away. Only too late, did she realized that she had used much force than she had intended. 'Well… he deserved it!' Then she looked to his face, and her attention was immediately drawn to his eyes. For a brief moment, she saw a hurt there that had nothing to do with physical pain. Her breath left her in a rush, and her heart sank. He was the one who was feeling her up, and yet he managed to make her feel guilty!

"I-I'm sorry Miroku."

His features soft, clearly holding no resentment, he said, "No need to apologize." he looked down on his hand, and began rubbing his sore, reddened skin gently. Then he looked back to her. He raised a single brow, and with a slight smile on his lips he said, "It was worth the pain."

Kagome flushed anew, and she found that his words had left her completely speechless. She watched for a short time as the monk continued to rub his recently abused skin. Suddenly he stopped and rose to his feet. She was slightly surprised when he extended a hand to her, offering to help her up.

Initially, she thought to refuse, but then, she decided to risk it. It was the least she could do for trying to break his hand. She slowly reached up, and he took her hand. He easily pulled her to her feet, and allowed that annoying self satisfied smile to form on his lips.

They stared into each other's eyes for a short time, before Kagome told him, "You can probably let me go of my hand now."

For a short time longer, he just stood there, staring down on her. "Certainly." he finally said. He slowly loosened his fingers, and allowed her hand to slip free.

'Okay, am I imagining things, or was that way too easy?' Deciding not to tempt fate further, she cautiously took a couple of steps away from him. "Well, thanks again Miroku. I umm… I'd better go and change now." Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly, as she waited for the inevitable lecherous remark. It never came.

"By all means do." was his only reply as he turned away from her disinterestedly, and made his way back toward the fire.

Shocked by his unexpected change in demeanor, Kagome stared at him dumbly for a few moments. Then, she hesitantly turned around, to head for her chosen tree. 'Good! He's going to behave now. He's not going to try and peep… good.' A halfhearted smile formed on Kagome's lips as she slowly approached the large tree. She glanced back over her shoulder, to see Miroku kneeling down and poking at the fire with a large stick. He didn't even look her way. 'Good.' she told herself again.

As the distance widened between herself and the monk, a slight frown slowly knitted into her brows. If it was so good, then why did she feel so bad? She must have really hurt Miroku's feelings. Maybe he didn't like her anymore. A painful ache tugged at her heart at the mere thought.

Kagome walked up to the tree, and rested her hand on its cool, rough surface. She took a deep breath, before casting a covert glance over her shoulder. The monk was now sitting comfortably on the ground facing the fire, still not bothering to look in her direction. A strangely disappointed sigh passed through her lips before she disappeared behind the tree.

Why did she suddenly feel so bad? She should be happy that he wasn't bothering her anymore. Well… maybe "bothering" wasn't the right word.

After removing her top, Kagome unfastened her skirt, and slid it down her legs. She paused briefly to look at the expertly applied bandage, that Miroku had placed on her shin. Her fingers rubbed across it gently, and a sad smile formed on her lips as her mind supplied Miroku's hands in place of her own. Really, it didn't "bother" her that he was rubbing her leg. Actually, it felt really good. Really, really good. It just… wasn't right. I mean really, what would Inuyasha say?

She stood up straight and stepped free of her skirt. She folded it neatly, and placed it on the available low branch along with her top. Just then, a cool breeze caressed her nearly naked body, causing her to tremble. Her eyes scanned around the darkened forest, noticing the unusual absence of animals, people, or demons. It was calm and quiet all around her, and for just a fraction of a second, Kagome felt lonely.

She shook her head slightly, pushing away her useless thoughts before turning her attention back to the task at hand. Her poor little shirt now had grass particles, bits of tree bark and traces of dirt smeared across the bottom; thanks to her impromptu trip to the forest floor. After shaking the small debris from her previously pristine shirt, she quickly pulled it over her head. Her left arm went into her sleeve, and then her right. The oversized shirt had barely fallen to its full length just above her knees, when she turned and screamed bloody murder.


A slightly surprised look plastered itself to the monk's face, as he took in the fiery gaze of Kagome's blazing brown eyes.

"What the heck are you doing??"

"Forgive me my dearest Kagome, but you were taking rather long. I was simply worried about you." his voice soft and innocent.

Kagome narrowed her eyes on him, fully aware that he was very possibly lying. "Well, I'm fine, Miroku. Now get outta here!"

Acting as if he hadn't heard a word she said, the monk only came closer.


Undeterred, the monk pressed on. His steps were deliberately slow, his eyes lidded slightly, and a small smile on his lips.

Kagome's heart began to race, and she attempted to back away from him. Her escape was quickly halted by the very same tree she had used to hide from him only moments ago. 'Traitorous tree!' Before she could think of what to do next, Miroku was right on top of her. His body brushed against hers slightly, as he placed his hands firmly against the tree. He held one hand on either side of her, effectively trapping her between the tree and himself.

Kagome looked down at his arms as the left little space for her to move. Slowly her eyes traveled up to his face, where she was greeted by a heated violet gaze. "W-what are you doing?" she asked, disbelief lacing her tone.

"I'm cold."


"I'm cold. Surely you won't deny a friend the privilege of sharing your body heat." his voice was soft and smooth.

He was trying to trick her! He wasn't cold! He was just sitting by a warm fire!

"Stop it Miroku! You don't fool me! Now get away!" For reasons she couldn't quite fathom, her voice sounded significantly less insistent than she thought it should. Hmmm.

