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Chapter 7- Vernon's Due

Vernon Dursley watched as once again his nephew and the other freak walked out of Number Four dressed in expensive business suits. If they were normal people, perhaps he'd have been impressed by the quality of their suits, but they were freaks. And freaks didn't even deserve to live in the same great country he and his family did. But there was nothing he could do about it at the moment, he had to go to work.

The heavy man sat up from the kitchen table, kissed Petunia goodbye, and grabbed his briefcase before heading to his car.

Vernon was the assistant head of sales at Grunnings. It was a job that he liked. He got the power or the department head, without having to attend all the boring department head meetings. And although he wouldn't mind a raise, he was perfectly content were he was. That's not to say he wouldn't turn down a promotion, that would mean more money and more power in the company after all. As far as he was concerned he had a great job, he got to yell at people half the day, and speak to important businessmen the other half.

Not to mention his secretary. He'd never cheat on Petunia (Not that he didn't want to, but he knew that if she ever found out he'd be lucky to make it to the hospital. Lily Potter wasn't the only Evans with a scary temper after all.), but that didn't mean he could appreciate the youth and beauty of his secretary. Hell, he'd jacked off to fantasies involving the young blond several times, not that he'd ever admit it, she was much better looking than his wife.

The drive to the Grunnings office building was as normal as usual. He honked his horn and cussed at other drivers, something that he actually enjoyed. And on his way up to his office, he got to yell at several other people for getting in his way. To say that he was cheerful when he reached his office would be an understatement.

But his boss, Anthony Hubert, head of Sales, was waiting outside his office for him. This was either real bad, or real good.

When Anthony smiled at him, Vernon's fears were but to rest. "Good morning Vernon," Anthony said cheerfully."

"Morning sir," Vernon replied as he walked up to his boss. "What brings you here so early?"

"The company President has come in today. He's talked with all of the department heads," Anthony explained. "But for some reason, he also wanted to meet you. I guess your successful sales record has impressed him."

Vernon's eyes widened as he smiled. "The President wishes to see me? Where is he?" Vernon asked.

"He's in the board room," Anthony answered. "He asked you to meet him there as soon as you were free. He understands that you might have some things to do first."

Vernon smiled as he walked into his office. "I'll just set my briefcase down and then I'll be right there."

Ten minutes later, Vernon opened the door to the boardroom. His eyes fell upon a beautiful young woman standing to the side. She was quite hot, with blond hair tied back into a bun and a figure to die for. God, he wished he could bed her. She wore a tan business suit, with a skirt, that was almost identical to the one that female freak was wearing, but Vernon brushed that thought aside, it was just a coincidence.

A figure sat in one of the chairs, facing away from Vernon and looking out the window.

Then the figure turned around.

"Hello Uncle," Vernon's freak of a nephew said as he smiled at him.

Vernon's face turned red. "What are you doing here boy?" Vernon said loudly.

"I think that would be obvious," the woman said. Vernon turned to look at her, only to watch as her features changed and the female freak stood in front of him. "Your nephew inherited this company from his father. He's your boss."

"That's a lie!" Vernon yelled.

Harry smiled at him. "Yell at me again, Mr. Dursley, and you'll see just how much of lie that is," Harry said smugly. "I just figured I'd make sure you knew that I am now your boss. And if you make my life any harder, I'll make sure your work is that much harder."

"I'd resign before taking orders from a freak like you."

"Feel free to," Harry said. "See if you can get another job that's as well paying as this. I'm sure you could, but you'd have to work your way up another company's corporate ladder to get there. Face it Uncle, in order to keep living at your current standard, you need this job."

Trisha, Vernon's secretary, couldn't understand why Mr. Dursley seemed so made when he returned to his office.

Meanwhile, Harry and Tonks were busy christening the Grunnings boardroom. It was a good thing that Tonks knew the silencing and locking spells.


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