Night of the New Moon Part

'Must… resist… urge to… grope…' the monk told himself as he took in the site before him. Kagome was searching through her bag attempting to find her bathing implements. Her bottom, mere inches away from his eager hands.

A light grunt drew his attention, and the monk looked to his left to find the poisonous gaze of Inuyasha fixed firmly upon his person. At this, Miroku shrugged lightly, and allowed a small smirk to form on is lips.

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes. That dammed Miroku! How could he just sit there and ogle her like that? And right in front of him too! It was bad enough that he know what was going on between the two of them! Ever since that last time… the last new moon. His eyes narrowed further as he remembered the day he'd gone to retrieve them from the clearing. The monk's scent had been all over Kagome, and vice versa. There was no mistaking that the nature of their relationship had changed… rather drastically too.

Since that day, he frequently caught them exchanging flirtatious looks, or he'd catch Kagome blushing when she looked at him. He'd even seen him touch her butt several times. That in and of itself was not unusual, what annoyed him, was the fact that Kagome didn't even bother to slap his hand away! All she did was pretend to scold him, and then blush even more.

Damn that stupid Miroku! It annoyed him to no end, the way he acted around Kagome. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do about it. The monk had dirt on him, and he couldn't risk Kagome finding out about he and Kikyou. At least not that way.

And so, again, and again, he had been forced to bite his tongue. Again and again, he had to pretend he hadn't seen or heard the whispers they exchanged. And again, and again he had to pretend not to suspect anything, when Miroku so eagerly volunteered to walk her back to the well when she'd go home for supplies. It was getting old. Really old.

And now, the new moon was fast approaching yet again. He had already promised to meet Kikyou, so staying with them to make sure the monk kept his filthy hands to himself was out of the question. They would be left alone together again.

"Inuyasha, which way did you say the spring was?" the miko's soft voice broke through his anxious thoughts. Before he could answer however, the monk rose to his feet.

"I will be more than happy to show you Kagome. That is if you don't mind."

Kagome did not miss the raise of his brow, and the slight flush that bled into his cheeks. She well knew what he was up to, but she dared not to say anything. She accepted the hand he offered, and he pulled her to her feet.

"Oh, okay." she said quietly. "As long as you promise not to peep?"

Miroku barely resisted the urge to laugh out loud at her innocent little request. He well knew that it was only for Inuyasha's sake that she'd said such a thing. Already he had not only seen, but touched it all…

A lustful smile formed on his lips as he recalled the last time they had been alone together. "I wouldn't dream of it." he drawled silkily.

Kagome's blush intensified. She knew he was lying. She knew what he would try to coax her into. The scariest part, was that she knew she would be nearly powerless to resist.

"Well, I guess that'd be okay then." she told the monk shyly. "Is that okay with you Inuyasha?"

"Whatever." the hanyou said flippantly, a notable grouchiness lacing his tone. "Just don't be all night about it."

He shot a brief glance in her direction just in time to catch the small smile she was sending his way. A smile which was marred slightly, with what could only be… guilt.


Miroku casually placed a hand on the miko's back, as he ushered her from the small clearing to the direction of the spring. The urge to smirk at Inuyasha over his shoulder was almost overpowering, but the monk thought better of it. He knew he should feel guilty for holding this over Inuyasha; but really the situation was of the hanyou's own making. It was he who only wanted to string Kagome along. He who had betrayed her by seeking the arms of another woman. And he who did not want her, and yet wanted no one else to have her either. Kagome deserved better than that. Although he was by no means perfect, he would not subject Kagome to such hurt, such betrayal. She would never be second best to him.

Soon, the monk and miko disappeared into the woods.

A contented smile rested on Miroku's lips as he and Kagome strolled toward the spring. The air was reasonably warm for the late hour, and the relative quiet was interrupted only by the quiet rustling of grass, and the occasional snapping of twigs beneath their feet. Their camp was already set up, which was good, as they would likely be rather tired upon their return. His smile broadened slightly.

