Dead And Back Again

Chapter 29

A/N: Your eyes deceive you not; this is an actual Dead and Back Again chapter... Finally I hear you yell! My Muse for this story hid for long was so good to have her back- Yay! So this is the final chapter of my very first story I have ever written... what a wild ride it's been... I am officially in love with writing... despite what used to be near crippling dyslexia and all the unholy frustration that comes with such a brain. But I also believe it's where my creativity comes from, I realized early on in life my brain was wired differently to others, thus proving my Gran's wisdom as always was right on point. No curse come without a blessing...

Previous chapter...

"Mine," Eric growled, "My warrior." The room was filled with the sound of flesh slapping flesh, grunting, and a keening sound which I was making so lost in the sheer passion I was.

"Tell me your mine, as ...*thrust*... ahhh... as I am yours" I panted, getting in touch with my inner Vampire.

"Yes, I am yours, all yours," Eric voiced, with that I grabbed his hair yanking his head down on one side I sank my fangs into his exposed neck, "This is right," Eric called into the night was I drank of him. My muscles clapping down on him, milking him, Eric finishing and bring me again as he sank his fangs into my jugular...Oh God, "Yeeeesssss, yes, yes, yes...Eric, Eric, Eric" I chanted.

As we both came down for our orgasmic high I became aware of a presence in my front yard, no that wasn't a euphemism for my lady business there was somebody or should I say somebody's in my front yard of the house.

Eric reacted immediately to my tensing body language, he was up out of the bed his sword in hand...oh that just sounds bad, (I am carrying on regardless) totally nude, before I could even stop him.

I got up with a groan, dear lord, this was not going to be pretty, three giant sized... erm.. ego's (what did you think I was going to say?) in the same proximity was a recipe for disaster. I quickly tied my robe round me and made my way through the house to the yard.

I had to clasp my hand over my mouth-holy shit. I started laughing, you wouldn't believe the scene before me even if you seen it with your own eyes. Eric was currently dodging fire balls, butt naked ,while Lazarus was shouting, "Dance boy dance." Eric looked murderous. Lazarus and Drakcon were in hysterics. Lazarus being King of the unicorns and Darkcon, king of the dragons, you can just imagine how it looked; Eric, tall, blonde and pale with a huge Viking sword in his hand bouncing about my yard tucking his bottom in, his other hand over the family jewels to avoid Drakcon's fire balls, while said Dragon, and a huge white Unicorn, laughed at him.

It took several minutes for me to be able to form words, "En ...en.. enough," I managed to pant out between laughs.

The three of them stopped, Lazarus bowed his head as did Drakcon, while Eric looked confused. "Any reason you are torturing my beloved husband?" I asked.

"Please forgive us your Eminence, your Husband believed he could kick our asses," Drakcon smiled.

"But we just wanted to see him dance," Lazarus chuckled. Eric growled. They were such a double act.

"But you forget, I'll kick both your asses and not break a sweat doing it, if you harm a hair on his body," I giggled back from the porch steps were I was stood.

"You know these creatures?" Eric asked with disdain and a lot of hostility.

"Eric, this is King Lazarus of the Unicorns and this King Drakcon of the Dragons, may I present my husband, the Prince of Louisiana, Eric Northman... erm, in all his delightful glory," I blushed, as I glanced sideways at Eric's GP- Mmm, so hawt.

Eric was still pouting, so they only received a nod from him in return for their nods to him. "So what are you boys doing here? How did you get here? Did Niall open the portals?" I had so many questions.

"Faelinn, why would I need some Fairy to open the portals when my mage is far superior to theirs? I opened my own."

You know how I mentioned giant sized egos, that was a little demo of Lazarus'. I just rolled my eyes.

"Well I wish I could say it was under better circumstances," I looked at my bare feet, they had come to this world in the middle of a war.

"From what we heard for the last half hour the cir-cum-stance seemed just fine," Drakcon sniggered, they might have over developed egos but the maturity level was that of young pubescent boys. I blushed, shooting Eric a look, he only puffed out his chest- I just shook my head at him.

"Ooooh Yesss! I would say ever thing was just fine here," Lazarus added, the little shit. I blushed even harder at his sex noises.

"That's enough," I snapped, my embarrassment making my anger known, "if you guys are gonna take the piss, I might as well go back to bed. What are you doing here anyway?" I huffed. I turned to Eric who still stood stark naked, his hand on the pommel of his sword, not a lick of shame on his face, "Ah for god sake put some clothes on," I snapped at him. He only smirked, sauntering away with a swagger, returning moments later in a towel.

