Hey guys. I'm writing a new story. This is not my first story. This is not my first twilight story either.


Life is Hard:


Bella, Alice, and Rosalie are all sisters. Their mother just died. Their father is abusive and just doesn't give a care about them. Alice and Rosalie are adopted. What happens when they meet 3 boys that might change their future?


Bella's POV:

I'm Isabella Swan. But people call me Bella. I am the plain one out of my sisters. I have plain brown hair. Big brown eyes. And a slender body. That isn't too attractive.

I don't have a mother and my father is abusive and couldn't care less about me and my sisters. He hated us. He wanted us dead, but he didn't want to do the job himself.

Painful Like, right?

Life is Hard, though. And we can't do anything about it.

Rose's POV:

My name is Rosalie Hale. But I'm known as Rose to my loved ones, which are Alice and Bella. I'm adopted, so I'm actually Rosalie Swan. I'm beautiful on the outside. I have blonde hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and I have curves, models would kill for. I would trade my looks in for a normal life with my sisters.

Bella&Alice are beautiful. Bella doesn't know it though.

Like I said, my outside is beautiful, and you would be jealous. But if you heard all the shit I have been through, you would be so lucky. I have a dead mother and a poor excuse for a father.

Life is Hard, but what can I do?

Alice's POV:

My name is Mary Alice Brandon. But you can only call me Alice. Well, I'm technically known as Alice Swan. Yes, I'm adopted. My mom is freaking dead and my dad is a bitch for abusing me and my sisters. Yup, I said sisters. I'm related to Bella and Rosalie.

I am super short, with pixie like features. That happens to be "beautiful" these days. But I just don't really see gorgeous. I see pretty, but that's only what I see. Maybe I would see different if my dick head of a father didn't insult me constantly.

My life is hard, but I can't change it.