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Full Summary- After the events that occurred at the Department of Mysteries, Harry is sinking into a depression. His father figure, Sirius Black, is dead and there isn't a moment when Harry doesn't blame himself. Just when Harry has reached rock bottom, he is summoned by the goblins to attend Sirius' will hearing. But, what Harry leaves with, besides a considerable amount of gold and land, is a growing mistrust of his best friend, Ron Weasley, and his role model, Albus Dumbledore. With a new found resolve, Harry trains to overcome the two powerful wizards who are responsible for his life as an orphan. But, Harry can't defeat these two wizards alone. He needs the spiritual heirs of the four houses to help him overcome this danger. Together with his three best friends and their true familiars, they work together to save the wizarding world from the Dark Lord and themselves.

Harry Potter sat on his bed in his pitifully small bedroom in house number 4 on Privet Drive. His room was the smallest in the house, but Harry didn't care. A couple of posters covered the walls, but that hardly lifted the gloom that hung in the air. Clothes and books were scattered among the floor along with a few broken ink bottles that had been thrown against the wall in Harry's rage.

Downstairs Harry could hear his only relatives sitting down for dinner, but by the muffled sound of it they were enjoying the absence of Harry's company. The Dursleys were Harry's only surviving relatives. His Uncle, Vernon, and cousin, Dudley, were only describable by their massive size. In fact, on numerous occasions Harry had referred to Dudley as a "land bound whale". His Aunt Petunia was his mother's sister, and the sole reason that Harry lived in this hell hole.

Harry was a wizard. And a famous wizard at that. The scar that resided on his forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt was a constant reminder of why Harry was famous, and, more importantly, why he lived as an orphan. When Harry Potter was a year old, an extremely powerful dark wizard by the name Lord Voldemort, had killed his parents and had attempted to kill Harry himself. But, when Voldemort had muttered the curse that kills its victim on the spot, Harry had survived and Voldemort had been torn from his body, presumably dead.

During Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry was kidnapped and his blood was used to bring Lord Voldemort back. Last year at school, Harry had seen a vision of his beloved godfather being tortured at the Ministry of Magic. Desperate to save one of the few family members he had left, Harry had rushed to save him along with five of his friends. The vision had ended up being a trap, and Harry had watched while his friends had nearly been killed and he also watched Sirius Black get knocked through a veil and die.

Harry clenched his fists in anger when he pictured his godfather's face. No matter how hard Harry tried, he could not stop picturing the last moment of Sirius' life.

It's my fault, he thought despairingly. I got him killed and nearly got all my friends killed as well. The same thoughts ran his head nonstop every minute of every day. Even though the accident had happened two weeks ago, Harry could picture every moment.

After the incident Harry was informed of the prophecy that was the cause of why Voldemort attacked his parents. The prophecy had been kept in the Department of Mysteries, and Voldemort had sent Harry the vision of Sirius being tortured in order to get Harry to retrieve the prophecy. In the end the prophecy had been destroyed and Harry had to hear the full from his headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.

"I have to kill Voldemort," Harry whispered to himself in the dark room. He looked up to his dresser where his snowy owl, Hedwig, glanced at him anxiously. "I'm sorry girl," he mumbled. "I know that I haven't been great company lately. It's just so hard. I can't eat and I can barely sleep. If this keeps up, I'll probably waste away by the end of the summer."

Hedwig hooted in dismay and shook her head.

Harry smiled and got off of the squeaky bed. He walked over and gently stroked his owl's beautiful feathers. "I don't want to waste away, but I just can't seem to crawl out of this hole that I'm in."

The pair stood there in silence for a moment when Harry's uncle's voice echoed throughout the house.

"Boy!" he shouted. "Get down here this instant!"

Harry sighed and shared a glance with Hedwig. "I'll be right back girl."

Harry left his room and quickly headed downstairs to the kitchen. His uncle and cousin were sitting at the table while his aunt was adding more and more food to Dudley's plate.

"What is it Uncle Vernon?" Harry asked coldly.

Uncle Vernon glared at Harry and snorted. "Don't take that tone with me boy," he snapped. "I only wanted to see your scrawny face to tell you that Petunia, Dudley and I are going to London for the day and I don't want you helping yourself to anything in my house."

Harry glared at his uncle and shrugged. "I wouldn't want to touch anything in your house anyway. Believe me, I'll be out of here the second I can."

