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The yellow eye vampire

Lily's POV

"He is going to be mad. I know He is .But I have a duty to my community and I always fulfill my responsibilities."

As one of the highest ranks in the Volturi guard, I am responsible for the "diplomatic solution" within our kind. Which means that I alone, can make a considerable number of vampires commit suicide with only words.

It's a bit messy, if I say so, but part of my work.

Therefore, when Aro gave me the task to "search for a diplomatic solution" for the Russian nomads, it is clear what my answer was.

I am perfectly capable of going on my own in any kind of assignment ,been like that for a few decades now .But ,the only person who disagrees with this decision is one bulky, gladiator vampire.

My husband.

It is not the he feels that I can't handle my own, he knows that I can. However, his insecurity in something happening to me is too grand .I feel the same about him that is why I always make sure that Demetri or my children are with him. Even though he doesn't complain, I know how he feels about that.

What can I say? I'm scared if something happens to my mate. Is that my fault?

The same rule applies for my children. Jane and Alec are my world! I still remember the first time I saw the tiny rip on my sons' cloak. Let me just say that a diplomatic solution wasn't applied on their case.

I always double check when the three of them have to go on a mission without me. Jane's hair must be perfect ,as only a mother can make ,and Alec's attire 100% neat .My sons doesn't speak much when I fuss about his wardrobe, but he always gives me a kiss before I finish.

As for my husband, well my farewell gift before they leave for a mission is enough for him to get home safe to me.

Which is why today was no different. I would be away only for a day or two. Enough to cause heartache in our hearts .We don't spend time alone. Ever.

"Be strong Lily .Just relax, when he walk trough the door ,just tell him nice and calmly about your assignment ,and that you will take another guard with you and everything will be alright .Just use your reason ,as always"

In my defense, I planned to do that, all of that, really. But when he walked trough the door, everything just went trough the window and I threw myself at him, not bothering if I was ripping his new clothes that I carefully picked myself and tossing him in our bed.

"I missed you" He went out with Demetri and I haven't seen my husband in five hours! FIVE HOURS! That's too much! Not my fault if I tackled him like an animal.

"Lily…amore…we... need… to…t-talk" He was fighting a battle for dominance that we both knew who'd won. Why are these buttons so complicated to open? Might just well rip it all off.

"Non ora amante. I want to enjoy this" He was jelly in my hands when I spoke Italian that was now considered my second language. And I wasn't planning to talk much now, or for the last six hours left.

"I know what you're doing"I gave him my best mischievous grin, the one who's the reason why we don't have male receptionists anymore on the palace.

"Oh, do you?" I kissed his weak spot, behind his earlobe, before sucking it "And what might that be?" I felt him shudder. The up part was off, now pants…

"Santiago told me that Aro is sending you to Russia" That blabbermouth vampire!

"Well, yes, but…"He flipped us, so now he was on top of my while I was below. I wasn't about to complain, but his jaw is so closed that if I didn't know him, I'd be scared. But I know that my husband is concerned about me, as I am to him.

"Lily, you know how I feel about you going on your own" There it is the soft side that only reveals to me. How could I be upset with him?

"Oh, my love" I kissed his lips softly and hugged him, as we descend on our bed "It'll be fine, as always. I promise. I'll take Corin with me"He scowled .Ok, Corin might not be the strongest member of the guard, but she is my friend. Plus, we all know what her role in here really is. "Or Santiago, the gossiper" I felt his laughter as he travelled his lips on my neck. Good, we were getting somewhere.

"Am I forgiven now?" My smile was bewitching, according to him. And I take every chance I can get to put my spell on him.

"I can think on ways to make you pay " The truth is, I'm the one under his spell .And when he looks at me with those gorgeous ruby eyes, I'm hooked.

"Good. Because we only have six hours left" His lips were in mine before my mind burst with desire.

