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chapter 1

I adverted my eyes from the buttons alongside the door to the buttons, listening to the beeping of the elevator as it went a floor higher each time. I sighed, feeling it stop to let in two young women co-workers, feeling a head ache come on once their incessant babbling was heard.

"Good morning Sasuke-san!" They chimed together, bowing politely.

I nodded my head, not saying a word.

As soon as the doors opened for my floor I got out of the elevator, leaving the two ditsy girls on their own. I had no time to be wasting, I had to get to my office.

"Sasuke-san," My secretary was at my heels. "The deadline for the gymnasium for St. Yuki's Gakuen is this Friday, please don't forget about it. Also, the Yokohama Airport gave us a call saying they want a new addition to the building, they'd like to call you and speak to you about that."

I took the paper from her hearing the last one.

"Karin, call the Yokohama airport and set up a meeting." I instructed. "And that gymnasium will be done. I won't forget."

I closed the door behind me, leaving the red-haired girl out in the hallway.


Of course, my secretary found herself comfortable next to me on the roof of the building I worked in. I sighed, wondering if I should really fire her or not.

"Sasuke-san," Her voice was flirtatious. "Did you work hard today?"


"Are you tired or anything?" Her eyes strayed from my face. "You know, I can give you a massage."

"Don't touch me." I snapped.

She frowned. "Sasuke-san, you need a girlfriend. When was the last time you had one?"

I don't know.

I had grown up in Germany and never paid much attention to the girls there. When I had come back to Japan at eleven, I was surrounded by annoying girls. I shut them out, and didn't bother with stupid, sentimental things.

But that didn't matter to me. A man is always defined by the woman he is with, and vice versa. If I were to find a woman she would have to be strong-willed and powerful, beautiful and tall. Rich, a powerful name, but good in the kitchen, with people, and better in bed. She'd have to know her place was under mine, not equal or above. Girls like Karin, ditsy, stupid and annoying wouldn't do. Cute girls were only for fun, and sluts or whores were good for nothing but sexually transmitted diseases.

I pushed the secretary, untangling her arms from mine, and dismissed myself silently from the rooftop. It was just past three in the afternoon, and it was about time I head home.

"It's supposed to rain!" Karin's attempts for my attention was pathetic. "Don't forget that you have an umbrella in your office!"

"I'm the one who left it there."

She was left dumbfounded on the rooftop, her next words cut off with the heavy door that shut behind me. I took the stairs, going from the rooftop to the twenty-eighth where my office was. I went into my office and gathered my things. My briefcase, the jacket to my suit, my cup of cold coffee, and headed home.

Even though my secretary was annoying and the words that came out of her mouth always angered me, I couldn't help but feel bitter when I saw the clouds storm over-head... and see that my hands were empty of an umbrella.

It was a short walk home from the office building to my apartment, a good twenty minutes at the most if I was walking slow. But today, in hopes of getting home before the threatening rain clouds released their pent-up fury, I walked a little faster in hopes of cutting my time by five minutes at the least.

I couldn't wait to get home, to walk into my clean, empty home and sit down on the couch to watch t.v.

My name is Sasuke Uchiha, I am a twenty-four year-old fresh out of college graduate, following my parents footsteps into taking over the family business. I live alone in my apartment in Yokohama... and that's the way I'd like it to stay. I am not looking for a woman to be there every day to greet me, I don't need a woman's support.

I stopped, staring at alleyway that was between my apartment building and the wall that surrounded someone's small, family-run hairdressing salon.

A hand, maybe, I wasn't sure. I stepped closer, watching the sight that the shadow's building had been covering unveil in front of my eyes. Laying underneath a pile of garbage bags was a girl.

At this point I couldn't really see what she looked like, the only thing rushing through my mind was the scene of her bloodied hand and her pink hair tangled.

Feeling a kick of adrenaline I moved closer and pushed the bags off of her, wondering what exactly she was doing here. I looked at her torn clothing, baggy jeans with a plain red t-shirt. There seemed to be nothing to her, just skin and bones.

I bent down and picked the girl up, figuring my house was closer and her wounds would be healed faster if I just pulled her inside and took care of her there instead of waiting for an ambulance.

