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Prompt Used: Glitter — #12

Rikku had a plan.

And it was magnificent.

"Right…" Gippal swung a slow arc on one heel, his foot held jauntily aloft, "I'm going home."

"Gippal!" Rikku yelped in the most commanding and fear-striking fashion she could, "Don't be such a lamer! You promised! Come on!" She scrambled off her belly and up to her feet, movements made clumsy by her wet-suit. Splashing back out of the shallows, she chased after the older boy, her bare feet hopping over the desert sand, smarting. Gippal glanced back, but didn't stop.

"No way, Rikku. Like there's really going to be anything down there." He looked towards the oasis and grimaced for good measure, lazy green eye scanning the monstrous, desecrated ship that rippled in the deeps. "Morons built it out of iron. It's all rust."

"Oh, come on!" Rikku hissed, still leaping from foot to foot, quick and agile as she'd ever been. "Loser. Betcha there's something good down there. Like a gun. A really superiffic gun. And then you can take it with you when you go on the crusades and like, all your dumb war buddies will be impressed because, because it's buried treasure. Total compensation for your creepy eye patch thing."

"Taunting the cripple, huh?" Gippal watched as Rikku bounced closer, then held up his hands, letting her grab hold of him and step on his feet. "At least I can build up some calluses. Jeez, Rikku."

"Meanie," Rikku sniffed at him. Here eyelashes were very thick and very blond, almost yellow. "Come on, Gippal," she whined, "Please? Please? PLEASE?"

He shifted again, glancing at the wreck dubiously, "There's gonna be fiends, you know."

"That's why you're coming with me," Rikku chirped with her most dazzling, winning smile, "Because, you know, I'm going with or without you. And. And my brother would kill you if I got eaten. Or. Well. He'd try, and like, then you wouldn't have anyone to hang out with. Except me. Oh, but I'd be dead. So that wouldn't work at all, you big jerk."

"Uh-huh," Gippal shuffled forwards, hands catching her by her skinny kid-hips when she teetered, suddenly impressed by the difference between fifteen and sixteen. "I'm going for the gun."

"Yeah!" Rikku cheered, springing off him and punching the air with an exuberant leap. When she touched down again she gave a little jump, then raced back to the water, swearing creatively. Gippal slung himself in after her, pushing back his hair and pulling down the oxygen mask she threw to him, before he dove under, fumbling out his dagger as he went. Rikku struck out at his side, grinning, silver bubbles dancing up from her mouth. She was a good swimmer, always had been.

The wreck was deep enough to make his ears hurt sharp, but they hadn't seen any fiends yet, which he took as a good sign. Rikku darted off to the side, circling the wreck eagerly. One of the first airship models, probably. Gippal swam after her, watching as she gave the side an inquisitive rap. She turned back to him suddenly with a manic grin, and beckoned, shooting off towards an open doorway.

Great. Because that was just all kinds of ominous. He made a grab for her ankle but she slid through his fingers and into the darkness. Gippal imagined the bubbles took his curses upwards, sound breaking at the surface.

He swam after her, tense and wary of the closed spaces, of getting stuck and drowning, being cornered, and had Rikku even brought her claw—?

Something closed around his wrist and yanked him hard, catching him on the doorframe as he was jerked through, and then Rikku was taking him by the shoulders, knees banging into his and she was grinning like it was her birthday, and throwing her hands around and pointing, pointing towards the fireplace and up at the mantel where two colorful swords glittered, blades shining and gaudy and as wicked as a fishhook.

Okay, so it wasn't a gun. Still.

He swam a bit closer, rubbing the handles while Rikku bobbed at his side, her smile enormous and proud, eyebrows up. She held up one hand, palm up, and even as he swung his hand through the water to meet with hers, his eye caught sight of another kind of glitter.

Maybe Rikku had noticed his panic, or maybe she was just honing her Warrior Instinct, but she turned, and as one they stared at the flickering school of pirhana.

Rikku grabbed the sword. Gippal grabbed Rikku. What followed was a brief but intense battle of life versus gil, a lot of panicked swimming, Rikku frying everyone when she tried doing a thunderspell underwater, her going into shock from latent trauma, and Gippal dragging her out of the water as a result.

They were not entirely pleased with each other.

"Shoulda let me get the sword," Rikku muttered, and then punched him in the arm. Gippal was still inspecting himself to be sure he hadn't lost any bodyparts.

"Yeah," Gippal muttered, "That'd go over well with Cid."

"And you'd miss me."


"And you'd cry every night."

"In your dreams."

"And then," Rikku waddled towards him on her hands and knees, her hair plastered flat to her skull, and she didn't look so mad anymore, "And then whenever some girl hit on you you'd be all, 'No, sorry, my dead girlfriend would come and haunt you,' and I would be chilling out with mom and eating pineapples and we would laugh at you."

"Nah," Gippal scratched at his ear, thought about that girlfriend comment, and decided there wasn't really any point with arguing, not with the semi-unspoken-whatever truth, anyway, "I'd still bang them." Satisfied that he was not profusely bleeding, he snatched off his shirt and started wringing it out, grimacing at the splash. Rikku plopped down at his side and wriggled her butt into the sand, eyes big, snub nose peppered with freckles.

"When you come back from the crusades we can go and get them," she said, almost hesitantly, "The pretty swords, I mean. Because by that time we will be so totally kickassery."

"Sure, whatever," he didn't quite look at her, weirdly uncomfertable. Why did she always have to be so young? "Let's go back. I've been alone with you for like two hours, and your brother's probably going to sulk at me again."

"Like anyone cares," Rikku muttered, but stood and crammed her feet back into her shoes, "He's even louder when he'd giving someone the silent treatment."