Author's note-so, here we have another Mpreg story…of mine, and a 411 too. I'll try not to make this another one of my romantic yet sad/dark stories. It will have it sad moments; but only because I want it to be slightly realistic. But unlike "What Next?" it will have a guaranteed "I love this child" genre to it. I hope you all like it. There will be just have to look hard enough.

Warning- This story contains Mpreg; a popular genre in which a male hold and gives birth to a child. This story also has mild rape in it…if there is such thing as mild. The story also mentions miscarriage and may have a character death in it.

Chapter 1

-A Really Bad Day-

Marluxia got the idea about two months ago during a regularly scheduled meeting than ended rather irregular. Xemnas was going on with his melodramatic speeches about kingdom hearts and how important it was to collect hearts and there would soon be higher quotas in the future. Now this really didn't affect Marluxia in the slightest since he could not retrieve said hearts, this meeting was pointed out to a particular messy haired teen…who wielded a keyblade.

Ah, but that wasn't where the idea sprang from, what had given him the idea happened shortly after Xemnas finished his long discussion, and this idea came in the from of the popular cloaked schemer. He asked if he could take a stand, and was allowed such, and slowly began to utter the words that would change the viewpoint of all the nobodies forever;

He was pregnant.

Now, Xemnas had said that as nobodies they were different from the usual, everyday citizen, but no one ever assumed this was what Xemnas meant. Even Xemnas seemed wide-eyed after hearing such news. Marluxia was up and erect in his seat, curious to hear what Zexion would say next.

Zexion frowned and stared at his fellow nobodies. He continued on about how he had just discovered this a few days ago, and that he had begun work on trying to figure out how such an abnormality occurred. And then he told his members that he was about three months pregnant and everyone who had had a smile, smirk, or disgusted look on their face gasped. Zexion looked absolutely normal, he had shown no signs of being pregnant…and worst of all; he had actually lost weight the past few months. Yes, everyone in the meeting room was beginning to realize this was not a joyous occasion.

Zexion sighed and continued on; he told the members that he would continue the pregnancy for the time being, but only because he didn't think abortion was an option. No, he would keep the babies (more gasps) for as long as they would hold…which, according to Zexion, wouldn't be for very long.

Now Marluxia was still eyeing Zexion curiously; he was one of the few members who didn't gasp in shock and horror. No, he was still very much interested in the whole situation, that being the fact that the cloaked schemer was with child…children. He continued to listen carefully to Zexion's words, wondering if such a thing were possible anyways. Zexion could be lying for all he knew, and unlike anyone else, he wanted to find out exactly what was going on. Perhaps he could get a second opinion from the father? But then, who was the father?

And as if Zexion could read minds he pressed on with one last mentioning; that no one asks who the father of the child might be. He told his fellow nobodies that it truly did not matter, and that the fetuses would not hold…so why bother? Nobodies do not love, he stared clearly to his members, and he did not love the nobody that he had consummated with. Eyes scattered all around at this point, looking for those who might hold a hint of guilt or sadness, but no such luck. Even Marluxia had looked around, and like the other members, he was unsuccessful.

Zexion turned to Xemnas and told him that was all that needed to be said. Xemnas nodded his head and then decided to add on to Zexion's words.

Marluxia paid attention this time, but only because he knew it would have to do with this odd occasion. And he was right; Xemnas gave order that despite it being strange as ever, that if anyone feel the "need" to be with another, that they please use protection. This was a floating castle in a dark dismal world that was full of heartless; this was no place to raise a family.

And with that, the meeting ended.

Since then Marluxia was lost in thought, wondering if he could possibly pull off the same trick Zexion had. Eventually, He had found out it was true; Zexion was in fact pregnant, but only because he had miscarriage one of the fetuses. It was quite the spectacle really (this occurred in the Grey area room with several members there to watch); sick and saddening, but at the same time it made Marluxia more determined. He did feel for his superior though, he knew losing a child was a terrible thing to experience. Not from personal memories, mind you; Marluxia was young and never got to learn love in his other life.

But Marluxia wanted to have this; he wanted to have and hold a child of his own. He was sure he could love it, even without a heart, and he knew his child would learn to understand that even though he was a nobody, he cared deeply for him or her. But this was all just a silly idea. He knew he would never have this because in order for it to happen he would need to be with another. Marluxia could have easily grabbed a random member and dragged them into his room, but Marluxia wanted this to be perfect. He was a romantic; and he wanted this to be romantic…if such a time ever occurred.

