Jeff laid back in the sand and buried his toes into it. This was nice. A nice, relaxing day at the beach was exactly what he needed at the moment. Life out on the road had him stressed, and he needed to take advantage of his time to relax. He had the next three days to do whatever he pleased and he was going to take advantage of it. Although in all honesty, he probably should have been taking advantage of it in the water because it was hotter than hell at the moment, but he couldn't get the motivation to get up. Sighing, he put his arm over his eyes. Maybe the sun would go shine one someone else for a little while so he wouldn't sweat to death.

"Doggy pile!"

Jeff grunted as two bodies landed on top of him. He took his arm away from his eyes and saw that Shane and Shannon were on top of him. He tried to tell them to get the hell off of him, but he had no air in his body to do so. So he just resorted to hitting them both on their backs as hard as he could.

"Get off my boyfriend you ass clowns! You're fucking squashing him!"

Shannon and Shane got off of Jeff just as Chris was coming over to kick their asses. Jeff coughed and gasped for air, holding on to his ribs as he did so. The doggy pile thing hadn't actually hurt that badly, but it still was a somewhat unpleasant surprise. "Guys, what the hell?" he managed to say after a couple of minutes.

Shane at least had the decency to pretend to look sorry. "Sorry man, we were just joking around. We weren't really trying to hurt you."

Chris glared at him while helping Jeff up to his feet. "Well have fun at someone else's expense. Why can't you guys go bug Matt?"

Shannon pointed out to the ocean. "Dude, he and Mor are practically fucking out there. Matt gets scary when we try to interrupt his sexy time."

Despite the pain in his ribs, Jeff giggled. "Sexy time? Really Shan? Did you really just say that?"

"Yes I did," Shannon replied. "What are you going to do about it? Huh?" He playfully shoved Jeff. "Come on Hardy, tell me what ya gonna do about it."

"I'll do this!" Jeff tackled Shannon and started playfully hitting him. They began rolling all around the sand, smacking each other and making a scene.

"Go Shanny!" Shane cheered. "Kick his ass!"

"Bitch please, this punk don't stand a chance against Jeff," Chris said.

Shannon and Jeff stopped play fighting to stare up at Chris in disbelief. "Dude, don't ever say "bitch please" again," Shannon requested. "That sets gay people everywhere back like a hundred years."

Jeff nodded in agreement. "I love ya Chrissy but even I don't want to hear that come out of your mouth."

Chris pouted. "Oh come on. It didn't sound that bad."

"Oh yeah?" Shane challenged. "How much are you willing to bet on that?"

Chris rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He was still pouting, which made Jeff feel kind of bad. "Oh Chrissy," he said as he got up to his feet. He put his arms around the older man's neck and gave him a kiss. "Don't be like that."

"Why not? It gets me lots of kisses from you."

"Oh, so you're using me for my kisses now? I'm so insulted." Jeff tried to pull away but Chris held on tightly.

"Oh you're not going anywhere," the Canadian said with a smirk. "I've got you right where I want you."

"Damn it, why are these people always so damn mushy?" Shannon grumbled. "Seriously, can't they keep it in their pants?"

"We don't keep it in our pants," Shane pointed out. "I'm just sayin."

"Helms, when we make out and stuff, it's hot. When everyone else does it, they need to knock it off cuz we're not involved."

"How about you two just go away?" Jeff growled at his long time friends. He loved the both of them to death, but they were getting on his nerves. "Can't you see that we're trying to make out here?"

"We do see it," Shane said. "That's the problem."

Chris made a move like he was going to slap the hell out of the Hurricane and both Shane and Shannon took off running. "Damn idiots," Chris muttered. "I wish we scared them like Matt did. Maybe then we could get some peace and quiet when we try to make out."

Jeff shook his head. "I wouldn't exactly say that we're quiet. He looked around and saw that there really weren't all that many other people on the beach with them. Feeling frisky, he groped Chris through his swim trunks. "Usually our making out turns into something that is very loud and sweaty."

"That's a good point," Chris said. "But that loud and sweaty stuff is fun." He smirked deviously. "Especially when I can make you scream my name over and over again."

Jeff grinned. "Maybe if you play your cards right, we could do that when we get home."

"Why wait till then? Let's give everyone here a show."

"We could...if you can catch me." Jeff slipped out of Chris's grasp and took off running as fast as he could. He heard Chris curse under his breath before chasing after him and that made him laugh. He was faster than Chris but he did plan to get caught--eventually. He just wanted to make Chris work for the nookie for once.

"Jeffery Nero Hardy, this is not fair!" Chris shouted. "You cannot grope me and run away!"

"Sorry! Can't do that!" Jeff started running even faster. This was actually pretty funny. Poor Chris didn't stand a chance at catching him. "Come on Chris! You should--"

The sand underneath Jeff's feet suddenly gave out and he found himself falling into a hole that he didn't even know that was there. He landed with a painful thump, nearly breaking his own arm by landing on it. Coughing and shaking sand out of his hair, he looked around. It literally looked like he was inside some underground cave. The ground beneath him and the walls around him were all rock and it was much cooler down there than it was up above it. Now how the hell there was a cave here, he did not fucking know. He had been to this beach a hundred times and he had never stumbled upon anything like this before.

