This story takes place at the end of the Ultimates arch: Grand Theft America. Thor has defeated Loki and sent him back to Asgard with: "Father wants a word." *evil grin* Of course Lil and I can only imagine how all that went down in our little spankoholic minds! LOL! Sooo… I'm playing Odin, and she is playing Loki, and we plan to reform Loki at all costs! *giggle* Hope you like the ride! ;)

Loki's Reformation

The epic battle on Midgard was watched with scrutinizing eyes and very little amusement on Odin's part. It was as it had always been with his two sons. Loki had been banished to the room with no doors the last time he had caused such trouble, but the god of tricks was a slippery one, and he had managed to figure out a way to escape his punishment without Odin's notice. It was Thor's doubt in himself and his sanity that had finally reached out to Odin. Odin had freed his son and set him on a path to right what had gone so terribly wrong on Midgard. The battle was now coming to a close with Thor victorious and Loki's army defeated.

Loki's pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears as Thor's hammer struck down and pulled all of what the trickster had brought forth back to whence it came. Loki was sucked into the swirling wind to be swallowed by its magic and deposited in a crumpled mass before the awaiting all father who sat grimacing on his throne.

Odin frowned in disappointment and disgust as he boomed, "Loki! Stand ye forth before my judgment for I have seen the chaos that you have wrought, and I am verily displeased!"

Loki peaked through fingers at his surroundings and situation momentarily, eyes adjusting from the lightning, as he found his silver tongue and stammered, "F-father! ...certainly you can see the benefit of my actions for your chosen guardian of Midgard?" Loki paused but a moment, gaining confidence as he stood, "Have not my actions – my chaos, as you say – not brought Thor admiration and triumph? Why are you not pleased?"

Odin leaned back grasping his chin in obvious irritation looking Loki up and down before responding, "Do you take me for a fool Loki? Do you not think I see through such boasts to the truth behind your actions? You do not seek to lift your brother Thor to a nobler end but to tear him down. You were banished, yet to be released by thee, for good reason. Perhaps this time when I banish thee you will take the time to reflect why." Odin rose from his throne with a heavy sigh readying to banish Loki once more.

Loki's carriage transformed into panic as he gazed upon the all father, any hope in his lie stamped out with Odin's words. His lip twitched while his mind whirled in search of another ruse, yet a plausible one could not be imagined. Resentment flooding his veins, Loki spat, "Oh, how could the All Knowing One not? He who is so wise, he who doth see all – who dotes on one while forgetting the other – yes, certainly you see through 'such boasts.' Yes! Dismiss me as always into banishment so that you might turn your attention once more to Thor – he surely has need of more coddling! Perhaps you can think of yet another honor to bestow upon him? Nevermind me, I hath grown plainly accustomed to your omission."

Odin studied his son, fists trembling and clenching in rage. Loki's words bit deeper as they rang truth of scorn and hurt, and the All Father listened pausing in his motions. Had he been the one to cause such a wedge between his two sons? He had given them both the freedom to choose the lives they led as was fate's wheel, and he wished not to interfere with the fabrics of the universe, but to be the All Father and have the insight that perhaps a change was necessary was also fate. Odin's eyebrows arched as he addressed Loki, "Loki I have banished thee over and over again in an effort to contain your mischief, and in truth I now see that perhaps I have been lacking as a father to you."

"Aye," Loki replied noncommittally as he fixed Odin with a quizzical look, sensing danger and ...compassion? Loki felt a surge of humor temper his anger. This reaction was most unexpected, though hoped for, and Loki's next step must be just right to fully benefit from Odin's new found guilt. Deep down Loki yearned this fondness would last, but memory told him otherwise. "Indeed, your cruelty and scarcity as a father is foremost in my memory."

Odin mulled Loki's words over before responding, "I never meant to push ye from my breast as cruelty was not my intention; I would rather see my son live in exile than perish by mine own hand or that of our people. I wouldst think that ye would have learned by now on your own accord the right and just path, but you are hindered by your own childish intent. Ye do not cast blame upon yourself for thy own actions and covet thy kin's adoration to be your own when thou hast yet to prove thyself worthy of such. Perhaps that is also mine own fault for letting you continue to do so without solid intervention. I have failed you, and if ye are willing to begin again, I shall pour more vigor into making right what I mayhap could have prevented coming to this point some time ago. Do ye truly desire my fatherly attentions? If it be so, ye shall have it."