Marluxia made a sour face as he watched Vexen comfort Zexion as best as he could. The three had been sitting on the white furniture, minding their own business when Zexion suddenly grabbed himself and groaned in misery. Vexen had gotten up from his seat and hurried over to his colleague; trying to clam the other down without causing a scene. Marluxia watched Vexen try to calm Zexion as the cramping continued, more painful and longer due to Zexion's terrible lifestyle.

Marluxia didn't dislike Zexion, nor did he think ill of Vexen. In fact; he was quite attracted to Vexen. But what made him so upset was the attention Vexen was giving Zexion. Ever since Zexion announced his condition Vexen was there. It worried the assassin very much. Zexion had kept quite about the father…could it be Vexen?

Marluxia shook his head, trying to reassure himself that Vexen and Zexion were not a couple. They were friends, nothing more. But even with this knowledge Marluxia still felt unsure.

"Leave me be," Zexion said to Vexen. He slapped Vexen's hand away with his own. He situated himself back into his old position, before the agonizing pain had begun. He leered at Vexen, trying his best to look as normal as possible. It was hard to say the least.

"You need rest," Vexen said to his friend. "Your health hasn't improved at all. You should be lucky the two were not identical…"

"Are you saying that it was good for me to lose just one," Zexion questioned Vexen. His eyes glowed with anger toward the other.

"You can still have this one," Vexen said to Zexion. "It is not completely hopeless; you can still catch up."

"I'm sure there is not need for that," Zexion said. He was four and a half months pregnant; but he barely showed. He had spent his whole life as a nobody surrounded by dangerous chemicals…he'd even experiment on himself a few times. He had spent the first two months of his pregnancy working all day and night, hardly eating or resting. Zexion closed his eyes. There was no need…because there was no hope for the unborn child.

"Have you spoken to the father," Vexen asked Zexion. He was quiet, so Marluxia unfortunately couldn't make out the words. "Does he wish for you to continue this or has he sided with you as well?"

"I have not spoken with him," Zexion said to vexen. "He knows his place in this castle; and it is away from me. His opinion does not matter to me; he is nothing more than a measly subordinate; replaceable and expendable."

Vexen nodded his head in half agreement. He glanced over to Marluxia and wondered if he had heard any of that. The young man stared blankly at the two. Vexen smirked; this was still a secret between the two. Vexen knew who had fathered the child, and he knew how such an occurrence happened in the first place. Zexion only told him this out of trust…he knew to keep his mouth shut when the time called for it. Still; he was upset that Zexion had already given up hope. Zexion was one to try things even when success looked like a dim dream…he figured that he would try to save the children, by all means.

But…after the miscarriage Zexion gave up. He had hoped in his mind it wouldn't happen…though it was only eminent…but still, was it so wrong for him to hope? Zexion knew once the first left him it would only mean the other would soon follow. He had done them in himself with his own radical lifestyle. They had no hope for life and even if they did he knew there would be something wrong with them. He had killed them…and all he was doing was prolonging the other's death…and for his own selfish reasons.

Zexion gasped and grabbed onto his stomach as he felt another stabbing pain hit his abdomen. Vexen wasted no time into pulling his friend up from the couch. Vexen turned and stared at Marluxia. He would need help…

"Number XI," he said in an almost desperate matter, "please, conjure up a portal; Zexion's in pain." Vexen knew he could depend on the younger man; marluxia was always one to offer help to Vexen...even if the older didn't need any. But now was one of those times where marluxia was very much needed, Zexion was in a terrible state and could lose the other child if nothing was done.

Marluxia was surprised that Vexen had even spoken to him; nodded his head and jumped up from his seat. He opened up a dark portal like Vexen had asked and even went as far as to help carry the young man into the darkness. He was still upset…Vexen was giving Zexion quite the bit of attention…perhaps he and Zexion were lovers? Maybe the baby inside of Zexion was his? Vexen didn't seem like one to have a child and raise it…but seeing him caring for Zexion just made Marluxia want to cry.

He wanted to have a child…and he wanted Vexen to be the father…

Vexen, it seemed like an odd choice, but Marluxia wouldn't have it any other way. He knew there were other better looking members, younger ones too, but love has absolutely no boundaries; and Vexen was proof of this. He was older than Marluxia, and he really didn't seem like one to show affection, but the two had their moments. Marluxia would come down and visit while trying to get the older nobodies hard-to-grab attention. The two weren't close by all means...and sometimes Marluxia feared he was only making matters worse as Vexen would sometimes shoo him away. But as said before; they did have their moments, those few minutes where the two got along and Marluxia could even get Vexen to have a normal conversation...though most of these conversations were about things like neurons and synapses and nuclei and whatnot.

