Author's Notes: Just one more chapter after this one! I've already started working on the sequel and another story!

"Addison!" Sam said when she came down the stairs in her dress. "You look beautiful."

She grinned in her purple dress and black heels, her hair in a fancy bun with curls cascading down in the back. Mrs. Arkins had subtley applied make up on her face, but Sam thought you couldn't even see it.

"Where's your coat?" Dean asked, coming in. "You look very pretty, by the way."

"Thanks, Daddy!" She said. "Come on, Amber!" She called over shoulder.

Amber appeared in her bright blue dress, her hair a dark cloud of curls around her head. "How do I look?" She asked.

"Like a model." Dean told her. "Right, Sam?" He nudged his brother.

"Right." Sam said. He had to admit, that girl was going to break hearts when she got older.

"We're ready to go pick up the boys, Uncle Sam." Addie said.

"Not yet." Dean whipped out the camera. "Pictures first."

After a round of pictures of the girls alone and together, plus some of Addison with her dad and uncle, they could go. Dean made Sam take the camera, so he could take pictures of the girls with their dates.

In the Impala, Addie turned on some poppy music and Sam drove them four blocks over to pick up Drew and his friend Lance, who was Amber's date. Sam took a few pictures of the four of them together, then herded them to the car.

"This is your car?" Drew asked. "It's awesome! What is it, a '67?"

"Yep." Sam said. The four kids climbed in the back, leaving him alone in the front.

"My dad rebuilt it himself." Addison told Drew. "And I drove it."

"Wow." Drew and Lance sounded impressed.

Sam drove them to the middle school. "I'll be back at 9:30." He told them.

"Kay. Thanks, Uncle Sam!" the kids headed into the school.

"So, your Uncle seems cool." Drew told her as they put their coats up.

"Yeah, he is." Addie replied. "He helped my dad raise me."

"He did? Where's your mom?"

"She died a few years ago."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Drew ran his hand over his thick, black hair.

"No, it's all right." She paused. "I love this song."

It was Pon De Replay by Rhiana.

"You wanna dance?" Drew asked. Amber and Lance were already on the floor

"Yeah." She said.

So they spent the evening dancing, eating cookies and drinking punch. Addison had never had so much fun and she really liked Drew.

"So, uh, it's almost time for your uncle to pick us up." He told her.


"Listen, Addison, you want to be my girlfriend?" He asked.

She smiled and looked into his deep brown eyes. "Yeah." She said. "I do."

He leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips before the teachers could see. She drew in her breath. Her first dance, her first boyfriend, and her first kiss all in one night! Of course when Uncle Sam and Daddy found out that she had a boyfriend, they were gonna flip their lids.

When the dance was over and they headed across the parking lot to the Impala, Drew slipped his hand into hers, a guesture that wasn't lost on Sam. Thank God Dean wasn't here to see this, he thought, as the foursome slipped into the backseat and Drew drapped his arm over Addie's shoulder.

Lance was trying to do the same to Amber, but she glanced at Sam and pushed his arm away. She knew that Addie's uncle was much too older for her...but she couldn't shake this crush.

They dropped the boys off first. As soon as they were driving away, Amber turned to Addison.

"He asked you out, didn't he?" She asked.

Addison nodded and whispered in Amber's ear.

"He kissed you?!" She squealed.

"SHH!" Addison hissed, but it was too late.

Sam glanced at her in the rearview mirror. "He kissed you, did he?"

"Are you gonna tell Daddy?" She asked in a small voice.

Sam smiled. "No. My lips are sealed; I don't want your little...boyfriend to get his butt kicked by your dad."

AMber giggled. "Your dad's hot." She said.

Sam put on a fake sad face. "What about me?"

Amber blushed. "You're still my favorite." She mumbled.

"How was the dance?" Dean asked as the girls came in.

They looked at one another, then ran upstairs laughing.

Dean looked confused. "What'd I say?"