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So this story could probably be retitled and summarized 'OMG Wants Some Goten/Mirai Trunks Love' and it would still be accurate. Because it's true and that is why I'm writing this. It's also an exercise in first person ( because I suck at that! ) so if the writing just seems off that's why. I apologize. Tell me what I should do to be better!

Um, what else do I have to say?... Updates on this are going to be sporadic and not as consistent as my other stories because, well, I want to finish them first. But this here is more of a just 'fun' story, so yeah.

My name is Goten Son. I'm seventeen, I'm a Libra, and I'm one of the few remaining survivors of a dead alien race that had once tried to annihilate all of earth. I mean, I guess technically I'm not a survivor. My dad is though, and I'm his son, which makes me half intergalactic alien. Either way, it's the sort of thing that you don't want to bring up during parent-teacher conferences when you're trying to explain why your son is failing basic math.

Not that either of my parents would go to… I'm not even sure where my dad is right now and mom's… she's great, don't get me wrong, but I think the stress of the years finally hit her and, well, she's human. My brother's freakin' ancient, which means she has to be even older than ancient to have given birth to him, and it's a scary thought. I don't give her too much grief over not pouring all her effort into my life like the way she did with him. She needs to save a little for herself now.

Besides, at this point it doesn't matter how much someone tries to get involved. It doesn't seem to change anything.

See, most people, when they think of me, don't think "Oh, alien kid!" or "Oh, Goku's son!". They used to but that's changed. Ever since the accident and ever since I shut the hell up, all they can focus on is whether or not I'm going to snap again. Me, I'm a little more caught up with the screaming in my head; it doesn't matter how hard I try to block it out, it's always there, and it's starting to drive me nuts. Which really figures since guess where I am?

God I wish Trunks was here. He'd be trying so hard not to laugh while shaking his head. "Too soon Chibi, too soon."

I might as well start at the beginning of the story, though I'm not sure where the beginning is. The accident seems like an obvious choice, but then I'd have to tell you who was there for the clean-up job and I can just see you scratching your head, looking all cute and confused as you try to figure out what happened. So accident is out. Maybe a little before? I mean, really, it all did start when he arrived, and I still have yet to figure out if it's something I'm grateful for or something I'm pissed about…

Homework. Highschool. And scene go. Some insanely loud and insanely angry music was pouring into my ears ( blame Trunks – everything I listen to is a hand-me-down from him and, honestly, blaming Trunks is pretty much a safe bet for anything in my life ) as I doodled away on my assignment sheet. I was supposed to be writing out a proof for something or other, maybe why the angles of an isosceles triangle were all acute or something, but it was boring as shit and I knew Trunks would just write out the answers for me later. Yeah, I'd probably fail the test, but I'd get an A on the homework and averaged together it would be about a… C.

So music, loud music. Ear-drum splitting volume of music. You gotta understand, I was trying to kill off the remaining functioning brain cells, so when the crash happened I was completely obliviously. I'm sure there was a horrendous screeching and wailing outside from the metal impacting the dirt and from all the trees going topsy-turvy, but I was in my own little world. What I did notice, however, was a sudden spike in power.

"Augh!" Headphones were torn off and tossed across the room, leaving me with the pounding nothingness of silence for a moment. Oddly enough, that hurt more than the screaming guitar that had been assaulting my senses moments before. Go figure, I'm a freak.

Glancing around, I ran a hand back through my hair before tipping my chair back to glance out the window. Everything outside looked all pretty and normal, but sudden energy surges, especially unexpected ones, are quite painful; I knew what I had felt. Especially unexpected panicked ones. "Oh, for the love of- Trunks!" I ground out, standing and kicking the chair back. Without wasting any time I cracked the window open, jumping out from the second floor to catch myself before hitting the ground. Using the building as a launch pad I bounced off, cutting across the wooded land.

Yeah, so I thought it was Trunks. Cause I'm a moron. Vegeta would say it's cause I never really took training seriously, and I would say it's cause he was an ass who thought that training meant 'let's see how many tiny children bones I can snap today.' And then things would sort of go dark after that cause he would bitchslap me through a wall and bodies, shockingly enough, don't like it when they're forced through hard objects.