Oh well...

but Vexen was with Zexion now, and to see such a thing made Marluxia fear the worst; Vexen and Zexion were lovers and the baby...

"How long are you going to stare out into space," Demyx asked Marluxia, who was by all means, staring out into space. He had been for nearly an hour, his eyes gazing blankly at Kingdom Hearts. At first it was funny; everyone thought he was making fun of Saix, but after twenty minutes the nobodies became worried.

"Hello in there," Larxene said while waving her hand in front of Marluxia's face. He held no reaction; he just kept staring at the odd shaped moon.

"Perhaps he's depressed," Luxord mumbled as he stared at his hand, trying to come up with a winning strategy as he was playing against Xigbar and Axel.

"Depressed over what," Xigbar said with a smile. He had gotten quite far into the game, and he had the winning hand. Maybe he would win?

"Just ignore him," Axel said rather snidely, "he's just being a freaking baby cuz he ain't getting what he wants."

"That's mean Axel," Demyx said to the Flurry of Dancing Flames. "Marluxia's probably having a bad day."

"As if," Axel said. Xigbar glanced up at Axel and gave him an odd look. Axel rolled his eyes. "He's just upset cuz Vexen's giving all his attention to Zexion."

"Watch what you say," Larxene hissed to Axel. "You have no idea what's going on here; Vexen is just-"

"-giving all his attention to Zexion; and poor little Marly can't handle the truth," Axel said with a huge cruel grin. He played a card against Xigbar and smiled even more when Xigbar groaned in frustration.

"And what exactly would the truth be, Axel," Luxord asked the young man.

"You mean you don't know," Axel said to Luxord. "It's freaking obvious; He's the father of the stupid child."

"Be quiet," Larxene yelled at Axel. She turned and faced Marluxia who looked dead as ever. Obviously Marluxia had been thinking about this for quite some time. She placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled lovingly at her friend. "Don't listen to him, Marly; he has no idea what he's saying."

"But it could be true," Marluxia said sadly. He looked away from the moon and stared, in an almost mournful fashion, at Larxene. "I've never seen Vexen act so kindly to another member before."

"The guy can be sympathetic when he needs to be," Xigbar muttered to Marluxia. His eyes were glued to the cards in his hand. He would not let Luxord best him this time.

"Really," Marluxia asked hopefully.

"Well…, ok let me correct myself; Even was kind to others when need be," Xigbar said. He placed a card down and smirked confidently at the Gambler of Fate. Luxord didn't seem to be phased at all.

"Stop giving him false hope," Axel said to Xigbar. "I mean, the signs all add up; he's always with Zexion for crying out loud."

"That doesn't mean he is the father," Demyx said to Axel. "He and Zexion are friends, like you and me."

"Whatever," Axel said. He glanced at the saddened Assassin and frowned. He really disliked seeing Marluxia like this, but it was for the best. He knew what was going on in the young mans mind, and for the most part, it angered him. How could he see something in Vexen?! The guy spent most of his time breaking the laws of physics and Mother Nature. He hardly ever spoke to anyone. He was a freaking douche!

"You might want to watch your words," Luxord warned the redhead. Axel looked at the blond and smiled.

"Why, what will he do about it," Axel asked.

"Fate has a way of getting back at those who've wronged."

"You mean karma," Axel asked.

"I mean fate," Luxord said. He showed his hand and smiled charmingly at Axel and at Xigbar. Xigbar yelled and swore and Axel smiled the same smile; letting his cards drop to the table.

Demyx chuckled at Xigbar and then turned to Marluxia and Larxene. "C'mon, laugh Marluxia…it's funny."

"I don't know," Marluxia muttered sadly.

"Vexen isn't the father," Larxene said, "isn't that enough?"

"I want to know who is then," Marluxia said upsettingly. "If I can find out who it is then I'll feel much better."

"Well, good luck," Larxene said. "Knowing Zexion; I can assume the guy has some sort of gag order against him."

"That's ridiculous," Marluxia said to his friend.

"Ridiculous enough to be true," Demyx said with a smile. "I can see Zexion pulling something like that…I mean; what if he used his powers?"

"So it could be anyone," Larxene said.

"Anyone except Vexen," Marluxia corrected. "It could anyone…like you Demyx?"