"Forgive us your Majesty, we did not mean to anger you. We hate to sound so dramatic, but the final battle is upon you, and as promised we would fight by your side. But first we must visit Gwargedd Annwn (pronounced 'grageth a noon)."

"The Lady of the Lake is here?" I asked.

"Yes, there isn't much time, your Majesty, the Sisterhood are more of threat now than ever. They have killed two of the old ones, and the balance is now in serious jeopardy," Drakcon said.

"Of course there isn't much time, when is there ever? The balance has been in deep shit since I got here... give me two minutes," I took Eric's hand, taking him back to the bedroom.

I got up on my tip toes, snaking my hand round his neck I kissed him and he deepened the kiss, knowing just what I needed, "This is it, huh?" I whispered into his mouth.


"I love you so much...once this is over I am locking us in a room with no way of contacting us... we are not leaving till I can't walk or I starve to death, whichever comes first," I smiled.

"My Lover I do believe you are trying to kill me," Eric smirked back at me.

"Trying to kill you?"

"Mmm, now we are going to war and all I'll be able to think about is you strapped to a bed with no way of anyone contacting'll be the death of me," he chuckled waggling his eyebrows.

"You're trying to kill yourself... I said nothing about being strapped to a bed," I giggled, it broke the tension.

Eric took my face in his big hands, he kissed my lips and then my forehead, "We will survive this, it is what we do, we are survivors. I love you, Sookie Stackhouse, now more than ever." Eric held me tight.

I finally let him go, and with click of my fingers, I dressed & showered us both. There was no saving our other clothes. I was dressed in Fairy trill armour, which was light and flexible. Over it was an outfit of white leather that had my crest of the double swans. Eric was in black leather pants and his trade mark vest and leather jacket.

"Oh, leather, you kinky bitch," Eric growled. I laughed at his Ericness.

"C'mon ya big Viking...we gotta save the world," I laughed. I needed the humour because if I took it all too seriously I would be a basket case and I mean who wouldn't be?

We met Lazarus and Drakcon outside. "Let's go," I said.

"Hang on," Lazarus' horn glowed bright with the sound of popping candy on wet tongues, I felt the magic envelope us. We arrived at the edge of a huge lake and Lazarus put his horn into the body of water. Mist rolled over the lake and the bond vibrated with tension and anticipation. I looked at Eric and winked at him. How far we had come... I could never have envisioned this in my wildest fantasies when we first met.

The water bubbled and rose, suddenly Gwargedd Annwn, the Lady of the Lake stood before us.

"My Lady, we have come as requested," I spoke.

"Empress and her Champion, Prince Northman, I bear gifts... please," Lady Gawargedd Annwn spoke with a sweeping hand movement she gestured to the water. I rolled my eyes why can't anything with damn fairies be easy? Taking Eric's hand I stepped into the water with Eric.

"Your sword Viking," she asked, I gave him a look that did not beg arguing with. He looked annoyed as he handed over his Viking sword. She laid it down in the water and it sank into the murky depths. I tried to send calm to him when his fangs shot out.

"In Uther's time, a great army, came to these waters to sleep a great sleep. Have you heard the legends, Viking?"

"Yes. It was said that after the last great battle, five thousand of the greatest warriors that the world had ever seen, lay down to sleep until such time that Great Britain would need them again. The final battle between good and evil."

"Not quite, but all good legends tend to get embellished over time. It was five hundred warriors, a final battle between good and evil...not so much but they sleep a great sleep till such time that the shores of Britain and now the world needs them. Hands please," she beckoned.

I held out my hand and Eric followed suit. With a swift slice, our blood dropped into the water, immediately, each drop found the other's blood and the whole lake began to look like it was boiling. I grabbed hold of Eric's hand and shot him a startled look, my palm already healing.

Warriors began to rise out of the misty water, their eyes were milky white and lifeless. Okay... not really sure what's going on, none had brain activity. I checked, no lights, no one's was kinda creepy. And in the past I'd seen a lot of creepy shit-take Victor Madden for example.

A vial of bright blue liquid appeared in her hands, as she pulled of the stopper with a flourish and poured the liquid into the water, a huge groan sounded. It was like a steam ship or metal under pressure. "Only those worthy can raise Uther's army with a tribute of blood," the Lady of the Lake said.

