"Happy Birthday Sasori!" Everyone chimed in the small apartment to the short red head. Sasori glared at Kisame.

"I said I didn't want any parties!" Kisame put his hands up in defense.

"Hey can you blame me? Besides, you got a promotion too. Tomorrow you start your new life as a CSI agent, 23 years old and already so successful." Sasori rolled his eyes though Kisame was entirely correct. In a time span of 5 years, Sasori became a CSI agent and on his birthday too. Kisame wrapped his arm around the redhead's neck.

"Relax Sasori, it's a party. Just let yourself go."

"Maybe that's easy for you but it's not so easy for me." Sasori said. Kisame let out a sigh.

"You need a companion Sasori, which reminds me; I got you a birthday gift." Sasori glared daggers at his fish like friend.

"I told you I didn't want anything!" Kisame laughed.

"Yeah I know you told me that, but I didn't listen." Kisame said handing the redhead a horribly wrapped odd shaped gift.

"I don't want it." Sasori said, Kisame rolled his eyes.

"I already bought it so take it." Sasori took the gift and slowly unwrapped the gift to reveal a bird cage with a brightly colored parakeet. Sasori's eye twitched.

"You got me a bird?" Kisame laughed.

"Yup, like I said 'you need a companion'." Sasori's eyes studied the beautiful bird.

"I'm going to name it Hiruko."

Blood splattered as metal pierced the flesh once again.

"Is she dead yet un?" A blonde haired male asked sitting a distance away watching a big silver haired male push the metal into a small woman.

"Yeah I think she is done. Fuck, I thought this one was would last longer." The blonde rolled his eyes.

"Pathetic un. Is it my turn yet?"

"Keep your fucking pants on Blondie!"

Sasori looked down at the blood soaked corpse. Then looked at the surroundings, he noticed that there was a bunch of white doves. 'Doves…?' He thought to himself walking over to the birds. He crouched down observing the birds. All of the birds where splattered with blood. 'What artist beauty…' Sasori thought.

"Sasori Akasuna?" Sasori looked in the direction his name was being called. A tall tanned man walked towards him. He had stitches all over his body with bright green eyes and inky black hair.

"I'm Kakuzu, I am your partner." Sasori nodded.

"Nice to meet you."

"What do you have?" Sasori stood upright.

"Her name is Akane Mioshi. She was 20 years old, apparently she went out partying but at some point during the party left with a man. Unfortunately everyone was too drunk to care and no one got a good look at the man." Kakuzu nodded.

"She has multiple stab wounds and burns. The burns are probably from a small bomb. These birds seemed to be covered in her blood."

"Let's take one of the birds back to the lab then." Sasori nodded but then all the birds flew away. Sasori watched as the birds took off in multiple directions. Kakuzu sighed.

"Well that sucks, we have nothing to go on now." Sasori nodded.

"We should probably look through the files to see if anyone just got released from prison that has a fascination with birds." Kakuzu nodded.

"First day and you already are on a case. Welcome to the world of a CSI."

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