Demyx blushed a bright red and smiled. "Uhm…me and Zexion? You know we don't really get along."

"It only takes one shot of vodka to change a guy's opinion," Larxene joked.

"Not for me," Xigbar said. He sighed and watched all the munny in the center of the table…most of it was his…

A portal in the center of the room opened up and Saix walked out. There were a few groans coming from the members. Saix meant one thing and one thing only;

"Xemnas has informed me that four of you are to report to his office immediately," Saix said without the slightest hint of emotion. "He has discovered a world and wants recons sent out in the hopes that there might be heartless."

"It's our day off," Larxene hissed. "You said so yourself! Hell, you even wrote it on fucking paper and taped it on the wall!" Larxene then pointed to the white sheet that was taped on the wall. It had the words; "Day Off" written on it. It also had some strange writing involving some sort of union…but we won't get into that.

"This is an emergency recon mission," Saix said, ignoring the Savage Nymph. "Whoever decides to go will receive a reward, as this does interfere with your monthly vacation."

"I'll go," Demyx said with enthusiasm. He turned to Xigbar and smiled at the older, his way of tempting the sniper to come along. And, of course, Xigbar couldn't ignore those puppy eyes.

Xigbar sighed. "Guess I'm going too."

Demyx jumped with glee and then turned to Marluxia. "You should come along too," he said the older.

"What…why," Marluxia asked.

"It will take your mind off things," Demyx said.

"I'll go," Axel said. "Nothing else to do in this castle; might as well go on the mission."

Marluxia frowned. He wasn't all too sure if he wanted to go on a mission right now with Axel. He faced demyx and saw those puppy eyes gleam at him. He sighed. Like Xigbar; he too held no match for those bright glowing eyes.

"I'll do it," Marluxia said with a sigh.

"Very well," Saix said. He reopened a portal and gestured the four nobodies into the darkness.

Marluxia and Demyx headed in first, Marluxia quickly walking so he could avoid Axel, then came Xigbar, who wasn't all too excited to go, and lastly came Saix and Axel, axel walked as slowly as possible…hoping to get a word from Saix; he didn't. Axel was just so frustrated with Marluxia. The young man knew that Vexen didn't like him…or if he, surely not enough since the two were hardly together. Why couldn't the Graceful Assassin fall for him?

"This world is fucking ridiculous," Xigbar said as he fanned his face.

"I agree," Marluxia said in a not to enthusiastic voice.

"Perfect to me," Axel said with a smile. He looked around and viewed the many mountains surrounding the four nobodies. "Demyx doesn't seem to mind too."

It was true; the boy seemed very pleased with this world. The three nobodies stared as they watched the Melodious Nocturne roll around in the snow.

"How could there be snow when it's so dry and hot," Xigbar hissed (welcome to fucking California). Marluxia shook his head in agreement. This world was rather strange. The weather made him feel a tad uncomfortable; it was hot and dry but when wind blew it was icy and cold. The world was fantastically beautiful though. There tons of mountains surrounding them and all of them had white sheets of snow covering them. There all sorts of trees than came in a variety of shapes and sizes; but most of them were juts huge! And there were flowers of course; tons and tons of wildflowers that had adapted to this rough terrain of snow and rock. Oh…and did he mention the snow and rocks…err boulders?

"Demyx, get down there," Xigbar yelled to Demyx as he climbed on top of a huge boulder. "You have no idea where that thing has been!"

"Xigbar this place is awesome," Demyx chirped as he stood up and looked around. "We have got to come back here sometime!"

"Demyx get down!"

"You should come up," Demyx said to the older nobody. "The view is awesome."

Xigbar groaned and teleported to the boulder top. He reappeared and startled the other. He glanced down at Marluxia and Axel and sighed.

"You two go that way," he said, pointing at a huge nest of trees. "Maybe there will be heartless hiding in the forest?"

Axel smirked. "And what exactly will you two be doing while we search?"

"I'm not one to let my physical urges get the best of me during regular missions," Xigbar said to Axel. He smiled and bared his teeth at the other.

"Well, this isn't exactly a regular mission, is it?"

"…no, not really," Xigbar confessed with a rather devilish smile.

Axel rolled his eyes and turned to Marluxia. Marluxia didn't look too pleased to see his partner. The two continued to stare at each other for what seemed like eternity; their eyes locked in some sort of battle for seniority in which-

"How long are you two going to be staring at each other like that," Xigbar yelled from the boulder top. The two looked up and glanced at the older nobody. "I swear; you two must be in love if you can't keep you eyes off each other…"

"I'd rather die than have any feelings for him," Marluxia said while pointing to Axel. "If I'm going to be with someone; it will be-"

"Let me guess; Vexen?"