I nodded. Suddenly it was like all the lights came on in all the bodies in the water and all their brain activity started, "Vampire," one of the Warriors nodded to Eric. Eric's eyebrow just rose, it was just so weird. The army, not Eric's eyebrows.

"My sword?" Eric asked Gwargedd Annwn.

She waved her hands over the water, she then drove her hand into the water and pulled out Eric's sword, only it looked brand new, like the day it was forged. Neat trick.

"Faelinn, this army never eats, and never sleeps till their mission is complete. then they must be returned here to their homeland, where they will sleep once again awaiting service."

"Okay," I must have looked a little unsure because she added they were mine to command.

"Viking, drink these waters," the Lady of the Lake commanded.

"Why?" since Vampires only drink blood, I wanted to know why too.

"Because these water contain an elixir that has power over the dead and can stop the bleeds during the day, Sookies blood won't always contain as much spark as it settles," she explained.

"Drink," I said as soon as she had finished, practically shoving him in the water.

I didn't need to ask Eric twice as he scoped a big handful up he made a face as he drunk it down, "Urgh, it tastes like ass," he spat.

"Faelinn I have one last gift," she presented me with a tiny mother of pearl box.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Open it," she clapped her hands.

I gingerly opened the small mother of pearl box, a tiny Trixy wix.

Her mini humanoid form stirred to life, she extended her beautiful wings like dragon fly wings and she began to sing.

"It's beautiful." Eric and I both looked on with delight as the tiny creature sang a lullaby.

"What's it for?"

"Oh, you'll see this little creature as a life saver one day, trust me," Gwargedd Annwn said as she once more sank below the surface of the water - visit over. Would it kill her to say good bye or good luck? I tucked the box into the inside of my jacket.

We made our way out of the water with our new army of five hundred ghost-like spirit warriors of Uther Pendragon's army. Suck it up, Stackhouse. Just another day in my weird, weird world.

Everyone was transferred to the palace in Ireland, biggest of all the palaces built directly over the first portal between the two worlds. Tiny met us there with the rest of the gang. Thalia joined us, and immediately began training with Uther's army- scary stuff Holmes.

Eric, Pam, Hamish and Tiny, with the help of Rebecca, were looking through plans of ,what we believed to be, the sisterhood's main compound in Greece, it was also the last known whereabouts of Hercules' daughter. I was determined to kick her ass.

As the night drew on more and more joined our army, Brightlingens, Deamons, Fae, Vampires, Sprites, Weres, and the list just went on and on, never had such an army been amassed.

The sisterhood had lost significant power, the Angel Sojopia informed me. Human viewpoints had been shifting and the true angels where now reaping the benefits of this power. The time was now.

I took Eric's hand and led him away from everyone taking him deeper into the palace, into a little nook carved from the rock, getting down on bended knee I pull a silent Eric down beside me handing him a candle, taking one for myself.

If my Great grandfather was to be believed this was what I had been born for, created for, I let out a sigh touching my candle to the lit central one. The flame of mine ignited and I placed it solemnly into the little holder. Eric repeated the action never once speaking.

I closed my eyes and I prayed, I prayed for the lives I would take, I prayed for my friends, I prayed for my people but most of all I prayed I would get to make love to Eric again when this was done, that we would see each other again.

My mind must have touch his because he smiled, lifting up my face, "I drank waters that tasted of ass. There is nothing and no one that would keep me from your side when this over. Then we will know each other in every way conceivable."

I laughed, but I am sure my smile never reached my eyes. I took a deep breath getting to my feet, "This is it. Let's do this."

Eric grinned, his fangs down, "Let's"

Tiny transported all our people and vast army to the sisterhood compound in Greece,with smaller units going to different parts all over the world at exactly the same time we would attack. Angels would provide cover from mortal eyes. This is the most proactive they had ever been in a battle since a war had raged in the heavens and daemons had been born as a result.

I held my breath, my sword drawn, Eric standing next to me, he winked at me and we charged, storming the vast complex. I had one goal and one goal only; to find Ancanthus, Hercules' daughter.

Eric was in full Vampire mode, the only Vampire that had been allowed to fight, but what a Vampire. The risk was too great to allow other Vampires to fight with us, as the sisterhood had the ability to control them. Having had my blood, Eric was now a very different kettle of fish.

Eric cut an impressive swath through the sisterhood warriors. I was not far behind him. We had the compound surrounded so there would be no escape for Ancanthus. It was going really well then Hamish next to me was struck.

