Rock 'N' Roll

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Chapter 1: Rock Star Mentality

Thousands of screaming fans filled the arena

Just like the night before they waited for their favorite band to come on

It was packed full a total sold out gig just like any other day

Sesshomaru sat there at the entrance before the curtains watching the band before theirs

Pull their equipment down

"hey you ready for the show?" Inuyasha asked coming up behind his half brother

"of course" Sesshomaru answered as he turned his attention from the other band to his sibling

"shouldn't you be tuning your guitar?" Sesshomaru asked brushing past him

"their all tuned bro" Inuyasha replied as he followed Sesshomaru back to their dressing room

"don't forget tonight we have our first interview of the tour" Inuyasha said as he collapsed into a plush red chair

The other members of the band kept themselves busy

A sharp knock sounded on the door as a old man entered "your on now boys" he said smiling at the band as they all filed out to the stage

The crowd roared in the chants it was almost deafening especially for demons

The crowd repeated it over and over "YOUKAI… YOUKAI" which happened ironically enough to be their band name

Sesshomaru pulled out his guitar and walked out into the middle of the stage

The fans went nuts screams and cheers erupted

They played their show finishing off their set and saying goodnight to Tokyo

Youkai made their way back into the dressing room collapsing almost anywhere they could

Koga stretched out on the couch as Miroku pulled off his sweaty shirt and threw it to the floor Inuyasha had sought to collapse into the same red chair as before

"man that was a killer show …wasn't it?" Koga asked smiling a toothy grin

Everyone began talking all except the ever silent Sesshomaru who sat in the far corner of the room his mask in place

"hey Sess did you think that show was good?" Miroku asked

"Hn" was all he got then they all grew silent for a few seconds

A soft knock echoed around the room "what the hell?" Inuyasha jumped up and threw open the door

There stood a young woman her black hair pulled into a messy bun and her skirt and matching jacket seemed rumpled like she had almost been trampled

"uh hello" Inuyasha said skeptically eyeing the girl he had been mauled before by fans and he knew some chicks could just be nuts when it came to their obsessions he was lucky though most chicks went for Sesshomaru and the more calm ones went after him and the other members

"hello I'm Higurashi Kagome I'm here to interview you and your band for MTV2" she stated holding out her hand and smiling

"oh hell I forgot about it" Inuyasha replied stepping to the side and letting her through

Once she was in the room she looked over the other members and smiled

"hello I'm Kagome I'll be interviewing you tonight" she said politely

"well hello there miss Kagome" Miroku said extending his hand out to her

She looked at him and blushed since he still didn't have a shirt on

"oh yes well I was rather sweaty should I put a shirt on?" he asked winking at her

"uh…well I should think so since we'll be on TV" she answered looking from him to the man on the couch Koga shot up and patted the seat next to him

"you can sit by me if you'd like Kagome" he said smiling widely at her

"uh that's ok my crew should be here soon to set up I just wanted to meet and prep you before we go on" she answered turning back to Inuyasha

"so if you don't mind I was hoping to just talk about your new album and maybe the tour nothing to serious" she said smiling at the band

One hour later and the band sat in front of the bright lights and the TV crew

The cameras pointed on them

They were all on the couch while Kagome had pulled the red chair into the line of sight beside them

Sesshomaru sat beside her then Inuyasha, Koga and Miroku for some reason Kagome asked that he be seated the furthest away from her

"Hello Tokyo I'm Kagome Higurashi here with the hottest band out there right now Youkai…" she said into the camera

"hey" most of the band said

"ok guys tell me about your new Album" she asked

Inuyasha grinned at her "well I think Sesshomaru would like to answer that" he replied

"oh ok Mister Sesshomaru can you tell me about your new Album" Kagome looked at him

The entire time she had been in the room the man hadn't said one word and if it wasn't for the fact he was the lead singer she would have dubbed him a mute

"well Miss Higurashi it is simply about whatever you wish it to be about like abstract art I made it to mean what one person perceives it to be" he replied his smooth baritone flowing over her

She didn't know what to say she was just stunned to here him speak

Someone cleared their throat from behind the camera and shook her out of her thoughts

"well that's great ok so how do you like your tour so far?" she asked

"I love the girls" Miroku said smiling

"I love the city" Koga added

"and I love both" Inuyasha stated smirking

"what about you Sesshomaru" Kagome asked he turned his head slightly and locked his cold amber eyes to hers

"oh you must be mistaken Sess doesn't like anything about anything" Inuyasha said nudging Sesshomaru gently

"oh ..sorry" Kagome said quietly

The interview went by surprisingly fast and soon the crew had packed up everything

"well it was great meeting you guys" Kagome said shaking everyone's hand except Sesshomaru's

"hey we're going to be in town for two more days you should come party with us and hang out you'd have the time of your life" Inuyasha said smiling and handing her his number

"you just call and I'll come get you" he added as he kissed her hand leaving her at the van with the rest of her crew

"wow.." she walked over to her car and got in

Inuyasha walked into the dressing room

"are we ready to go to the hotel yet" he asked sighing

"hell yes lets go now" Koga replied pulling Inuyasha out the door followed by Miroku and Sesshomaru

"how about that Kagome she was one fine girl huh?" Koga asked once they were in the limo taking them to the Hotel

"oh yeah she was cute and she had a nice ass" Miroku said closing his eyes

"what about you Yasha you think she was cute?" Koga asked

"yeah she was alright" he replied leaning back against the seat and closing his eyes

"tomorrow we are going to party so hard" Koga stated as they pulled to a stop in front of the hotel

They all climbed out and made their way to their rooms

Sesshomaru smirked he too had thought the young woman was attractive and now he had it in his mind he wanted to see her again

Kagome crashed down onto her couch sighing heavily

"I cant believe I met Youkai and on top of that I am one of the first people to have been answered by Sesshomaru himself this is the best day ever" she said into the couch's pillow

She looked over at her clock "1:00 am I wonder if Sango's up" Kagome wondered out-loud

She picked up her cell phone and dialed the number

It went straight to voice mail sighing more she hung up and drug her tired body to her room where she proceeded to get ready for bed

She climbed into the comfy bed and settled down closing her eyes and drifting off

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