Loki glared indignantly and curiously upon Odin, accepting no blame and wanting none of the hinted repercussions. "Blame? How are my actions 'my' responsibility when you have just said my faults are of thine own failing? I desire equal attention to that of Thor - your 'fatherly attentions' - tis true, but let us look to the future rather than upon past trespasses. I, for one, am willing to forgive you." Loki bowed, thinking himself very clever and diplomatic.

Odin's jaw set in a grimace understanding full well that Loki was trying to weasel his way out of any form of punishment, "Ye seek my forgiveness over past transgressions, but ye would be so infantile as to be unable to take any blame for thine own actions? You twist mine own words to suit your purposes, and that will change soon enough for ye will be punished for thy actions in a most befitting way! I will bestow upon you all the fatherly attentions you both crave and need so desperately. Then we shall talk further as to what will be expected of you from this day forth as I plan not to push thee away but quite the opposite. Now come ye forth."

The trickster's eyes widened at his verbal loss of footing, and he did know panic. "No! I-I will not come forth!" Loki cowered as he began to slink away, hands defensively in front of his face, remembering the suffocating feel of Odin's hands upon his throat that he'd earned countless times for transgressions much less than this. Loki did not wish to learn what form of punishment would be befitting his attempts of disgracing Thor and reigning terror upon all of Midgard.

Odin sighed in agitation as he replied, "I will not play these games with thee; ye have earned punishment, and ye shall receive it! Do not anger me further and do as ye have been told Loki!"

Loki paused for but a moment before he turned on his heel and ran from his father. 'What change!' Loki thought to himself, considering where he might flee. 'Let him come after me, and I shall fade into a swarm of butterflies,' Loki did decide.

Before Loki could make it to the barred double doors, Odin boomed, "LOKI! HALT! Ye will not run from the All Father! There is nowhere to hide that will not be found; and thou know this to be true! If you do not face me now, I will have no other choice but to banish thee."

Loki skidded to a stop and closed his eyes; banishment was most undesirable. He knew his father's words to be true, though the will to flee still worked within him. Turning, he asked, "And what form of punishment do you deem to be fitting?"

Raising an eyebrow Odin responded, "Thy actions throughout have been nothing but petty and juvenile, and so I plan to treat thee as thou would act! I have never laid leather to thee as I did with Thor growing up; I had felt some form of hesitation with thee being my adopted son, but I see I was quite erroneous in this judgment and plan to rectify thus post-haste! Perhaps the sting of my belt will get through to you where words and banishments have not."

"You – you cannot!" Loki stammered, fearful and shocked, before nearly smirking at the overwhelming thought of Thor feeling the sting of Odin's belt. 'How delightfully humorous!' Loki thought, but quickly turned his mind to attempt an escape of the same fate. "You thrashed Thor, like a mule?"

Odin's expression darkened, "Stay thy tongue! A mule no, but there was a time when such punishments were required to temper the rage and pride that Thor carried. That is neither here nor now as your curiosity will soon be quenched from thy own experience."

'There is no escape from this. But, there must be. There Must,' Loki thought, a sneer becoming a pout, wanting to prolong the seeming inevitable. "I am not coming to you. You cannot expect me to participate - willingly - in such …..a this."

"I have given thee your choices Loki. Procrastination on your part will only anger me further," Odin spoke evenly with a hint of annoyance at his son's unwillingness to comply.

Loki took a step forward and stopped again, eyebrows knit together, thinking: 'If he dared punish his precious Thor in this manner, certainly it isn't a punishment too harsh. Perhaps my acceptance will grant me some favor...some future gain.' Walking slowly towards Odin he asked, wide eyed, "Please - There is no other way?"

Odin stood silent and fully erect with shoulders squared and arms crossed. He'd planned to have Loki lean across the arm of his throne, as he had had Thor do a millennium ago, but he was beginning to see by Loki's hesitance to even come to him, he would have to put him over his knee and restrain him throughout the punishment. When Loki had finally edged close enough, Odin's hand snaked out to snatch his wrist and pull Loki to him, "Ye have made this bed to lie in Loki, and I have exhausted many means of trying to teach thee a better way. Now we will walk this road. Let us hope thee learns thy lesson and changes thy ways lest such a punishment bear repeating." Not waiting for the stunned expression on Loki's face to fall, Odin commenced to drag Loki up the small steps towards his throne.

Loki's eyes shot even wider when Odin snatched his wrist. Immediately, he began crouching low to dig in his heels, trying to wrench himself free of his father's grasp. "No NO!! FATHER!!" Loki screamed, as he tried to pry Odin's fingers from his wrist.

