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Too easy.

She knows the cliché. She's lived it before. She suffered because of it. The cliché had changed her life undeniably and irrevocably.

Olivia Dunham knows all too well what it felt like to fall for your partner.

In the best case scenario (and she was not amongst those) you become part of the stats that say most people are inclined to engage in relationships with colleagues. The worst case scenario is not even the end of said relationship. She has been the worst case scenario and she still has to live through the consequences.

And yet here she is. In his arms. Complete. Carefree.

She often ponders about the odds of this happening to her again but then she remembers that her daily routine consists of watching Walter go through dead bodies and parallel universes, so ,really, falling in love again is not such a crazy idea. Even when it's with Peter Bishop, her partner.

Especially when it's with Peter.

She denied and repressed her feeling for a long time. Afraid and unwilling to go through the pain of losing someone again. So instead, they became friends and they came to depend on each other. She liked that part of their relationship. It has been simple and fulfilling. And somehow, it was effortless because part of her always knew.

He was going to win her heart over and he wasn't going to ask for her permission.

This is how it was going to end and she understood that from the very beginning. It's easy because it was meant to happen. And how can anyone blame her. He has the uncanny ability to get under her skin like no one else has before. Piercing blue eyes, lion heart, loyalty and protectiveness. It's like putting a candy bar in front of a kid and forbidding the poor child from having a bite.

It was a lost cause from the start.

She did put up a good fight though. It took a lot of time and charming smirks to get her walls to crack. He knew too and chose to be patient. In the end, that's what won her over. In the end, the walls didn't crack; they came tumbling down soundlessly. He was a force to behold; solid and constant, someone you definitely wanted by your side. There no matter what, with a smile or a warm embrace.

It was way too easy and she doesn't care anymore.

Clichés and scenarios; they could all burn in hell for all she cared now.

She feels his arms tighten around her and his nose tickling the back of her neck. He's mumbling something about forgetting the rest of the world today. She smiles to herself and turns around to kiss his chin.

"Walter will try to make dirty jokes again if we're late... again," she says and laughs as he scrunches his nose in disgust.

"Dunham, couldn't you have waited before bringing up my father?" he grumbles, eyes closed and she knows he's just trying to hide his amusement. It's a futile attempt though because she can see the upward tug of his lips. She waits until he opens his eyes and when he does, she leans over and kisses him deeply.

"Good morning," she breathes against his lips.

His answering grin is dizzying.

Yes, falling in love with Peter Bishop has been way too easy.

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