A powerful sense of anticipation coursed through him as the distance themselves and the hanyou broadened. Finally he would be alone with Kagome again. And at a spring no less!

This more than made up for the difficulties they had endured these recent weeks. They'd done a lot of fighting lately. Not only to obtain jewels, but also to keep the ones they had. They managed to collect four jewel shards within the last few weeks. Not too bad, seeing as how they were becoming increasingly scarce as of late. Unfortunately, just two weeks ago, he managed to sustained a pretty severe injury. A large slash across the abdomen by a jewel crazed scorpion demon. The stupid thing had been after Kagome and he'd shielded her with his own body. Fortunately he hadn't been poisoned. Though the pain was quite severe, the knowledge it was he, instead of her, made it worth while. It would have pained him considerably more to see her injured so.

"I see it!" Kagome's excited exclamation cut through his thoughts. She smiled up at him, before taking off, and running the remaining distance to the spring.

"Hey don't run off alone! It could be dangerous!" he told her as he quickly followed.

Coming to an abrupt halt a few feet from the warm water, Kagome's eyes shone with glee as she took in the sight of the natural spring. She loved bathing out in the wilderness. It was something she could never do in her own time. Somehow, she found it extremely liberating.

She turned around to see if Miroku had followed, and was surprised when she saw that he was right behind her. Before she could even gasp in surprise, he slipped a hand around her waist, and captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

Kagome gasped in surprise, as the monk drew her close and deepened the kiss. He gently sucked her lower lip into his mouth, massaging it gently with his tongue. For several moments, his lips and tongue moved against hers. Then with a quiet "smack" he released her lips and pulled away to look at her. Her cheeks were reddened, and her eyes slightly glazed. She was breathtaking when she looked like this.

"Umm… Miroku…"

"Get undressed."


"You came here to bathe in the spring did you not? You probably want to get undressed to do that."

"Oh, right." she said, as her cheeks colored further. "But you promised not to peep, remember?" she asked slyly.

"Did I?" he queried, his voice equally sly. "I believe that my exact words were 'I wouldn't dream of it.' and why should I dream about merely peeping, when I do so much more?"

"You're such a pervert." she told him, as she playfully slapped his shoulder. She then cleared her throat awkwardly before she took a step away from him.

'But I was being serious.' He pouted mentally.

She gave him a coy little smile, before turning away to look at the water.

'She's still so shy.' he realized. 'Hmmm.' No matter, there were different ways of going about this. Resisting the urge to smirk at his own brilliance, Miroku began to rub his abdomen. The movement drew Kagome's attention, and she gave him a concerned look.

"Is that injury bothering you?"

'Bingo!' A small smile lifted the corner of Miroku's lips as he looked down on her. "Well, now that you mentioned it, it has been a bit itchy."

"Itchy? That's good actually. That means it's healing. Do you mind if I take a look?"

The monk's smile broadened slightly. "Not at all." he replied smoothly.

He looked around for a suitable place to sit. Sighting a large semi flat boulder, the monk placed a hand on her back and walked over to it. Kagome did not resist, and walked slowly beside him. When they got there, she sat her bathing supplies on the rock before turning her attention back to him. Wasting little time, Miroku removed his outer robes. Fighting the urge to be too obvious in his intentions, he decided to leave his under kimono in place, for now. He parted his white kimono to show her his healing wound.

It had been several days since she had removed the last bandage, so she was eager to see how it was healing. She watched with interest, as the lapels of his kimono drew apart.

"Could you turn toward the light?" she asked, gesturing in the direction of the moon. He complied easily with a short nod, and Kagome immediately began her inspection. She noted that the shallow edges were now a pale pink. The part in the center, which had been the deepest part of the gash, was still rather red. Overall, the wound seemed to be healing nicely. "Does it still hurt?"