Odin's grasp was like a vise, Odin being the god of strength left Loki no chance of escape as he was dragged stumbling up the short jaunt of steps. Reaching the throne, Odin sat and not losing any momentum let loose Loki's wrist after giving it a generous tug to toss the befuddled Loki across his lap.

"No no no, please! This is insanity! This is madness – I am sorry! Let me go," Loki whined before being silenced upon finding himself suddenly staring at the floor. "You cannot mean to – I - I am Not a Child," Loki glared full-lipped at his father over his shoulder, certain that sense could be restored to the old fool. But, just in case, Loki threw back his hand in both defense and defiance.

"Insanity my son? Indeed! The mere fact I feel the need to punish ye so grieves me terribly. You are correct, you are not a child, but you have also not proven yourself a man and therefore a child's punishment you will endure!" Expecting a fight, Odin was ready for the hand grabbing a hold of Loki's wrist once more and pulling it to the small of Loki's back securing it effectively useless. Odin's other hand wrapped around Loki's waist and pulled Loki's torso up and towards himself to adjust Loki's bottom at a perfect angle for striking across his lap. Unfortunately for Loki, he was still wearing the clothing from Midgard, and the jeans were loose fitting and easily snatched about the waistband and yanked down with boxers following in short order.

Loki's breath caught when his wrist was so quickly grasped by Odin, and he felt the stirrings of sheer panic as he was rearranged over his father's lap. Before another plea could leave his lips, he felt himself bared and for a moment could only emit a strangled mew. Finding his voice, Loki attempted one last halt to the proceedings, "This is unbearable! Please, please stop!" The temptation to kick up his legs was strong, yet the fear of being further restricted – as he was sure would happen – was stronger. Biting his lower lip, he peered into his father's face.

What Loki saw in his father's face was cold as granite. Odin responded with no less than exasperation, "I have yet to begin! If it be so terrible to bear then perhaps you will consider thy actions more carefully whence I am finished with ye!" Not waiting for a response, Odin brought his calloused heavy hand down on the exposed flesh before him with a resounding smack rearing back to continue in quick succession.

Loki growled in frustration at his father's words. A moment later Odin's hand connected, causing Loki to buck up with his one free hand as it grasped his father's thigh. It took mere seconds for the shock to fade and the pain to flood his senses, Loki cried out in response. Strong he was, yet he was at a disadvantage, as this particular part of his anatomy was virginal to any pain.

At Loki's bucking outcry, Odin tightened his grip on Loki's wrist to secure him in place as his steely hand rained down with smack after harsh smack.

The sudden onslaught of smacks was most unwelcome, "This is n-no child's punishment! Merciful father...I beg you... please - please see reason," Loki stammered out with effort between smacks. A heat quickly rose in his hindquarters, and Loki found himself twisting this way and that in avoidance of the heavy hand accosting him so vigorously.

The more Loki squirmed the tighter Odin pulled him to his hip; Loki would not be escaping this fate any time soon! The all father's irritation with his son's words was evident generating heartier swats as he spoke, "Unlike a child, ye should know better by now Loki! A much harsher dose of discipline is required to ensure the lesson I have seen fit to give you is learned. And do trust in me when I tell thee that you will indeed learn a lesson here this night!"

"Nooo!! Ah! I have learned! I have learned - please," Loki cried out, squeezing his eyes shut, desperate for a quick end to this most humbling experience.

"Ye have learned nothing! You will understand that words will not aide you here as I will know when ye have endured enough, and at this moment ye are a far cry from that time!" Odin boomed as he unrelentingly assaulted Loki's rear with a fresh volley of swats continuing, "Always quick to argue you are being unjustly treated or that Thor gets all of my attention when it suits your purposes; as desired, ye now have my full notice Loki. I plan to stay well aware of your comings and goings from this day forth, and be sure that together, we will get to the root of thy issues if I have to put you over my knee on a daily basis!"

Loki, wise as he was, bit back another 'No!' and instead whimpered pitifully at Odin's words. From the moment the whimper left his lips, vocalizations seemed to pour from him – and Loki let them, realizing they could bring a quicker end to his suffering. Soon, as the pain rose even higher, Loki began crying out with more gusto than was really warranted, yelling an "AH!" or an "OW-AH-OW!" after each hard swat.

Odin paid Loki's cries no heed as he knew his son to never be one to hold a stiff upper lip in the event of any physical bought to tolerate, and if he had to guess, he assumed Loki, being the god of trickery, would play up his pain in order to end his punishment more quickly. But Odin had no plans to give Loki any leeway or recognition as he continued to spank in a steady silent vigor.

