Hey ya'll, I'm back!!!!! This is my first story in about 1.5 years (I know, right?). What else is there to do when you've had a Rockstar and can't go to sleep?: Write fanfiction of course! Hope you guys enjoy this story, I'm pretty proud of it, considering most of it has been written in a caffeine-induced haze at 3:30AM. This is a slightly AU Bill/Sookie story (Sorry TeamEric, this chicka is TeamBill, but fear not, the Viking plays a key role in this story, so he'll make an appearance.) This takes place about five years after Bill left to face the Magister for killing Longshadow. Things didn't go as planned and the story takes a turn. Some things stay the same, others change but I hope that you get into it and love it as much as me! I'll try to update as quick as I can to keep everyone interested. :)

Sookie Stackhouse was dead on her feet. She had been at Merlotte's everyday for the past week, from the lunch rush until last call. Not by choice, of course, but because every new waitress that came through was either killed or, if they were new in town, heard about the unsolved killings that occurred five years back and quit within a few days. So it was up to Sookie and Arlene to keep the peace in the front while Sam, Tara, Terry and Lafayette held the fort down in the back.

Sookie sighed in relief as the last patrons stumbled out of the bar. She dropped her tray unmercifully on the nearest table and flopped into a booth., closing her eyes and relishing in the silence of the bar. Arlene, who was assisting Sam in dragging Hoyt Fortenberry to his mama's car, followed suit and propped her feet up on the chair next to her.

"Don't you have to be home, Arlene?" Sookie asked, with her eyes still closed. "I know Lisa can only watch Coby for so long until she has him locked in a closet."

Arlene groaned. "Aww, Sookie, she only did that once and that was five years ago." She cracked one eye open. "'Sides, he was only in there for a few hours. He liked it in there; slept in there for about three weeks afterwards."

Sookie chuckled and lifted her head off the booth. "Seems like only yesterday you came in here madder' than a coon the next day, spittin' fire and saying how bad you were gonna punish Lisa."

"I know, right? In fact, it'll be five years ago tomorrow," Arlene said. Then she glanced at a clock and amended, "I mean, today."

Sookie's smile froze on her face and her whole body tensed up. Arlene noticed the pain and tears that began to flood her eyes and then, realizing the significance of the date, scooted closer to Sookie and pulled the younger woman closer. "Oh my God, Sookie…today?"

Sookie nodded, then burst into silent sobs. She buried her face into the crook of Arlene's neck and stuttered, "It...it'll be…five years in…in…five days. I tried to forget but…"

Arlene rubbed Sookie's back gently and shushed her quietly. "I know, I know it hurts, honey, but you have to be strong." She gently raised Sookie's chin to meet her bloodshot eyes. "When Rene up and left me, I was crushed. But, I had kids to feed and I pushed past my pain and sadness. You gotta do the same. 'Sides, you got T.S."

Sookie nodded once, wiped her eyes and said, "I'm gonna go to the bathroom fast and then I'll be out to help you clean up." She got up, brushed crumbs off her shorts and trudged to the back.

Sam came from the back, carrying a rack of pitchers to the bar. "How is she, Arlene?"

"Oh, Sam, I completely forgot about this week," she said, rising from her seat to meet him at the bar. "I forgot what happened to her all those years ago. What kind of friend am I?"

Sam patted Arlene on the shoulder. "You had your own problems, chere. Rene had just left you and you were stuck alone again with two kids. She understands."

Arlene shook her head. "No one should have to go through what she did five years ago. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy."

Sam put away the last pitcher and said, "She knows she has us. Me, you, Tara, Terry, T.S. and Lafayette; we're her family. Believe me, she knows we care." With that, Sam shut off the lights and called out, "All right, see ya'll on Monday!"

Sookie emerged from the bathroom, looking more refreshed, and joined the others in walking to the parking lot. She slid into her car and let out another huge sigh. She may be dead tired, but her night still wasn't over.


The headlights from her car cast eerie shadows in her yard as Sookie pulled up the driveway. Rather than pulling farther up, she parked close to the woods and, leaving her car running, gathered three packages, a flashlight and headed towards the graveyard.

She reached her first destination rather quickly. She gently laid the cactus surrounded by white carnations on the grave and rested her hand on the top.

In Loving Memory

Adele Hale Stackhouse

Beloved Grandmother

She allowed the past to take over and for a moment, she saw her grandmother again. Not lifeless in a pool of blood like the last time she had seen her, but as she was before: warm, loving, wise and pure. Sookie pressed her lips to the warm stone and made her way across the rows. Her second stop of the night was close to her grandmother's grave, about four rows over. She laid the bouquet of delphiniums and filbert at the foot of the obsidian stone and once again rested her hand on the top.

Jason Michael Stackhouse

Brother and Son

Gone, but not Forgotten

She remembered her brother before the V took over: the goofball who could be so self-absorbed, but was willing to kick someone's ass to protect her in a heartbeat. She pressed a kiss to her hand and placed it over her brother's name before leaving. Her final stop was the most difficult for Sookie to face. She delved deeper into the cemetery, into the older gravestones from a different lifetime. She laid the final mix of anthurium, cranberry and cyclamen on the final stone that laid flat on the ground.

First Lieutenant

William Thomas Compton

Beloved Husband-Brave Soldier

Sookie dropped to her knees at this grave and finally let her tears flow. For her grandmother, her brother, her parents but especially for the man she had loved and lost. The only man she could be herself with, her first and only love. "Undead or dead-dead, wherever you are, God damn you, Bill Compton. God damn you…"

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Whoot whoot! First chapter read, whaddya think? In case you didn't know, the flowers are symblic to Sookie's feelings towards that person: the cactus and white carnations for Gran represent warmth and the purity/strength of motherhood, the delphinium and filbert for Jason represent big-heartedness and reconciliation and the anthurium, cranberry and cyclamen on Bill's grave stand for love, a cure for heartache and goodbye. Remember, reviews are LOVE!!!