Suddenly Eric was over him like a dying man in the desert over water. "Eric NO!" I shouted. But I could already tell it was lights on nobodies home he was consumed by the battles bloodlust. The serum that suppressed the Fae scent, couldn't suppress the smell of fresh Fae blood.

The next things happened in blur. "Hamish just lie still, whatever you do don't fight," I yelled at him. It was the only chance he had, if Eric's beast believed he had time with his meal then maybe I would have the time to stop him. Eric was about to strike when a sword pierced through his chest, I felt his pain as if it was my own and crumpled to my knees.

The enemy was closing in on us and there was no escape, we had become separated from the rest of the warriors on our side. Eric was in bloodlust, now injured. Hamish was fading fast as Eric latched on to his arm with a ferocious bite.

"FUCK," I yelled, holding up my hand, blocking the sisterhood with a shield I created. Tiny suddenly appeared next to us, he took one look at Eric and pulled him off Hamish gripping him tightly. I may have underestimated Tiny's strength as he held Eric with no problems, even though Eric fought like crazy. I saw Tiny's manacles glow, a split second before we were surrounded by swirling mist. It was the only clue he gave us before transporting us to somewhere else in the compound.

Soon after we landed, a crate of bagged blood appeared in front of Eric who still had Tiny attached, holding him in a vice grip, trapping his arms. Tiny looked at me so I created a bubble around Hamish and me. I tried to stop the bleeding with a rag a torn off his uniform. I nodded to Tiny continuing our silent conversation, he let Eric go.

Eric like a man possessed ran for the crate colliding with it. Only I had to remind myself he wasn't a man he was all Vampire in this moment, but he was still my husband.

Tiny knelt down next to our bubble, I extended it to include him, "Tell me what to do," I urged Tiny as Hamish drifted in and out of consciousness, I could hear the Summerlands calling him.

"Let me take him Faelinn, I'll take him to the palace and the healers will do what they can," Tiny replied. I took a step back and pushed a kiss to Hamish's forehead. I prayed that it wouldn't be last time I seen my friend.

Tiny wasted no time and with a pop they were gone. I couldn't help but smile despite my tear filled eyes. When I looked down at myself I was no longer covered in blood and my leathers were now sparkling white again.

"Eric?" I asked softly. He looked up from where he had his face buried in a blood bag.

"Sookie?" he asked, dropping the bag from his hands, then taking stock of his surroundings.

"Yes, it's me. Are you okay?" I asked. Lame I know, but I felt the 'human' need to say something 'are you okay' was better than; look at the big Vampire elephant in the room and you almost drained one of my friends.

"Did I hurt you?" He asked, dread flooded the bond.


Eric sighed, I'd just taken a load off his mind. "Where are we? What happened?"

I explained what happened the best I could, but as to where the bloody hell we were; not a clue. Not one fucking clue. It felt deep inside the complex, but as to how deep I didn't know.

Eric cupped my face with his large hand, "We still exist, this is good. The rest we'll figure out."

Before I could lean in and kiss him Eliween, my sword began to vibrate and glow. "Acanthus is close," I whispered.

"Later," Eric whispered back to me leaning his forehead to mine.

"Later," I repeated.

As we made our way out of the room I sent my telepathy out before me. Any brains I picked up were further away, but my sword was telling us one was closer. The only conclusion I could draw was that somehow my telepathy was being blocked from finding Acanthus.. I could tell we were now hundreds of feet underground. We worked our way through twisty corridors guided by the sword.

So far we had come across no one. Then I felt it like someone had brushed, the lightest of brushes, against my mind. I knew then, beyond the next door we would find Acanthus.

I sent the door flying inward. As soon as I saw her, I screamed at Eric to go. I did the one thing I promised myself I'd never do, I forced my will on him. I commanded him to leave. He looked shocked and hurt as he was propelled backwards.

The fight between Acanthus, head sisterhood bitch and myself ,shook the foundations of the complex as our swords clashed and our magic caused the very earth to tremble. I poured everything I had into the fight and just as I began to tire, I felt Eric fill me with strength. It filled me with such renewed hope and courage, I felt that nothing could touch me.

Finally after what felt like hours, the back of my pommel connected with her temple, and she went down like a sack of potatoes. Now I had the time to have a good look at my enemy, Acanthus was a sturdy girl with hair the colour of fire, her skin was milky white and her large form rounded and womanly. I wasted no time slicing her wrist and collecting her blood. I called Tiny to me, so he could take care of securing Acanthus. Then I took the blood I collected so our most powerful clerics could call the Gods of old to us.