"Not so much." he told her. "Only every whe--" he broke off when he felt her precious little fingers trailing across his skin. Having forgotten his previous train of thought completely, Miroku watched her as she touched him gently.

Somewhere between checking his injury, and looking at his unclothed torso, Kagome managed to loose focus. Her eyes glazed over slightly as they drifted away from the injury on his stomach to the hard muscles of his chest. He was not heavily muscled by any means, but he was very lean, and very toned. Very nice. For several moments, she watched rather absently, as her fingers slid across his skin.

Suddenly, her eyes widened in realization, and she pulled her hand away from him as if his skin had burned her. Had she… had she been fondling him??

Feeling extremely embarrassed, and yet strangely warm, the miko dared to look up into the monk's eyes. "What were we talking about?" she asked quietly.

Instead of attempting to answer her question, Miroku wrapped his arms around her once again. He pulled her unresisting form close, and rubbed his lips lightly across hers. He repeated the motion twice, before he finally kissed her fully.

Kagome moaned quietly as his tongue slipped past her lips to mingle with hers. She felt his fingers threading through her hair, as he continued to draw her in. Her heart began to race with nervous anticipation as she felt his hand moving smoothly down her side. It paused briefly on her hip, before it slid to her backside. He cupped her bottom possessively, pulling her closer still.

"Oh!" Kagome panted as she pulled away from his lips.

Knowing that she must have discovered his arousal the monk leaned in, his lips a hairs breath from her neck. "Do you see what you do to me Kagome?"

Her only answer, was a light whimper as his lips pressed gently against her skin. She timidly wrapped her arms around his waist, feeling his soft warm skin as she returned his embrace. She was nervous. She knew what this was leading into, but already there was a deep tingling hunger building low in her abdomen, begging her to allow it.

'I should really make him stop.' she told herself. It was bad enough that they had already done this once… well not really once, it was three times actually. But that doesn't really count because it was all the same night. Right?

Even though she had no regrets about what they had done, that didn't mean she didn't feel somewhat guilty. Even though her worries were probably unfounded, she felt as if she had betrayed Inuyasha.

"Nngh!" she groaned; her train of thought going out of the window, as his hand slipped beneath her skirt.

He massaged her bottom tenderly through the thin fabric of her under pants as he continued to trail kisses across her neck.

Kagome moaned contently as his arms tightened around her, and his lips continued to press against her hypersensitive flesh. Suddenly, he pulled away from her. She looked up to meet his gaze, only to find that his eyes appeared to be focused elsewhere. Soon she felt his fingers moving along the waist band of her skirt, apparently searching for a way to unfasten it.

Feeling indecisive, and yet notably excited, Kagome did not trust herself to speak. So, she remained quiet even as she felt her skirt loosen at her waist, before it slid down her legs to pool onto the ground. Before she could consider what to do next, she felt Miroku's left hand sliding smoothly up her back beneath the white fabric of her top. She moaned softly as his warm fingers dragged lightly across her skin.

'We really, really shouldn't do this again.' she told herself as her heart continued to race. 'So, why don't you make him stop?' the voice in her mind asked mockingly. Attempting to swallow, but finding her throat woefully dry, Kagome finally found her voice. "Miroku…"

The monk looked down on her, violet lustful eyes focusing on her glazed brown orbs. Perceptive as usual, the monk's velvety smooth voice practically danced over her skin as he spoke. "Don't bother trying to resist, Kagome" he spoke very slowly, "You know it only makes me want you that much more." He leaned in placing a warm wet kiss just above her collar bone before adding, "And I can be very, VERY persistent when I want something."

A chill skated down Kagome's spine as his words seeped into her rapidly clouding mind. All too well, she knew the truth behind his declaration.