"I can't wait," Vernon growled. "Living with a freak like you for fifteen years has had a bad effect on me and my family. The sooner you're out of here the better."

"Whatever," Harry mumbled. Without another word, Harry stormed back upstairs. Taking care to slam his door loudly, Harry jumped on his bed and shouted in his pillow in frustration.

Hedwig hooted in concern and Harry looked up at her with defeat in his eyes.

"I'm just so tired of it Hedwig," he whispered. "I should have grown up with my parents or Sirius, but because of me they're all dead. Everyone around me dies and I can't do anything about it."

Harry sat on his bed and buried his head in his hands. Downstairs he heard the Dursleys head out to London, leaving Harry alone once more. Harry sat on his bed, wallowing in self-pity, for who knows how long when a brown owl flew up to his window holding an official looking letter.

Standing up, Harry took the letter from the owl, which flew off instantly, and sat back down to read it.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We here at Gringotts are inclined to inform you of the reading of the will of one Sirius Orion Black. We have also recently looked through the will of your parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Potter. These will readings are requested to be private, and extreme precautions will be taken to make sure that we are not overheard. Due to the high stature of these two wills, we can hold the reading whenever you are ready. When you are ready simply sign your name on the parchment and a goblin will arrive to take you to Gringotts. Due to the uncertain times and security measures, we are sending a goblin who has served you before. Feel free to question him to assure yourself that he is the real goblin even though wizards cannot impersonate a goblin.

I look forward to meeting you in person,

Ragnok, Head Goblin at Gringotts.

Harry felt his stomach drop painfully. It had never occurred to him that Sirius might have left him something in his will, but Harry wasn't sure that he wanted anything that would inevitably remind him of what he had lost.

Looking up at Hedwig, Harry asked, "What do you think girl? Should I go to Gringotts and listen to the wills?"

Hedwig nodded and flapped her wings. It never ceased to amaze Harry how intelligent his owl was. If only Hedwig could talk, then Harry wouldn't need one-sided conversations anymore.

Taking out a quill and one of his few remaining ink bottles, Harry signed his name on the letter. His signature glowed for a moment before disappearing altogether. Harry didn't need to wait long. After a moment there was a faint 'pop' in the corner of his room. Drawing his wand, Harry pointed it at the small goblin that was standing close to the door. Harry quickly recognized the goblin Griphook who had been the first goblin that he had met.

Griphook bowed respectfully and eyed the wand with caution. "Greetings Harry Potter, I am here to escort you to the will reading. Our Director, Ragnok, was most pleased that you responded so quickly. If you want to question me to assure yourself that I am the real Griphook, now is the time."

Harry thought quickly for a moment, thinking back to his first visit to Gringotts. "Who was with me during my first visit to Gringotts and what vault did he take something out of?"

"You were escorted by Rubeus Hagrid, and he requested to be taken to vault 713," Griphook replied confidently.

Harry nodded and lowered his wand. "Sorry about that Griphook, but you can't be too careful these days."

"Indeed Mister Potter," Griphook replied with what Harry thought was a smile. "Now if you would kindly give me your hand, I will apparate us to Gringotts."

Harry held out his hand and felt his insides squirm slightly when he felt Griphook's dry and bony hand. They apparated, but Harry quickly noticed that the goblin's form of apparition wasn't as uncomfortable as the wizard way. They landed in the Gringotts lobby where Griphook quickly let go of Harry's hand and led him towards a large wooden door in the back of the lobby.

Griphook opened the vast door and chuckled when he heard Harry gasp. The viewing room they were standing in was reserved for the more valued customers. It was as large as the Gryffindor common room, had a large polished looking desk and three red leather chairs. There were numerous book shelves and wardrobes scattered throughout the room. Everything in the room looked like an antique and Harry could swear that he had never seen anything so impressive.

"If you would please make yourself comfortable Mister Potter," Griphook said. "Director Ragnok will be here shortly. In the meantime," Griphook waved his bony hand, causing a tray of small sandwiches, a couple goblets and a pitcher of pumpkin juice to appear. "Please help yourself to some refreshments."

Harry nodded numbly and stepped forward to take a bite from the tray. He could only manage one small sandwich and a couple sips of pumpkin juice before his stomach started to get agitated. Will I ever be able to stomach anything again? Heasked himself.

Before he could answer himself the doors to the room opened. Harry turned around and saw a goblin older than Griphook walk in with two large files. The older goblin had guarded black eyes, but Harry could see the intelligence in them.

