This is the fifth of a series of fanfics I plan to do where I get the quote of the day off of a list and then write whatever it makes me think of. I hope this turns out as good as I want it to.

Characters: Chibi America, Chibi Canada

Quote: "We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today." Stacia Tauscher


"They're fighting about us, ya know," little America said, coming into the living room where his twin brother was sitting, waiting for England and France to stop arguing so that the oldest nation would take him home for a nap.

"Nu uh," little Canada replied, cuddling Kumajiro to his chest.

The younger twin knew that it was true, of course. Their caretakers were on another of their fights and this time the topic just happened to be the little North American colonies. He knew deep down that this was just how the two nations communicated but he still hated to be the source of any kind of conflict, especially for his beloved older brother.

"Yeah huh," Alfred pressed, climbing up on the couch to taunt his brother from a closer location. "They're sayin' who can do math better and who knows more histowy and who can wun faster and who's gonna be a better grown up. All about us."

"A better grown up?" Matthew repeated, confused.

They were just little children, after all. Why worry about what they were going to be like a long time from now? Adults were strange.

"Yep," the older twin responded. "And that's me."

"Nuh uh," his brother whined. "Why?"

"Cause Engwand said so and he's wight about everything," America said, nodding as if it were just a fact.

Canada shook his head. "Fwance says he's always wrong."

The blue eyed colony glared at his little brother, not liking bad things to be said Arthur, even if they had come from Francis first.

"I bet you're gonna be a stupid grown up," he argued. "With no teeth 'cause of all that syrup you eat."

"I'm not stupid. You are," the other boy pouted.

The Canadian was not one to fight or say mean things to anyone, let alone his playmate. It actually made him feel like he was going to cry, just because he had repeated the insult his brother had already used. He was simply just a gentle boy and did not want to hurt anyone.

"And a cry baby," Alfred added as if it were a fact when he saw his brother's eyes water.

"Stop picking on me," Matthew said, wiping his eyes.

"Okay, okay," America replied when he saw that the other colony was truly upset. "I'm sorry. Don't cry."

He hugged his brother carefully until he felt the other respond and hug him back, accepting his apology.

Canada sniffled. "I don't wanna grow up."

"Me either," the older brother replied. "They fight all the time."

The younger nodded. "It's better how we are now."

"We can be like kids, even when we're big, okay?" Alfred suggested.

"Pwomise?" Matthew asked.



Well, I did not use any part of the quote in the actual story but I still wrote what it reminded me of. So there you have it.

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