After a few minutes of gaining no notice or mercy from Odin, Loki kicked angrily. "Cannot you hear my cries? OW! Is that a chunk of – OWWW - stone within your breast?! AHHOOW!"

Increasing the tempo and strength behind his swats, Odin growled out darkly, "Ye are making yourself heard quite well. Perhaps the guards right outside the door are able to discern exactly what is happening here? As for thy heart, it sighs heavily to have to put ye here, but it does not deter me, and in fact encourages me to continue as you are in obvious need of this."

Unable to keep his legs from beginning to kick up from the pain, Loki fought to keep his mouth shut. Opening it had made his situation worse each time. Oh, there were plenty of things he'd like to say: 'Shut up old man,' or 'Could we return to the option of banishment?,' or 'I cannot fathom much more of this,' or even 'You will pay for this!' His vocalizations of his pain soon became honest, remaining loud, and Loki felt very sorry for himself, caught in this most embarrassing and painful experience.

As Loki began to kick, Odin stopped momentarily letting go of Loki's wrist to grasp his waist and easily haul him forward balancing Loki over one knee. Odin parted his own legs to secure Loki's jerking limbs from interfering further. Odin then stated calmly, "Loki, put your feet down. We are not finished here, and I refuse to have you hinder my intent."

"NO! No no no – DON'T," Loki pleaded, "I didn't mean to – Please?" Loki looked over his shoulder at Odin, making his case. "I'll keep them down. ...please?"

Giving Loki a sad frown, Odin shook his head no, "Do not make me repeat myself as ye will only make worse what ye are already set to be delivered."

Heaving a panicked breath, but slowly doing as he was told; Loki whined, "How am I to change if you don't give me the chance to prove myself?" Chewing his lip, he tried to steady his nerves and prepare for the trapped feeling he knew to be coming.

Odin did not waste time quickly moving his leg around Loki's to restrain him leaving Loki's vulnerable rear fully exposed for the fresh volley of swats that followed. As Odin spanked he responded, "What transpires here leaves nothing to prove or change. This was earned, and when ye have paid the price for thy deeds, we shall start anew."

"Whyyyy?!" Loki sobbed as he put more energy into kicking against Odin's leg while hitting Odin's calf closest to his face with the underside of his fists. As of yet there were no tears nor acceptance, only panic and rage that Loki was unwilling to let go of.

"Need you really ask why?" Odin answered punctuating his statement with continued hard slaps to the more sensitive under curve of Loki's bottom. "After everything you have done in these recent months? The torment you have caused by your embittered jealousies? Do ye really believe yourself above justice? Can ye in all honesty tell me you are not deserving of punishment?"

In response, Loki grunted and grumbled under his breath as he pouted in between the painful swats and – in a most undignified way – emitted sounds not unlike a screeching owl when Odin focused on the tender area he'd later be sitting on. Wanting nothing to do with Odin's first three questions, Loki awakened his viper's tongue and angrily spat, "I can say – in all honesty - that you enjoy inflicting great pain upon always!"

Odin sighed not slowing the speed or severity of the spanking as he responded, "I can see by your attitude, we have quite a ways to go. No matter, I am up for the task, and believe it or not, it is my love for ye that gives me the strength to not let you off so easily. I do not revel in treating you this way, and my only wish is to help you help yourself. Ye have proved unable to recognize your faults on your own accord, and so it is my duty as your father to help rectify your behavior. I unfortunately doubt with your stubbornness this will be the last time we are to have a discussion such as this, but let us hope by the time our business here is concluded, ye will walk away with a different perspective."

'...he speaks of his love for me,' Loki thought. Ceasing his assault of Odin's left calf, Loki instead knotted his hands in the all father's cloak while screeching and yelling out louder still at the unceasing spanking. The fact that Odin hadn't broken into a violent rage with his many outbursts thus far was not lost on Loki. This knowledge combined with the severity of the swats that assailed him and the words just spoken did begin to bring water to Loki's eyes, tickling his nose.

Odin noticed the change in Loki's demeanor and lightened the strength behind the swats. He did not stop as he felt Loki still had a bit to learn yet, and so, the spanking continued with the ring of heavy handed swats echoing through the throne room followed by Loki's high pitched squeals at every impact.

