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Restarted heart.
(If you haven't read The La Push Pack first then this story wont make much sense.)

Chapter 1
(Life is cruel)


Life is cruel. After two centuries of existence, this is the conclusion I've come to. The first hundred years of my torturous life was spent simply existing, just waiting, waiting for her… I remember the first day in biology like it was yesterday. Her tantalizing scent, her beautiful blush, her hypnotic brown eyes… She was sweet, kind, innocent, and pure. She was an angel. My angel…

We could have been happily together forever… If only I hadn't of been so stubborn, so set in my beliefs. The next hundred years I spend wallowing over lost love. Self inflicted lost love. As if life wasn't bad enough, fate decides to give her back to me only to attempt to take her away again.

So now here I am on my bed with my love held tightly in my arms as I prey to whatever force has done this, to let her be ok. For her to come back to me. Her heartbeat is erratic and unstable and I can do nothing to help her. From the second that she fell to the floor I have all but been consumed by the fear of losing her.

Carlisle doesn't know what is happening to her, why her heart has started again, why she isn't responding, no one even knows how any of this is possible. I know that I am starting to lose my mind but I simply don't care right now. I'm a mess, I can see that. We've been locked away in my room since this started about two days ago and I can hear my family yelling at me in my mind but we need to be together, I need to be with her.

I've been talking to her, hoping to comfort her, I don't know if she can hear me or understand what I'm saying but I have to do something. I stroked her hair and told her all of my favourite memories of our times together. Told her of how much it hurt to say goodbye to her, how much I missed her while I was gone. I was quiet for a little while, thinking of all the things she would have done when I wasn't with her, all the things I missed out on doing with her then I suddenly realised something.

"Carlisle!" I called out to him.

His fast movements were a shock to me, having not moved at all for hours now and I growled as he rushed towards the bed. I was stunned when I saw him go flying back into the wall. It took me a few seconds to realise that it was my love that must have done that. I looked down at her and found that she was still out cold. I looked back to Carlisle who was now standing at a safe distance from the bed with a confused expression.

She was protecting us…

"Sorry, I think that was my fault. My growl might have triggered her to do that." I apologised.

He nodded.

"She is attuned to you, being her mate, even in this state she made to protect you when you thought there was a threat. Her condition doesn't seem to have changed, why did you call?" he asked.

Oh right…

"Have you contacted anyone from her coven or pack? They will need to know about this."

His brow creased.

"No. I should have done that immediately, I can't believe i didn't. I was trying to find anything that would help explain this. No luck." He shrugged before I could get my hopes up.

"I'll contact someone." He said as he retreated from the room.

I turned my attention back to Izzy and began to hum her lullaby to her. Just as I finished humming and began placing soft kisses on her checks and forehead I heard eight minds approaching. Three vampires. Ava, Lily and Jessie. Four wolves. Jake, Seth, Teri and another that I wasn't familiar with. And surprisingly, a human female.

"Where is she?!" Jake rushed as he entered the house.

Don't come up here. Just leave us alone. We need to be alone.

"Relax Jacob. There is nothing that you or any of us can do. Running up to her will only cause to upset Edward and you don't want that. Please just have a seat and I'll tell you what I know." Carlisle suggested.

I tried to block out all the voices, I can't deal with them right now. I looked down at my love and smiled, holding her tighter. She looked so beautiful, lying in my arms. She looked just like she used to when I would hold her in her sleep. I tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and ran my finger across her lips.

"I love you my angel. Please come back to me." I begged.

My breathing hitched as her heartbeat skyrocketed and she gasped. Please let this be a good sign, i begged. But of course... It wasn't. I pulled her as tight as I could against me as she screamed out in agony. NO. NO. NO! I sobbed and restrained her as she tried to claw at her chest.

With a loud crash the door was ripped off its hinges and the room instantly filled. A warning growl ripped up my throat making everyone stop and step back. I felt my love curl up against me for protection while my eyes moved swiftly from one intruder to the next.

Mine! My mate! My love! I must protect her! With a quick scan of the room I became aware that all exits were blocked. We were surrounded. I couldn't fight. That would leave her vulnerable to attack. No one will touch her! I will rip them to shreds!

"Edward! Calm yourself son… we do not want to hurt either of you. We are family. Please son."

"Oh my poor daughter. She is suffering…"

"Edward…" My love's sweet voice called to me.

I hushed her and soothingly ran my fingers across the back of her head without looking down at her.

"I'm here, my love. Everything is going to be ok. I will protect you." I promised.

Her small hand reached up to rest on my check and she whimpered in pain. I could tell that even the smallest of movements was excruciating.

"Safe…" she mumbled in more pain.

It hurt her to talk too.

"Shhh… don't talk, love. I will keep you safe."

I saw a small movement from one of the intruders and snapped my head up. He stepped forward and reached his hand out.

"Stay back!" I roared.

"Son, please calm down. I only want to help." The man said with pleading eyes.

I ignored his words. I would let no one touch my love.

"Edward… safe… shield…" she strained.

Of course! Her shield… My body relaxed instantly and I tried to clear my head. We were safe. They can't get to us, I don't need to worry. I just have to hold her…

"Her heart is losing the battle Edward. We need to do something or it will fail and I'm not sure what that will mean for Isabella if it happens."

Recognition flashed through me as my father spoke. I could hear the concern in his tone, he feared losing her too. We have to do something. I looked up and realised that there never was any intruders, never any threat, it had been our family all along.

"I'm sorry- I wasn't thinking- I didn't- I need to do something. Please Carlisle, what can I do?" I begged.

