Chapter 1

"Going Back In Time"

"Tally Youngblood" a voice said in a distance. I sighed in relifed that someone finally called my name. I been wait in this waiting room for a hour now but finally it was my turn.

"Here" I yelled as i got up to walk to the women who called my name.

She smiled and said "Follow me ". she opened a door that took us to a hallway, and led me to the last door.

"Stay here i'll go get the doctor". The Women said again. i sat down on a chair and looked at the machine. It looked kind of small to me a time machine, but if it got her to go back in time to see Zane she wouldnt mind.

The door open and a man came in. "Hello , its nice to see you today. Are you ready to go back in time?" He asked me.

I shooked my head and swallowed.

"O.K then just tell me what date do you want to go back to?" he asked me again.

"November 19th 2115" i said.

"Oh, i see back when you where 16 so that you can change your past with Shay?".

"Um, well kind of liked that". I said back.

He looked down and pushed a couple of buttons. "Well, its all set. Ill see you again in 6 years".

The scientest pushed the start button and i was gone.