AUTHOR: LosingInTranslation (losingntrnslatn, Jennifer)
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RATING: T - Teen
SPOILERS: Through US Aired Episodes of Season 4
SUMMARY: The BAU is asked to investigate an unusual missing persons case that has a very personal connection to the team.

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Chapter 1

Truth is the highest thing that man may keep.

-Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

J.J. waited for everyone to file into the briefing room one at a time, each with a coffee cup in their hands. It was just like any other morning, and most of the team acted that way. Everyone but Prentiss.

Emily was on edge, and J.J. knew it was because she was going out on a limb. After the Benton case, Prentiss most likely assumed she had used up all of her credit with the team. But J.J. knew better.

No one could ever use up their credit on this team. They needed each other too much for that to ever happen.

As Rossi and Hotch walked into the conference room talking about another case, Prentiss' eyes jumped up from the folders she was fiddling with and landed squarely on Rossi. J.J. suddenly realized what it was like for the team to wait around for her to finally admit her relationship with Will.

While she was pretty sure the rest of the team was still in the dark about the two, she wondered just how long that would last. Moratoriums on profiling aside, they knew about each other in ways no other co-workers ever could. Secrets were practically impossible in the BAU. And no one knew that better than she did.

Hotch took his seat last and nodded to J.J., "The gang's all here. So what's all the mystery about?"

J.J. shrugged nonchalantly and took her seat next to Reid. "No mystery… It's a suspected missing person case." She glanced at Emily, who looked like she was about to climb out of her skin, and smirked. "It just came to me through…alternative channels."

All eyes immediately turned to Prentiss.

Suddenly the focus of attention, Emily chuffed, "Thanks a lot, J.J." Emily turned her head to the side and ground her jaw closed. "No pressure here."

Rossi was the first to speak up. "What's the case, Emily?" His tone was even and devoid of any emotion or charm, which should have tipped off the entire team that something was going on between them , but no one seemed to notice.

"Yeah, Prentiss. What've you got?" Morgan threw out his question, almost as a challenge.

"An acquaintance of mine, she's been in Mexico and Central America for the last few years." She quickly reviewed her notes and tried to collect herself as she went on with the presentation. "She's been working with the local authorities, trying to train them on dealing with sex based offenses. Helping them to get past the machismo factor and actually doing something to protect the victims, as well as catch the offenders."

Morgan rolled his eyes. "Yeah, we've had a little experience dealing with the problem."

The knowing looks among the team members seemed to intrigue Emily, but she quickly shook the idea out of her head and continued forward. "Anyway, she met her husband in Mexico. He's a teacher, but he's also a humanitarian aide worker, so they've both moved around a lot. Plus you add in the whole third world angle to the mix and it makes things pretty iffy when it comes to communication." Emily stopped to find a specific piece of paper in her case file folder.

Reid took the opportunity presented to him. "Actually, most of Central America can no longer be categorized as third world, with the prevalence of satellite and fiber optic communications in many of the cities. But while all of this makes for interesting conversation, I guess I don't really see how this would be a BAU case, Emily?"

"If you would let me finish…" The irritated glare Emily shot at Reid was more than enough to silence him, and she continued. "Six months ago, her husband's father stopped all correspondence."

"Six months? That's a pretty cold trail for a missing person case, Prentiss. Why'd your friends wait so long?" Morgan's skepticism was exactly why J.J. felt it was best for Emily to present the case.

"Because they were pinned down in the middle of a drug war in Colombia." She fixed her face with a solemn expression as she delivered the final blow, "Where her husband was killed, and she was deported." Pausing for a sliver of silence to show her respect, Emily went on, "After she got back to the States, she tried to contact her father-in-law, but he wasn't where he last contacted them from. Actually, it appears as though most of his belongings are there, but no one has seen or heard from him for six months."

"And she's only now alerting the authorities?" Hotch's brow was furrowed a little more than normal as he questioned Prentiss.

"No." Emily's frustration showed on her face and J.J. had to try very hard not to jump in and take over. "She's been trying to get an investigation into his disappearance started for the last two months, but she's running into a brick wall with the local authorities. No one there believes there's a case at all. He dropped off the grid a couple years ago, doing some soul-searching. Seems that he left his job, his home, everything, with nothing more than a note then."

"What has her so convinced he's really missing then? Grown men are allowed to disappear any time they like, ya know?" Morgan once again threw down with his conclusions. .

"Because of his son. Before he left everything behind two years ago, he made a promise to his son that they would talk at least once a month. Even when he went off the grid, and with all the communication problems, they still managed to talk." Emily pulled out a stack of folders and handed the first one to J.J.

"Finding out there wasn't a single attempt made while they were cut off in Colombia had her worried. Finding him gone without a word to his son convinced her something had happened. Not to mention…" Emily nodded at J.J. and she began handing out the folders. "What makes it a BAU case…is her father-in-law."

Without missing a beat, they all opened their folders to the first page and J.J. actually felt the air leave the room.

Emily began to list off the vital statistics, "Fifty seven year old white male. Last known address; Osage, Idaho. One son, Steven, deceased. Name-"

Hotch tried to finish her list, "Jason-"

"Gideon." Reid gasped the name.