"Perhaps if I could get a blood sample I could find out what is happening to her body. Yes, that should at least-"

"She is a vampire Carlisle. We can't get a blood sample." I said cutting off his train of thought.

I continued to stroke the back of her head and her lower back. It was all I could do right now to try and ease her pain. Her body would jerk every few seconds and I could hear her soft muffled cries of pain as she buried her face against my chest.

"She is part werewolf, she still has her own blood in her veins. The only problem is getting through the skin… You're going to have to bite through it and get me the sample."

WHAT?! NO WAY IN HELL WILL I BITE HER! I WOULD NEVER HURT HER! I COULDN'T! I growl began to build up in my chest and I tried to push it back down. I wouldn't. I simply wouldn't do it. That's it. End of story. It will not happen.

"It's either you do this Edward or we do nothing and simply hope that this doesn't kill her. Her life may very well be at stake here son." Carlisle spoke in a grave voice.

Shit! Well what the hell am I supposed to do? I can't let her die. It would hurt her. It would hurt me to do but I refuse to lose her again. Oh no… what if I cant stop? She smells so good already. What if I bite her and… Wait. Would I be able to get past her shield? It isn't covering her body right now, because of me most likely but when I bite her…? She would probably just throw me off. At least I don't have to worry about draining her.

"Her shield Carlisle." I pointed out.

He nodded.

"That is why it has to be you. I believe that you could exit the shield to gab the equipment but we most definitely cannot enter it. It has to be you."

I shook my head.

"No Carlisle. If I bite her she will react on instinct and throw me away. It would kill me to not be able to hold her through all this."

"Here." He said as he placed his medical bag on the floor and pushed it forward until it hit the shield.

I looked up at him.

"Talk to her son." He instructed.

I very carefully pulled away from my love and laid her down on her back. Her body tensed and her teeth gritted. I quickly reached my arm out and grabbed the bag. Carlisle was right about the shield. I could see the pain written all over her face. I brushed the hair from her face and leaned down to her ear.

"Love, I need you're help. We need to work out what is happening to you. Love, I'm going to have to bite you. Please trust me. I know this will hurt but I promise I'll make it better. Please. I need to know that you understand."

Her eyes flashed open and I gasped. They were blood red… I doubted that she could see anything, her eyes looked glazed and faraway. I felt a tightness surround my body and I knew that it was a sign from her.

"I love you." I whispered and placed a soft kiss on her neck then pressed my teeth down hard.

The second her sweet blood slipped through my lips the monster within me rejoiced. It was the single most delicious taste in existence. A thousand times better than it had been when she was human. I had to have more. It was mine. She was mine. She would not refuse me this…

"Edward stop! Son stop! You are killing her! Stop now!"

No. No, no, no! I have to stop! I… can't…


I felt her move and strain as a snarl ripped up through her throat before turning into a gargle. DANGER! I could smell her blood draining out onto the bed as I quickly let her go and protectively hovered over her. I looked for the threat but once again there was only my family. Oh no… I was the threat…

I knew the shield was blocking Jasper as he tried to calm me and I was thankful. I deserved to feel the guilt and self-hatred. She trusted me to help her and I failed her.

"There is no time Edward! Get the sample and stop the bleeding now! Save her!" Carlisle yelled and stepped forward.

He was viciously thrown back through the wall and into the hall. I noticed that Jake was in a similar position, he must have tried to stop me when he screamed. The blood was everywhere so I wouldn't need to use a needle. I quickly grabbed a small test tube and let some of her blood flow into it before putting the lid on then throwing it to Carlisle.

"GO!" I snapped and bent back down to her wound.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. My mouth covered the bite mark and I let my venom seal back up the wound. She softly sobbed as I sat up against the headboard of the bed and pulled her up onto my lap. How could I have done this to the one I love? Could she ever forgive me?

"I love you." She whispered and curled up tight against me.

I do not deserve such an angel… We all waited for Carlisle to give us some hope, some way to help her. For hours I held her tight while Teri sat watching from one corner of the room and Jacob sat in the other, along with the human female. Everyone else sat silently in the lounge room. No one moved…

"It looks like the venom is trying to kill off the werewolf DNA. What will happen once all her blood is burnt up?"

Oh no… I made everything so much worse! She has even less time now, because of me. More venom in her system and less blood because I drank it. I am so sorry my love. So sorry…

"Maybe if we help the werewolf side, give her more blood, the original change will re-occur. It's worth a shot. She may not completely die if we do nothing, she may just turn fully vampire. She would not want that. She would lose her connections to the pack, we have to try this for her."

I looked to Jake.

"We need to give her more blood. She needs werewolf blood." I explained to him.

Teri stood up.

"Any of us would be willing. How much does she need?" he asked.

Carlisle walked in the door with a desperate look on his face.

"I believe we will need a lot and we need it from Jacob." He sighed.

"He is a exact DNA match. Her body would struggle to adapt to anyone else's blood." He explained.

Without hesitation Jake jumped up and moved towards the doorway.

"Anything for Izzy. Take whatever you need Doc."

Carlisle nodded and led Jake out of the door. I listened as they entered his study.

"The amount I will need to take Jacob will leave you quite weak for a few days. Are you sure about this?" Carlisle asked.

"Just shut up and do it Doc. I wont let her die." Jacob snapped.

My love's heartbeat was becoming weaker by the minute, just as my fear and desperation were becoming stronger. No. I wont lose her.

"Please hold on love. We are doing everything that we can. I will not lose you again."

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