"Good day Mister Potter," Ragnok greeted politely. He placed the two folders on the table and sat down in the slightly elevated chair that sat behind the desk. "I believe that you understand why you're here?"

Harry fidgeted uncomfortably. "I'm here to listen to Sirius' will."

"As well as your parent's will," Ragnok added. "Your parents' will was frozen, in a term, by your magical guardian. He did not wish for it to be read until you were of age, but the death of your godfather brought a few questions up and I realized that your magical guardian had no right to delay this hearing."

"Who is my magical guardian?" Harry asked.

Ragnok looked at Harry seriously and opened one of the folders. "Albus Dumbledore took over the job as your magical guardian after your godfather was arrested. Even though you were in need of a magical guardian, Albus Dumbledore had absolutely no right to claim the position. In fact, if I hadn't reviewed your parent's will before writing to you I never would have realized that Dumbledore has been taking advantage of you for the past 15 years. Goblins normally do not read through the list of magical guardians, we look after the possessions and finances."

Harry stared at Ragnok with wide, disbelieving eyes. "Dumbledore has been taking advantage of me?"

Ragnok nodded grimly. "Your parents left a list of who they wished to be your magical guardian in the event that they were killed. Now, I shall begin with the will of Sirius Orion Black." Ragnok opened the file and put on a pair of small reading glasses. "'In the event of my death I, Sirius Orion Black, do hereby leave 100,000 galleons to my best friend, Remus Lupin. These galleons are to be transferred to Mr. Lupin's Gringotts vault effective immediately upon the reading of this will. To my cousin, Nymphadora Tonks, I leave 50,000 galleons and the encouraging words to never give up." Ragnok cleared his throat and took a small sip of pumpkin juice. "Now finally to my godson Harry Potter, I leave everything else. This includes all the Black family properties, the remaining fortune and all of the artifacts that can be found in the Black family vaults. All dark artifacts have been disposed of, but there are many useful items that I believe may prove useful in the upcoming war. But, most importantly, I leave my title as Lord Black and I hope that you will be a better Lord than I ever could be.'"

Ragnok closed the folder and looked at Harry over his glasses. "Mister Potter," Ragnok began. "The remaining fortune that you inherited sums up to be over 3 million galleons. I am having Griphook put together two separate ledgers for what you inherited from Mr. Black and what you inherited from your parents. The title of Lord Black can normally be claimed by a blood relative, but Mr. Black has already planned for that."

Ragnok jumped out of his chair and walked up to a small wardrobe that stood on the side of the room. He opened the wardrobe and pulled out a small vial and a small, ancient looking dagger. Ragnok walked up to Harry and held up the vial. "This vial contains the blood of your deceased godfather, Sirius Black, if you would permit it, I can perform a simple blood ritual which would make you eligible to become the next Lord Black. This ritual would effectively make you Mr. Black's son."

Harry stared at Ragnok in shock. Losing Sirius as a godfather had been bad enough, but to know that he had lost his father was too much. "I don't know if I can," Harry told Ragnok in a pained voice. "I was the reason that Sirius is dead, he died because he tried to save me. There's no way that I deserve this."

"Mister Potter," Ragnok snapped causing Harry to flinch. "I may not have known Mister Black, but he obviously valued you over all others. Could it be possible that you are insulting his memory by refusing this honor?" Ragnok sighed and placed the vial and dagger on the desk. "By accepting this offer you can preserve his memory," he said in a gentler tone. "Any man who was willing to set up a blood adoption after his death could not place blame on the same person for possibly getting him killed. I have been in this business for a long time, and I have only performed two blood adoption rituals. Would your godfather have held a grudge against you like the one you're holding against yourself?"

Harry looked at the vial containing Sirius' blood and felt a little queasy. "Sirius would have told me that it wasn't my fault," he admitted. "And that my life is too important to waste. I guess I have been wasting my life away in my grief." Harry sighed deeply and looked at Ragnok in the eye. "I'll do it."

Ragnok smiled and picked the dagger and vial off of the desk. "Now this is surprisingly simple Mister Potter. All I need is your palm. I shall make a cut along your palm, empty the contents of the vial into your cut, and perform the ritual. Other than the cut, you shall only feel a burning sensation in your palm, but it only lasts a moment."

