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The Family of Blood

Alice's POV

Something is not right in this. The worst thing is that I can't see what is. Ever since Edward and I got back, I'm having the strangest feeling a vampire could have.


"What is it, Alice?" Not even my husband's attempt to calm me would make any result now.

"I have to talk to Rose for a minute, my love. I'll be right back" I pecked him and left. With our years as a couple, we never needed much of words. And I'm thankful for that now.

It is just so strange how much Signora Volturi reminded me of my sister. It wasn't her physical appearance; Signora is taller, her hair is longer and from a different color, and, as much as I hate to admit, her reputation proceeds: the most beautiful vampire ever .Knowing Rosalie, when the legend dispersed, before she was turned, her mood became terrible. Another thing she couldn't accomplish.

"Yes, what is it Alice?" As always, my sister was in front of her vanity, looking at her reflection. But this time, she didn't look happy .At all.

Because we made a vote, only to officially what we all knew: Bella is family.

"If you're here to try and talk me out of…"But I stopped her. I really didn't want to talk about this now.

"No, Rosalie, I understand you" She looked up and I come closer "I mean, I respect your opinion. But that's not why I came to talk to you"

"What is it then?" She was in no mood tonight. Then again, you didn't have to be a seer to know what'll happen next: Emmett will come back with 10 or 15 shopping bags and she'll forget all about it in no time.

"I just wanted to ask you if…"What was I supposed to say? What am I exactly looking for? "Any pictures of your human days" Her bedroom was filled with pictures of her trough the years, and I don't mean a few, I do mean a ton! Some, four or five of Emmett, but mostly hers.

"Why would you want pictures of my human years?" Her expression became confused. Ok, it was a weird request to any of us.

"I'm just putting together an album from us for Bella to see "Ok, that was even worse, but I had to try it"

"Bella? Are you kidding me?" Not that good "When half of us were made, photography wasn't even invented! Why should I waste my time on her?" This was getting out of hand. Good thing Esme came to my aid.

"Girls, what is the meaning of this?" I didn't tell her any of my theories, not even Edward. But I guess now it was the best time.

"Rosalie, Esme, I…you two better sit down"

"Sit down? We don't need to sit down. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ALICE?" Now the whole family was there, save Edward who went to take Bella home.

Well, this is it.

"Rosalie, I really don't know how to tell you this, but…"

Thank you husband, for your empathy.

"How much do you remember your human life?" She stiffened. Our previous lives were sensitive subjects, and Rosalie, being the most recent, was even touchier than the rest of us.

"I remember enough" she took an unnecessary pause "Why?"

"Did you have any siblings?"

"Alice, where are you going with this?" Carlisle was the one who turned my sister; maybe he would help me, since she seemed frozen with that.

"I was there when Rosalie was turned. She had no relatives besides her parents" Esme led Rose to her sofa, while she seemed to stunned to go on her own.

"I'm sorry Rose, I just wan…"

"I did" She whispered, and for a second, I thought it was the wind.

"What did you say, Rosie?" She flinched when Emmett came. Why?

"I had a sister. Older sister, I mean" The room was quiet; we never heard of Rosalie talking about her human family, and that was even more unusual, because all of us had, at some point, remembered our biological relatives. But no Rosalie.

"I didn't know that" Emmett was talking quietly, rubbing her arms. "What happened?"

"She was murdered. "Death was something we've grown used to, but that doesn't mean is always easy. Especially when we talk about family.

"We were out for one of my contests, and…she was never really with us…always doing her own things…"She chocked the unreal tears.

"What happened?" As much as Jasper wanted o control the situation, it wasn't working in his favor.

"They never found her body" It was all she said before looking at us, with a sad glint on her eyes.

"We later found out that she was teaching the children of the working families that lives by" She gave a weak smile "my parents were ashamed, thinking al sorts of nonsense. Even I was…"But we looked sympathetic, because we knew how much progress my sister made over the decades.

"But I understood later on. And I was so proud of her" I know that if she could, she would be crying tears of joy.

We all knew

"But Alice, why do you want know?"

"It's because….Rose, I don't want to push it, but do you have any photos of your family?"

Lily's POV

Now, I know they're on to something. Otherwise they'd never leave me alone.

"Giovanna!" I saw the human flinched when I approached. Good.

"It's Gia…"But I dismissed with my hand .I had little patience with the human staff.

