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Nice To Meet You

Edward's POV

It smells like death in here. Any being could sense it, vampire or not. Everything on this castle is dark, cold and ancient.

Eleazar once told us that the Volturi are famous for their image of fear and power .I see how they do that now.

But I know what I am doing. I don't have a reason to live anymore, and I have my sister Rosalie to thank for that .She was the only one honest enough to tell me the truth.

Bella is dead. She jumped of a cliff in La Push

It's over now. The mere spark of my happiness is gone .I have no reason to continue any longer.

"Come" I was received by a large shadow, their high Commander, Felix. I just wish he could end my suffering here and now. But no, the Volturi like a spectacle. I could see, from his cloak a smirk of disdain; I probably like worse than I am, but I can't see much of his thoughts. Something is blocking me.

"Hello Mr. Cullen" As we passed the main entrance and descend, to avoid tourists, I was absorbed with the sight in front of me.

It can't be

This…vision is not a vampire. It's…not natural.

My thoughts were dispersed with the sight in front of me. A woman, at least she looked like one.

I've never seen anyone so out of place as she looks at me now. Her skin doesn't have the chalky texture that most of the guards do, nor her vests are dusty from missions.

She must be from the higher command as well.

But the strangest thing happened when I tried to invade her thoughts.


She just smiled and lifted her perfect finger to her forehead and moved her finger; challenging me not to read her mind.

But, that's impossible.

"I don't think you want to invade my thoughts, are you, Mr. Cullen?" Her voice was…nothing like I ever heard before .I was troublous with that whole thing.

I can't read her mind.

Just like…

But I didn't have time to think much longer, because a primal growl came beside me.

"And I would very much like that you stay out of the Commander mind as well" When I looked up ,the first thing I saw was a pair of hallucinating red eyes, right before I was thrown across the room.

"Felix" Her tone wasn't accusatorial. I could see that no one ere would care about my safety very much "You just broke a 500 year old armor" She walked pass near me, but didn't stop.

"Welcome to Volterra, Mr. Cullen" It was the last thing before I've been lifted from the ground and tossed to the front gates.

Lily's POV

"Well, that was highly disappointing" I hugged my daughter that was waiting patiently for me. What an obedient child I have .Jane looks so much calmer now that I gave her a new doll. She didn't like when her brother receive more gifts than her .I say that she's not being fair, that I love my children equally .But ,right before she starts a tantrum, we go spend some mother/daughter time.

"Do you think that animal blood has done something to him" Her hair is a mess! I'll have to talk to Heidi about this. Every time Jane uses her power on her, my child eventually gets bored and starts to pull her hair a bit in annoyance. And I simply can't have that.

Oh Heidi, you're not even fun anymore .I need to get Jane a new toy.

"I think he's crazy, mommy" She doesn't even look up from her doll. Such an angel!

"What do you mean tesoro?" The entire palace was quiet .Probably wanting to hear what the masters were speaking to the yellow eye .Then again, the Volturi have other ways to keep their privacy.

"Think about it, mommy. Why would anyone want to drink from animals? We don't know how this might affect us or our powers! What if this is some sort of trick?" I stopped combing her hair, and she looked up at me.

"WE can not trust this vampire, or his coven, mamma" She looked at me straight in the eye and I could sense that she was frightened by something.

"No, my child" I hugged her, reassuring that everything was ok "We can not trust them"

I didn't cross paths with the yellow vam-Edward anymore. Because when I opened my door, my husband was back.

"Hello, my love" He looked happy and handsome, as always .But my opinion isn't very trustworthy when it comes to him "You look happy, what happened?" There was commotion on the castle again. Which means that the audience was over. That was quick.

"The American vampire, want us to apply the master penalty on him" the master penalty? But, I've never see a vampire, willingly wanting to die.

"But, why?" That truly was a first .I can't imagine a reason to why any vampire would be wiling to die. So, I sat beside my husband in our enormous bed, and waited for his response.

"He didn't want to tell us, but Aro looked into his thoughts and saw a human ,his pet or some sort .She died ,and now he wants to leave too" That sounds famili…


"Like me?" I stood up, abruptly, giving him no time to argue.

