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The silence was comfortable between us, only because the t.v canceled it out. Colette was lying on the floor on her back, legs sprawled into the air, her black fur sprinkled with droplets of melting snow.

Sakura snuggled closer to me, fixing the blanket that covered us both. She rested her head against my shoulder and blushed lightly when I wrapped my arms around her. She smiled and mumbled something to herself. I didn't bother to ask, instead I kissed the top of her head.

She had a heart attack.


I chuckled. "Mh?"

"What was... that for?" She sounded a little strangled.

"You didn't have to say anything," I said, twisting in the seat and leaning over a bit to kiss her forehead. I watched her face turn a dark red and smirked.

Sakura dropped the conversation and leaned into my chest. I fell silent as well, holding her against me as we both focused our attention back to the t.v.

This was Sakura's permanent residence. I didn't plan on having her leave anytime soon, and I don't think that she planned on it either. When she came home a week ago she was silent and scared of me. She didn't want to face me and was afraid of what I'd ask or said to her. When I explained I knew about her past she had almost cried. I was confused at her emotional response, but gave her the space she wanted until she felt a little better the next day.

She is quieter now, but I know that she only needs some time to recuperate from being out for three months. I got a brief explanation about what happened to her during that time. The only thing she said was that she hid during the days and would then sneak around at night. She was afraid to tell me where she got the clothes she was in when I found her, and quietly admitted to stealing them.

I was pulled from my thoughts by a light vibrating against my leg, and Sakura pulled the source from her pocket. She flipped the cell phone open and smiled.

Loosing her for three months gave me the idea of buying her a cell phone.

She replied to a text message, closed the phone and giggled, and opened it excitedly when it vibrated again. This cycle had to of gone on for a good five more times before I finally had enough of it.

"Sakura, close that and pay attention to the movie."

"But..." She began.


She pouted. "Sasuke-sama."

The phone vibrated again and she flipped it open.

I sighed and reached out for the phone, being surprised for a second at her speed before remembering what Kakashi told me about her skill in fighting. But I was determined to get the phone from her, so I leaned over more and grabbed her wrist.

"No!" She squeaked, trying to keep the cell from my reach. "I'll put it away I promise!!"

"Who are you talking to?" I demanded, only getting closer.

"I'm talking to Naruto-kun!" She argued, pushing herself farther back.

She miscalculated, and tumbled to the floor.

She groped the air for anything to hold onto as she went down, and I was the only thing within her reach. When she opened her eyes she saw me above her, and blushed a deep shade of red.

I didn't move. Her face was inches away from mine, our bodies pressed together. This was a position I would've liked to be in with her, but she didn't look to happy about it. Her timidness towards situations like this showed clearly all over her stunned facial expression. I would've been a little nicer and moved immediately, but it took a moment because the blanket was tangled... and Colette thought we were playing some sort of game. She rushed over and started sniffing, licking and nipping, trying to get the game going.

I shooed her away and pulled myself off Sakura, sitting on the floor to help her untangle her left leg from the blanket. She sat up and offered a small thank you before not even bothering to sit back on the couch. She got comfortable with her legs crossed on the floor and Colette's head in her lap. Sakura smiled at me, trying to brush off the awkward aura that she was giving off.

The gears in my mind locked. Sakura was looking down at Colette, saying things that I wasn't listening to anymore. The nights that we spent together like this only showed me how much she really did mean to me. I took her for granted, so much. Her smiling face and her company. Even though everything and everyone we have is taken for granted, there almost always a problem that comes along and shows us the meaning of what we have. I was thankful now for Sakura's role in my life and home.

Sakura's POV

There wasn't much of a distance between me and Sasuke to begin with, but I definitely noticed when that gap was getting closer. I looked up towards him, seeing the new and strange look on his face. He looked so calm and I wasn't even sure what else.

I felt his hand on my cheek.

Sasuke relaxed.

I stiffened.

He breathed out lightly.