"Let's not waist it then"

"And if gets too cold, you wear your dark blue cloak. Only if gets too cold. But if that weather is nice, you can wear you light grey cloak. Understood?" I know we don't feel the weather, but it is nice once in a while to pretend. And something that won't ever change is that I always look for the concern of my children.

"Yes, mommy" It breaks my heart when my daughter looks with her big red eyes at me like that.

"It won't be long sweetie, mommy promise" This is the hardest part for me. To leave my children, but it is for them that I have a reason to be back.

"You better not leave for too long mother, you said we would buy a new dress for me for this weekend, remember?" Oh my daughter always wants to look her best! I guess I taught her best .Our mother-daughter moments are always the best.

"Of course, we are! I'll be back so fast that you won't even notice that I'm gone" Her eyes told me different. She's afraid to be away from me. She always is, but never tells me .This is my kid.

"Hey, I'll bring you a new doll, what do you say? I'll get you the most beautiful Babuska" Would you like that?" She was about to cry .I just can't stand that! Damn, why can't I take my children with me all the time?

"Mamma" It was all she could manage before bursting into sobs. I held my child as long as I could before I heard the knocking on my door. It is time.

"Mia figlia, guardami" If I spoke any louder, she might loose her calm that it took a few minutes to regain. "Who is the person I love the most, in this wide, big world?" She started to smile. Good.

"Me?" Her timid grin was adorable and it melted my heart every time.

"That's right. You, your brother, and Felix. And to whom I always come back to?" Her smile was permanent.

"To us" Her confidence was back. Good. No matter what people say about my twins, they are my twins. They might act a little ruthless at times, but not when their mother is involved. My children are the most beautiful creatures ever and I will fight and protect them forever.

"Ti voglio bene mamma" That was where I took my strength from. Every day, when my children or my husband is there for me, I feel like the strongest vampire in the world .And that's enough for me to do my job and come back to my family.

"I love you too, my angel"

"нет нет пожалуйста, не!" He is still on the floor .I have to admit, that one is a tough vampire to crack. Literally.

"I will ask you again господин Otchk: Where are the mutts?" I explained to situation to Santiago on our way: This nomad was accused to be guarding werewolves to breed, so they could attack other vampires when they were of age. I hate dogs!

Since he wasn't talking, and I was giving a chance for my partner to prove himself, I was on the back, watching .Santiago, like my husband, only relies with his intelligence and muscle power. I admire and respect him for that, that is why he is one of the few vampires my husband trusts that is allowed to travel with me.

"I-I...do not know that you are talking about" I could see the glint in Santiago's eyes. And I almost feel bad for the nomad. Almost.

"Ah, so you do understand us. How amazing is that! Lily?" He mentioned for me as I stepped forward, lowering my cloak so he could see me in the snow that was starting to fall. As every other being, the nomad gasped at my sight. It was not something I was used to, but something that I've learned that was part of me now. My reputation precedes me.

"So-it is true. The Volturi made the Venus a vampire" I've been called a lot of things trough the years: Venus, Aphrodite, Helen. The sublime being with the power to allure men trough the ages. And, like I said, I've lived to my reputation.

"Yes Yuri, and now you will tell me" My power already working, so sleek that only those who knew about it could see it taking form "Where are the creatures you keep in captivity?" I won't say I don't feel powerful when I see vampires succumbing to my ability .I do. But I don't use it unless it is utterly necessary. I can't imagine what would be of us if this vampire, or so many others like him I've faced a long time ago, succeed in bring us down .I do it because I have to.

"Down the mountains .My lair is there" Amazing how a little diplomacy can work! I winked at the now dumbfound Santiago, as he make his way to the now walking corpse.

"And how many are there?" I asked as he took Yuri's head in his hands, before giving the final blow.

"Five" Not too many, we could managed it "Will it hurt?" I looked into his eyes for a moment. He cooperated, the least I could do was to give him some satisfaction to what was about to come.

"Look into my eyes" There was only strength enough for him to do that as Santiago's grip became tighter "You won't feel a thing. Everything is fine .Just, close your eyes and sleep"


"My work was done"

Two days. Two entire days! That's how long I've been away from my family! And that is never a good thing. I was dirty, hungry and angry, never a good combination for any vampire.