"Do you know where my husband is?" That was a tricky question, and she knew that I knew it. If she says yes, I might eat her with the excuse of pursuing my husband (as he had done so many times in the past with the male human staff), and if she doesn't, I might eat her for incompetence.

"I…I…"I'll admit, this was just so fun.

"Sister, teasing the help again? Oh naughty, naughty"

"Brother, I'm simply asking for information to the underling" We dismissed her as my brother guided me outside.

"But, since you disturbed my playtime, I have something to ask of you" I love my brother .i truly do, and I want him to be happy!

"If I think that you are going to say is…"

"Well, I just met the loveliest vampire. She's from Prague, and…"

"No, no .You already know what I'm going to say"

"But, Demetri…"

"No buts. I know you, and your little magic doesn't work on me" He playfully pointed at my nose. During the 70's I discovered that my brother liked an american TV show called "Bewitched". Needless to say, it didn't go so well when my children and husband found out.

"Sister I adore you, and I appreciate very much that you want me to be happy like me and my husband"The imitation that he made of my voice was ridiculous, so I was laughing so much that all my troubles vanished.

"But, please, let me find love on my own" It was time like these I remember why I love my brother so much. He has the soul of a poet, that's why I want him to find someone. "Besides, it's embarrassing my little sister to be constantly looking for women for me to courtship" I patted his cheek. My wonderful brother.

"Alright, but you do know I just want you to be happy, right?" I squeezed his hand; it was a habit of ours.

"Of course I do. And I want the same for you"He kissed my forehead. He was the only one, besides my little Alec, that Felix allowed doing so "That's why I'm telling you that your husband is at the garden" I kissed his forehead in return

"And that's why you're my favorite brother!"

"I'm your only brother!" I heard his laughter as I went to find my husband

"There you are" It was unusual to find him on the garden; usually I have to take him there. I'm not a flower man, he says. "I was thinking you were hiding from me" I went straight for his embrace

"Me? Never"He kissed my head, taking my scent, as I did the same to him "I was just observing my favorite flower"

"Really? Which one?" The garden really is something unique. It had almost every plant, a collection that only grows trough the centuries. And one I loved to watch.

"Lily" How could I not love this man even more each day?

"Now, you're just saying that to get on my good side" I was so comfortably on his arms that I almost missed the playful grin on his lips "Why are you here, amore mio?"

"Just thinking, egregio" But his eyes said otherwise. What was the matter?

"Why don't we go spend some days at our house in Scotland? You always liked there" It's been a while since we don't go there. One of my favorite places in the world .So peaceful and green. But…

"What about The Masters? We just got back" It was true. And we are the upper level of the hierarchy. They wouldn't let us just go.

"It's already taken care of" Already? How? "The Masters see that we've been working very hard and we deserve some time for ourselves.

Really? That's nice .I've never seen The Masters being so good to the other vampires, but us.

"Cara mia, what do you think?" I only smiled. Of course, my Felix is always so worried about my well being, and I do the same for him.

"Sounds wonderful, my love. I can't wait" I kissed him, but before we could continued, I had to ask "What about my children? We won't spend too long away from them, right?

"They'll come to us on the following week" REALLY? That's the first time Felix ever let my children come along.


"Why?" Something about the whole thing was strange

"What do you mean?" He stroked the hair out of my face

"The last time, you almost dismembered Jane when she mentioned our trip. Why let them come now?" Of course I was thankful .It'd be our first family trip, and probably the first now where my twins wouldn't try to kill my husband.

But Felix became quiet and for a split second, his eyes showed…fear? No, of course not.

"We just want to take you out for a nice family time .Is that so bad?" How could I think anything other than the love of my family? I was just being silly.

"Perfect! When do we leave? "I was so excited that I even forgot all about the Cullen plan problems I wished to talk to him. My family is more important than that.

"What about tonight?"

"A bit soon, but I don't see why not" We never had to leave to early, only when a emergency occurred .I guess they really do want spend some family time.

I went to kiss my husband, when he made me the strangest question

"You know I do love you, right Lily?" I nodded "And I only do what's best for us" Of course I knew that! What was he trying to say?

"Felix, you are my whole existence! You would never do anything that would put me in any sort of harm. I know that" With a kiss, I stopped his nonsense monologue.

Alice is a smart one, isn't she?

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