'Well then, that's that.' she thought, ridding herself of all accountability for their impending actions. There was no point in resisting. He'd said so with his own mouth. The very same mouth that was now latching onto her neck, she noted as her hands fisted into his robes. The words had so smoothly rolled off his tongue. The very same tongue that was now twirling, and dancing about on her sensitive skin, causing her to tremble, and making her knees feel weak. Wait, what had she been thinking about?

Her mind hazy with desire, and her eyes glazed over with lust, she barely registered her shirt being lifted over her head. She absently pulled her arms from her sleeves as the thin white material was pulled away.

'Oh right!' her thoughts attempted to return as his hands began gliding across her body. 'Resistance… futile… don't bother… Miroku… persistent…'

Suddenly the monk took a couple of steps backward, bringing Kagome along with him. He sat down on the boulder, and with a forceful tug on her hips he brought Kagome into his lap.

Drawing her knees up to rest on the boulder, one on either side of him; Kagome decided that since resisting his advances was pointless, she may as well enjoy herself. She slowly allowed her hands to roam about. They gently began massaging his back, before sliding up over his shoulders, and then down his arms.

Miroku smirked against her neck, as her eager little hands began to explore. Soon however, even this was not enough. It was time to get down to business.

Kagome gasped as she suddenly felt herself being lifted. Not quite knowing what he was doing, she soon found herself sitting on the boulder in Miroku's place. The monk had sat her there, before picking up his discarded robes from the ground. He spread them out a short distance away, before coming back for her. He easily lifted her in his arms, before carefully placing her on his robes. Having been placed on her back, Kagome laid flat against the ground only briefly, before pushing up onto her elbows. The monk was on his knees a very short distance away from her. She watched as he removed his white kimono, tossing it carelessly to the side.

Her eyes widened slightly as he gave her a devilish look. He crawled forward, slowly stalking toward her. Unable to peel her eyes away from him, Kagome watched as his head descended toward her. She felt his soft warm lips as they began planting kisses across her belly. She finally collapsed onto her back completely, as she was swept away by the feeling of his lips against her skin. His hands rubbed across her slowly, as his lips continued to press against her in random spots. His feverishly warm palms ran across her breasts through the thin fabric of her bra, causing her nipples to stiffen with want.

For several moments he continued his delicate torture on her senses, and she squirmed and moaned beneath his touch. She gasped lightly when she felt his tongue dip into her belly button. Unsure of what to do with her hands, she merely fisted them at her sides, as the warm tingling in her belly began to build. Suddenly he pulled away from her, and she looked up to see what he was doing.

She quickly noticed that his gaze was focused on her panties, and her breath caught in her throat. She saw and felt his fingers as they tucked under her waistband, before he began to slide them down her legs. It took a significant amount of will power not to reach forward and pull them back up. 'Don't bother trying to resist, Kagome.' his words echoed softly through her mind. She bit her lip anxiously as he coaxed her feet free of her undergarments.

He tossed them to the side to join with their clothing before giving her an unnerving lopsided smile. What the heck was he up to? She watched in horror, as he lowered himself between her legs, using his elbow to support himself. Her heart began to race. He turned his attention to her lower regions, and licked his lips suggestively.

Oh no! He wouldn't! He couldn't! She gasped as his head began to descend toward her. "Miroku, NO!" she cried desperately as she reached out to block his path.

Appearing to have anticipated her objection, the monk grabbed her wrist. He placed a soft kiss to the back of her hand before turning his eyes to hers. "Did we not already have this discussion, Kagome? Resisting will do you no good, remember?"

Kagome felt her will power weakening in the face of desire, curiosity, and his apparent unwillingness to relent. "But…" she began weakly.

"Fear not, my precious little Kagome, I will be very gentle."

And with the resulting chill that ran down her spine, her will shattered completely.

Sensing her acceptance, Miroku released her hand with a small smirk. Taking a deep breath, Kagome attempted to relax. She reclined onto her back and fisted her hands into the robes that lay beneath her. Though she knew what he was about to do, she was completely unprepared for sensation of his tongue as it worked its way past the outer lips of her womanhood, seeking the engorged bundle of nerves that lay beneath.