I had done it, but at what sacrifice. Would Eric forgive me for my dismissal of him? I walked towards where I could feel him, taking my time. He didn't seem to come any closer. He must know I was making my way to him ,yet he made no effort to meet me. My breaths were shallow by the time I approached the room he was in. It seemed to be some sort of laboratory. Eric was at the far end of it. From the bond I could tell he was taking great delight in something.


"Lover," he smiled. At the moment I could had collapsed from the sheer joy of seeing him again and that he held no anger at my actions.

"Come see this," he enthused, as giddy as I had ever seen him.

He led me over to a huge glass tube, putting me well back. The tube was floor to ceiling and was made out of black glass. At Vampire speed Eric came at it hitting it with his sword giving it everything he had.

"Nothing?" I gaped.

"Not even a mark. What do you think it is made of? Could you imagine armour such as this?" Eric said excitedly.

I just started laughing, till I was laughing and crying. I am officially a head case.

Eric blurred up to me, "You are well?" He began checking me over.

"I am fine," I protested, waving him off.

"Acanthus is dead?"



", not exactly. I got her blood, but I let her live. I didn't think we needed a pissed off god coming down on us, after all this," I could tell Eric was not happy.

"Here let me try," I changed the subject, shooing him out of the way then limbering up like I was about to take a baseball shot with Eilween. Whack. Nothing. Okay. Whack, whack. Still nothing. I added a little magic and still not even a dent. On my fourth attempt I was startled by giggling. Suddenly Claudine appeared before us in all her Angelic glory.


She continued to laugh, "Really Sookie? I think the Viking has rubbed off on you too much," she grinned. Eric came to stand beside me. Claudine waved her hand we were both clean with not a trace of blood on us.

Claudine sighed, "What I am going to do with you dear cousin? Seriously. Binding your womb- what where you thinking?"

"Claudine, I don't think that is any of your business. But I didn't want anyone else to bear my curse and I certainly wasn't going to be a brood mare for Niall," I spat the last part.

"Still the spitfire I see," she smiled. A white linen cloth appeared in her hands and she handed it to Eric. He looked at it confused, taking it none the less.

"When I ascended I was with child as you know," Claudine said like she was announcing the winners of a local raffle - all smiles. My eyes instantly filled. "As my spark evolved and the Angels welcomed me as a sister, my child's spark did not evolve, bound to the physical planes with no vessel to house it at the time."

My lip trembled, what had she done for me? She was stood there with stupid ass grin on her face.

"Are you ready?" Claudine asked, lifting a huge sword made of pure light from her back. "Catch," she giggled, as she swung the sword in a huge arc hitting the glass. I had a split second to react and I dove forward just as Claudine disappeared. The glass shattered and murky water gushed out. I had just a second to catch its contains. As soon as I caught it I was overwhelmed with such love, I could have sworn I was in the angelic realm. I stared ,startled at the little bundle in my arms. Huge blue eyes stared back up at me, blinking rapidly.

I couldn't speak, I was crushed under the weight of emotions flooding me. Eric peered over my shoulder, I could feel the same overwhelming love in him as I had felt as soon as he took in the sight.

"A baby!" he gasped. I turned, and Eric helped to wrap him in the cloth Claudine had given him. He was defiantly a him, a very big him. An Eric sized him you could say. Eric held him as I swaddled the cloth round him, tiny fangs came down in his little mouth. Eric fell to his knee's still holding the baby. "I have a son... we have a son!" as the enormity of what we had been given hit him.

We just huddled together there, the three of us, "Oh Sookie, I feel him in us...he's ours," Eric said in wonder staring at the little bundle that now seemed to be fusing. This had been the last thing I expected coming here.

"I feel it too," I choked out. "Are you okay with this?"

Eric simply nodded, looking at the baby in awe. Junior took that moment to make his voice heard, and let me tell you, he had a major set of lungs on him. Eric looked aghast, thrusting the baby towards me. I tried everything to quiet him. "I think he's hungry. Come on, let's get out of here," I suggested as I got up.

"Sookie, the box," Eric suddenly said, as we made our way to the surface of the compound with our screaming son. I gingerly took out the box, opening it to a disheveled looking Trixy wix. Who promptly began chewing me out in a language I'd never heard. Guessing by the hand gestures it was a very colourful language. Even Junior stilled to stare at the little creature no bigger than Eric's thumb. He made a sound of delight. Suddenly the Trixy wix stopped her tirade to look at the baby. Her little face broke out in a huge smile as she dusted herself down. Jumping out of her box onto Junior's blanket she stood right in front of his face. Reaching out she tickled under his chin, making Junior giggle.

