A short drabble that came about while I was thinking about a sequel to another of my fics :P

If there's one thing I never want to forget, it's our first kiss. I can't describe how it made me feel, other than so alive. To feel his lips move against mine for the first timeā€¦ it just felt right.

After the nightmare involving Tritter that started our relationship the week before, the furthest we had gotten was kissing on the cheek. We shared a bed but didn't cuddle. I longed for more but didn't want to rush things. But when he came home from work one day in a good mood and kissed my cheek in greeting, a voice inside me screamed to go for it.

As he headed for the kitchen, I stood up and stopped him by grabbing his elbow. Turning him to face me, I think he knew what I was about to do, and was equally nervous. I softly kissed his cheek, then the corner of his mouth. He stiffened, and I briefly wondered if I'd made a mistake. I'm sure he could feel my breath hitting his face in short bursts. I slowly put my arms around his waist and pulled him towards me. Then, ever so carefully, I slid my lips across to meet his.

At first I was met with nothing, no response, and couldn't help but shake at the thought that I'd ruined the most precious thing I had - our friendship. Then to my utmost relief I felt him kiss back, his arms going around my neck. This felt so perfect that I never wanted it to end, but I needed oxygen. When I pulled away our lips parted with a soft, wet smacking sound. He looked at me, and by the gleam, excitement and love in those eyes I knew I'd done something good. We spent the rest of that evening exploring this new aspect of our relationship. When we went to bed I cautiously spooned into him, and only when he covered my hands with his was I able to relax.

It took us another month or so to have sex, and while that too would always be burned in my mind, my first kiss with him was just something else altogether.

As I stared at his sleeping form, his head resting on my bare chest, I knew that I loved him, more than I've ever loved anyone, and I also knew that I couldn't wait to spend the rest of my life with James.