Oh well, it didn't matter, she'd said exactly what she should say in a situation like this. 'Good Kagome! Now push him away! Push him…! Now…! Nnnnnnnnnow! Do it, Kagome! DO IT!'

Kagome's arms disobediently remained limp at her sides as her attention drew to the monks smirking lips.

"You know Kagome… when you resist, it only makes me want you that much more."

Kagome's heart leaped into her throat, and her mouth went cotton dry. "Miroku… please…" her voice was soft, and beseeching.

The smirk on his lips widened slightly before placed one hand on each of her hips. He leaned in close, burying his face into the crook of her neck. His warm breath danced wickedly across her skin when he remarked, "I've always wanted to hear you say those words… only louder."

Kagome's breath left her in a rush, and for a moment she forgot how to think. The meaning behind his words, was crystal clear. "M-Miroku… you have to stop. Inuyasha…"

"Is not here." he finished.

"W-well, I know but… t-that doesn't make this right."

"Hmmm, and what would make it right?" he breathed against her sensitive skin.

Kagome quickly lost her train of thought, and sighed softly when she felt his soft lips rub teasingly against her neck. "I want to touch you, Kagome." he whispered quietly as his left hand slid from her hip down her thigh.

Flushed and out of breath Kagome responded, "Y-you… you can't." And all the while, she made no attempt to stop him.

Ignoring her words, the monk breathed, "Life is so short, Kagome…"

His right hand slowly came up over her shoulder, and Kagome caught a brief glimpse of the rosary beads that sealed his cursed hand, before his fingers threaded into her hair. As he gently massaged her scalp, he spoke quietly into her ear. "The unfortunate reality, is that death can come for any one of us at any time. We should strive to live our lives to the fullest while we can."

She felt his left hand gathering a section of her of her night dress, apparently preparing to lift it up. Since words were failing her at the moment, Kagome placed her hand on his, gently wrapping her fingers around his wrist, and effectively stilling his moves. She tried to push him away, but only succeeded in arcing into him, allowing him to wrap his right arm around her waist. He embraced her firmly, and planted a warm wet kiss just beneath her right ear.

The seductive touch of his lips sent a chill running down her spine, and she unintentionally moaned in content.

Somehow, the sound of her own voice managed to stir her from her stupor somewhat. 'Stop him Kagome! Make him stop! You know what he's like! He's a lecher. A rotten whore-mongering lecher!" Who knows how many other women he's done this exact same thing too? How will you feel if you give in to him tonight, and then he goes off tomorrow, and asks some random young woman to bear his child?'

At that, an intense pang tore through her heart at the though of it, and she placed her hands on his chest, ready to push him away. "No Miroku. You really have to stop." surprised by the increased level of conviction in her voice she continued. "I can't let you do this to me. I-I've seen how you act around women. I'm not going to be another conquest for you."

The monk slowly pulled away from her neck, to look down into her eyes. "Is that what you really think, Kagome? That you are nothing more than a conquest to me?"

She turned away from him, refusing to meet his eyes. "I'm not stupid Miroku. I can only imagine how many other girls you've done this to. And besides, Inuyasha would be really angry if something like that happened between us."

A small frown knitted into Miroku's brows, at the mention of the hanyou's name. "Look at me, Kagome."



The young woman's head turned back and her eyes slowly drifted up to meet his. Miroku studied her face for several moments, as he searched his mind for the right words to say to her. "There are… things you don't know, Kagome."

"Oh yeah? Like what?"

His gaze intensified, and for a moment, Kagome felt as if he was peering into the depths of her soul. For several moments, they stood there in silence, locked in each other's eyes. Just as Kagome was about to push him away from her, she heard him speak in the softest, most sincere voice she had ever heard, "I have fallen in love with you, Kagome."

A small gasp escaped Kagome's lips and she processed the unexpectedly inviting declaration. Though her heart warmed at his words, the voice in her mind cautioned her. "He's lying, Kagome! He's lying!! He's just trying to trick you so he can get what he wants!" Although she heard the voice, she somehow was unable to process the importance of what it was saying. Somehow it seemed vague, and muffled. Miroku's right hand was gently massaging her back, while the left one had slipped under her gown, and was caressing her thigh.

The monk leaned toward her again. He rested his forehead on hers briefly before moving to her neck again. She felt his lips brushing lightly against her skin when he said, "Let me touch you Kagome."

An unsolicited whimper sounded from her, and her hand slowly moved from his chest, to wrap around his neck. She couldn't bring herself to say yes, but she also couldn't will herself to say no either. The frightening reality was... that she wanted him to do it.

Apparently, the monk took her silence a go-ahead, because his hand slowly trailed higher, and higher up her thigh. Kagome's heart began to race as his warm masculine hand ran up her thigh and paused on her right hip. He ran his fingers along the lacy bands of her underpants, following the trail to her nether regions. She felt his fingers brush against the outer lips of her womanhood, and a mixture of desire, and panic coursed through her.

"M-Miroku… this isn't right… we shouldn't be doing this." her voice barely above a whisper.

"Shh..." he cooed soothingly. "I have an idea." He placed an open mouthed kiss to the side of her neck. Then he continued. "Let me touch you… just one time. Then, if you want me to stop… I will."


"Just one time"

In a voice he barely managed to hear, Kagome said, "Okay."


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