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She adjusted the collar of her uniform shirt after unhooking her seatbelt, then got out of her truck. She was already a few minutes late, but she wasn't overly concerned. It wasn't like the boss was going to say anything. This ambulance service was so much more lax than most counties. Running her fingers through her long blond hair once more in an attempt to smooth it down, she grabbed her purse and headed for the building that she had worked at for the last 9 years. There was no indication that today was going to be any different than every other work day in those nine years.

And she never realized that it would be. By the time the gunshot rang out, the bullet was through her forehead. Before the first of her coworkers had run outside, she was dead.


"So what we have is a small town in Tennessee with a possible LDSK," Jennifer Jareau, dropping a file in front of each member of her team.

"A sniper?" Spencer Reid asked, glancing through the file. "An employee and the director of the local ambulance service…"

"Anna McDowell was shot in the head three days ago in the ambulance service parking lot, and David Bowers yesterday." JJ added

"Attacks against medical personnel like this would most likely indicate some kind of… dissatisfaction… with the care provided." Reid was carefully studying the aerial photos of the ambulance service, carefully noting where the bodies had fallen and tried to figure out a trajectory.

"Disgruntled patient or angry family member?" asked Derek Morgan.

"There are three pending lawsuits against the service, no one involved would have the skill to commit this act. The only ones involved directly are a man paralyzed from the neck down following a car wreck and a 52 year old truck driver who's mother died of a heart attack. He has no military background and has been thoroughly investigated."

Reid suddenly spoke up. "These shots came from two different locations." The team all pulled out their copies of the picture he was looking at. "The office door where David was shot is on the opposite side of the building from the parking lot where Anna was shot."

"So he was specifically targeting office personnel at one time and crew at another?" Rossi asked. That didn't seem right…

Aaron Hotchner nodded. "Okay. Wheels up in thirty."


They were met at the Greenville airstrip by a city police officer who introduced himself as James. He shook Hotch's hand vigorously. "Welcome to Greenville! Man, am I glad you guys are here! This has been such a mess, and…" He trailed off, and his face twisted slightly. "Anna used to babysit my kids when they were younger. And David…"

"Yes?" prompted Hotch. "What about him?"

James looked away, obviously pained. "He's –was- married to the chief's baby sister. She's six months pregnant. She had to be hospitalized."

At the police station, they were met with total chaos. Six uniformed officers and four state troopers were trying to deal with at least fifty people from the town, all demanding answers. Which, of course, the officers had none. James led the team through the crowd, which was a difficult thing in itself, and into the back room, where he closed the door and gestured for the table. "Have a seat. I'll go try to extricate the chief."

With that, he was gone, and Morgan took a deep breath. "Wow… this is a circus."

JJ nodded. "Yeah, small towns like this don't have the resources or manpower to deal with a situation like this. Especially when one victim is the chief of police's brother-in-law."

"That's what we're for," Rossi commented, looking at a county road map hanging on the wall.

The door opened, and a man in his late thirties with short brown hair. "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, but it's a mess out there," he said. "I'm Adam Sanderson, chief of police here in Greenville." He offered his hand to Hotch, who rose from his seat to take it.

"I'm SSA Aaron Hotchner, this is SSA Morgan, Rossi, Prentiss, Jareau, and Dr. Spencer Reid."

Rossi stepped forward and offered his hand. "I'm very sorry about your brother-in-law. Is your sister doing okay?"

The chief set his jaw against the emotion threatening to emerge. "Thank you. No, she's not doing well. She was already on bed rest, and the stress of this has put the baby in even more danger." There was nothing anyone on the team could say to that, and a moment of silence followed before the chief spoke again. "So, anyway, you guys are here to help us catch the bastard who did this. What do you need?"