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Mating Season;
Chapter six/ 'Midnight Snack'
Rated; M/ L, V (werewolf snackage, death, scary situations.. some fluff at the end..)

The werewolf looked down into the stream, seeing a distorted reflection staring back at him. The all too familiar appearance of an overgrown wolf, covered in thick, coarse, dirty-blond fur. His head shaped like a wolf's would be, naturally. Ears that sat on top of his head, pointed and equipped for sharp hearing. His mouth wider and elongated out with his nose, making a snout.

The werewolf bared his teeth, seeing rolls of jagged teeth that could shred and slice through a human's flesh as if they were a juicy Thanksgiving turkey. The werewolf brought his face down, a pink tongue coming out of its mouth to lap at the water. The motion causing ripples and distorting its image of itself.

It raised a fur covered paw up and wiped its mouth. Its ears perking up as it heard a faint sound off in the distance.


Two campers sat around a small campfire somewhere deep within the woods. Earlier they had been hiking and canoeing in the lake before doing a bit of fishing. Now, they rested and tried to calm themselves down before they turned in. Their tent, housing their sleeping bags, sat behind them. Waiting for them to turn in for the night.


The werewolf peeked through a patch of bushes, being ever so silent in his movements as he crept closer. His red eyes locked on the two campers as they sat on a overturned log. One was a blond girl. Her eyes big and bright and her lips curled into a content grin. The other was an incredibly tall man with his long light brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. He was hunched over and poking at the fire with a stick as the girl latched onto one of his arms.

The werewolf knew it shouldn't. It should leave them alone. It had its own methods for eating and its pet would be upset if such a thing ran across in the papers that a couple was found mauled to death in the woods in what looked to be a vicious animal attack. But the werewolf's instincts to kill and to eat were too strong. The desire was overwhelming and the werewolf couldn't control it. It knew it needed to stay focused. Its plans were far too important for this twit couple to spoil them. The werewolf's lips curled into a snarl. Trying desperately to pout. What to do, what to do...

The sound of the girl giggling brought back up its attention. Shit, they didn't even look all that tasty. Just some stupid meal, not a feast. But the werewolf was so damn hungry. Feeling like it hadn't ate for days. Thick saliva dripped from its strong jaws, its stomach roaring as hunger pangs ravaged through it.

Letting out a growl, the werewolf darted from the bushes.


The girl raised her head up, her smile vanished. "Drew, what was that?" She asked, as she shone her flashlight over in the way of the noise. There was nothing there and the bushes were silent and still now.

"Probably just the wind." Drew replied confidently.

"It doesn't feel that breezy." The girl explained, laying her head on Drew's arm.

The young man sighed and dusted his hands off as he got up. "Alright, Tiff, if it'll make you feel any better. I'll go check it out." He said.

The girl, Tiffany, waited on the log, watching her lover walk over to the bushes. Slowly he crept up to them, just in case there happened to be a wild animal there like a raccoon or something and he didn't want to frighten it and make it attack. Drew shone the flashlight around the area and shrugged.

"There's nothing there, babe. Could've just been a rabbit or something." He replied as he turned and walked back over to the fire, bending down to begin putting it out.

"What? Are you ready to turn in?" Tiffany smiled coyly.

"I could use a bit of rest." He smiled back.

Tiffany bit her bottom lip, large grin still in place. "Ooh, are you sure you want rest, mister?" She giggled.

"I dunno. Why don't you go make yourself comfy while I douse the fire and then we'll find out." Drew smirked, his eyes shining in the darkness with a new found lust.

"Okay then, sweetie." Tiffany said, crawling into the tent before turning back around. "Seeya soon, love." She winked before closing the tent up just a bit so she could start undressing.

Drew got the fire doused when a low growling sound caught his attention. The young man raised up and shone his flashlight around. His heart rate a little quickened now. He had heard of bears before attacking people in the woods over food and he didn't want to be one of those people. Drew shone the light towards their food source, which he had put away properly. He was sure there wasn't any just left on the ground to attract a hungry, curious Smoky Bear..

Another growl rose up from behind a patch of bushes. Drew gulped and shone the light in that direction. They rustled a bit before going still. The Scotsman sighed. He was probably getting himself worked up for nothing. He'd been a little anxious lately anyhow and was letting all this thought run wild with him. He had recently decided to ask Tiffany to marry him and was planning on popping the question on this little trip they had decided on taking. The ring was still nestled in his pocket, safe from all harm. Clearly, his nerves had taken a vacation as well.

Drew was about to go back into the tent when a snarl from behind him made him turn around. He briefly saw a large dark figure swipe at his chest before all went dark for him.


Tiffany raised up from under the flap of her sleeping bag as she heard Drew's blood-curdling scream pierce the night. Tiffany's eyes widened in sheer terror as she heard the savage growling noises and choked gags that followed.

"Oh, god, please.. stop!" Drew screamed out. His voice overridden with pain and fear like no kind Tiffany had ever known.

"Drew!?" She cried out, her heart beating so loud in her chest she could barely breathe much less think.


