Jaden woke up the next morning, same old bed but new house. His arm drapped around Jesse's torso. Jesse slept like a log. Jaden ran a hand threw Jesse's hair. Jesse was his, he was having Jesse's second child and he had the perfect job. "Wake up sweety," Jaden whispered. "Got to - Oh no!"

Jaden ran for their master suite, lifting the toilet seat and bowing his head. His stomached emptied soon enough. This was the third time he had to suffer this. I'm sick of this, he thought. Maybe I should see a doctor. "You okay Jay?" Jesse yawned walking into the room. Jaden nodded. "Good, now I've got to get ready. Or do you want me to have the day off and take care of you."

"Well I was going to go to the doctor but why go out for one when there's one right here," Jaden smirked.

"I'll have a personal day then," Jesse said kissing the top of Jaden's head. "I'll go and get Ruby ready for day care then."

"Did you hide her birthday present?" Jaden asked wiping his mouth.

"Of course, now get some rest. Doctor's order!" Jesse purred.


The sound of crying echoed to their bedroom. Zane yawned, tying his robe. He made his way to the nursery where Cyrus was crying. He's only six months old and already has a good pair of lungs on him, Zane thought picking up his baby boy. "Hey you," He cooed. "You hungry. Let's go and see if Mama finished breakfast."

Zane carried Cyrus downstairs to the kitchen where Emily had already prepared breakfast. "Great, I'm starving," Zane laughed. "And so this one."

Cyrus yawned slightly and started to suck on his thumb. Emily turned around seeing Zane crouching down to James in his high chair. "Good morning," Emily cheered hopeing over to Zane. She gave him a "good morning kiss" before taking Cyrus. "Is someone hungry? I think he is!"

Zane grabbed James, hugging him tightly. "How's my big boy?" He asked.

"Dada!" James laughed.

"Look at you too," Emily cooed giving Cyrus his bottle. "The only difference between you two is your hair."

"Mama, can we go to the park today?" James asked.

Zane shrugged. "I don't see why not," He said. "I mean the school is closed today. I think it would be good for these two. And maybe later we could go and drop Ruby's present off."

"That's a good plan right there," Emily said. "That's why I married you!"


Jaden finished getting the room ready for tonight. He put a giant birthday banner over the fire place, the cake was in the oven and ribbons and ballons hung from the ceiling. Everything was going to be perfect for his daughter's birthday. Sparky came dashing in, a big blue bow around his neck. Jaden laughed, patting his head. "Good boy," Jaden said. When the door bell rang. Jaden ran to answer the door, Sparky right by. He opened the door to show Zane, Emily and their sons. "Hey you guys," He greeted. He pointed to the huge present behind them. "If that is for Ruby I swear to God she will love you!"

"Look we can't stay long," Emily stated. "We're going to the park after going to Zane's mother."

"Yeah so I'll hand this over," Zane said giving Jaden the present. "And James didn't you want to give something."

James held out an envelop. Jaden smiled taking it. "Thank you guys," Jaden sighed happily. "But right now I need to lie down. Still got some morning sickness in me."

"See you later then," Emily said kissing Jaden's kiss. "Say bye Cyrus."

"Bye," Jaden laughed as Zane dragged his family off.


Jaden sat back and relaxed, that is until Jesse came rampaging in with their daughter. Ruby jumped into his lap. "Dada," She yelled.

"You know I think it's time for the birthday present," Jaden said signalling for Jesse to go and get the present.

Ruby cheered when Jesse returned with a huge box wrapped in pink paper with a red bow. Ruby jumped onto the floor, ready to open it. "Go a head," Jesse said.

Ruby didn;t take long to rop it open and gasp at the contents. It was a giant Cinderella doll houser. With a Cinderalla doll and you could change her dress, a prince charming, a fairy could mother, the mice, the dog and hourse and the evil step family. "Thank you so much, Dada and Papa."

"No problem sweetheart," Jaden smiled picking Ruby up. "We love you so much Ruby. We don't want to let you go."

"Dada's right," Jesse smiled too. "We hope you've had a good birthday so far."


Emily sat against thee hospital wall. She didn't care of people saw her. Zane came outside and ran a hand threw her hair. "He'll be fine," He assured.

"But we tired so hard for him," Emily sobbed. "Why Zane? Why!?"

Zane held Emily close. "James is a fighter, like his mother," Zane smirked. "He'll be fine."

Zane better be right.


That night Jesse and Jaden laid in bed, side by side. "You think Ruby will like being an older sister?" Jaden asked worridy.

"I know she will," Jesse said kissing Jaden's pink pulp lips. "Good night my love."


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