Immediately perceiving the lessening severity of his punishment, Loki thought, 'So this is what is required to save my hide – a most valuable morsel, indeed.' Yet, there wasn't as much glee as usually was had in such a discovery; instead Loki's mind was turned to the possibilities of what his father had said and the camaraderie that may finally be his if he took that journey. The tears that blurred his vision began to spill down his cheeks as his cries became more desperate. Though the swats had lost much of their strength, at this point they were still quite painful, causing Loki three times to begin to reach back his hand again only to pull it back himself not wanting to anger Odin further.

Loki's attempts to control himself from interfering pleased Odin and believing Loki to finally be in the right mind set to discuss his behavior he asked, "Do you understand why I found this necessary to put ye through now?"

Swallowing back the irritation that sprung up from the question, Loki responded through his tears, "Out of options, I suppose? AH! You explained you d-did not wi-wish to see thine – OW – own son f-failed to get results in BAN-ishing doth realize this conver-OWW!! conversation would be easier if ye least for – YEOW – the time being?!" Loki turned to pout up at his father like a child, yet thinking he looked the perfect picture of a sensible and reasonable adult as - despite his tears - he raised his eyebrows to drive the point home.

Odin did stop, but did not release his hold around Loki's waist keeping his son quite secure over his lap stating in a composed fashion, "Aye, I will grant you a reprieve as I do wish to hear your thoughts."

Loki exhaled loudly with relief, pawing the tears from his eyes with both hands before attempting to stretch his back, offended that his legs and waist were still being held. Having expected a question, his mind whirled as to what he was expected to say as he'd thought his answer was complete. Slightly rolling his eyes Loki did ask after a moment, "My thoughts on what precisely, father?" Realizing he may sound flippant Loki quickly added, "I only wish to tell you that which you want to know."

Sensing Loki was on the verge of putting himself back in the fire with his bratty nature rearing its head, Odin growled warningly, "I was not asking for the reason this particular punishment was chosen over another, I asked thee to tell me why ye would think you were in need of punishment. And for your sake Loki, do not double talk for I grow weary, and if you wish this to end, ye will admit your wrong doings and not hide behind excuses."

Loki bowed his head; this line of questioning was much less interesting than what he'd hoped had been asked. 'Do not double talk?' ... a less difficult request had rarely been made, as Loki was not one easily able to list his offenses. Starting and stopping a few times after stumbling over his words, Loki decided that his position could only get better by speaking the truth. "Oh, I know precisely why. My attempts to reign terror upon Midgard and both shame and confuse Thor – your chosen guardian of Midgard - into losing his mind so that I might succeed in my endeavor." Loki cringed, unsure whether to expect another sharp smack.

Odin slowly nodded, "And by doing this act against your brother, did you expect notice? Was that your true endeavor?"

Displeased with Odin's persistence, Loki huffed. "Always has Thor been chosen, always have I been scorned. Always have you smiled upon him – I wanted that experience." Thinking better of it, he turned to his father, "I was fair. I left him clues."

Odin's brow lifted, "Fair? So then you believe your actions were just because you had not acquired favor in thine eyes?" Odin's hand gripped Loki's waist tighter wanting to commence in short order and start spanking Loki again with greater gusto than before, but he wanted him to understand that he was wrong first so the punishment would have true meaning outside just pain. He continued levelly, "Did it ever occur to thee that acting honorably would be a quicker way to make me proud of you? Can you not see that your jealousies have done nothing but push ye further from what ye seek?"

Feeling his father's grip tighten and seeing the anger in his eye, Loki panicked as he visibly cowered. He'd honestly believed that with Odin's soft spot for Thor, that his admission that he'd been sure to leave his brother clues would only help his case. In a rush Loki said, "No – I..I meant to explain that I attempted to make the game fair in leaving Thor clues to my presence. ...I did not believe you could be proud of me without my – evening - the odds." Loki wisely stopped there, not wanting to deal with the question of his jealousy.

Tired of bouncing around the subject, Odin decided Loki was not ready to talk yet and began spanking again with hard quickening slaps, "It tis a big game to you then. You wish to ignore what truly has you in this position, so I am done talking. Perhaps the sting in thy bottom will loosen thy tongue to speak of what needs to be discussed over your attempts to get sympathy for your deeds. I will warn, you will not find pity here, and if ye can not be honest with yourself then I highly doubt ye are ready to be honest with me!"

"AIEEEEEE!" Loki screeched in surprise, pushing up and forward with both hands on Odin's thigh as he arched his back, desperate to get away from the stinging spanking. "Wait – wait, please! I spoke the truth," Loki sobbed out in a scream.