I lost my breath.

He swallowed.

My mouth was dry.

He leaned in more...

...I panicked.

I tried to find some energy, something to keep me from possibly passing out. I knew that if I reached back I could probably find another pillow, but he was too close. And I couldn't muster any strength to move, reason being I think I actually wanted a kiss. It's been months since I found myself in Sasuke's life. Seven, to be almost exact, and I never tried to build a deeper relationship with him. I kept telling myself it was better if I let it be and didn't try. If something didn't end well I'd have no where else to go and my love would end up being a waste.

Usually when you're being kissed you close your eyes and kiss back.

Myself, on the other hand, wasn't intelligent enough to do that. My eyes widened and my lips didn't move. His kiss was so gentle I could feel a loving warmth start at my lips and spread through my body, and my heart stumbled, tripped, and had a hard time getting up.

Sasuke pulled away, barely, his lips still brushed against mine. I blinked a few times, realizing I had probably ruined my first kiss.

I tried to think of an apology, and wondered if that was really what I should do. Embarrassed and at a total loss for words I tried to get my jumbled thoughts in order. But what felt like minutes was really only seconds and Sasuke pressed his lips against mine in a second try. This one was a little harder than the first, but still warm.

This time my lips moved against his and my hand knew what to do on it's own. It tangled with the dark locks on his head while my other hand was limp on Colette's head. She surprisingly didn't move, as if she knew the intensity and importance of the moment.

Sasuke's lips and my own moved in sync while my heart thumped wildly without a pattern. I felt a surge of bliss rise through me, a surge of hope that maybe Sasuke really did see me the same way I saw him.

When he pulled away after a moment, leaving me feeling a little whip lashed, he let his thumb stroke gently the skin on my cheek. I knew that there was some shade of red on my face, and when I saw a small half smile and heard the amused chortle Sasuke gave... My heart melted all at once. I loved him to no end, and wondered if that was really okay.

Sasuke's POV

I enjoyed coming home to her bright face and cheery stories about how she did almost nothing all day. Some days, however, she wasn't there. She was training at Kakashi-sensei's dojo, which I had learned that all the previous times she was out, that's where she had been. She had explained how because she spent so much time out on her own, she never really had a place to practice, and after a bit grew rusty with her skills. She picked them back up when she ended up in Yokohama after meeting Kakashi.

I felt the times when waking up to her pink locks tickling my nose, filling it with the scent of cherry blossoms, to be precious. The moments with her were irreplaceable.

Today when I came home, she had a story about Colette chasing a squirrel... and how she ended up face-first in a puddle of mud.

This brought a grin to my face, which only resulted in her slapping my arm and complaining about how mean I was. Afterwards, she ended up in my arms.

"Sakura," I said, tangling my fingers with her long hair.

It was adorable how she turned bright red every time I touched her.

"Finish dinner."

The look that flashed over her face was priceless. It had been the last thing she expected from me.


Well, I hadn't expected that.

"You're going to let the stove catch on fire?"

She glanced around my arm, at the stove that was on, a pot of boiling water on it. She pouted, then smiled widely when the radio stopped playing commercials and began a song. Before I was able to place that the song was Honey Bee, by v(NEU), she had us dancing around the kitchen. Or just herself, because I was being pulled along.

Loudly, a little off key, she sang along. At times she'd throw her hands into the air, wiggle her body or bang her head while scrunching her face and pretending to bang on drums. I rolled my eyes, listening to the lyrics that she sang with, finding the lyrics ironic.

That last line, she threw her arms around me and sang it to me.

We fell into a silence, Sakura realizing what she had just said to me.

"You are the best thing in the world."

My hand found the back of her head. I smiled slightly, gently petting her. Her broccoli eyes stared up at me, a light pink stinging the soft skin of her cheekbones.

Contently, I sighed and wrapped my arms around her waist. I pressed my forehead against hers, zoned out the music in the background, and focused on her.

