Author's Note: A little ficlet based on Hello Saferide's song "Middle Class"
A not-so-vague Disclaimer: I don't own the Buffyverse or Hello Saferide... Don't sue me.

"Bank of Sunnydale- now open 24 hours a day for all your money needs," Buffy read out loud as they flopped down on a bench. "Good to know that they're catering to the vamps, now."

"Where to now? We could go back to the crypt, there's a fight on cable." Spike took another swig from the bottle he had taken from Willie's. He offered it to the slayer but she stuck her tongue out and shuddered.

"Stupid bank, they won't give me a loan but they'll happily take blood money. Or money that's covered in blood. Do demons even have bank accounts?" She was obviously not over ranting about her life.

"Not to my knowledge…. Why would you save money anyway when you can just kill the teller?" Off her look he back-tracked. "Not that I would…"

"Meh, bank tellers are fair game now." She frowned.

"'s stupid anyway, you're all superpowers. It's not like you couldn't just take money."

"What, get into mugging?" She rolled her eyes.

"No, take it off the faceless corporations. Y'know, do a heist."

"It would be fun," she mused. "But my friends would never be into it."

"So you don't tell them, just say you took it from a nest. Or you went to Vegas."

"Vegas again?"

"You've been to Vegas… Little Miss Righteous has been to Vegas?"

"Yeah but the uniform sucked." He paused for a minute, taking in the idea of the slayer in a showgirl outfit. She stuck out her tongue. "I checked coats… Anyway, how would we do this heist?"

"Easy, you point the gun; I stay outside in a car. You get the money, no-one gets hurt and we go home."

"So, tomorrow at eleven?" She smiled.

The next day Buffy met Spike outside the cemetery. He was sitting on the top of a battered black car.

"How'd you get that back?"

"Different one, found it by the Downtowner. The idiot left the keys in." He stopped and took in Buffy's appearance. A short black wig was covering her hair and she was wearing a lot more make-up than usual. She was dressed in a tight black sweater that seemed to ooze over her body. When she saw him staring at her she put on the black leather jacket that she was holding over her arm.

"Have you got a gun?" She asked. He nodded and took it out of his coat pocket. "Vampires with guns, never seems right." She mused as she took it and pointed it at a tree, after checking that it was loaded she put it in the inner pocket of her jacket and took a deep breath. "Let's go."

They drove through the streets in silence and Spike blared the radio to try and fill the void. When they parked outside the bank Buffy took another deep breath before getting out.

"Wish me luck," she smiled.

"Just remember all the films you've watched and we'll be fine."

Ten minutes later Buffy came out of the bank, the gun still pointed at the inside of the building and a bulging bag over her shoulder. She slid in the car easily and they sped away, the tyres squealing as they made rapid turns.

"Okay, so my heart is pretty much beating in my throat." She fidgeted and turned the radio up. "I now get why you're a criminal."
Spike turned to her and pulled off the wig.

"So are you," he smiled and kissed her. He was surprised when she returned it and when they pulled back they both smiled. As they continued to drive, an old NOFX song came on the radio. Unashamed that they knew they lyrics, they sang along.