"Someone who can respect me…for starters," Marluxia said to the Redhead. "Oh, and he can't be an asshole either…oh, sorry; looks like you didn't make the cut."

"Like I would want to date a freak like you," Axel yelled.

"Take it outside you two," Xigbar said.

"We are outside," Demyx whispered to Xigbar.

"Oh…well, in that case," Xigbar said. He summoned up his weapon and aimed it at the two. "Hey kiddies," he yelled.

The two stopped arguing with each other and stared at the huge combined weapon of Xigbar's. Their faces paled.

"You two have ten seconds to haul ass," Xigbar said with a maniacal smile, "starting at five…four…"

Axel and Marluxia took no time into running from Xigbar. They hurried off, not looking back to see whether he had put the gun down.

"I think we're lost," Marluxia said to Axel in a very depressed tone.

"No…really," Axel said sarcastically to Marluxia. He looked around and sighed. The trees all looked the same to him; big and dry.

"Maybe we should try and open a portal," Marluxia said to Axel.

"And end up where," Axel said to Marluxia. "We're too far in here and have no idea where exactly we are."

"It was worth a shot," Marluxia said to Axel haughtily. "And it's not like you are coming up with any ideas."

"I'm thinking," Axel said. He sighed and sat down on a huge slab of stone. He stared at the earthy floor and looked up to Marluxia. "You can talk to plants right?"

"Well yeah," Marluxia said.

"Ask for directions," axel suggested.

"Plants don't have eyes Axel; you can't ask them for directions…sure they know north is north; but if I ask them which way to the huge boulder they'll remain silent," Marluxia explained to Axel sadly. "Besides; I don't talk to strangers."

Axel groaned. There was no way they would find their way out of this god forsaken forest. Marluxia sighed. He sat down next to Axel, morally defeated and tired and hot and cold and…this world was just ridiculous.

"I thought you were pissed at me," Axel said to Marluxia. He still kept his eyes at the floor.

"I am pissed," Marluxia said. "But I'm too tired and I need time to relax so I can continue to be pissed at you."

"Why do you have to be like that," Axel asked the Graceful Assassin. He turned and stared at Marluxia's exhausted face.

"What is that supposed to mean," Marluxia said to Axel.

"You hold some pretty fucked up grudges," Axel said.

"No I don't'," Marluxia retorted.

"Oh yes you do," Axel said.

"Give me an example," Marluxia said.

"You haven't said one nice thing to Zexion ever since Vexen's been helping him out."

"That doesn't mean anything," Marluxia said. "It just means we haven't had time to chat with each other."

"Bullshit," Axel said. "You had time for him before he was pregnant…and you had time when he was three months pregnant! But as soon as he has the miscarriage and Vexen decides to give him a little attention, suddenly you have no time for him."

"I just don't have-"

"You just don't want to face the obvious facts," Axel said to Marluxia. He glared at the nervous and saddened nobody and smiled. "That's Vexen's kid; and you know it!"

"It's not his!"

"Yes it is," Axel said with a smirk. "And if he cares enough for Zexion then you should just get over him!"

"Shut up," Marluxia yelled and he stood up, his weapon quickly taking form in his gloved hand. He glared angrily at Axel. "You better watch what you say…"

Axel smiled and stood up. "Or what? You do realize what my element is?" He summoned up his two chakrams and smirked at Marluxia.

"I suggest you back down," Marluxia said to axel with a frown. "You know I'm quite powerful."

"Physically…maybe," Axel said. He grinned at Marluxia and added the one thing he probably shouldn't have added. "But emotionally…I got you in the bag."

Marluxia swung his weapon and totally missed by a long shot. Axel was quick and had the upper advantages; he was mentally and elementally more powerful than Marluxia. Axel gave a quick look at his surroundings and realized there was no way Marluxia would win. The area was dry…which meant things would catch fire much more quickly than if they were full of moisture. It wouldn't matter if he missed an attack or two; if things caught fire Marluxia would lose.

Axel shot out a huge sphere of fire, and of course, Marluxia dodged it. Axel smirked at the Graceful Assassin. Marluxia glared back, not fully understanding why Axel would be smiling after wasting so much magic.

