Rock 'N' Roll

WARNING: lemon ahead turn back now if you're too faint of heart or underage…which really I don't care if you're underage because I'm sure you know what's going on… like I did anyway LEMON AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 12: With or With Out You…

His soft lips caressed hers, he tasted like vanilla, his tongue swept over her bottom lip begging for entrance, and she opened. His hot tongue invaded her mouth tangling with hers and fighting for dominance. He of course won and searched her mouth relentlessly each tooth, every gap his tongue plundered her. Causing her to moan into the kiss, he pulled away from the kiss leaving her breathless, panting for the much needed air, her small fingers wrapped in his hair. He stared at her his amber eyes looking into the deep blue depths of hers. "Why are you looking at me like you want to eat me?" she asked quietly, "because I do want to eat you but in a very good way…" he answered lifting her up bridal style and heading out of Wednesday's room.

The guys watched as Sesshomaru headed out the door with Kagome. "I still don't know if he deserves her but if she's happy that's all that matters … right?" Edsel asked Wednesday nodded silently to Edsel and turned back to the balcony. "Somehow that girl touched us all like no other has ever" Joey stated to nobody in particular.

Sesshomaru set Kagome down on the bed gently, his long hair falling over her and tickling her as he made his way down her body. She gasped as he gripped her waistline and pulled down her jeans and underwear. She blushed as he pulled them off her legs and looked at her now naked bottom half. "Kagome if you want to stop now's your only chance" he said huskily making her shudder, "no I want this" she replied pulling him up to her by his hair. He kissed her with another mind-numbing kiss and broke it as he brought her shirt up over her head. Leaving her in just her satin red bra, he looked over her his eyes tinted in red as he stared down at the beauty beneath him. Kagome had a blush that covered her in a sweet innocent glow; Sesshomaru reached down and helped her out of the bra. Now as she lay completely exposed to his hungry gaze he knew she couldn't turn back. He ran his hands up her body, his claws lightly grazing her skin making her squirm. He leaned down pushing her pale thighs apart; opening them to him, he leaned down, and ran his long tongue over her wet pink lips tracing the clit gently. She gasped and arched up her hips bucking at the new sensation "oh Sess" she gasped her hands gripping his hair tightly. He gripped her hips and pulled her closer licking her core like a starving man, taking in her sweet taste that was unlike anyone he'd ever tasted before. She was moaning and crying writhing beneath his tongue and hands, he inserted a finger into her dripping center while he sucked on her clit harder. He pumped his finger in and out of her making her cries get louder and louder, the sound of her crying for him was ecstasy in it's self. She moved her body in time with his finger flinching when a second was added but she could seem to care all she wanted was the tight coil than heated her body to just explode. Sesshomaru added another finger as he pushed in and out of her in a steady rhythm, he could feel her body tightening around his fingers she was close. Kagome began thrusting her self on his fingers in an attempt to relive the pressure, finally everything seemed to break, shatter, she was high, and in a place, she never knew before. She cried out and stiffened shuddering as he continued to lick and move his fingers prolonging her orgasm. His mouth moved and he sat up looking down at her, she was panting and heated from her orgasm her eyes glazed as she looked at him from under heavy lids. "that …. Was … amazing" she said as she continued to pant Sesshomaru smirked at her and crawled up her body, planting a chaste kiss on her lips before standing. He quickly removed his clothes whish she had to wonder just how he got into the sexy tight ripped jeans he was now taking off.

He stood before her bared to eyes like how she was bared to his, her eyes widened as she took in his naked form. His taunt form well carved alabaster and marble, every curve, every dip and cut in his muscled form made her follow it with her eyes. He truly was perfection and he was hers to touch, tasted and have pleasure her. Her eyes followed the V of his hips and her eyes found a huge throbbing erection that stood proud from silver curls. She felt enthralled at it… its sheer size amazed her she felt scared as she realized where it would be going. He crawled over her kissing his way back up her trembling body "don't worry it will only hurt for a couple seconds" he said quietly as he reached her lips. His warm lips over hers as his hands traced back up her body making her legs spread as he settled between them.