She was here, everyday, with me. I wouldn't change that. She brought those damned smiles to my face, she has made me laugh on an occasion or five, and her smiles bring waves of bliss. It was honestly infuriating sometimes what she did to me. I'd see the pink on her face and want to kiss it. I'd want to sit on the couch with her for hours with my arms around her. Thursdays always dragged on, it was the days that I'd come home to an early dinner and a movie.

Then a long walk with her and Colette.

Right now, she closed her eyes, feeling my lips brush against hers.

Our kiss was disconnected before it even connected. Colette came crashing into us. I didn't know what got into the dog, but Sakura ended up on her ass, looking extremely perplexed for seconds until she jumped to her feet and scurried to the stove. I smiled to myself, pat the top of Colette's head, and wrapped my arms around Sakura's waist.

"What are you making for dinner?"

She always grew nervous and fidgety at my soft gestures.

"Um, soup."

I rested my head against hers. "What kind?"

At that very moment I realized the cause of Collete's excitement. She had to of been psychic, because Naruto bounded into the living room.


I really need to change the lock...

Naruto's blue eyes focused on us.

I'll give him this much: He had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.

Then he grinned. "SASUKE GUESS WHAT!"

He was jumping up and down excitedly, from one foot to another, barely noticing how I still had my arms around Sakura.


Sakura tried first. "You won the world cup?"

He stopped for a moment. "No, but that'd be cool. SASUKE GUESS WHAT!"

I felt a headache coming on. "What, Naruto?"


I lost my hearing after Sakura's reaction.

She screamed, launching herself at Naruto. She hugged him, and commenced the jumping up and down again. Together they shouted about... I wasn't entirely sure. I couldn't understand what they were saying when they yelled excitedly over each other. I just knew it had something to do with Hinata's pregnancy.


How did Hinata put up with him at home? I give the wall-flower a lot of credit. I could barely make it out alive from a lunch meeting. Today I'd be lucky if I made it out alive, because in seconds everything spun and I was knocked to the ground.

Falling to the ground with an extra weight on top of you wasn't as funny as it was in the movies.


Not only was my hearing shot, but I was seeing spots. "Naruto, get off me."

"Aren't you happy for me?"

"I'd be happier if I wasn't having a concussion."

Sakura giggled somewhere in the background, helped Naruto then me to our feet, and went back to the stove. From there she expressed her happiness with bright eyes and words that were practically yelled. I had to listen to that for a few minutes, then Sakura schooled Naruto in Daddy-101.

I stayed seated at the kitchen nook, only a few feet from where Sakura and Naruto were seated on the couch. Amused, I watched as she told him how to hold a baby, how to make sure the bottle was angled right, how to hold the baby while he was burping it... and to watch out for spewing baby vomit. For a good half hour or so she gave him the crash course on also how to deal with his wife's mood swings and how to prepare for the moment her water broke.

I tried to envision an angry Hinata, laying in bed barking orders at Naruto at one in the morning.

No image came to mind, and I know my imagination isn't that bad.

Naruto smiled at me. "Sakura-chan's gonna be a good mom one day."

The two of us caught the double meaning in his words, and I glared pointedly while Sakura turned into a blushing mess. I threw the nearest object, which was a big spoon sort of thing - Sakura called it a ladle or something once - and watched as it thwacked him on the back of his head. Now he glared at me and I looked at him smugly.

Sakura giggled.

A few minutes after Naruto's stupid comment, he found himself staring at the clock. In a rush he left my apartment, and screamed something about me making a horrible father, so Sakura should keep on her toes.

My eye twitched. Please, I wouldn't be that bad.

I just wouldn't change diapers or deal with hourly wake-up calls, or the mood swings from the mother. Taking care of a baby was too much work.

Now that I think about it, I might have to follow Naruto's advice.

No kids for me.

"That needs to cook for half hour." Sakura said, earning my attention. She turned the stove off and set the timer for the oven on, then walked towards me. "What are you going to do for half hour?"

