Bold italics mean a demon or Voldemort is talking in someone's head. Italics are in Japanese, and what is in bold are spells or jutsu. This is Harry's fifth year, because I want it to be.

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"Hello class, we will be having a VERY special class today. Take a seat," Professor McGonagall said. Harry, Ron and Hermione sat down eagerly. They knew that whenever Professor McGonagall had a special class, it was good. "I'm going to show you summoning today, a very advanced form of magic. This is just a taste of what you will be able to do!" The Professor nodded sagely. "I will now summon a magical creature indigenous to Japan."

"What did she say, Hermione?" Ron asked, a puzzled look on his face.

"It meant she was going to summon an animal only found in Japan," Hermione sighed.


"And now… Summarius Kyuubi!" McGonagall said, waving her wand. But instead of a large, nine tailed fox, a small blonde boy in an orange jumpsuit appeared. He appeared to be only about 10, and was in a fighting stance holding a strange dagger. He looked at his surroundings and threw the dagger in the direction of Neville, missing only because Hermione had aimed a spell at the dagger.

"Why do these things always happen to me?" Neville squeaked, sweating beads from his skirt with death. The boy had started blabbering in some unknown language. Harry picked up 'Shin on bees', 'cubey', and 'ramen'. McGonagall clutched her cloak.

"How has this happened? I summoned the Kyuubi, not a boy!" Upon hearing the word 'Kyuubi', the boy stared at McGonagall before stringing together a few sounds that seemed like curse words. This time, Harry caught 'baka' and 'chimps are creepy '. McGonagall then pointed her wand at him. "Translate!"

"Who are you? Wait- why am I talking like this? Where's Sakura? Kakashi? Is this some kind of test?" The boy said, just as loud as before. He was only understandable this time.

"What is your name, child?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"Naruto Uzumaki, at your service! The one and only, Dattebayo!" The boy said, ruffling his blonde, spiky hair. "Genin of Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village!"

"What a great explanation," Malfoy sneered. "Now, tell us where the Cubey is!"

"I know of nothing named Cubey," Naruto said, rubbing his neck.

"Malfoy, stop harassing the boy! Now, we'll treat him like a new student, so who wants to be his guide?" McGonagall asked, looking around the room. The only person whose hand was up was Hermione's.

"Ugh, Hermione and her stupid stupidity complex," Ron said. "I don't want to take him in! He's annoying!" Once again, Naruto was speaking in Japanese. "And how can we understand him? He only speaks Japanese!"

"He's probably just speaking to himself." Harry looked at the boy, who appeared to be looking at his stomach. "Or his bellybutton."

"Orioke no jutsu!" The boy said, disappearing in a flash of smoke. In his place, there was a blonde girl who was nude except for vapor. Malfoy, Ron, Harry, and even Neville choked. Blood started gushing out of Malfoy's nose. Naruto poofed back to his normal self. "Serves you right, dummy!" Just then, Harry noticed something strange about the boy. His magic felt somewhat normal at first, but the deeper you went, the darker and more evil it got. Harry shivered. Surely this boy wasn't evil?

Voldemort sat in the comfy chair, being worshipped by Wormtail.

"Wormtail…" The Dark Lord said hoarsely.

"What, master?" Wormtail said, quaking at the villain.

"I sense a dark magic. A darker, more powerful evil than mine ever was. More animalistic, too." Voldemort said, gasping after the sentence. "We should use it for my rise to power. Capture it." Voldemort said. "Preferably with Harry Potter."

The 4 sat in the Gryffindor common room. Harry and Ron were sitting in chairs while Hermione tried to catch the 10-year-old boy who was bouncing off the walls.

"Naruto," Hermione panted, "Please tell us about where you are from."

Naruto stopped. "Okay. All you had to do was ask me that!" The three wizards sighed. "Okay, so I'm a shinobi. That means ninja. Hey," Naruto said, pointing to Ron, "You have hair like my friend Gaara! He likes to kill people. But I have a secret."

"What?" Harry asked. Maybe they could get to the bottom of this! Naruto fidgeted with the thing hanging off his left arm.

"It's really secret, and you guys might not trust me anymore."

"Oh, we don't trust you already," Ron said.

"RON!" Hermione snapped. "It's okay, you can tell us."

"I am… addicted to… ramen?" Naruto looked ashen now, disappointed that he couldn't tell his real secret.

"That's not a big deal! I can speak to snakes!" Harry said.

"I'm afraid of failure!" Hermione chirped.

"I'm terrified of spiders!" Ron said. Just then, Dumbledore walked in.

"I'm gay!" He said. Everyone else looked at him strangely.

"Dumbledore, this is a strictly students-only activity." Harry said.

"Oh. Well, that was embarrassing," Dumbledore said, rushing out of the room.

"See? Everyone has their faults!" Hermione said. The blonde boy looked utterly relieved now, and went on to tell his story.