I floated lazily through the trees, gaze flicking to-and-fro rapidly as I tried to pinpoint the exact source of the screaming power. Whatever Trunks had done – and believe me, the guy has done some stupid shit in his life – this was definitely one of the worst. I was almost to the point of feeling sorry for him when I stumbled onto the crash site, all torn up ground and shattered trees. Shit, if my mother saw this… "Trunks, man, what the hell?"

There was this… thing lying there, all torn up with wires spilling out of open wounds. My first guess was a capsule of some sort, maybe he had been attempting to flee from his parents' wrath, and it completely missed the target of outer space and landed in my backyard. I crossed that off as I stepped closer and inspection revealed no propulsion system, so stabilizers, no nothing that would allow for space flight.

You pick up a few things hanging around the Briefs. I understand space travel, but ask me what seven times eight is and all you'll get is a blank look for your efforts.

Four golden 'legs', for lack of a better word, jutted out from the side and two were buried deep within the ground. It was meant to land flat and had obviously failed poorly at that, causing it to be tipped back dangerously, resting against broken tree limbs. The door must have been damaged cause the power signature was definitely coming from inside, all crazy and panicked and on the verge of some break-down, and I could see where the seams were jutting out. Man, he messed that thing up and how.

"Okay, just hold on," I grumbled, jumping up and landing heavily on the capsule. It shuddered and the person inside froze, the energy level dipping down, and I grinned. "Big baby. You just don't want your mom to know you damaged her latest toy," I teased as I slipped my fingers between the cracks and pulled. The metal screamed for a moment as I ripped it away, peeling up to reveal a very frightened, and rather injured, Trunks sitting in the damaged cockpit.

Here's where the story gets funny, and by funny I mean I was completely not amused. I guess Trunks, ah, that Trunks took my 'help' as a form of attack. And, well, he didn't know who I was. So he just did the first thing that came naturally to him.

He lunged at me, wrapped his hands around my throat, and tried to choke the ever-loving life out of me while pile driving me to the ground.

"Ah… Trunks…" Gasping for air, I reached up and jammed my fingers against his eyes. Not really the most dignified of moves, but considering I was slowly being oxygen deprived I thought it fair that he got a close-up of my thumb. The man above me let out a howl of pain, grip slackening, and I kneed him in the crotch.

Best. Relationship. Start. Ever. "What the fuck Trunks?" I spat out, rolling to the side. Propping myself up with my elbows, I glared at him and rubbed my throat as he slowly uncurled from the instinctive hunched up position all guys went into when the special area was damaged. "You know what, fuck you, I'm gonna go tell Bulma you wrecked with her latest project if you're going to be such a dick."

"Bul… Mother?" I arched a brow as the words came out laced with such surprise and confusion. Trunks slowly relaxed and seemed to regard me in a whole new light, left eye red and watery and squinty. "You know my Mother?"

"Uh, news flash, we grew up together, of course I know her?" Standing up, I brushed the dirt from the back of my pants and eyed him suspiciously. "Geeze, what, did you hit your head or something?" Now that I was really examining him I could see the cuts and bruises covering nearly every inch of exposed flesh. Odd, though a crash landing would probably account for that. Wouldn't account for the weird sense of style, though; Trunks hated being known as the 'Capsule Corp brat' and would never be caught dead wearing a jacket ( especially one that small ) with its logo, not to mention the shoes.

"… grew up together." He looked down, expression going blank for a moment, and I resisted the urge to wave my hand in front of him. "… what year is it?"

"Uh… 784. Any other questions with painfully obvious answers you want to ask me?"

Standing up slowly, he glanced back at the wreckage of the capsule and grimaced. "Yes. Where is my Mother?" At that both my brows shot up and I shook my head.

"Nuh-uh, crazy bizarro Trunks. You're not going to fool me into telling you that."

He blinked and seemed to snap, darting toward me suddenly and slamming me back against a tree. Trunks, I mean, he's stronger than me, I'll admit that. There are a lot of reasons why, though most notable is probably because as time went on I started to care less and less about it. I mean, training is what my dad and what my brother did and I guess I just gave up; how was I going to compare to the two strongest men in the universe?

Yeah, so, Trunks. And me. Pined to a tree. This was probably when I started to really put the pieces together and figure out this wasn't my Trunks because my Trunks was not this strong ( but he was this crazy! ) and my Trunks, last time I had checked, had looked a few years younger. It was a subtle thing, but I was sure the scar etched under his eye hadn't been there before and that my Trunks wasn't sporting a hairstyle that could double as a mop head.

