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Prologue: Water

His breaths were ragged and tore at his thin frame. His eyelids fluttered open and closed rapidly but he just couldn't seem to keep them completely open.

"Are you ready to tell us what we want to know?" the brown haired man, in his late forties, in front of him asked. Although it felt like he had no strength left in him, he wasn't about to give in just yet.

Through hooded eyes he spat at the man and smirked when the man looked disgusted. "So that's your answer? You think you are going to hold out on us forever? You think that this is the worst we will do?" the man laughed.

"You have no idea what they have planned for you. You will be granted a quick death if you spill everything now." he grit his teeth as the man grabbed his chin and forced him to stare directly into hazel eyes.

"I wont." he managed to whisper. The man snorted and shoved him backwards. He landed ungracefully on the concrete floor; dirty hair falling into his face.

"So be it then." the man turned heal and walked out the door. He was never the one who tortured him. And it was never the same person, or pair of person's everyday. They switched it up so he couldn't mentally prepare himself.

He was at a disadvantage.

Besides the major disadvantage of being their prisoner.

He laughed harshly at that; his throat hurt with the effort, completely parched from lack of water; and they had only been feeding him dry food with little to no moisture content.

He looked up at the sound of the door opening again and watched as a large metal tank was rolled in. That didn't bode well, whatever it was. This time his tormentor was a tall, large built, man with a shaved head.

They didn't bother with things like hiding their faces from him, showing him that he was never going to get free. But he wasn't worried... he would get out. Be it death or rescue, he would leave.

And he would never tell them a damn thing.

"You are in for a treat today!" the burly man said jovially. "I decided that since you haven't had much water in the past few days that you should get lot of it today."

He shrank back from the hands that grabbed at him but could no longer fight efficiently. His body could hardly support his own weight as he was dragged naked over to the tank.

They had taken his clothes the first day he had been there and hadn't given him anything to wear since.

Water torture... it wasn't going to be fun.

"But detective... you wont be going through this alone." he looked up curiously at his captor, none of his emotions showing other than weariness. "In fact, this is going to be broadcast live in just a moment, once Eli gets back."

Live? To who? Oh god please not-

"The entire world will be watching. You will be the first live broadcast and you won't even be dying." he felt almost sad at the last words but shook those thoughts off. He needed to stay strong, and if he were having suicidal thoughts he may as well just bite his own tongue. But he wouldn't, he needed to survive.

Eli, a small statured woman, walked in with a hood and cloak already in place, as well as a mask just in case the hood fell back. She gave matching items to the man and he watched as their identities were fully hidden and a computer was taken out and switched on; a red light lit up and he could just barely see the webcam.

The man had him in his grasp again and he wasn't even given any warning as his head was dunked into the icy water.

He couldn't breath, he had water in his mouth, and closing his lips did nothing for the amount he had already ingested. He was thrashing about but was held in place by the man; just when he felt he could take no more he was pulled free.

He was held up as he spat out water and his burning lungs gasped for air to fill themselves. He couldn't think. Breath in, breath out. Breath in, breath out. That was everything to him at the moment. He couldn't even concentrate on the words being said around him.

He didn't fight this time as he was submerged again. He had taken a deep breath, as deep as he could before the water was rushing around him again. But he was too tired to really hold all the air and was forced to expel it.

His chest burned and his heart beat rapidly in his ears like a drum. Spots formed in his vision and he fought once more. His head was beginning to hurt and his lungs gave out.

He swallowed water and closed his eyes in sorrow; he was dying.

And just as he had accepted the fact he was pulled free and tossed on the floor where he vomited up the water. He took shaky breaths and his chest wheezed in effort to support his life.

His head was lifted by his hair and this time he was able to focus on the speech.

"Now state your name for the camera, detective." his head lulled foreword and his greasy hair fell into his eyes though his face was still clearly visible.

"M-my name is..."

-End Water-

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