Friend, Mentor, Soul mate.

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Prologue- Sirius Discussion

Sirius Black, former inmate of Azkaban, Lord of the ancient and most noble house of Black, and Godfather to Harry Potter, was currently sitting at the den, trying to forget about how bored he was. Sure, it was the Christmas holidays, sure Grimmauld Place has currently home to not only himself, but his godson, Hermione Granger, most of the Weasleys, Buckbeak, and the ever loathsome Kreacher, but right now, Sirius Black was bored out of his mind.

It wasn't easy for him to remain in Grimmauld Place, watching others risk their lives. He had always been a fighter. But as a convicted criminal on the run, Dumbledore would only allow him to leave if Harry where in danger, so on one hand he was glad that he hadn't had to leave but annoyed because he wanted to leave.

He had run out of things to do. And he really didn't have anyone to talk too. The Weasleys where gone, visiting Arthur at the hospital, even though he was supposed to be released tomorrow Hermione was simply to smart for her own good, although he enjoyed talking to her, her vast intelligence often made it difficult to keep up with her line of thought. And Sirius really didn't feel like the mental challenge at the moment. Harry was doing homework assigned over break, homework that Hermione had already finished and wouldn't let Harry see until his own was done. So Sirius really didn't want to disturb his Godson at the moment.

As for Kreacher and Buckbeak. Kreacher couldn't hold a conversation without fling insults. And, although he was a great listener, talking back really wasn't for Hippogriffs, unless you where seriously wasted of course.

So that left hoping that an Order member would drop in for a few minutes. Most likely Tonks would drop in at some point today, just as she had every day. But she might not show, knowing everyones plans for the day, especially since, aside from the meetings, she tended to hang around with the younger ones. Granted she did talk to him, they where cousins after all, but she wasn't big on hanging around with any of the older generation, except for her fellow Aurors who rarely showed up outside of import news or a meeting.

So he was a little surprised when green flames appeared in the fireplace and his cousin stepped out into the den.

"Hey Sirius," Tonks asked politely, too politely.

"Tonks," Sirius began, "what's wrong?"

"Wrong, nothing?" Again Tonks' voice was too polite.

Sirius gave her a knowing look. And she caved.

"Actually there is something wrong, but it's personal." Tonks swallowed before continuing, "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

Sirius raised an eyebrow before answering. "Let's go into the kitchen, we can have some tea while we talk."

Sirius led Tonks into kitchen and poured tea for both of them. He then sat down in his chair and rested his feet on the table. "So what is it you'd like to discuss?" He took a sip of tea.

Meanwhile Tonks just stood still looking down at her tea. "Is anyone else here?" she asked nervously.

"Just Harry and Hermione" Sirius watched as Tonks' eyes widened, before she looked down quickly. Sirius smiled. "He's doing homework, I don't know what Hermione's doing, probably reading."

Tonks quickly closed the door to the kitchen, locked the door, and cast a silencing charm on it. Then she turned back to Sirius. "This stays between us, doesn't leave this room, right?"

Sirius set down his cup of tea and spread his hand. "So, Nymphadora?" Tonks glared at Sirius but didn't say anything. "Well?"

Tonks took in a deep breath. "I need dating advice." She looked at Sirius expectantly. He waved his hand to continue.

Tonks finally sat down across from Sirius, but she didn't continue.

Sirius sighed. "I can't help you if you don't talk to me Tonks."

"I'minlovewithyourgodson," Tonks blurted out too fast for Sirius to understand.


"I'm in love with your godson," Tonks repeated slowly, and quietly. She looked down ashamed.


Tonks looked up at Sirius confused. "And? Is that all you have to say? I'm almost seven years older than him. I'm an Auror, and he's a minor. He Harry, the-frickin'-boy-who-lived Potter who's so famous I'm willing to bet the girls at Hogwarts throw themselves at him. Honestly Sirius, How many girlfriends has he had, Hmm?"

"Are we counting Hermione and Ginny, who are just his friends?"


Sirius thought for a moment. "As far as I know, a disastrous date for the yule ball."

"What do you mean by disastrous?"

"Harry isn't a dancer, of course neither was James. Apparently he just took her because he needed to open the ball. After that he didn't want to dance anymore and she went off and spent the rest of the evening with a guy from Dumstrang." Sirius smiled. "He does have his eye on someone, but he won't dare approach her. He thinks she's out of his league, that she'll never notice him. So he is currently pursuing a Ravenclaw girl, Cho Chang, but she's his second choice, second choice by a very, very, very large margin."

Needless to say this stunned Tonks. "Out of his league? What girl could possibly be out of his league? He's smart, resourceful, funny, kind, caring, polite,drop-dead handsome, More mature than most men twice his age, and...

Sirius cut her off. "Damn, you've got it bad." He chuckled.

"Damn it Sirius, this is serious."

"Bad pun."

"Quit joking, I'm facing a major crisis here."

"What crisis?" Sirius almost yelled. "James' parents had an age gap of six years, just like you and Harry. Personally I think Harry could do a hell of a lot worse than you Tonks, And you couldn't do any better than him."

"But what if he doesn't feel the same way as I do? What if he thinks I'm too old? What if he's like every other guy I've dated who just want me because I can become their dream girl?"

"Harry's not like that," Sirius said flatly. "But the only way to know if you have a chance, is to tell him how you feel. Harry's a closed up person, it takes a lot to get close to him. But once you're close, he'll give up everything for you."