Kagome growled through gritted teeth, as she involuntarily pushed her hips toward him. Still leaning on his elbows, he brought his arms up over her hips. He used his left hand to hold her right leg in place; and he splayed his right hand across her lower abdomen, applying just enough pressure to keep her still. Assured of his hold, the monk began massaging her delicate flesh with his tongue.

The miko began to tremble violently as he moved his tongue against her. The sensation was impossibly intense, and she cried out over and over as her entire body vibrated with pleasure. Her hands itched with the desire to reach out to him, but she didn't know if she wanted to push him away, or force him to continue.

She drew in openmouthed gasps as his tongue slipped inside, flicking rapidly back and forth against her innermost flesh.

"Nnnnnggggghhhhh!!" she groaned, as she reached out toward him. She found the fingers he had wrapped around her thigh, and attempted to grab hold of them. Thinking that she meant to dislodge him, Miroku merely tightened his grip, and continued lick at her folds.

She cried out even louder, and instinctively tried to buck her hips against him. He held firm as his tongue continued its magical dance upon her sensitive pink flesh. Soon, she began breathing erratically, and her heart began to race. The sensation was becoming more, and more intense and she wasn't sure she could take much more. Her head tossed from left to right as the pleasure continued to build. Suddenly she fisted her hands tightly into his robes, and her entire body went rigid. Then, a loud shuddering cry tore from her throat as powerful torrents of sheer bliss overtook her completely.

He did not stop. He continued his intimate massage, prolonging her climax as she shuddered violently beneath him. Soon her powerful tremors began to ebb into light quivers, and he slowed, and then stopped. He sat up to look at her, a smug little smirk resting on his lips. Her checks were heavily flushed. Her brow slick with sweat, and her eyes glazed over. For at least a minute she lay there motionless, before her eyes focused and then landed on his face. With his smile still firmly in place he took that exact opportunity to lick his lips.

Kagome shuddered again, and her brows drew together in a slight frown. "What kind of monk are you?? Where the heck did you learn how to do that??" she watched as he took on a thoughtful look his hand coming up to rub his chin contemplatively. "Never mind!!" she told him quickly. "It's probably best that I don't know." she added, averting her eyes from him.

'Yes that probably is a good idea.' he thought as he looked down on her.

Not a full minute passed, before the light rustling of cloth drew Kagome's attention. She looked down to see what he was doing and blushed anew when she saw that he was removing his pants. She quickly averted her gaze, and she soon heard the pants plop to the ground a short distance away.

A light gasp escaped her lips when she felt the warm weight of his body bearing down on her. The monk kept his full weight from her by leaning on his elbows above her. He kissed her on the forehead, and then on the cheek. Then, using his own cheek to nudge her head to the side, he gained unhindered access to her neck. He leaned in and began trailing soft kisses across her neck, occasionally licking, and gently dragging his teeth across her skin.

Kagome's heart began to race as her desire renewed under his gentle coaxing. Absently she felt his fingers tugging on the straps of her bra. Suddenly he lifted away from her, his attention fixed on the thin binding that kept her breasts hidden from his gaze. She watched as his fingers traced over the lacy edges before he turned his attention back to the strap on her right shoulder. He looked so… innocent as his eyes roamed across her body. His eyes held a sort of youthful curiosity which was markedly… adorable. Especially considering the fact that he was far, far, FAR from innocent. "How do you take this off?" he asked quietly, jarring her from her thoughts.

"Oh… umm… here, I'll show you." She began pushing herself up, and Miroku rolled to his side, allowing her space to move. She pulled one strap from her shoulder, and then the other. Suppressing her remaining shyness, she continued without pause. She reversed the garment so that the back was presented for him to view. "Umm… see?" she asked as she pointed to the little hooks with her index finger.