"Of course not! Don't say something like that, amore" He was nervous as well. But I couldn't think straight. That has never happened to me before!

"But, I was human when you found me. What if I died before you get me? That was what happened, ri…"I stopped, against my will, when I felt those strong arms engulfing me. If I was human, I wouldn't be breathing right now with his strength.

"Don't you ever say that to me, ever again" Oh my, he was furious .I didn't need to look up to see.

"What would I do without you?" His tone was soft once more, and I managed to crack my neck and see that, if he could, he would be crying right now.

"I couldn't exist in a world where you don't exist, my love" I kissed him, as fiercely as I could. All my worries melting away.

"I couldn't either, amore." I didn't even realize that we were on the floor. Well he was, I was on his lap, with hi cloak magically wrapped around me.

"Then, I guess we can understand how the Cullen vampire must be feeling now"

I did try to honor my word and be…less harsh with the Cullen vampire .And I even told Jane and Alec to stay away from him ,because ,for some reason, some may accuse my children to be intimidating.

And it worked fine, until…

"He's going to expose us" My son told us after our afternoon patrol.

Maybe Jane is right. Maybe he is crazy .Because, disrespecting our law, is to disrespect our own kind. And that is unacceptable.

"Felix, go with Demetri .Alec, go alert the masters." I could be the youngest of us, but when it comes to giving orders, I'm the most qualified. Aro's words, not mine.

"Yes, mamma"Oh, my son is so handsome when he smiles! He was the first to go.

"Well, what are you waiting for? You get to kill the freak" We were too engrossed in each other to notice others, and every vampire knew that the High Commander and his wife were not to be disturbed when together.

"Kiss goodbye?" My laugh echoed trough the room, but died when he crashed his lips on mine. Sadly, we couldn't stay that way for long.

"Go get him" And, with his devilish smile, he went to hunt the guilty.

My boys are so handsome when they smile!

"This can't be happening" I was beside Chelsea when a guard told us that the yellow eye vampire didn't expose us.

"That's good, I suppose" I looked at my friend, and she was nodding.

"But signora, he has done something worse. He brought a human with him"


"The one who's supposed to be dead?" It was time for Chelsea to scream "Don't they only die once?" She looked at me, as I was just like her: speechless.

So, not only this…couple has fooled us, but the Cullen also brought a human to our home.

"I have to see this with my own eyes"

Mr. Edward Cullen and his human are making me waste my time, and my family's .And that just won't do.

It seems that I've come just in time. Felix, Jane and Demetri were there, along with the culprits and another yellow eye .A tiny one, this time.

"Why don't we go inside, and talk a bit more, my friends?" As I walked, my cloak fell, and I could see perfectly the faces of our intruder's .The tiny vampire, had an average appearance; short hair, curious eyes, and an evident need to prove that she understood anything about fashion by using expensive designer's clothes.


Now, the other companion…

What .a. mess!

I don't judge vampires, or humans based on physical appearance. Because if I did, she'd be doomed! Squint from one eye, big front teeth, that can't close her mouth properly and shoulders thrown forward.

Oh my.

When I saw the smaller vampire squinting her eyes, I knew that she was trying to use her power, whatever it was, on me. And I simply can't have that.

"Oh, no" I made the same movement with my fingers, and she instantly stopped.

"I've become very curious about you ,little human" My family laughed .Apparently, every time I said something like that ,it usually didn't mean good news for the other part .oh well.

"What is your name?" I do try to be gentle. As possible, in our conditions .besides, I can't imagine someone like Edward or his coven mate, trying to stop me from asking a simple question.

"B-Be-Bella" Bella? Huh, what a strange name.

"Come on then, the other are rather curious about what could have made a vampire such as Edward here, putting everything at risk ,for you" I left no room to argue as I put my arms around her shoulders, and took her, gently ,beside me .It seems that Edward was a bit ,reluctantly over that.

I could care less.