With a determined look on his face, Harry held out his right palm. He bit his lip when Ragnok cut open his flesh. Without pausing, Ragnok poured Sirius' blood into the cut and began waving his hand over the cut. Harry gasped when his palm began to burn and he clenched his other fist so hard that he felt his nails dig into his skin. After a minute of pain, the burning sensation began to fade. Harry looked at his palm and stared when it healed right in front of him and left only a faint scar.

Ragnok inspected Harry's hand looking rather pleased. "Your ritual went smoother than most Mister Potter. Most people's hands do not heal for at least a week. You must have some powerful magic if your body accepted the ritual so quickly."

Harry rubbed his hand and nodded absently. "So what happens now?"

Ragnok returned the dagger to the wardrobe and returned to his desk. He opened one of the drawers and pulled out a small box that was practically radiating with magic due to the protective charms on it. "Your Lord Black ring resides within this box. Only the heir can open it." Ragnok put the box on the table and pushed it towards Harry.

With tentative hands, Harry opened the box and gasped in awe at the sudden rush of magic. In the center of the box was a ring with a simple golden band and a ruby with the Black family crest imprinted in it. Harry picked up the ring and found it to be warm. He frowned slightly when he read the Black family motto and he silently vowed to change the motto and crest.

"What will people say when they see the ring?" Harry asked suddenly.

Ragnok chuckled and shook his head. "You would most likely receive mixed reactions. I imagine that a certain Draco Malfoy will not be pleased because he would have inherited the title had you not taken the ritual. If you wish Lord Black, I can give you an enchanted chain to carry your ring on. As long as the ring remains on the chain, it cannot be detected by any magic and it cannot be seen by any other than yourself and those you have given verbal permission to. The ring itself is enchanted to protect you from most jinxes and hexes and its protection will not diminish if you are not wearing it on your finger. As long as it is on your person it will work."

"Wow," Harry said stunned while he looked at the ring in his hand. "Yeah I would like that chain Ragnok."

Ragnok nodded and pulled the chain out of his coat pocket. He handed it to Harry before putting Sirius' will aside. "Consider that a chain a gift to make up for our mistake of not catching Dumbledore's actions sooner. Dumbledore is respected even among the goblins and even I did not question him until now."

Harry shook his head and put the chain through the ring. "I can't believe that Dumbledore lied about something like this either," he admitted. "I appreciate this gift though and I don't bear any grudge towards Gringotts or any of the goblin race."

Ragnok smiled and bowed his head. "Now shall I read your parent's will?" Harry nodded determinedly and Ragnok opened the folder. "'In the event of our death we leave everything to our son, Harry James Potter. This includes the title as Lord Potter, all Potter lands, the Potter vaults and the Lily Potter's personal trunk including its contents.'"

Harry felt his mouth gape when he realized that he was now effectively Lord Potter. "Is it possible to be two lords?"

"It is not common," Ragnok admitted. "But this will give you tremendous power in the Wizengamot. You will have the power to make changes in this world." He pulled out another box and handed it to Harry. "This box contains the Lord Potter ring; the enchantments on this box are the same as the box containing the Lord Black ring. Also, I must tell you that once you open that box and take your rightful title, your marriage contract will be voided. A marriage contract cannot be viable to someone who wears two Lord rings."

"Wait, what marriage contract?" Harry demanded. His hand hovered over the box and he waited anxiously for Ragnok's answer.

Ragnok looked at Harry with wide eyes before he let out a snarl of pure fury. His eyes became cold and he began shouting in goblin. Harry could only assume that he was swearing.

"Are you telling me that your 'magical guardian'," he spat the words "magical guardian". "Did not inform you of this contract that has been in place since you were a child?"

Harry shook his head angrily. "Who was I promised to?"

Ragnok pulled an official looking document out of the file containing Harry's parents' will. "This contract states that you will wed a Ginerva Weasley once you come of age."

Harry felt his breath catch in his throat. Marrying Ginny wasn't something that he had ever planned on doing. He loved her like a sister, but that was about it. "Why would Dumbledore arrange a marriage for me?" he demanded. "I don't believe it!"

Ragnok placed the contract on the desk and pushed it towards Harry. "I am afraid Mister Potter that this contract was made only months after your parents were killed. You have been promised to Miss Weasley since you were barely over a year old and she was only a few months old. As for why Dumbledore would do this, I believe that he wishes to control your position as Lord Potter. The Weasley is extremely loyal to Dumbledore. The family would gain a considerable amount of gold upon your marriage and according to the contract the Weasley family received 1,000 galleons every year from your vault since the marriage and would receive an additional 500,000 galleons after your wedding."