"Where is my Mother?" he hissed again, hands fisting my shirt and forcing my back painfully against the tree. I grimaced and squirmed; could you say morning breath?

"Chill out! She's at your home, probably working on some new invention like always-" I didn't even have a chance to finish what I was saying before he shoved me back harder, tree splintering from the pressure, and then took off. Like boom and energy was burning me in the face as he burst from the ground, completely forgetting to pull his ki in and working off of sheer adrenaline. Shrugging some bark off the back of my shirt I followed suit in a calmer fashion, easily catching the erratic half-saiyan. "Hey, seriously, what's going on!"

"This doesn't concern you!" the man – not Trunks – shouted back and I scowled. Being told to 'bugger off' in one way or another pretty much summed up my existence up until now and I was not about to let some crazy guy get away with doing it as well. Turning about to fly on my back, I jetted forward a moment to get under him. It was his turn to be Not Amused, glaring down a moment before focusing on flying faster.

"You're trying to find my best friend's mom, I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes, I'm very much concerned!"

"Go back home kid!"

Say what bitch? Kid? Oh he just did not… "Gah!" I had mentioned that the guy was injured, right? Cause the effort of flying as half-cocked as he was compounded with the crazy irrational stunts he had pulled earlier ( plus, you know, internal injuries ) caused him to suddenly flicker out, ki fading as he fell. He was grimacing, one hand pressed to his stomach, and I'm sure that he would have caught himself before eating dirt, but being right under him made it hard not to play Super Hero and grab a big armful of Ungrateful Ass. We both sunk down a few feet and, once I corrected my own flight pattern, I started to lower us to the ground.

"Crazy guy, are you okay?" I asked, feet touching the ground. He glared and I shrugged. "You're kind of holy shit that's a lot of blood." The fabric of his shirt was beginning to turn red and, after moving his hand away, I could see a tear where an oozing slit was in his stomach. "What happened to you…"

"I need to see my Mother," he repeated, but now I could hear the pleading and desperation buried under all the threats. I sighed and shifted around so that his arm was pulled over my shoulders, supporting most of his weight as he leaned against me. "I need to make sure she's okay."

"Trust me buddy, with Trunks and Vegeta there she's more than okay," I answered back as I cautiously lifted up from the ground. The positioning didn't seem to be causing him anymore pain and it wasn't going to take long to get back my house anyways. "Mind telling me your name so I'm not just thinking of you as That Crazy Guy?"

"I'm Trunks…" I felt oddly unsurprised hearing this, even with my earlier revelation that he was not Trunks. "Hey… are you related to Goku?" As he asked that he craned his head to the side, giving me a lopsided smile. I frowned, rankled by that question. Color me crazy but I hated being known as nothing more than Goku's son. Apparently Crazy Guy was going to follow in the same pattern.

"Yeah," I said shortly. There was an attempt made to keep the resentment out of my tone but I'm guessing it failed cause Crazy Trunks stopped asking questions after that. The fact that he was also bleeding profusely from inside his stomach… yeah, I figured it was my tone that had more to do with his silence.

In retrospect, maybe all the paranoia wasn't something that was suddenly dumped on me. I was pretty whacked out, though I had the special ability of 'appearing normal'.

Landing on the ground in front of the front door, I 'umphed' as the guy just sagged against me. Cursing under my breath I dragged us both inside, hand slapping at the wall switch as I felt around for my mom. She wasn't there, which wasn't really surprising since I hadn't heard any complaints to my abrupt take-off, but was a bit unfortunate consider we didn't keep any beans lying around and I knew next to nothing about first aid. "I hope you're not so bad off you're going to pass away in the next couple of moments." It wasn't something I really meant to say out loud, but it ended up getting grumbled as I made my way toward the couch in the living room.

Crazy Trunks laughed, of all things, in response. "I think I can hold on a little longer," he said, his tone teasing I swear to Kami and I flushed. Talk about overreactions. The guy had some crazy power and I was worried a little flesh wound would do him in.

He slipped down to the couch, collapsing back to lie stretched out, and I straightened to look down. The jacket, shirt, and pants were torn and dirty and stained red along some of the longer gashes, speaking to some sort of fight. "Hey, um, I'm gonna go make a phone call…"

"I still need to find my Mother." I blanched and he frowned before struggling to sit up, elbows digging back into the cushions. "Please, I need to know that she's okay."

