The only things I own in this story are the ones you don't have a chance of recognizing because they came from the dark, twisted labyrinth of my mind. It's a scary place, believe me.

The story of two enemies meeting and falling in love isn't exactly uncommon. We read about it, we write about it, we sing about it, we dream about it.

Take Romeo and Juliet, for example. Two people on opposite sides of a fight realize they really love each other upon their very first meeting. Of course, some people might say if the got to know each other better, they'd probably fall right out of love, but that's not important. The important thing is love between two opposites isn't unheard of. But, of course, that doesn't make it any easier when it happens.

First, let's meet our heroine. Her name is Shoshanah Sparks. Nothing unusual about her appearance. She's neither tall nor short, neither fat nor thin, neither beautiful nor ugly. If you went and looked at all the heroine candidates, she won't be on the bottom of the list, but she definitely wouldn't be on the top, either.

At this moment, she's talking to what one would certainly call an unusual man. He was tall, and wearing a red and black robe, and his face was covered with red bandages. I have been informed, by a very reliable source, that this man is called "Diz", so that's what we'll call his as well.

"Think carefully, Mrs. Sparks," he was saying.

"Shoshanah," Shoshanah corrected.

"Shoshanah," Diz sighed. "Fighting Organization 13 is no laughing matter—"

"I'm not laughing," Shoshanah interrupted again. She might not have been laughing, but she was certainly smiling.

"It's not an easy thing," he pressed. "Not something to be taken so lightly. And I need to be sure you'll stick with it, no matter what happens. I can't have my people leaving this critical fight."

Shoshanah rolled back on her heels, eyeing him curiously. Her eyes were the only unusual things about her. Her left eye was green while the right one was purple.

Finally, she said, "Are you really in a position to refuse my help?"

Diz smiled grimly. "I suppose not. Welcome to the team."


"The team," it turned out, consisted of three people: Diz, now Shoshanah, and a little monkey-like man named Wally. No one knew where Wally had come from and his communication involved broken English—mostly profanity—mixed-up sign language, and jumping up and down, waving his arms and screaming. That last one meant he was agitated. Wally was mostly used for cleaning the cooking—he made an excellent beef stew.

"So, Shoshanah," Dix began over dinner. "The only reason why I was so quick to trust you was because of your history. Once I had become aware of your intention to join me…us," he corrected with a glance towards Wally, who was busy gorging out chucks of the table with his spoon. "I did some research on you. You have an excellent history of fighting the Heartless and Nobodies."

Shoshanah shrugged. "They invaded my home planet six years ago. I got away, but…" her face darkened. "But many didn't. And my home was destroyed."

"I empathize," Diz said. "I, too, have lost everything I held dear to those people."

There was an awkward silence as both Diz and Shoshanah were lost in their grim thoughts. Only Wally seemed at ease.

"What about him?" Shoshanah asked, looking curiously at him. Wally had begun chugging his stew, and hadn't noticed he had gotten involved in the conversation.

"I'm not sure," Diz frowned. Wally grinned impishly; his two front teeth were missing. "He seems to agree with the cause, and he did nearly kill Larxene—one of the Organization members—with a spoon. There's no reason why he'd betray us, so I see no reason why I should kick him out."

Shoshanah pulled her long, blond hair back in a sloppy ponytail. "Sure. I guess that makes sense." She finished her stew and set her spoon down. "Do you need anything, or can I go find my room?"

Diz shook his head. "Down the hallway, third door on your left. And be sure to put your dishes in the kitchen, or Wally will throw them at your head." He spoke from experience.

Shoshanah grinned. "Is that why you wear bandages?"

Diz's reply was cut off by Wally's booming laugh, which was surprisingly loud from such a tiny man.


It didn't take long for Shoshanah to get settled. She had very few personal belongings, since her home was gone and she traveled around too much to own anything that couldn't fit her in bag. Mostly, she carried guns. That was her weapon of preference, and they worked very well, as long as the enemy didn't get close enough to whack her. Her husband, Henry Sparks, had taught her a few kicks and punches, but mostly she relied on the guns.


Shoshanah, having never heard Wally's voice before, jumped a foot in the air. "What?" She shouted back.

"MOVE!" He waddled up and grabbed her arm—he had a very strong grip—and began dragging her out of her room and down the hallway.

"Let go!" Shoshanah snapped. She tried to pry her arm away, but got hit on the head with a spoon for her trouble.

"NO!" Wally roared and grinned. He paused, and pointed through a door. "DUDE!"

"Dude?" Shoshanah repeated.

"DUDE!" Wally insisted, waving his hand. "DUDE!"

From the door, Diz appeared. "He means me." Wally nodded, suddenly like an eager puppy. One could imagine the tail wagging; the tongue wasn't necessary as his was already hanging out. "I'm sorry about this, but I needed to talk to you, so I asked Wally to fetch you for me. I hadn't realized he would do something like this."

Shoshanah leaned against the doorframe. "No problem. What'd ya need?"

Diz gestured for them to go inside. In the room, there were a number of high-tech computers whizzing with their high-tech programs. Looking at the screens made Shoshanah feel faintly dizzy.

Diz sat down at one and motioned for the other two to take a seat. Shoshanah did just that, but Wally stood on his head instead.

"So," Diz began. "I had intercepted a message from Organization 13 only last night, and now I've finally decoded it." He pulled up another window, which, Shoshanah presumed, had the message on it. "There isn't much information, but the information is has is quite crucial. It mentions Castle Oblivion." Here he paused. "You know what Castle Oblivion, is, correct?"

"Yes," Shoshanah said impatiently. "Get to the important part."

"That is important," Diz protested. "Quite. It tells us where the Organization is striking next. And this message also tells us who."

Another pause, for dramatic effect, Shoshanah supposed. Finally, she asked, "Alright, who?"

Diz cleared his throat and recited, "Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene. Six members. Six."

"I can count," Shoshanah pointed out.

"But six…out of 14!"

"I thought it was Organization 13. Can these people count?"

"That's not the point…!"

"Fine. So you're saying there's something big going on at Castle Oblivion. Right?"

"Precisely," Diz approved. "And I want you to figure out what it is, and stop it. I'll be coming, too, but first I need to finish up the defense program for this town." He tilted his head slightly, considering. "Wally will…go with you."

Shoshanah cast a look at Wally, whose face was turning purple from the blood rushing to his head. That guy and her against six fully trained Organization members.

What a fun first mission this was going to be.

Yes, there is a reason why Luxord is mentioned, not Axel. The Organization will come in the next chapter.