I missed my husband and my kids! Where are they?

"Where are Felix, Jane and Alec?" I asked the new secretary Georgia, or something like that, too fast for normal ears to understand. "Oh, leave it. What do you know? You're human" I tried to dashed to look for them, but I knew I had to report my status to the Elders. So, I gained my composition and entered the room.

"Lilith, there you are!" Master Aro was always happy to see me, as I was to see him. But, for some reason, he never let me stay in a room alone with him for a second .It's almost like I might discover something.

Like that would ever happen!

I did my bow in respect as he took my hands "Oh, I see you had a great trip! Four wolfs all by yourself .Don't let Santiago hear me, but you might hurt his ego" Caius chuckled form the side ,in time, I gained his respect, specially because I am so engaged on his hunt for werewolves .And that was a position not easy so achieve.

"Yes Masters" I made another quick bow as he dismissed with his hand and went back to his work. My job was done. I was free to see my family.

"Alec, Jane? Where ar…"I couldn't stop my sentence, as I was engulfed by four hands and tackled to the ground. Oh, how I missed this!

"Momma you came back!" It was impossible to say something coherent, when you have tiny mouth kissing your cheeks and hugging you to death .Literally.

"Why did you take so long?" They parted to let me speak .Is it possible for them to grow even more beautiful than two days ago? Of course it is! They are my twins after all!

"I know, and I'm so sorry i miei figli, but the situation got a little compl…"when I saw their eyes darkened, I knew I should change the subject before all diplomacy went away "BUT I am here now. And look what I've brought" Oh ,good thing they are only children and get easily distracted with gifts .I brought for Alec the first collection ofAnton Tchekhovto fulfill his need for knowledge .My son is so clever! As for Jane I brought the most delicate and beautiful babushka that I could find. Just like her!

"Oh thank you mamma! It's perfect!"

"Thank you mamma"

After I spent some time with my beautiful twins, it was time to look for my husband. Alec told me that he was out on patrol and that alone scared me. Of course he can mend on his own! I'm not saying he can't, BUT he's my husband and we make quite a perfect team.

Which is why I was caught by surprise when i entered our room to change and was swept away of my feet by two powerful arms.

"Humm, how I missed you" That was it .All that time apart ,all the loneliness I've been feeling ever since we parted ways broke and we got lost in each others arms.

"Can I just say how happy I am to see my wife back before she devours me?" If my eyes were opened I would see his smile. But it wasn't need.

"Oh, I am going to devour you? Funny?" I didn't have much control over my mind and body and it would all be gone in a few seconds.

"Can't I show you my gift to you first?" I was playing and he started to growl. I loved it.

"Now? What can be that important that can't wait?" I smiled and this time, I opened my eyes to find only lust in my husbands red orbs staring at me as I took his hands and put under my cloak.

"I'm wearing it"

And that was all that it took.

"A suicide vampire?" I was walking hand in hand with Jane. We just finished our shopping trip and she couldn't be happier .So, it was news to me when he heard the rumors about a vampire that wanted to end his life.

"But, why?" It was beyond me why anyone would want to do that. Human, I get it. They're weak and every excuse they have, they end their lives. But us? Why?

"I don't know mamma, but we have to be careful around this one. Aro said he can read minds without contact." Really? How interesting.

"Well, no one is going to make you do something you don't want to my sweet." I kissed her cheek and fixed her skirt as we entered the elevator. We decided to sneak and see what the fuss about this particular vampire was so important.

And the minute I saw him, I knew.

He had yellow eyes.

How was that possible?

"Hello Mr. Cullen"

OMG!Can anyone tell me who that is? ;)

non ora amante-not now lover



mia figlia, guardami-my daughter,look at me

Ti voglio bene mamma-I love you mommy

нет нет пожалуйста, не-no no please don't


i miei figli-my children