The way to the elevator was quiet. There wasn't need much interaction between us, we knew that scheme by heart now. I was interested on the human. Why is she so important? I see nothing on her.

Another thing that was bugging me and that I could mask easily with my lack of expression on my features, were the long stares that the short vampire kept glancing at me.

"Is something on your mind .Mrs. Cullen?" She looked away ashamed, I had the impression that not many people are able to do that to her.

"My apologizes .It's just that you remind me of someone" Now that was interesting! I am the most beautiful vampire in the world! Who could I possibly be similar to?

That was amusing

"My sister, Ros…"She didn't have time to finish, because we reached our room and Jane rather harshly, pushed them out.

I'll have to talk to her about that later.

"Buon pomeriggio" The human secretary told us, with her eyes lingering dangerously up to my husband.

There was a reason why we didn't have male receptionists any longer. That was caused by my husband.

And there is a reason why female receptionists don't last longer, either. And that is because of me.

"Ciao Gia" See, I try to be polite.

"It's Gianna, Signora" And that is why I can't.

"Same thing to me" I don't have to do much to make them crack .instantly I felt her heartbeat increase and her eyes starting to water. Felix put his arms around my shoulders as we let our guests to pass.

"Amore…"I could feel his smirk as he took great humor on seeing how possessive I can be.

And don't you forget that!

Now, that is interesting.

It seems that I was wrong. The squint human does have her utility.

Master Aro can't read her mind! How is that possible?

I might become curious about it, but when the Master is curious, that becomes a completely different matter.

The vampire has committed a crime; there is no doubt about that. Master Aro has offered him a way out: he needs to die. But his human didn't accept it.

And now my husband needs to deal with it.

I am not a sadistic vampire. I know some who likes the pain and suffering .Not me .But I do like to see my husband showing off his skills to protect our kind. Is that too much to ask?

Which is why I was surprise when that shrunken yellow eye freak, tossed my beloved on the ground.

I didn't see anyone else, all I knew is that I had to get to him, and smash the skull of that traitor.

But Aro beat me to it.

He said that they could go.

I couldn't believe it! Just like that? Look what they have done! They need to pay.

When the night came, it was time for them to leave. Demetri was responsible for them until they cross the palace walls ,and because the masters knew how angry I was that the squint was able to block my daughters powers ,and consequently mine ,and that I wasn't in conditions to answer for myself after what they have done to my husband.

"I have to leave for a few minutes. Will you be alright?" I was on the sofa with Felix, and it was hard when I was so comfortable with him .My twins on the other room. But I had to get this out of my head.

"Where are you going?" My used to force to make him sit down. Even thought he couldn't be hurt physically, his ego was bruised.

"I just need to confirm something with the freaks" When I said that, my children were instantly beside me.

"What do you want with them, mamma?" They looked so worried. Oh my babies!

"Nothing is going to happen to me .I just want to ask something" I could see they weren't convinced 'I'll be fine. Demetri is there, probably scaring them to death with his glare" Not even a chuckle. Well, this is going to be harder than I thought.

"Alright, Jane is going with me. Alec, you stay and make Felix company." That was convincing enough for them.

I wonder what would make them so suspicious about the Cullens.

"Buonanotte, sorella" I'll admit, I wasn't expecting to see such a happy face on Demetri, but when I got in and saw the slightly panic expression on the vampires, and the way that Edward was crouched down in front of the bedroom door, I could only guess what might have happened.

"Don't worry, we came unarmed" I was smiling, but looked dead serious to them.

What was I doing here?

"Yes, what can we do for you, Signora?" Well, it was nice to know that they are calling me by my title. The High Commander's wife is the Signora, which means she is as equally as powerful as her husband in terms of technicality in battles and other political matters.

"I just would like to make a small question, before you go back to America" It was just a silly question, really.

So, why was I so curious about it?

"I can't see your future .You prohibited me" Oh yes, why was I extending this?

"Yes, I won't take your time any longer .Earlier you aid I remember someone. Who?" Jane suddenly grasps my hand with such force that I thought something happened to her. But she was fine.

"My sister,Rosalie"

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