I don't normally write fan-fiction but every once in a while I get inspired. This piece is a little dark and I just hope not too confusing.

This is also my entry for the Jello Forever October '09 Challenge. 'Frozen in time'

Disclaimer: Don't own anything

End game

It is a moment when everything slows down, when reality seizes to matter.

All that exists are two people locked in an embrace and the sharp edge between them.

Eyes filled with blind rage, every muscle, every thought focused on ending a life.

It has been building up to this for years; the losses, the countless disappointments, following clues, making plans, setting up the perfect final act.

The two of them in a remote location, no one else alive to bear witness.

A killer and the man whose life he has taken.

Neither one cares what happens after, as far as they're concerned when one of them dies the game is done.

A hand draws back, pulls out the knife. A body staggers and falls.

Time comes to a standstill.

The gun is slippery beneath his blood stained fingers but there's enough strength yet to raise his arm, enough to finish. Feels the cold curve of the trigger, the sound of bullets ripping through flesh.

The moment is broken as everything is suddenly flooded with light.

He watches from the ground as the man stands frozen, mouth wide in surprise, crimson blood pooling through the holes in his white shirt. The point where everything ends.

It falls, another body, no longer a man, no longer an enemy, dead

and the world comes rushing back

His head is filled with noise, sirens blaring, voices, people running

Faces hover above him

There is a metallic taste in his mouth, sticky warmth beneath his left hand, the place where the heart should be.

Its over, he feels it, can see it reflected in the green eyes of the woman leaning over him, tears and pain and hate.

They were his art

Can't help the triumphant laughter that escapes his lips as they take him away.

Ok, angsty I know but I like it. Perhaps I'll try for something happier next time. Reviews are welcome!