Silence filled the room while Ragnok's words began to sink in. All this time, Harry had believed that the Weasley family was his family. But, it was all a ploy to get his money. Never before had Harry cared about his obvious wealth, and apparently the Weasleys had spent of his gold than he had. Fury began to fill his veins when Harry realized that his friendship with Ron was a lie. At this point it wouldn't surprise Harry if Dumbledore had told Ron to pretend to be Harry's friend.

Ron and Ginny came to the Department of Mysteries with me, Harry thought, desperate to prove to himself that their friendship was true. They laughed with me, played Quidditch with me. Was it really all a lie?

Even though Harry didn't voice the question out loud, he knew his answer. There was always a reserved attitude whenever he talked to Ron or Ginny. They were always quick to anger and they both could be jealous. Harry couldn't forget how Ron had abandoned him during the beginning of the Tri-wizard tournament.

Without a word, Harry angrily opened the box and took out the Lord Potter ring. As soon as the ring was within his grasp the contract that sat on the desk burst into flames. Ragnok waived his hand and cleared the ashes off of his desk.

Harry glared at where the contract had been seconds before, before inspecting his birthright. The ring was similar to the Black family ring in power, but it had an emerald with the Potter family crest on it. Harry put the chain through the ring and latched it around his neck. He felt the chain warm up for a moment and Harry knew that some magic had taken place.

"No one other than you can undo that chain," Ragnok explained. "It cannot be stolen either. If some foolish human attempts to steal the chain, it will simply reappear around your neck. And by law if someone tries to steal your rings, you have the right to challenge them to a wizard's duel and it would be completely within your rights to kill them if you please."

"Kill them?" Harry gasped.

Ragnok nodded. "Stealing a Lord's ring, let alone two, is a very serious crime. Even if you didn't execute your right, the offender would be sentenced to Azkaban."

Harry nodded, feeling a little better. "So now what? Do I have to sign papers or anything?"

Ragnok laughed and closed the file. "You have much to do I'm afraid. But first, let me be the first goblin to greet you as the new Lord Potter-Black." Ragnok leaned forward and shook hands with Harry. "I assume that you will desire a goblin to keep track of your properties and finances?"

Harry nodded and began rubbing his new rings between his fingers. "I would like Griphook to take care of my personal affairs. He is the only goblin that I know personally and I feel like I can trust him."

"Very well," Ragnok said, a little surprised. "Now before I summon Griphook to give you time to go over your finances, there is one more thing that I must show you."

Ragnok snapped his fingers. The doors immediately opened and two goblins entered carrying a large trunk between the two of them. The trunk was slightly larger than Harry's school trunk and it looked like it was very old. The two goblins set the trunk down in front of Harry, bowed to Harry and Ragnok and left the room.

"This is your mother's personal trunk," Ragnok explained. "She charmed it herself. It has numerous enlarged compartments, a shrinking charm and an apartment. Your mother even stored the Potter family library in the apartment when your parents went into hiding. The only way to open it is to charm it with your blood. Because you share your mother's blood it will accept you immediately. After you charm it once, it will open whenever you place your hand on the latch. It cannot be moved by anyone other than yourself once you activate the charm and no magic will be able to penetrate it or destroy it. If you wish to give others access you will have to mix their blood with yours and spread it on the latch."

Harry stared at the trunk in disbelief. Immediately he bit his thumb, causing a small drop of blood to form, and rubbed it on the latch. The latch immediately glowed white and opened. Excitedly, Harry opened the trunk and gaped when he saw the staircase leading down into the trunk. He decided to explore it later. Instead he began looking at the smaller drawers that were on the front of the trunk. He opened one and felt a huge rush of magic hit him in the face, causing his heart to skip a beat.

Inside of the drawer were four eggs. They were about the size of ostrich eggs, but they were spilling off magic in waves. Ragnok, who was looking over the desk, gasped when he saw the eggs. He had clearly not opened the trunk even after Lily Potter's death.

"Lord Potter-Black don't touch those," Ragnok yelled.

Harry immediately pulled back his hand and looked at Ragnok in alarm. "Are they dangerous?"

Ragnok ran over to the trunk and carefully inspected the four eggs. "I'm sorry Lord Potter-Black, these are not dangerous, but I did not want you to activate the charm on these eggs without you realizing what they are."

