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Jesse finished putting on his doctor's jacket, ready for his first shift. One of his nurses came running into the changing room. "Doctor Anderson!" She exclaimed. "There is a couple here saying you know them and they want to talk to you about their son."

Jesse nodded deciding it was in their best interest if he had a look at their son. Jesse walked down the hall to the children's ward. When he got to the room the nurse had informed him about, he saw Emily in Zane's arm's curled into a ball. "What are you guys doing here?" Jesse asked worridly.

"We've asked for you to look at James, Jesse," Zane sighed heavily.

It panged Jesse right in the heart. He figured they would ask for him to help because if there was bad news, it wouldkill him. Jesse leaned down and put a hand on Emily's shoulder. "I know his is hard but fist I'm going to have to go into his room and take a look at this situation," Jesse said putting on a smile. "I can't promise much. But I can say whatever happens you'll get the full support from us here at the hospital, okay?"

Emily nodded slightly. Jesse walked into the room first. Zane helped Emily stand up. "Whatever happens it'll be all okay," Zane assured.

"H-how can we be sure Zane?" Emily cried, buring her face in Zane's chest. "We didn't see your cancer coming!"

"Come on," Zane said pushing Emily away. "You have to be strong."

Zane lead Emily into the room. James jumped into his mother's grasp. "All it is, is a hole in the heart," Jesse explained with a smile. "Oxygenated blood and deoxygenatedblood are passing eaching. By the looks of this we are going to have to wait a year to see if its closing up by itself or weather he'll need an operating."

"Oh thank God," Emily sighed happily. She knelt down to James and hugged him tightly. "When we get home mama will make some hot chocolate and we'll watch Monsters vs Aliens. Does that sound good?"

Zane sighed in relief. "Thank goodness for that," Zane smiled. "Thanks for that Jesse."

"All in a days work," Jesse said. He ran a hand threw his hair. "But I'm afraid he's going to be careful when playing sports."

"Damn hoping he was going to be a soccor player too," Zane joked.


Jaden rushed around the kitchen, trying to put out the fire one of his chefs had started. One of the waiters rushed in with the fire extinwisher, sucessfully putting out the fire. Jaden sighed in relief. "Thank you, Kyle," He bowed.

"No problem," Kyle breathed. "But be more careful. You and that baby of yours sure are going to cause plenty of trouble."

-one else. Everyone gathered around Jaden and started cooing and his stomach. Jaden had only told Kyle so far, no one else. "So what is it?" One of the waitresses asked.

"I don't know yet," Jaden giggled. "I'm only a month along."

"Oh, you're so lucky," The girls whined.

"Yeah, they're right," Kyle sighed, with a sad smile.

"You'll get that one day," Jaden assured. He patted Kyle's back with a big smile. "Now let's get these orders cooked."

Everyone cheered, Jaden sure did know how to make the best of a bad situation.


At Little Learner's Daycare, Ruby sat playing in the sandbox with her best friend, Alex. Ruby met Alex on the first daycare. "See Alex, now we have castles to rule over Alex!" Ruby cheered. "I can be the Queen and you can be the King."

"I'll go and get the crowns," Alex said going over to his bag.

Ruby carried on playing in the sands when three boys from the pre-school came over and started to knock the castles down. Ruby watched with tears in her eyes. "A-Alex!" She wailed.

Alex ran over to the sandbox and hugged Ruby. He looked up to the big boys and yelled, "Big bullies. Why did you so that?"

"She's a freak," The leader laughed. "She has two daddies. Not a mommy."

"And you're a freak for being her friend," Another of the boys laughed.

Ruby's teacher saw this and ran outside. "You boys go back to your class," She ordered. The teacher picked Ruby up and started to carry her inside. "Come on, let's get you some juice, and we can play inside. Hurry up now Alex."

Alex ran in after them. Ruby started to calm down, but really wanted to play in the sandbox today.


Jaden walked through the door to his home. There had been an afternoon rush and it was too stress full for him. Jaden's sigh was interuppted when a sharp pain ran through his lower stomach. He leaned back against the wall. "Oh God," He cried. "Jesse. Help." Jaden continued to cry as he slid onto the couch. "Oh God, help me."


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