But there came a horrible sound behind him, and Marluxia turned around to see the huge tree behind him; it was covered in flames. Marluxia turned around and blocked another attack by Axel; taking just a bit of damage. The tree was burning at an alarming rate; and if he kept dodging Axel's attacks there would be a wildfire…

Marluxia swung his scythe at Axel, just barely nicking the other. Axel lit his weapons and threw both at Marluxia…Marluxia knew he would have to have at least one of then hit him…lest his element slowly dwindle down in the already growing fire.

Marluxia let the one directed at him hit him; he blacked a good portion of the fiery weapon with his scythe. The other flew past him and hit yet another tree.

Marluxia glanced in pain and stared at the scene behind him. The fire was spreading rather fast. There was no way he could win this battle with the fire growing…

But Marluxia was a man and suffered from a terrible disease called pride; and he would not let Axel win so easily…

"Hey…Xigbar," Demyx said. He glanced over to where Xigbar was; that was, lying underneath a tree and resting.

Unlike Marluxia and Axel, who were both so unlucky to get lost in the middle of the woods, Xigbar and Demyx had found their little journey to be quite likable. Within five minutes of walking Xigbar found a river; rivers meant life and that meant hearts. The two followed the river for about an hour and a half, coming across all the native wildlife as well as a meadow that would've made Marly jump for joy. Eventually the river turned into a waterfall, not a big one but a pretty darn decent sized one mind you, which lead to a really big lake full of fresh ice cold water. Xigbar was happy to say the least.

Xigbar opened his eye and stared tiredly at Demyx. He saw the curious look on the young male and made a small smile. "Ready for another go?"

Demyx blushed and shook his head.

"Then why bother waking me up," Xigbar whined. He turned to his side and shut is eye.

"Uhm…I think we have a problem," Demyx said. He walked over and tapped the other lightly on the shoulder. "Look…"


Demyx pointed at the huge wilderness. From a few miles away one could spot smoke coming from the brush. Smoke meant fire, and fire meant Axel did something fucking stupid.

Xigbar sighed. The two had already come to the conclusion that there were no heartless in this world…they would've spotted one by now. Xigbar doubted whatever was causing that fire was caused by enemy attack.

He groaned and got up.

"This better be good," he muttered angrily. He turned to Demyx. "How much water can that sitar hold?"

"A lot," Demyx said to Xigbar. He frowned. "Why?"

Xigbar glanced at the lake.

Marluxia fell to the floor, his head spinning around and round. Fighting in the middle of a forest fire; not one of his brightest ideas. Marluxia took a breath and coughed; the air was getting thinner and thinner and the smoke and carbon was getting thicker and thicker. He grabbed tightly on to his scythe and stared up at Axel.

The redhead seemed just fine with the new atmosphere. Beads of sweat were forming in him, but aside from that, he looked just peachy.

"You down and out," Axel said with a smirk. He took a step closer to Marluxia. Marluxia desperately swung his weapon, but missed by a huge long shot. It was getting harder to see, and just keeping his eyes open burned. He was way out of his league now.

"Never," Marluxia said with an all too proud smile.

"Whatever," Axel said. He resummoned his chakrams and threw one at Marluxia. The Graceful Assassin just barely swung his scythe in time, receiving only a small nick to the head. But he wasn't so lucky with the second chakram…he didn't even know when Axel had thrown it. It came flying and hit him straight in the forehead. A few pings of intense pain…and then absolutely nothing.

Axel chuckled as he approached the Assassin. He was out cold, his body lying limp on the floor.

"Serves you right," Axel said.

He bent over and moved some of the sweat soaked hair from Marluxia's face. He stared at the lovely face, so lovely despite the gash on the forehead and the blood leaking from it. Axel frowned…why did Marluxia have to be so damn thick!?

He heard a soft moan come from the young man. Axel immediately jumped away, afraid that the other had come to. But he didn't…

Axel glanced at that face once more…and an awful thought appeared in his mind.

He stared at Marluxia, no; he could never do such a thing to him! He placed a gloved hand on the gashed forehead, gently removing some blood from the wound…

He was out…he would have no idea…

Axel moved Marluxia's position so that he lay on his back. He placed his hand on top of the others chest; right where the heart was supposed to be.

He…would never know…

Axel's gloved hand trailed around the chest, going around in a small circle before stopping right at the zipper. He grabbed the small item and began to pull it down…

Don't worry, things will get better!!! I swear this story will have a happy ending...

Now, as for the sexual content of this will be pretty light for the time being. It will mature more, hence the rating, but for now I wanna see how things go with just the fluff and all.