His manhood nudged her, the tip resting gently in her entrance; he leaned down and took her lips covering her as he suddenly thrusted forward fully embedding himself in her heated core. She let out a muffled cry that he took as he kept kissing her; he waited giving her time to adjust to his size. It seemed like hours for the both of them until she finally tested her body by moving her hips and wrapping her long legs around him. Sesshomaru began to move a steady pace set as he moved his hips and met her body. Kagome began to moan and whimper, her noises pushing Sesshomaru to go faster and harder. Soon he began to ask him to go faster and harder, the pace lost he thrusted in and pulled out erratically as the two felt the ecstasy getting closer and closer. Kagome's body tightened around him constricting him making him growl and she cried out arching into him, he came as well thrusting into deeply and allowing her to milk him dry.

Panting the two pulled apart and Sesshomaru laid down beside her wrapping her in his arms "how was it?" he asked as she snuggled into his chest, "that was amazing I'm glad I finally did it" she said tiredly closing her eyes. "sleep now my love," he said pulling her close, closing his eyes as well, and the two fell asleep.

Joey and Corey packed there suitcases it was early and they had a lot of time until they left but Joey knew if they didn't do it now they'd be late.

Kagome rushed out of Sesshomaru's room nearly tripping over her baggy jeans. She ran to Wednesday and Acey's room, knocking she waited for an answer but got none. Sighing she went Edsel's room but no one answered there either so finally she knocked on Corey and Joey's room.

Two men opened the door both wearing masks none of them Joey or Corey. "what do you want?" the one in a clown mask asked irritated, "clown be nice don't you recognize her she's that girl that hangs out with Youkai and Wednesday" the guy with a long nose stated nudging the clown. "I didn't say I didn't know who the fuck she was I want to know what she fucking wants … asshole" the clown growled as she pushed the other man hard against the door making him groan in pain. "why do you have to be such a fucker" the long nosed guy exclaimed turning back to Kagome, "I'm sorry for Clown did you want something?" he asked peering at her through the mask. "well that's fucking obvious she wouldn't have knocked if didn't dumb ass" the clown replied turning away from the door and walking off into the room. "I really am sorry for him he always gets like this when it's the end of a tour…oh and I'm Chris... # 3," he said holding out a hand to her.

Kagome smiled at him "I was wondering where Corey and Joey are … well everyone actually" Kagome said looking around and then back to the man in the mask. "oh uh well I dunno where they went they kinda just disappeared and asked me and clown to collect their bags" Chris replied scratching his head which was covered in the mask so it looked weird. Suddenly a loud crash sounded from inside the room and another man in a skull mask appeared at the door laughing "shit Chris Clown fucking broke a lamp" the man said looking back into the room and then at her ."oh hey your that chick I met" he exclaimed excitedly "it's me Sid" he added as she looked at him for a moment blankly.

In truth, she had met all the members of Slipknot but without the masks and she didn't really recognize some of them with the masks on. she knew some of them because it was obvious like Joey, Corey and a guy named Mick but she also met them a while ago and after last nights mind blowing sex she really wasn't up for Guess whose under the mask, or Guess which Member of Slipknot I am. But she did remember Sid vaguely "um do you know where I could look for the guys" she asked Chris "uh try the lobby I guess" he replied looking uneasily behind him as another crash sounded.

Kagome made her way to the lobby reaching the top floor elevator she waited for it to come up so she could reach the lobby. With a familiar 'ping' the doors of the elevator opened revealing Edsel but this wasn't something she really needed to see since before him on her knees was a blonde her head bobbing as Edsel gripped her hair head tilted back and eyes closed. He let out a moan as the girl bobbed faster in and suddenly the doors were closed and Kagome just stood there shocked staring at the doors in confusion.

Wednesday sat solemnly in the hotel's lobby he waited for everyone to wake up and pack seeing as most were getting on the same plane. He had wanted to go see Kagome and granted it was only ten in the morning and the flight for most of them was later that day at five pm, somehow he was nervous he wouldn't get to say goodbye. Kagome reached the Lobby after going down six flights of stairs she had avoided the Elevators for fear of seeing Sexual acts since she not only caught Edsel and a random girl but the second elevator had revealed Corey and a girl having sex in it. She sighed as she saw the back of a familiar black cowboy hat she smiled as she approached the man.