"Jeff!" Chris shouted. "Are you okay?"

Jeff looked up. Chris, Matt and Mor were looking down at him. "Yeah," he said shakily. "I think I'm okay."

"Shane and Shannon are going to go find something we can use to help pull you out," Matt said. "Just stay calm."

"I am calm!" Jeff shouted. He rubbed the arm he had landed on as he tried to see if there was anyway he could just jump up and grab someone's hand. Seeing as how he had actually fallen a good ten to fifteen feet, he didn't see that happening. Not unless he suddenly became Kofi Kingston anyway.

So with the jumping idea not happening, he started looking around to see if he could climb up the wall. But as soon as he touched the wall, his hands became all wet with some weird, blue sticky shit. "Yuck!" he said in disgust.

"Dude, don't touch anything down there!" Mor yelled. "There could be poisonous things in there."

"Why would you say that?" Chris asked. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack or something?

Jeff shuddered and kept looking around. The only real light he had was from the sun shining down above him, but strangely, he could no longer feel the heat from it. In fact, terrible chills were going through him, making his teeth chatter violently. The feeling that he was not alone down there began to overtake him, and it was scary as hell.

"Jeff?" Matt said. His voice was filled with concern. "Jeff what's wrong?"

Jeff couldn't answer him. His voice was stuck inside of his throat. He took a few tentative steps towards the darkness. Now he was aware that doing what he was doing was completely stupid and it got dumb bimbos killed all the time in horror movies, but he couldn't help himself. Something was literally pulling him forward, making him go to where he didn't want to. What the fuck? No, I have to get out of here! What the fuck is happening to me?

"Sweetie?" Chris called out. "Honey come back here! Shane and Shannon are coming back with the rope."

Once again, Jeff's voice got caught in his throat. He began to breathe quickly with fear as he entered the darkness totally. He couldn't even see his own hands and they were right in front of him. Failing at dragging his own feet, he went deeper and deeper into the cave. Just when he thought he was going to have a full blown panic attack, a blue light illuminated the area around him, taking him completely by surprise. Blinking until his eyes adjusted to the sudden light, he looked and saw that he had stumbled upon a coffin. At least, it looked like it was supposed to be a coffin. It wasn't made out of wood though. It was made out of stone and it had all kinds of weird engravings on it.

Hearing the others yelling for him off at a distance, Jeff found his hand moving against his will to touch the lid of the coffin. As soon as his fingertips began tracing the engravings, the lid literally flew straight up and burst into pieces. Jeff let out a scream and tried to jump back, but only succeeded in falling down. Landing on his back, he groaned loudly. His whole body felt incredibly weak and shaky. Trying to regain control of himself, he started to sit up. But as he did so, he noticed something crawling out of the coffin.

The thing had brownish/blackish skin, sunken in red eyes, one long slit where its nose was supposed to be and some weird, red, snake skin like plate on its chest. It stared at Jeff hungrily, grabbing his ankle before he could regain his bearings and run away. He let out a scream and tried to kick his way free, but the thing grabbed his other foot and pulled him closer. He nearly stopped breathing as it put its face right next to his. He could feel its hot breath and he nearly threw up. It smelled so much like death that it was sickening.

"So pretty," the creature rasped out. It licked the side of Jeff's face with its green tongue, making Jeff wince. Being licked by this thing was not like being licked by a person or an anmial. When this thing licked him, it literally felt like he had a whole bunch of maggots crawling around on his face.

"Jeff! Jeff!"

Jeff heard Matt and Chris's voices and saw the reaction the creature had when it heard them. It looked absolutely ready to kill them. Suddenly terrified for his boyfriend and brother, he found the strength to shove the creature off of him and somehow managed to scramble up to his feet and take off running. He went back the way he thought he had come and ran straight into Chris and Matt.

"What the hell were you doing?" Matt asked. "We've been yelling at you for--"

"Just come on!" Jeff urged. He started trying to pull them away from where that fucked up creature was. "I want to get out of here!"

Chris looked at Jeff with concern. "Honey what the fuck is wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"Chrissy please, I just want to get out of here." Jeff was almost in tears now. He was so beyond freaked out at the moment and he wanted nothing more than just to get the fuck out of there.

"Okay okay, we'll go," Chris said quickly. He and Matt lead Jeff back to where the others had a rope hanging down, just waiting to pull them back up. Jeff's heart didn't stop pounding in his chest until he was actually back out though, and even then, a slight unpleasant feeling stayed deep inside of him. That thing...what was it? Did he even want to know? Collapsing down on to the sand, he tried to get his breathing back under control. He was out of there and he was safe. That was all that mattered.