Odin did not respond, and he did not slow in his current undertaking as he peppered Loki's ass with swat after burning swat. Loki did not want to admit his faults and delve into the real problem by actively trying to justify his actions, and Odin would have none of it.

Thinking the spanking was torturous before, Loki was completely beside himself with the pain that restarting a spanking after a long pause could bring. Unable to hold back either tears or sobs in his despair, he held desperately onto Odin's thigh and calf for fear his hand would slink back and anger his father further. Every solid swat was followed with an "OOWW" and more sobs.

Odin continued unmercifully for full minutes without speaking before he finally stated, "You've danced around the subject long enough Loki, ye know what I wish to discuss. I can keep this up all night, but I highly doubt thy hindquarters can withstand the assault, so do us both a favor and stop avoiding mine questions!"

By the time Odin spoke, Loki was a sobbing and sniveling mess. Having just decided that he couldn't keep his hand out of the way any longer, he happily jumped at the chance at possibly getting another pause in his punishment Loki cried out, "I. WAS. JEALOUS!!!"

Odin lightened the stream of punishment considerably, satisfied with this admission from Loki as he asked, "Was that really so hard for ye to admit? Now that you have, perhaps we can speak of a way for you to move past it."

Loki almost responded with an irate 'Most obviously,' but instead just gave a loud huff. After a moment of attempting to collect himself, Loki said in between hitched breaths, "And what d-do you have in m-mind?" Though the punishment was greatly lessened, the full body jerk from each impact of flesh on flesh could not be ceased. Nor could the tears. No matter how many times he wiped his eyes, Loki's vision stayed as blurred as his face stayed wet.

Odin finally stopped letting out a weary sigh as he responded, "I understand that ye feel neglected and pushed aside, and I have vowed that I will work to be a better father to you. But in turn, ye need to work on improving your behavior towards your fellow Asgardians. If you want the recognition that your brother receives, then ye must act the part. Hopefully, in time ye will be able to address your issues with Thor personally, but until such a time, ye will stay within the walls of Asgard, so that I may monitor your comings and goings over banishment."

Loki pouted at the floor as he continued to softly cry, quite against being grounded to Asgard. "Have I not been punished enough? Why must I be confined? ...and ...and do ye truly think anyone would have faith in me? Lady Sif has always spoken against me, even when I have acted with honor. Indeed, I have always been great sport to all of Asgard. What hope lies there for me?"

Odin responded, "Your confinement is of your own doing. It is true, ye will have to prove yourself not only to the citizens of Asgard but to me as well. Your deeds in the past have been less than virtuous, respect is earned, and only through your actions from here on out can you start the wheel of change. If you can show me that I do not need to keep you within the walls of the city, then ye will be given more freedom, but until I deem that day has been achieved ye will acknowledge my verdict. I will not tolerate insurrection on your part, and if ye do not heed my words, swift punishment and more restrictions will follow. Is that understood?"

"Aye, father," Loki replied softly before sniffling, resenting the idea of confinement and the promise of another such punishment for future misdeeds. Confusion and uneasiness settled upon him as his mind traveled over what had passed and what change it may bring to his life. Again Loki became very aware of the humiliation of laying over his father's knee with his bottom fully exposed, and he ducked his head in shame.

Loki looked positively miserable, and Odin almost felt sorry for him… almost. Feeling as if his point was fully made, Odin tugged Loki's pants back up then grabbed Loki's bicep to help him to his feet. Once Loki was steadied, Odin took him by both shoulders looking down at him, "We are done now and can move on to the future my son. Your bed chambers are still as you had left them, go there, clean up, and when ye feel at peace, come to the Great Hall for there will be much food and mead to be shared by all. If this tis not your wish, summon a servant to fetch you something to eat, and I will see you in the morrow."

Unable to make eye contact, Loki kept his eyes down and nodded here and there throughout what Odin had said until finally replying, "Aye...until the morrow..." Appearing in the Great Hall was as of yet unthinkable, and Loki wanted nothing more than to be released from his father so that he could sulk in peace.

Odin gave Loki's shoulders a small squeeze and responded, "So be it. Rest. All will right it self in time Loki, ye just need not fight it." Odin let him go and proceeded to sit back down on his throne.

Loki knit his eyebrows together, surprised at the kind and hopeful words. The release from his father's grip that he had so recently itched for left him with a sense of emptiness rather than the peace he expected. Large green eyes following the all father, Loki took a deep breath and fidgeted a moment before turning to leave, a new sense of irritation overcoming him as he started down the steps to retire to his bed chambers.