"So there I was, practicing the Rasengan, when I felt this big pull near my bellybutton! And here I am now, standing with you three." Naruto finished his story, nodding sagely.

"So you were practicing the Raisin-gone?" Ron asked. "And it sounds like a portkey pulled you here."

"Were you touching anything when you left?" Hermione questioned.

"Nothing except the ground."

"Interesting." Hermione said, looking at her watch. "Oh no! We're late for DADA! And it's our first day, too!" They rushed out the door.

"Hello everyone, my name is Dolores Umbridge." The froglike teacher spoke in the most sugary voice, making everyone wince. Her eyes then fell upon Naruto, who was sitting across from Hermione. "Why hello there! Are you in the right class?" She asked, her voice laden with molasses.

"Um, yeah." Naruto said, holding the back of his neck. He leaned over to Harry. "This lady reminds me of Gamabunta."


"He's a giant frog!" Naruto said, cackling. Harry sat back, more confused than before.

"Now class, I will be teaching you quite differently from your previous DADA teachers," Umbridge said, pacing back and forth like a drill sergeant. "You will not be learning hands on like the years before. Instead, we will read about defense theory." At that point, both Naruto and Harry stood up.

"How could you do that? In my land, learning to do the skill is more important than learning about the stupid theory!" Naruto said, a fire burning in his eyes.

"How can you do that when Lord Voldemort is at large again? You could be denying us valuable knowledge that could save our lives!" Harry said, his passion reminding Naruto of Mighty Guy. Without the green jumpsuit.

"Hem, hem…" Umbridge said, "I would like to point out some grievous errors in your arguments. Nerutu," Umbridge said with a smirk on her face, "We are not in your homeland and therefore do not follow your philosophies." Naruto simmered, making Umbridge shiver at the ambient dark energy. "Harry, darling," Umbridge said, "Lord Voldemort is dead. No need to worry your silly little head over it." Harry boiled over, bringing Naruto with him.


"I BELIEVE HIM!" Naruto said, screaming at the top of his lungs. "ON MY VILLAGE, I SWEAR HE'S TELLING THE TRUTH!"

"Now, quiet!" Umbridge said sternly. "You two have detention on Saturday! And 20 points from Gryffindor!" Harry felt his stomach sink. He had practice that day! He already hated Umbridge.

"I was wrong," Naruto whispered, "Gamabunta is way nicer than you."

Jiraiya sat on the ground after searching for his missing student. "He should be easier to find! He's wearing a bright orange jumpsuit, for Pete's sake!" He walked over to the spot where he had suddenly disappeared. "Hm… he didn't use any jutsu besides the Rasengan… what if someone summoned him?" Jiraiya really panicked now. Naruto could be anywhere in the universe! But wait! Jiraiya had the key to the Kyuubi! "There must be some kind of tracker in this key," He said, examining it. Finally, he found the tracker. "Aha! Wait… He's in the Harry Potter universe?"

Harry and Naruto sat at desks beside each other at detention. As they were getting comfortable, Umbridge walked in. "Uh oh, here comes Gamabunta's evil twin sister…" Naruto whispered, chuckling.

"Hem hem," Umbridge coughed. She handed each of them parchment and a red quill. "Use these to write down the following phrase: 'I must not tell lies'."

"How many?" Harry asked. "And where is the ink?"

"Oh, you don't need ink. And you only need to write until the message… sinks in." Naruto set pen to paper first, writing 'I must not tell lies' at the top.

"Ouch!" He said as the message carved itself into his hand. Then it disappeared as if it was never there. "It's a good day to be a jinchuuriki," Naruto mumbled. Harry then wrote, the message staying red and angry on his hand. They kept on writing through the pain.

Three hours later, Harry was ready to leave. The message had carved itself into his hand nice and deep, and it didn't look like it was going to heal without help. "Good," Umbridge said, "You may leave. As for you, WHY ISN'T IT CARVING?" Naruto shrunk back as Harry left.

"It's not like I can help it, you know!" He said, frustrated. "C'mon Kyuubi, let her cut me so that I can get out of here! You can heal me later, you stupid fox!" He wrote another line, and the Kyuubi did not yield. "Aargh!" He grabbed his hand, faking an injury. "I think it finally sunk in!" He performed a quick hand seal to make it seem like his hand had been cut. Sure enough, Umbridge fell for it.

"Fine, you may leave." She said.

"YES! FREEDOM!" Naruto ran out of the room.

"Master, I have figured out where the dark energy is from," Wormtail simpered.

"Where? Where is it from, you stupid rat?" Voldemort said, screaming.

"W-well, there is a k-kid named N-naruto who holds a n-nine-t-tailed demon fox inside him. W-what we can d-do is h-harness the energy. W-which is why I made this," He said, holding up a necklace.

"Good, you worthless slime."

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