"Wednesday?" she said as she rounded the chair and came face to face with her friend. Wednesday looked up and his whole demeanor brightened "hey there Girly what are ya doin down here so early?" he asked smiling a huge grin. "I wanted to spend time with you and the boys before you all left… where's Acey?" she asked as she took a seat across from the rocker. "he went to a store to get a Jack Skellington doll he saw yesterday" Wednesday replied casually "and Joey went with him … I dunno where Edsel and Corey ran off to though" He said looking around. "oh don't worry I know where they are and I wish I didn't" she replied blushing as she remembered just how Edsel looked as he got head in the Elevator … she couldn't see Corey since his back was to her but judging by the sounds and the girl's face it was good. Wednesday looked at her then laughed "elevators?" he asked and laughed harder as she nodded blushing more, "sorry honey they are rock stars" he added through his fit's of laughter. She blushed harder as she thought more and more on it Edsel had the sexist face a lot like Sesshomaru's when he was in bliss. She began telling Wednesday of her morning, everything including the elevators.

Their moment was interrupted by Acey and Joey coming back and The Youkai guys coming down from the stairs "who The Fuck does that on an elevator?" Inuyasha exclaimed as the four guys walked up. Acey and Joey stared blankly at them in confusion, "Edsel is getting head on one elevator and Corey is having sex on the other," Kagome said casually to the two confused men. Everyone turned to her except Wednesday who burst out laughing again. Sesshomaru growled, "you saw them" Inuyasha asked surprised, "well I had to get here somehow and I walked down six flights of stairs not because the Elevator was broken" she replied slapping Wednesday's back trying to get him to stop.

A little while later Edsel and Corey walked into the lobby Edsel smiled as he walked up and collapsed in a chair across from Kagome "Hey Kay" he said closing his eyes and leaning back. "hey was the head good?" she asked smiling as the rest of the group made comments. "eh I've had better" he replied looking at her and smiling "you sure didn't say anything when we hit the floor and the door opened everyone else said stuff but you just stared" he said smirking as a blush tinted her cheeks at his comment. "w…well I was shocked" she exclaimed looking away from his crystal blue eyes. "come to think of it she stared at me too" Corey piped in causing her blush to darken "like I said Shock" she replied quickly as she waved them off. Making everyone, laugh and her blush harder … soon all of Slipknot joined them.

Kagome had tears in her eyes as she hugged Wednesday tight "oh please don't forget me," she said into his chest as he stroked her hair and shushed her. "I'm going to call you every night Girly ok" he replied as sobs came out "I'm going to miss you so much" she said looking up at the shock rocker she had become so close to. he pulled back and smiled at her "I'll miss you to but we'll talk and visit each other a lot ok" he replied as he let her go. She turned the tears still falling as she looked at Acey he opened his arms offering her a hug. She went to his arms and hugged him tightly as well "same for me I'll call ya and we'll talk ok and visit to" he said into her hair. She looked over to Edsel he wasn't looking up his focus was on his boots as he kicked an imaginary rock. "Edsel" she said quietly, he looked up at her his eyes so full of sadness it hurt to just look at him. She rushed into his arms wrapping her arms around his slender form and crying harder "swear you'll still be my friend" she said through her tears, "come on Kay of course I'll always be your friend" he said as he rubbed her back and held her to him. He felt like he was losing a little bit of the sun she was such a vibrant person and recently since he had come here his days had seemed brighter than they were and now he didn't know how he could live without that little bit of sunshine. "I'll forever be with or without you," he whispered.

Corey and Joey hugged her and she said goodbye to the rest of the guys. Youkai and Her would be headed back on a plane to Tokyo at seven a clock pm. She watched as the plane holding her American friends disappeared. She sat sadly beside Sesshomaru in the limo, "are you ok?" Koga asked her gently. "yeah I'm just going to miss them hell I'm going to miss you guys … I don't know how I can go back to a normal life" she exclaimed smiling sadly. " don't worry about it" Inuyasha exclaimed waving it off and closing his eyes as they rode back to the Hotel.

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