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Bella's POV:

I was laying in bed with Edward listening to his ipod when he was being extremely sweet. He told me "I was the reason for his existence." Well, that definitely made me swoon. I leaned in and gave him a kiss, which was completely amazing when I was interrupted by the door slamming open and I girly scream being let out. Edward glared at Emmett while I shot him a confused look.

"Get a room!" Emmett shrieked out covering his eyes with his hands. "Dear brother, we were in a room with the door closed." I stated evenly. "Gonna get some action? Good job, bro!" Emmett declared putting his hand out for a high five, but dropped it awkwardly when me and Edward shot him an incredulous look.

"Now, can we get the real reason you decided to rudely interrupt us?" Edward shot raising an eyebrow. "What? I can't visit my brother and my favorite sister without have an alternate motive?" Emmett joked. Alice skipped softly into the room hitting Emmett lightly on the shoulder. "Hey! I heard that! But the real reason Emmett was here is because I sent him to retrieve Bella, but he failed. Now come on, we're going to the beach!" Alice giggled loudly.

Yes, we're on vacation! We are currently in Los Angeles, California! Apparently, the Cullen's own a beach house here! They visit every other summer. I wouldn't mind going to Venice Beach, it'd be nice. I don't want to leave Edward though. I sighed.

"You can't make me go!" I yelled going to hide under the covers. Edward just laughed at me, but Alice let out an aggravated sigh and marched over to me. I felt Edward put a protective arm around my waist. Suddenly, there was a thump and Edward's arm was not around my waist. "Ouch, Alice! You are pretty strong for being so tiny!" Edward complained. Then, Alice was dragging me to her room.

I sat there glaring at the wall while sitting on Alice's bed. "Oh stop whining!" Alice bellowed through something at me, which made me fall. Oh how I missed the floor. "Clumsy are we?" Alice giggled while skipping into the bathroom. I glared, but then decided to see what she threw at me. I was met by a very skimpy bathing suit.

"Mary Alice Brandon! What is this?" I shrieked at her when she came tying her top part of her bathing suit. "A bathing suit," Rosalie said slowly while entering the room. "I'm not wearing this," I said defiantly. "Okay, Bella. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. But in the end, you will wear it," Alice told me. I just groaned but went to change knowing I could not argue against her.

"In the jeep!" Emmett yelled while grabbing a surf board; running outside. We all ran towards the jeep. I sat on Edward's lap. Rosalie was in the passenger seat next to Emmett and Alice was sitting next to Jasper. Carlisle and Esme took their own car for "privacy". I feel as if they didn't want to be seen with a bunch of teenagers.

Suddenly, the song "California Gurls" by Katy Perry came on. How freaking ironic? We were in California & riding in a jeep. We started to sing very loudly attracting the attention of many. It's like a scene in a movie where the popular girl walks in and everyone turns & stares at her. We were the popular girl. How weird.

Finally, Emmett found a parking spot after 10 minutes of driving in a circle. We ran as fast as we could through hot sand-which wasn't fast enough for our feet to not get scorched- to set up our beach towels. I pulled off my jumper and suddenly felt very self-conscious. I mean come on, you would be too! Alice and Rose pulled off their clothes too.

"Damn!" yelled Emmett attracting more attention! "I agree," Jasper said eyeing Alice. "Woah," Edward remarked. "Wow, yourself," I said not caring that I was being rude and staring at his 6 pack. "Honey, can you put sunscreen on me?" I asked. "Yeah, babe," Edward replied rubbing my back slowly. I soon turned around to put sunscreen on his amazingly chiseled body.

"Last one in the water is a rotten egg!" screamed Emmett getting a head start to run into the water. I ran as fast as my legs could move because come on; who wants to be the rotten egg? Unfortunately for Alice, she was the last one in due to her short legs. "You're a rotten egg," I teased. Alice did her puppy dog pout and Jasper put his arms around her waist and kissed her forehead.