Her body weighed barely nothing in my arms, making it easy to sneak into the apartment without grabbing any unwanted attention. At this time, the landlord was probably inside his own apartment, taking his late-afternoon shower. If he had come out and was to see the sight of me carrying a girl in such conditions he would call the cops... and I'd be in trouble for not doing that in the first place.

Once inside my small apartment I kicked my shoes off and used my foot to straighten the blanket on the couch so that I could lay her down.

I put her down and stood over her, looking at the cuts. Her hand was so badly wounded it looked as though there wasn't any skin on her palm, one of her nails had been torn completely off. The gashes on her legs and stomach poured the blood that was now dry. I scratched my head and went to the bathroom to get the first-aid-kit my brother had given me a good two years ago, saying it would come in handy even when he knew I wasn't danger-prone

The next morning came quickly.

I rolled over, vaguely remembering what had happened the night before. But it came back when I lifted my head from the back of the recliner chair and saw the girl still curled on the couch under a blanket. She was cleaner now, I had spent hours cleaning the blood from her body and mending to the cuts and scrapes. I had made food, too, just in case she had woken up before me.

The sunlight from outside shone through the open curtains and exposed glass doors that led to the small porch. My body didn't respond to the thoughts of getting up and closing the drapes, so I let the sun shine in.

Her skin was like porcelain, soft but cracked with scratches. Her hair was pink, a bubble gum pink that reached her lower back. Her facial features were soft, a small but fitting nose and big eyes that were right now, closed. I remembered holding her hold the night before, she was small and her fingers were thin. I remembered lifting her shirt and feeling pity for her when I saw her sunken in stomach and protruding hip bones. She was so small I could almost fit my hand around her legs.

But either way she was pretty cute.

I sighed and got up, closing the curtains on the door and walking towards the bathroom.

My apartment was small, fit me and the occasional guest that never stayed over-night. The kitchen and the living room was one space, nothing really special to either. The kitchen was all made of stainless steel, the appliances all black. There wasn't even a table, there was just an island that came out of the wall and fit two stools on either side of it. The walls are all white, hardwood floors once you got off the white tiles of the kitchen. The furniture in my house wasn't anything, either. The only color in the entire room was the painting of a parrot that hung on the wall. It had been painted years ago by my mother.

After taking a shower I stepped out of the bathroom, already in the living room.

Today there was no need to go to work, so I dressed casual in jeans and a black button down shirt, unbuttoned, with a white shirt underneath. I looked towards the girl, seeing her still not move.

It was just before noon now. Might as well go my room and get my work done.

Leaving the girl in the living room I went to my room, where one wall was covered with a bookshelf, some of the cubicles had other things besides books. I went to my desk besides my king sized bed and sat down, opening my briefcase and pulling papers and work out.

It had been a good fifteen minutes when a light tapping sound announced that there was someone at my door. I turned around, seeing the girl standing there.

Her huge eyes stared at me.

I couldn't help but think of broccoli when I saw the color.

"E-excuse me?" Her voice was weak.

I sighed and got up, walking over to her. She cowered a bit under my height, it showing when she tensed and looked down at her feet.

"Are you feeling better?" I brushed past her.

"U-uh, yes, thanks to you." Her voice showed she was surprised, but curious. She followed me. "Listen, I really want to thank you for saving me. I'm sorry for being a burden to you, if I was. Uhm,"

"Did you eat?" I asked, ignoring her apologies.

There was a silence behind me, and I turned to see her staring at the plate of covered food. "It's okay?"

"I made it for you to eat." My voice stayed bitter. I didn't want her to think I was being hospitable for long.

She was silent again, sitting down on the couch and looking at the food. She smiled a bit, taking the plate and uncovering it. "Itadakimasu," She mumbled, picking up the chopsticks and the plate. At this point I turned around, she didn't need me watching her.

"Oh!" She squealed behind me, and out of curiosity I turned my head. "This is so good! Did you make it? No offense, I didn't know guys could cook like this!"

My silence bothered her.

"Uh, excuse me..." She paused. "What was your name?"

"Sasuke Uchiha."

She nodded. "I'm Sakura. Hey, do you have any famous friends?"

"Okay," I turned, ignoring her second question by giving her my own. "When do you plan on leaving?"