Quickly making sense of the fastening mechanism, the monk reached forward. With unbelievable precision, he undid the two little hooks using a single hand.

Kagome gasped lightly at his apparent natural proficiency for removing women's clothing. She wanted to say something along the lines of him being a very, very bad monk, but her comment died in her throat when she felt the fingers of his right hand rubbing across her bare breast. She shuddered when the cool beads brushed against her skin. Allowing her eyes to flutter shut, she soon felt his warm wet mouth as it enclosed over a sensitive nipple. She moaned and arched into him, as his tongue stroked circular patterns along her skin.

Miroku supported his weight on his left elbow, and with his lips still attached to her breast, he allowed his right hand to glide across her body. He could never get tired of this. The taste of her, the feel of her, her breathless moans and pants. Those adorable surprised little gasp whenever he did something she didn't expect. He loved it all. His desire for her was growing rapidly, and he was growing increasingly eager to relieve the ache that had been building in his nether regions. However, being a fair man, he first turned his attentions to her other breast, lavishing the other nipple with the same attention he had given the first.

After a few moments of this, he finally decided he could wait no longer. After bestowing a final kiss to her breast, he moved up slightly, lowering his hips toward hers. He began rubbing his painfully aroused flesh against the very, very moist skin between her thighs.

Kagome held perfectly still as she felt him rubbing against her entrance. Her breath quickened, and she grabbed onto his shoulder when she felt him push forward. A tight pressure began to build as he deepened his invasion. He withdrew slightly, only to push forward again, deeper this time. She gritted her teeth, as the pressure grew to near pain. He pulled back, and then pushed forward once more, this time immersing himself to the hilt. She grunted lightly at the sensation, and held his shoulders tightly.

He stilled his movements for a moment, as he attempted to regain his breath. She was so wet, but still so tight. He rested his forehead on hers as he focused on calming his racing heart. When he finally regained his control, he slowly, very slowly began rocking his hips against her. Kagome sighed, and panted lightly as light tremors of pleasure thrummed through her body. The pain in her nether regions began to ebb, leaving only a delicious pressure in its wake. Kagome threaded her fingers through the monk's hair, and then their eyes locked.

He attacked her lips hungrily, placing a hand on her cheek as if to prevent her from escaping his kiss. She of course had no desire to do such, and returned his kiss with surprising boldness. It excited him considerably more than he expected and he instinctively quickened his pace.

Kagome whimpered against his lips, but fought the urge to break away from his kiss. Their tongues continued to dance wildly against one another, as he continued to grind his hips against her.

Finally giving in to the urge, Kagome ripped her lips away, and cried out in pleasure. Miroku watched with interest as she bit her lip to try and muffle her cries. She began writhing erratically beneath him, and he knew she must be nearing her second peak.

Dislodging his right hand from her hair, he trailed his hand down her side, and gripped her hip firmly. He then focused his attention on her face, he wanted to watch her as she came. He quickened his pace further, using short powerful strokes; adding fuel to her internal fire, and coaxing her to fall over the edge and into the abysses of ecstasy.

His efforts paid off quickly, as she seized momentarily before violent tremors wracked through her body. She screamed his name into the night, as her fingers dug painfully into the skin on his shoulders. The pain was short lived however, as her internal walls quivered around him. The sensation was incredible, and he quickly joined her in oblivion. Waves and waves of pleasure tore through his body, and he too shuddered with the aftershocks. Soon, his movements slowed, before he stopped all together.

After a short time, he carefully withdrew from her, before rolling heavily to the side.

For several moments they both lay there gazing into the night sky, as they attempted to regain their breath. 'That was even better than the last time.' Miroku thought absently.

Fighting the overwhelming desire to drift into sleep, Kagome pushed herself up with shaky elbows. "Umm, Miroku?"


"Do you think you could help me up?"


"I umm, really do want to take a bath."

"Oh right. That is why we came here."

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