Who cares if I'm not supposed to do this, this is still important about the story.

I originally removed Ring Child (and it's counterpart one-shot with the rewrite) due to very cruel remarks that targeted my person and not really for the content. I realize the story does not satisfy any real plot that deviates from the LOTR story line. I was younger and inexperienced with the stories of Tolkien and concentrated more heavily on my own creation. That is exactly what is a fan-fiction is, however.

The story will be rewritten and added to fan fiction within either the end of this year or around February. Keep track of the progress on my LiveJournal or Tumblr. I have the links on my profile. The rewrite does feature some elements of Ring Child, but will still be remarkably different to still be called its own story line. To help sway you, the first chapter alone stands over 10,000 words and Harry hasn't even left the Shire in that chapter.

The only reason I returned Ring Child is that my inbox was blown up by requests to either email them a copy of the story, or to put the story back up. So therefore, this is for the actual reviewers and not the haters. Haters, don't read if you don't like. If you truly want to help me, email me actual critique instead of hateful bash. I don't turn off my anonymous reviews because there are some unnamed reviewers I love to hear from.

At any rate, happy readings once again and look forward to hearing updates from my social media pages.


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