Blood squirted out from the gaping wound as the hairy beast bit down into Drew's chest. The Scot's eyes were shut tight, agony painting his face as screams and pleas for help escaped from his throat.

The beast ripped its head back, taking a huge chunk of gory flesh with it as it began chewing, nearly swallowing it in one gulp.


The poor girl felt faint as a million thoughts ran through her head of what thing had a hold of her lover. Tiffany didn't notice herself crying as she curled into a tight protective ball in the corner of the tent. Turning away from the intense screams and feral growls and snarls of the animal outside, as well as the silhouette of a large dark shape tossing Drew's prone body around. She covered her ears. She didn't know what to do. Something had gotten her lover and it was surely to get her next.

Suddenly all went deadly silent. There were no screams and no growling. Just unnerving silence that seemed to tear on for hours. Shaking and scared literally to death, Tiffany reached over to pull back the tent opening. She had no clue what she'd find.

Tiffany gasped and covered her mouth as she saw her lover, or what was left of him, sprawled out and covered in blood on the ground not a few feet from the tent. His chest was ripped open and he was covered in long, deep claw marks. Blood soaked into the ground underneath him. His face twisted in a silent scream that told the story of his last horrific memory of whatever he saw.

Tiffany, sobbing hysterically, recoiled back into the tent, folding her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them as she rocked back and forth. Hoping and praying under her breath with all her will what whatever had shredded her Drew had went away satisfied that it had broken her heart.

"Please.. please.. somebody help me.. please.. somebody.." She prayed in a silent mutter amongst her tears as they ran down her reddening cheeks.

She waited, for what seemed like forever. Her heart pounding and ringing in her ears loudly. Silently mourning her lost love and wishing someone would have heard something and would come and save her. Even if that was grim. She had two options; stay here and try and survive the night, or make a run for it. Their vehicle wasn't parked that incredibly far down the road. She should be able to make it.. right?

Oh, god, she didn't know. Nothing was making sense to her anymore at all. A little earlier they were so happy and in love and everything in life was just perfect and full of such hope.. But oh, how that fell so quickly. So fast was it all dragged away from her. Intense fear replaced happiness. Hopelessness replaced optimism. Her world had crumbled in a mere moment.


The werewolf prowled outside the tent, stalking back and forth quietly as it waited. It knew the blonde chick was inside. Probably shaking and cowering in fear. It gave the werewolf power to know it inspired such terror within its victims. Its sound sensitive ears could detect the girl whimpering and crying, praying for help. The werewolf scoffed in its head. Help wasn't coming. And it couldn't dare leave the girl to live after this. She was in misery and was more than likely to go insane after this. It would be doing her a service... That, and the werewolf was still so damn hungry..


Tiffany sniffled, closely listening. She heard nothing for awhile now. She could assume the animal, whatever it was, was gone. But she was unsure. She could use a cellphone to call for help.. but hers was still in the car and Drew's was still on him. So, that was a no-go.

Taking a deep breath, she made up her mind. She was going to run for it. She closed her eyes and started to count to three before opening her eyes back up.

Tiffany screamed as she heard a loud ripping sound behind her, turning her head in the way of the sound to see four large claws, still covered with Drew's flesh and blood as well as some dirt, tearing through the side of the tent and shredding it easily.

Tiffany didn't think, she just acted, getting out of the tent and running off into the night. The cool night air wrapping around her body, only clad in her white-colored bra and panties. The rocks hurting her feet as she ran and branches and twigs scratching at her bare ankles. Tiffany looked back behind her to see if the beast was following her. Soon finding out that that was a huge mistake... Tiffany tripped and lunged forward, falling hard on her hands.

Before she could get up, Tiffany felt a huge paw on her back, holding her down. She tried to lift her head, feeling the pressure of the weight on her spine. Tiffany let out a wild scream as she felt a mind-numbing pain run up from her ankle as the beast sunk its razor sharp teeth into her flesh before dragging the screaming and struggling girl back to the campsite.


Adam cautiously made his way down the steps in the dark. He thought he had heard something coming from downstairs, but when he went to wake Matt up, his lover was gone. Adam stopped and peeked over the banister into the empty living room. Looking around to see nothing but darkness, the only light coming from the bright full moon that shone through the window. Adam stepped down on another step, cringing as it creaked.

Taking a slow breath, Adam continued on his way. Wincing everytime one of the steps below would groan in protest. Adam looked around the corner just in time to see a shadowy figure disappear into the kitchen.

"Matt?" He called, surprised his voice didn't squeak like he thought it would. "Sweetheart, is that you..? You.. you weren't in bed.. Something wrong?"

Adam wrapped his arms around himself as he shivered, hugging himself tighter. The house felt drafty and he felt cold... Or that's what he told himself. Truth was; Adam wasn't shivering from the damn cold and he knew it. This house, this whole neighborhood, made him feel uneasy. He felt like he was being watched. He couldn't describe it and he knew it was silly, but he just couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. His conscience told him he was being irrational and that it was just jitters from moving somewhere new and that it would pass once he got used to the place.. But Adam wasn't sure he wanted to accept that theory.