I got off the chair and reached for the bag of dog biscuits on the counter. Colette had amazing hearing, because when I turned around she was sitting at my feet. I almost tripped over her.

It was a habit, to give her a treat while I went to take a shower, and she still chewed on the thing in the rug in the bathroom. By the time I had gotten my clothes and a clean towel, she was already gnawing on the bone on the rug. Something that also happened while I was in the shower was that Sakura would sit on the counter and do something to preoccupy herself.

Today she had a Rubix cube, and when I got out of the shower, she was still hard at work on it, biting her lower lip.

Something she did when she was concentrating.

"You're not finished with that?" I scoffed, making sure the towel was tight around my waist.

"No!" She was exasperated. "This thing is so difficult! It's giving me a headache!"

I sighed and sat on the counter besides her, took the cube from her hand, and inspected it. I turned it over countless times, looked at the colors, then would turn the blocks. Intently, Sakura watched as I flipped through it, not noticing how I found this damned thing annoying myself. Every once in a while I'd flip it over, study it, and begin again with twisting it.

Finally, I turned the bottom blocks, and flipped it over to look at it.

All sides each had their own color.

"Kakashi showed me your report card and test scores. You sure you really couldn't figure it out?" I hopped off the counter and stood in front of her, waiting to her what she'd have to say. Instead she was silent, examining the cube.

"How'd you do it?! Show me!" Her broccoli colored eyes were wide.

I sighed and shrugged, taking it from her hands. "I don't know, I just did it."

She pouted. "That's pretty dumb. There has to be a secret to it."

My shoulders rolled again. "Probably. I'm just really good at anything." I smirked at her, and earned a typical reaction. Her cheeks tinted red and she seemed slightly uncomfortable under my gaze.

She was able to muster up a sarcastic comment though.

"You're really egotistical." She mumbled.

"I am not."

"Tell me one bad thing about yourself." She countered.

"Sakura," I shook my head. "That's not something I think about."

"That's something everybody thinks about."

This sparked my curiosity. I leaned forward to press my forehead against hers and to place my hands on the counter on either side of her small frame. I asked if she saw anything bad in herself, and she once again looked uncomfortable.

I let my lips form a frown.


Even though having '-sama' tacked at the end of my name was a bit of an ego booster, I told her not to call me that.


"That's still very formal."

"Am I not supposed to be formal?" Her confusion was cute.

"No, you don't have to be."

She thought about it. "Uchiha-san?"

"That's even more formal." I sighed.

"Sasuke..." There was a long pause. "-kun?"

I smiled a bit. "That's better, Sakura-chan. And don't think I've forgotten about the apparent self-esteem issue."

She smiled. "For now you will. But, lemme ask something first."


"How come you almost never wear a shirt?" She pointed at my bare chest.

I smirked. "You don't like it?"

"See? There it is again." She pouted.

The smirk fell from my face. "There what is?"

"That look on your face that says; 'I'm-Uchiha-Sasuke-and-I'm-super-sexy'. Your egotistical ways are leaking from every pore in your body."

"I didn't have that look. And I'm not egotistical."

"No, you are. And besides, you have that face on a lot."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do." She puffed her cheeks in annoyance.



"Sakura-chan, you're speaking nonsense."

"Sasuke-kun, you don't know what you're taking about."


"Sasukeeee." She whined.

This was going nowhere. "Alright, be quiet. Did the timer go off yet?"

"Did you hear it go off? No." She teased, sticking her tongue out. To her embarrassment I flicked my tongue out, brushing it against hers. I watched as her face passed through every shade of pink to red and possibly blue, and smirked widely when she mumbled something to herself. But I decided to let her go, and kissed her forehead before going to our bedroom so I could change into some clothes.

She was at the oven by the time I was dressed. Or half-way, anyway. She had brought up a point before, I didn't wear shirts a lot of the time I was home.