Her green eyes stared at me for a silent moment. "Oh, well I was wondering if I'd be able to spend another night here, I have no where else to go."

I wasn't too happy with that idea, but shrugged. "Just eat. We'll have to see."


"So, where is she?" Naruto asked, sipping his tea.

"In the bedroom."

Naruto was my good and only friend, and once I had sent Sakura to take a shower I called him over, but by the time he got here the girl had fallen asleep on my bed.

"You let her into your room... ? I wanna meet her!"

Sometimes I wondered why I was friends with him. I watched as he jumped to his feet and went to my room to look in. Sure enough, there was the girl that I had saved the night before laying on the bed... in a pair of old sweatpants and a t-shirt. That belonged to me.

Naruto was sitting back down besides me. "Where's she from?"

I shrugged.

"Are you gonna keep her here?"

I had considered letting her stay. "No,"

"Why not?!" He whined, "Dude she's cute and you don't have a girlfriend! Make sex her payment for staying here."

I turned, glaring at him, angry at myself for half considering it, too.

He tried to cover up the stupid thing he just said. "Okay, okay, uh, calm down. She should stay."

"Why?" I asked, sipping my own tea.

Naruto paused. "You live here alone, having a room-mate would be good." He stood up and patted my head. "I'm going home to Hina-chan,"

Hina-chan - Hinata - Naruto's wife. Just three months prior they had married and Naruto had made me best man. Now they obviously lived together, and lived head over heels in love. They made each other happy, and all though I don't understand what Naruto sees in her, I gave them my blessing as his best friend.

I listened silently as Naruto got up and left. Once the door clicked I put my cup of tea down an got lost in my thoughts.

Having a girl in the house wouldn't be a problem if you really thought about it. To top it off, to pay for her services I could get her to do work around the house. Cooking was always a chore I hated, it takes too much time and patience. But if she had somewhere else to go then there was no point in me even thinking about having her stick around.

It was hard to imagine coming home everyday to an apartment with a young girl standing over the stove cooking me a dinner, or having a girl sitting on the couch with me.

From the corner of my eye I saw her dark figure and pink hair, so I looked up at her, waiting for her to say something.

"Excuse me, Sasuke-sama." Her voice was like honey. "But, I was hoping I could talk to you again... about staying here a night - "

As soon as I finished with my sip of tea I cut her off. "You can stay here as long as you'd like."

I didn't need to look up to see her excitement. "Really? Are you serious?!' She jumped on the couch, causing me to almost spill my tea. "Please don't tell me you're just - "

I cut her off again. "You can't stay here for free,"

Her light-colored lips pressed together, her big green eyes looking at me. "I can clean, do laundry, take care of the house while you're out. I can cook for you, run errands." She paused. "I'll be your maid, your butler, your chief all in one," She started to sound somewhat desperate.

The tea, now lukewarm, slid past my lips during the silence, silencing them from saying anything so that I could take a moment to think. She noticed this and was also quiet. Pretty much what she was saying...

"I'll be your slave."

I felt my left eye-brow arch, my head titled slightly towards her. The silence was there again, eating away at her anxiety while it helped my thoughts arrange into words.


That was the best I had come up with.

Her eyes, already big enough, widened. Her lips cracked into a big grin, and her arms were suddenly around me. "THANK YOU!" She screamed - right into my ear.

In a-near-panic I tried to push her off me, and during this my hand was against her stomach. I didn't even need to press my hand down in order to be able to count her rib bones through the large t-shirt.

She felt my strange reaction and let go, immediately moving back. "I won't let you down." She smiled.

"When was the last time you ate?"

The look of happiness and determination washed away in seconds as the look of confusion surfaced. "When you fed me,"

Her stupid answer made me angry, so I sent a small glare in her direction. This clicked something in her brain, and she quickly changed her answer.

"Before that? I... I'm not sure. I had scraps here and there but not a decent meal in... a while." She played with the hem of the shirt I was letting her borrow.

This answer and the way she grew fidgety sparked my curiosity. "Where are you from?"

It took her a long moment to answer. "Uh, Sapporo."

This answer surprised me.

We were in Yokohama.

"How old are you?"

She smiled a bit. "Nineteen, how old are you?"


"Really? You sure don't look it."

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