Adam got to the kitchen, peeking inside to see the figure disappear past the door leading to the basement. Why would Matt need to go to the basement this time of night for?

"Matt? Babe, c'mon, you're scaring me." Adam jumped as he heard a loud clatter coming from down in the basement. "Matt, are you okay?" The blonde rushed to the door, peeking down into utter darkness. His heart pounding a little harder at the troubling feeling that maybe Matt fell and was hurt.

Adam flipped on the light. He couldn't see past the steps and if Matt was down there, he wasn't anywhere near the steps. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Adam started to make his way down the steps to the basement.

"Matthew Moore Hardy, dammit, this isn't funny." Adam said in his best pout.

The wooden steps creaked under Adam's weight as he descended down into the damp, drafty basement. The blonde remembered when he fell through the porch two days ago and he didn't really want to fall through these steps. Especially not when he couldn't find Matt at all. Adam's mind was taken off that as a hard sneeze caught him by surprise. Adam sniffled and shook his head. Then he noticed the large, disturbed cobweb above him. Adam shuddered and started to run his hands through his hair and down his chest, making sure he didn't pick up whatever was living in that cobweb on him. Adam shuddered again. This old house made him jittery.

"Matty, please.. come back to bed and keep me warm.. I miss you.." Adam pleaded, turning at the corner of the bottom of the steps and looking around the basement. It was cluttered with old junk. Dust and cobwebs covered everything. Adam gulped as he saw all the candles that had been placed around the basement. Wax dripping off them as they danced with fire. Adam shook his head, a terribly nauseous feeling overcoming him.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the shadowy figure jumped out and grabbed him...


Matt jerked awake as he heard Adam's scream. He raised up and turned on the lamp on the bedside table, looking over to see the blonde sitting up in bed and rubbing his hands furiously over his face. Adam was pale and shaking, his skin laced in a cold sweat.

Adam flinched as he felt Matt touch his bare shoulder.

"Adam.. what's wrong..?" The darker-haired male asked in concern.

Adam shook his head and looked over at his worried lover. "Nothing.. Just a stupid dream.." The blonde replied, pushing the covers off so he could get some air.

"A nightmare?" Matt asked, petting Adam's hair back.

Adam nodded and let Matt pull him back down into bed with him, his arm wrapped protectively around his blonde.

"Oh, it's okay. You wanna tell me about it?" Matt asked, smiling warmly as he felt Adam's arm drape across his stomach while Matt's fingers carded lovingly in Adam's soft blond hair.

"I woke up in the dream and couldn't find you. I heard a noise downstairs and went to look and then I saw you, or what I thought was you, go down into the basement, so I followed. And when I got there, there were all these candles lit and something jumped out and grabbed me.." Adam sighed. "Then I woke up."

"You know it was just a silly dream, Addy? Nothing's going to get you in this house." Matt said as he nuzzled his head against the top of Adam's. "And there isn't anything in our basement except a bunch of old tools and some boxes with Christmas lights and junk. You're perfectly safe." Matt whispered gently as he held to his blonde, breathing softly against his hair.

Adam snuggled against Matt's warm body, the closeness of his lover already bringing him such ease. Adam smirked. "I still say we should call the Winchesters for backup." He teased.

Matt groaned and reached down to smack Adam playfully on the butt. All of Adam's current paranoia probably could be blamed on Adam watching too much Supernatural anyway... along with late night horror movies that no sane person should be watching before they retire to bed... But, does Adam listen? Oh, no. He does not.

Adam raised up and pouted his lips at Matt. "What? You can't deny that they're hott."

Matt reached up and took hold of Adam's head, using his thumbs to softly caress Adam's cheeks as he looked the blonde over. "No, I can't. And if they were real, I'd definitely call them so you'd feel safer. But, Addy, nothing is out there that I can't handle. I assure you."

Adam gave a small smile. "Okay, Matty."

"Good. Now let's get some sleep. I could really use it." Matt grinned, pulling Adam down for a quick kiss before reaching up to turn back off the light. Adam snuggled back against Matt's chest as Matt pulled the covers back up around them.

Okay, yeah, I couldn't resist a little fluff. I don't get to write many Matt/Adam sweet moments, other than the ones inside my head for 'Muse Troubles', but that don't count.. So this is nice. Having Matt be gentle with Addy and knowing full well that with Jeff it's prolly gonna get rough, is kinda weird, lol. I'm not used to that order of business.. XP. I like being a writer, I can make them like or hate anything I want :P I can make Adam drool over anybody I want. And for some odd reason, I see him having a thing for sets of brothers, lol. Hardys, Winchesters..? Meh, I need a new hobby.. But I dun want one ;)

Okay, not that I have anything against Drew McIntyre (said thru tightly clinched teeth, hehe) But I randonly chose him and Tiffany to get slaughtered by a hungry werewolf. Sorry. I actually wrote this before and during SD last week, so it's not vendetta writing per se.. But, sumone had to go.. Also, the fact that they were a het couple is totally OOC for me.. oh, well, they didn't get far ;)