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His hand covered mine, and his black hair shined in the dim lighting. His piercing eyes scorched my heart and soul. He rolled our hands into a fist and kissed my cheek. He was a man of few words, yet his eyes danced and spoke for him, letting me know what he needed, what he wanted, or what he hated. Anything. The rain dripped off the roof but my heart raced so race and loud, I couldn't even tell that it started raining. His lips shook as I leaned in closer. He went to close the small gap between us.

"Naumi Haruki, get up! You'll be late for school!" Mom slammed my door and went back downstairs. I got up and brushed my hair. After putting on my uniform, I headed downstairs. I grabbed some toast and went for the door to catch the morning bus to school, Rikkai Daigaku. I pouted as I sat down and finished my toast on the large bus, mumbling. "I was having a good dream too." And it always seems to end there. I've had those same dreams about Sanada-sama for years, yet it always altered a bit. Last night was in my room, while it was raining, but it was stronger. Like we both wanted to be closer. Yet again, now that I think about it, I haven't been able to see him lately. It sucks, a lot. He's always at practice, and he seemed to speed up his hallway pace, so I don't see him pass by. Well, he only knows me as the treasurer of all the classes of the 3rd years, anyway, so I know he can't be mad at me. Is he mad at one of his friends? Nah, Sanada-sama isn't like that. He's a very civilized person. One of his many qualities that attract me. Maybe he's stressed.

I walked of the stairs of the bus and went into the classroom. I knew I could just relax now, because this was, after all, the last week of school. Sanada-sama entered the room with the same grace as usual. He sat on the other side of the room, hidden in the large crowd of people. That's what set me off the most. He's in my home room, yet I cant see him, ever. It's like he's so quiet he's not even there. And to him, I'm not there. Sanada-sama isn't interested in those kinda things. Tennis is one of his main interest. I've been working hard, though. I've been practicing tennis, not for the love of Sanada-sama, but for the love of the game. Although, I guess you could say it is a side reason. If I want to work harder I think of Sanada-sama, but if I'm playing a normal match, everything disappears. It's like there's nothing but me, my opponent, and the ball. But, right now, I have a goal, and that is to play a doubles match with Sanada-sama. First step of getting there, stop calling him sama. That might make him angry.

I got ready for my fist class, english. My best subject, since my father travels a lot, and always brings me back things to learn the languages, movies and learning videos, the usual helpers. English was my favorite, because a lot of english foreigners came here, and I could have conversations with them...sometimes. We had been working on a worksheet to translate english to japanese, vise versa. To say I always had the upper hand is an understatement. I'm passing this class with flying colors, just like math. Education is the only thing that comes naturally to me, and I'm sometimes called the nerd. But most of the time it had the word 'cute' in front of it.

Classes blew by pretty fast and by the end of the day, I noticed Sanada-kun walking to his usual tennis practice. He moved gracefully down the crowded hallway. I couldn't help but look out the window for almost a half hour, just to see him play. That's when I looked up and froze up. Rain clouds began to fill the sky. Crap, this would interfere with both my and the team's practice. I went out to the courts where they were playing and walked towards the closest player,"Excuse me,"I spoke up as he turned around, "I think it's going to rain in about 5-10 minutes. Maybe you should cancel practice." The boy didn't even open his eyes, he just simply looked up and stopped.

"You're correct, it will. I will tell the captain." He walked off calmly. I turned around. Same old Yanagi-kun, never opens those eyes of his. None the less, it was apparent that he got the message to the captian, since the were leaving the courts for the locker room.

I walked off and went behind our school. I took a racket from behind the shrub and a tennis ball to practice on the back wall. I hit it once...twice.... and so on and so forth. I got to ball #134 when I heard someone walking towards me. I twisted my racket so the ball lay flat mid-flight then turned, to see who was there. I scanned all my surroundings and then shrugged it off, figuring it was just a bird.

"Your pretty good for someone who only started on your 1st year of junior high." a voice rang in my ears. I turned around to a smiling Yukimura, the captain of the Rikkai boys tennis team. "Did you ever think of joining the tennis team?" he questioned politely.

I blushed at the comment and then shrugged, "I don't do competitions. I like street tennis, it's less competitive and more for the love of the game. And less violent." He smiled politely.

"I see. Well, I'll see you tomorrow, Haruki-san." He smiled and walked off silently. He's so weird sometimes. Oh, well.

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