"What are they?" Harry asked confused.

Ragnok carefully took each egg and placed each of them on his desk. Once they were all secure, Ragnok climbed back in his chair looking excited. "These Mister Potter are known as familiar eggs. When a wizard cares for one, it will hatch into his familiar. These will hatch into true familiars, they will be able to talk with you, do magic and you will even be able to merge into their body if needed. These eggs are incredibly rare and I never thought that I would be lucky to see one let alone four."

Harry looked at the eggs and felt like he was missing something. "Where do familiar eggs come from?"

"On occasion a mammal will end up giving birth to an egg," Ragnok explained. "This occurs in non magical animals. No one knows how or why, but they hatch into very powerful magical creatures. They can be actual magical creatures or they can be common animals with magical abilities. They hatch based on the human's very nature."

"That's cool," Harry breathed. "But why didn't you want me to touch them?"

Ragnok tore his eyes away from the eggs a little sheepishly. "Again my apologies Lord Potter-Black. Allow me to explain. I was the goblin who wrote your parent's will, and when your mother spoke of her trunk she made sure to tell me that only you and your true friends will be receiving them. Your mother charmed them so that only those who are true friends to you would receive them. When you touch them, the eggs that aren't yours will vanish and appear to their rightful owners. Your mother feared that you would have deceitful friends when you grew up and came up with this to show you who your true friends are."

Harry stared at the eggs and felt tears well up behind his eyes. "So mum was looking out for my future even when she thought she wouldn't be a part of it. She was amazing."

"She was Lord Potter-Black," Ragnok agreed. "Your mother was a friend to the goblins, and as her son, I would like to extend the honor to you as well."

"Of course," Harry said immediately. "I can't get over the stuff that you guys do. Any wizard or witch who thinks you're lower creatures is an idiot because you guys can do something that they could never dream of doing."

Ragnok looked touched and cleared his throat. "I thank you Lord Potter-Black. From now on if you ever have any need for me, do not be hesitant to contact me. You may even call me by my first name."

Harry smiled and held out his hand. "I'll call you Ragnok if you call me Harry," he offered.

Ragnok returned the smile and shook Harry's hand. "Very well Harry. Now, do you want to activate the charm on the eggs? All you need to do is touch them."

"Wait, before I do that, I would like to attach a letter to each of them telling whoever receives them to contact me. I don't want to be guessing about this all summer."

Ragnok nodded in agreement. He handed Harry some writing utensils and attached the brief letters to each egg with a goblin variation of the sticking charm. "Now simply touch each egg and the ones that aren't yours will vanish."

Harry nodded and tentatively touched the first egg. As soon as Harry's egg touched the egg it flashed white and vanished. Harry repeated the process until only one egg was left. Harry touched it and it grew warm under his hand, but didn't move anywhere.

"It recognizes you as its owner," Ragnok explained.

Harry laughed in excitement and took the letter off before cradling the egg in his arms. "Will Dumbledore be able to take my true familiar away?" he asked anxiously.

Ragnok shook his head. "He could try, but your familiar could simply apparate right back to you. No magic can keep a true familiar away from its human. Now before I summon Griphook, I just wanted to explain one more thing about your mother's trunk."

Ragnok walked over to the trunk and motioned to the ancient runes that were on the top. "Your mother also spelled the trunk to proceed through time faster than normal. She told me that once you activate the rune, which can be activated by a small drop of your blood before entering, one day is the equivalent to a month while inside. If you want my opinion it would be optimal for training. But, you might want to get a house elf to bring you food. Your house elves are the only creatures that can apparate within this trunk and will be in sync with the time that passes in the trunk while you are inside."

Harry felt a smile creep onto his face, the biggest one he had worn since Sirius died. "I plan on doing just that Ragnok. By the time this summer is over, I will not be weak anymore. I will be Lord Potter-Black, a wizard who protects every life, be it wizard, witch, goblin or elf. I will be a Lord without prejudice, and I plan on changing the world."

A/N- I already know who got the eggs and what they will hatch to be. The whole thing about familiar eggs is something that I made up, but I wanted a deeper level connection than what Harry has with Hedwig. I am an author who likes to listen to reader's ideas. So: who do you think got the eggs and what do you think they will be? Remember- the familiar matches the owner's spirit and it can be either a mystical animal or a regular animal. If I think one of you has a better idea for their familiars, I might even change it. –Phoenix