"The bread is done," Sakura announced, placing it on the counter. For a moment she stood in front of the open stove, absorbing the heat it let out before she moved again, turning to look at me. She smiled at me and went towards the table, quickly setting it while I fed the black, excited furball.

If Naruto was an animal, he'd act like Colette.

Sakura eagerly brought me to the table, talking about how she tried her hand at a South American dish. The soup she had made was good, I commented on that, making her very happy.

What made her unhappy, however, was when she went to get up. She spun around and hit her hand with the bowl.

I was about to move, but noticed that there was no helping it. It spilled on her shirt and pants, and a chuckle slid from my lips (one that was more like a laugh - but I wouldn't admit that.) Then to match, I felt my face tingle with a smile.

Sakura's expressions were too much. She was embarrassed about the situation, so her mumbles were incoherent. I'm pretty sure there was a curse word in there somewhere as she went for the paper towels. Then her expression grew angry.

"Hey, Sasuke, a little help would... be..." Her words faded, and I looked up at the stunned expression curiously.

She finally broke the silence.

"You're smiling."

I snapped back to my senses and pushed the smile from my face. To hide any discomfort I might've felt, or any confrontation from Sakura, I got up to get paper towels for her.

But she was on my tail.

"Sasuke-kun! Smile again! Please! I've never seen you do that before, and it's really nice." Her words were kind and a little pleading. She looked down at my lips every once in a while while she followed behind me. "Sasuke-kun, you have a really handsome smile."

I turned to face her after cleaning the spill on the chair. She was a lot closer than I had originally thought, and almost hit our noses together. Of course, Sakura titled her head a bit back, putting more distance between us.

A light pink spread over her cheeks and her lips twitched into a small smile.

She was so cute.

My fingers closed around the small leg of the table, and her face was getting closer to mine again. This time Sakura seemed to anticipate it.

Just like every other time, we were interrupted.

She had soup on her arm and shirt, so Colette began to lap it up.

"No, Colette!" Sakura argued. "Not my arm, clean up the floor, baby girl." She patted the head of black fur and went to get more paper towels.


"Tadaima," I mumbled, kicking my shoes off and avoiding stepping on the bundle of moving energy at my feet.

Sakura laughed and picked Colette up. She told me about her day, about how Naruto called in a panic because Hinata was running a fever, and how she questioned his action of calling her and not a doctor. She talked about the attention Colette got from everyone on the streets when she took her for a walk, and she complained about Ino's bitchy attitude. Then gloated about how she beat the platinum blond in a spar that day.

She asked about my day and I had nothing much to say.

There was a long (boring) meeting and afterward Sai brought me a breakfast, and a lunch... then asked for a week off so he could study for his mid-terms.

Sakura laughed. "He's always been a little strange with people." She changed the subject. "I got us a movie! Do you like horror movies?"

"Not the mindless killing ones." I said, spotting the black bag with the name of the movie rental store on the coffee table. "Do you want to watch it now?"

Sakura nodded. "Can we watch it in the bedroom?"

How I wish she had a double-meaning to those words.



Half hour later she was wrapped in my arms, clinging to me, whimpering. Terrified of the movie.

"Why'd you get it if you're so scared?" I teased into her ear.

"Shh," She mumbled weakly, jumping half out of her skin when the lady on the t.v screen screamed and started running.

"Sakura-chan... they didn't even show anything. Why are you jumping?"

"Can you turn the light on?"

"No," I scoffed.


I chuckled. "Why don't you do it yourself?"

"Because!" She defended poorly.

I sighed and shook my head, hands finding her hips. I gave her side a light squeeze. It was fun to watch her squirm and hear her squeak. She felt so fragile in my arms, so I loosened my grip when she wiggled.

"Not nice."


The movie had mellowed out a bit, there wasn't as much screaming but an over abundance of talking between the two main characters. Glad for the break in the movie, I found her side again and poked her. She giggled and tried to move. I locked her in my arms, sure I was trapping her. She twisted herself around though and was almost able to free herself.