"Let's play tag!" Rosalie suggested. "Not it!" we all screamed, but Emmett screamed it 2 seconds after we did. Some times I pray for that boy. Emmett was it and we all tried to swim away from him. We all swam around trying to be it. I know, we were being very childish! But who cares? It's vacation! I ended up being it like twice! Finally, I suggested volleyball because well, I love volleyball!

"Volleyball? Boys vs Girls? You up for it?" I smirked at them. "Bring it!" exclaimed Jasper. "Oh, don't worry, we will," Rosalie replied smiling. "We're gonna kick some ass!" proclaimed Emmett when an angry looking parent went up to him. "I suggest you refrain for profanity on this beach! This is a family orientated beach!" the person declaimed while stalking away muttering something about "teens" and "stupid."

We burst out laughing at the situation. Then, we started to play volleyball. I served it over hand and watched as it sailed over the net, no one touching it. Ace! We continued to bump, spike, and serve it back and forth. But the boys "won" by 2 points. It was totally unfair because they were calling out fouls for the dumbest things!

"Who's the winner now?" gloated Emmett doing a little happy dance. "Well, you cheated!" emphasized Rose. "Nuh-uh!" Emmett said back. Rosalie just scoffed at him, but soon jumped on his back for revenge. He just laughed at gave her a piggy back ride down the beach. Jasper lifted Alice bridal style up and raced behind Rosalie and Emmett. Edward and I were the only ones left, I saw out of the corner of my eye Edward looking at me.

"Oh no! You are not lifting me up!" I said running, but he caught up with me. He threw me over his shoulders, while I laughed at him. We walked back to our spot and saw Esme & Carlisle reading.

"Hey guys!" I said waving at them. "Hello, dear," smiled Esme. "You girls liking the vacation?" asked Carlisle. "Yes, we're loving it," gushed Alice. "Well, there's a bonfire tonight. Would you guys like to go?" asked Esme. "Oh! Yeah, sure," Rosalie sang happily.

"Well, let's go home to get ready," suggested Jasper. "Sure. What time does it start?" asked Edward. "Around 7. So, we should head home now," said Alice. We packed up our stuff and headed home. We took fresh showers and went to put on the freshly laid out clothes selected by Alice. Alice gave me a cute, short flower print dress and some flip flops. I threw my hair into a curly bun.

Emmett then drove us back to the beach, just after the fire had been lit. It was a beautiful scene. You could see the the sunset and the silhouettes of people's figures in the distance. The sky was decorated with many colors; stars being here of there in the sky. We all took a seat by the logs, wrapped in light blankets; watching the flames lick the tips of the logs.

"Guys, this is my favorite vacation yet," Rosalie said quietly, but everyone heard her. "Agreed," I said putting my 2 cents , we started to talk amongst each other. I sat there and pondered for a bit while the others carried into their conversations animatedly.

"Y'all?" I asked getting there attentions as they turned toward me.

"I want to say something. I used to think 'Life isn't fair.' Life's a bitch and that Life is Hard. But I don't regret it at all. Not even once. Life being Hard brought me to you guys. That could be the best thing that's happened to me. I'm sitting here with all my favorite people. So, yeah Life may be Hard, but with y'all. anything is possible," I observed even tearing up a bit.

"I love you," Edward whispered into my ear. I flashed him a smile and kissed his cheek.

"I agree. Sure life could've been better, but right now. Nothing could be better than this," Alice commented.

"Yeah, Life is a bitch, but if it was easy; it'd be a slut," Emmett said as we laughed at the oddly enough true statement.

"Yeah, we've have our fights, but who hasn't? We've been through hell and back; and I'd do it again in a heart beat for you guys. Throughout this whole trip, I've figured something out. Life is Hard, but with the ones you love, it doesn't matter. Every single second is worth it," added Rosalie.
We all exchanged our genuine smiles and we cherished this precious moment as we would with along with all the others.

The End

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