If I was smarter like, say, Gohan I probably would have put the pieces together right then, but at the moment I was still dealing with an anomaly. "I'm going to get some people out here who can take care of this and then we'll see about you and Bulma." The people I was planning on calling were the Briefs so it wasn't like they were mutually exclusive goals. I just wanted to have Trunks and Vegeta around before introducing a possibly deadly force to their mother and wife. Cause, you know, I'm not sure Hallmark makes any cards suitable for the 'opps, sorry I accidentally got a beloved family member killed' occasion.

The man slumped back, exhaustion over taking him. Keeping one eye on him I crept to the kitchen to pick up the cordless phone. Trunks' number, the one for his private line, was something I had memorized ever since I was twelve, so I was hardly paying attention when I punched them in. A good thing since I was too preoccupied with keeping an eye on the crazy.

One ring, two ring, thr- "Mm… hello?" His voice was sleep-clogged and I spun about, glaring balefully at the phone before remembering he couldn't see me. Here I was, studying my ass off ( complete lie! ) and dealing with the Crisis of the Century ( and look, exaggerations! ) while Trunks was laying about, sleeping during the middle of the day. I hated him sometimes, I really did.

"Trunks," I hissed, cupping a hand around my mouth to keep my voice from carrying. "I have a… situation. Can you get your dad and maybe your mom to come out here?"

"Your mom will be back soon, you don't need to panic if you ran out of food…"

"What? No!" I could hear him flinch and then grin at my abrupt change in tone. "Damnit Trunks, I was ten- Look, seriously, something weird just happened." I turned to look back out into the living room; Crazy Trunks had his eyes closed and was breathing evenly, looking to be fast asleep. Hell, maybe he was fast asleep – I would be if I had taken a beating like his. "There's this guy, he's sleeping on my couch-"

"Chi-Chi will understand when you come out to her. You don't need to worry about having us there to protect you."

"I swear to Kami Trunks, I am going to beat you to death with your own calculus textbook." A pause. "Oh, yeah, and my homework, I need help with that too…" I shook my head slightly before leaning forward, one hand pressed against the side of the doorway for balance. "Look, he appeared in this capsule-thing and he looks just like you and he says his name is Trunks and he's freaking out cause he wants to see Bulma."

So I know I said that if I Gohan-smart ( which would be crazy smart ) I would have figured out what was going on. Apparently I didn't even need to be that aware of the situation; Trunks caught on and he only got the jumbled version of the story from me. "… what did the capsule look like?"

"I dunno. Not a space-capsule capsule, more like a weird… golden four-legged insect capsule."

"Is the guy okay?" In the background I could hear him getting up, bedsprings creaking, and the sound of clothing being rustled on.

"Were you talking to me naked?"

"I had pants on and stop getting distracted Chibi."

"Oh, right. He's pretty banged up but nothing that can't be fixed."

He sighed, door whining in the background as he thumped down the steps. "All right. Just keep on eye on him; we'll be there shortly." There was a 'click' and the call ended then, leaving me even more mystified than I had been to begin with. I had thought there would be panicking and flailing and maybe even the gnashing of teeth at the news that a doppelganger had appeared, but Trunks had handled the whole situation gracefully. Remember now, I was the idiot who still wasn't putting the pieces together, so I'm sure his whole 'grace' came from that. Completely would have been nice for him to fill me in on it then but, you know. Whatever.

I placed the phone back on the counter and 'hmphed' before stepping into the living room. Crazy Guy was still lying there all peaceful like and I sat down on the coffee table to keep an eye on him. In retrospect it sounds a little creepy, sitting there just watching some stranger sleep, but remember the choking? I sure as hell did.

"Mother…" I blinked and sighed. He was pretty obsessed with the idea of Bulma, to the point that he was crying out ( well, mumbling, but I'm sure in his dreams he was crying ) for her in his sleep.

"Jeeze, guy," I said stiffly. "She's on her way here, you know. You can relax."

Honestly, I don't know why I said that. I guess I just felt bad for him and I wanted to help. That was one of the stupider traits that all the males in my family possessed, the inane urge to help everyone. I mean, who does shit like this? Taking back a stranger you found beaten and bloodied in the woods? And that moment was probably the turning point to the whole ordeal, the moment I found myself starting to get 'attached.'

Turns out your mom is right. You should only name the pets you want to keep.