I sat up, pulling her closer to me, turning this into a game.

Sakura grabbed the blanket and threw it at me. Acting childish, I wrapped it around me and stepped off the bed, leaving Sakura looking surprised and blanket-less.

She ignored me as I went to get tea, but managed to slink into the kitchen when I'm guessing the movie got to scary for her. She chatted away and played with Colette's ear while I prepared a cup for her, too. Amongst her talking she said something that caught my attention.

"It's the same color as the necklace I once owned."

Sakura wasn't one to wear jewelry, I had taken note of this a while ago when I compared her to the women that work in the same building as me. She didn't wear make-up, either, and had a natural beauty.

"What kind of necklace was it?" I asked, placing the cup in front of her. She smiled and wrapped her hands around the ceramics.

"It was a small turquoise necklace. It was a long silver chain," She pointed to the area just above cleavage. "And the pendant was a rock, a piece of turquoise rock. It wasn't big, really, maybe the size of your thumbnail, but it was real. My mother had given it to me as a thirteenth birthday present. It was the only thing I had, besides my school uniform, that made me feel like a girl. I dressed boy-ish because of my dad."

"Why don't you have it?" The tea was still a little too hot for me to drink.

"I left it behind." She sighed, her hand dropping to the table. "My father kicked me out so fast I only had time to grab the little money I had."

I reached out, placing my hand on the side of her head. "Do you want to go get it?"

Reluctantly, Sakura shook her head. "I don't want to see either of my parents."


She nodded. "Positive. Besides, I want my mother to keep it."

"Do you want to finish watching the movie?"

She paused, and embarrassed, mumbled a 'not really.'

I chuckled and held the blanket still around me. What felt like a very long time, we sat in a silence that only gave me time to think. Sakura had turned out to be a good person, she had found a way to settle things with the police that had chased her that time. They didn't know about her killing someone, and she wasn't ready to report it, but the case had been shoved into a box and put into the back of storage. When you kill out of self-defense, it's not trialed the same.

Looking at her now, however, made everything lighter. Her smiles in my eyes were almost perfect. I loved her green eyes and how she'd always get comfortable in my arms whenever she could. I could feel her love, and soaked it in.

I didn't know how to love someone, but I think the constant feeling of happiness and longing for that person in their absence was a damn good start.

Taking Naruto along had been a bad idea. He kept nagging and nagging, like a little kid that doesn't want to sit in the shopping cart.

He wasn't that bad, but you get the picture.

"Usually, people buy a ring."

"We've been over this," I snapped.

"Can I name my son Sasuke?"


"I know it's going to be a son."

"Congratulations." I meant it and I knew Naruto knew that.

He paused. "So you finally understand you love Sakura-chan?"

His question remained unanswered. "She used to have a necklace."

"Then why are you buying her a bracelet?" He saw the one I was looking at - and the price. "If you're willing to spend that much on her..."

"Shut-up," She deserved the best.

The woman that was working behind the counter came and greeted the two of us with a big smile. She helped us out in looking for bracelets, and Naruto spotted one that caught his eye. He ran across the isle like a small kid running for the free candy. Startled by his behaviour, the woman took out the bracelet anyway, looking even more so confused when Naruto clasped the chain around his wrist.

Glistening in the light and composed of pieces of turquoise rock around a chain, it looked like Naruto had found the right one.

He swung his arm around my shoulders and grinned.

I believe this was where the woman questioned our sexual orientation. Naruto could've been a little less energetic and touchy, but his outburst about my 'future wife' loving it made all doubt on the woman's face go away.

When I held the velvet box I felt my chest lurch forward and a sudden, courageous feeling.

"How did you propose to Hinata-san?"

Naruto looked like he had hit the lottery.

"First, I used a ring and not a bracelet."

"Too fuckin' bad."

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