I was grinning like a crazy woman, "Aw, he likes her."

The Trixy wix began showing off doing summersaults and back flips much to Junior's delight, while I got dirty looks in between her acrobatics. I guess fighting with her in my inside pocket was not such a good idea. We continued walking our way out as I was too scared to teleport with the baby until I knew it was okay to do so.

We returned to the surface to thunderous applause, we had been victorious. I didn't know how long it would take for the Gods of old to return, but they arrived within minutes of the clerics completing the spells. They left immediately, taking...taking their wayward children with them, without so much as a 'hey' or hi to me. It was all very anti-climatic. I still couldn't tell what really happened as I haven't got a clue myself. They came, they took, they went. Uther's Army was returned and I sent a silent prayer that we need never call on them again.


They say there are innocents in every war, ours was no exception. The Gods may have taken their 'children' back ,but they left every innocent behind. Scores of children with supernatural powers who had never known love or a mother and certainly not a father were now our responsibility. Rebecca threw herself into caring for these children. With the help of the fellowship church and the supernatural community at large most found loving homes. She was determined that they would all know love and a caring parent. As it happened these little people brought everyone a little closer together. They gave us all hope for the future.

Six months after the sisterhood had been vanquished Bill and Rebecca tied the knot, knowing exactly who they were and more importantly, who they were to each other. They were proudly led to the alter by their twin boys and little girl, who they had adopted. It had been a magical night, I was genuinely happy for my first love. It felt good that I truly didn't carry the burden of hating him at all. In fact, it made my heart swell to see him happy.

Hamish made a full recovery. Although we all think he laid it on a bit thick towards the end. It seemed he thought that being waited on hand and foot suited him just fine. We never spoke of how close he had been to leaving us all for the Summerlands. I was just grateful I still had my friend with me.

'The little prince' as he was affectionately known had become the centre of our universe. Eric and I doted on our little boy. Many gifts flooded in after we came back home. Dr Ludwig checked out our little Lief. He was quite the mix of supernaturals, Vampire DNA had somehow been fused with god touched human DNA. What bound the whole thing together was Daemon DNA, plus he carried the Fae spark. He was some sort of living Vampire. Dr Ludwig confirmed the spark was of my line, no surprises there. We didn't care, he was our boy and nothing was going to change that. All we cared about was if he was healthy. He was very healthy and that was good enough for us. Even if his pink bottles of blood and milk mixed together was enough to turn anyone's stomach.

Eric resigned his position as Sheriff, shocking everyone, stating that he wished to be a stay at home dad. I didn't blame him, I lessened my load as much as I could so I could spend more time with our family. Eric's first time as a father was very different to this one, and he didn't want to miss a thing this time round.

Lazarus had touched my belly with his horn, (please, no jokes) I knew as soon as he had done it that the magic that bound my womb had been undone. As the years that passed Eric and I added two little girls to our family. Auntie Pam and Auntie 'Orlley' were in seventh heaven shopping for our two little madams. And trust me they are little madams. Adele and Inga were named after our respective Grandmothers. Even though I'd not carried Lief myself we loved all our children the same.

Pam had taken over as Sheriff of Area Five. Fangtasia was the first thing she tossed a match on. In it's place was an elegant spa, restaurant and boutique called 'The Duchess Rooms'. Every chance Pam got to slip that title in she would. I later discovered Pam had actually been in line for the title of duchess as a human, and never having received it was the only thing she had regretted from her human life. My Cousin 'Orlley' as our kids affectionately called her stayed with Pam. Both never saying to the other that they loved each other, but at the same time, neither took other lovers. Whatever they had, it worked, so who are we to judge.

Orlley became a children's author...the stories of a telepathic little girl called 'Claudine' who got into all sorts of trouble became the stuff of was a favourite at bedtime in our home.

The world had changed, I like to think it was a little more accepting and a lot more loving. The human race did indeed seem to be evolving, psychic and empathic children became the norm. Wondrous acts of healing were an every day event. The human race was taking it's rightful place among the super naturals. The Stackhouse agreement made everything a little bit fairer.

When the Girls came along I took Eric's surname in a quiet ceremony on the beach. I challenge anyone to find me a prouder Vampire in the moment that I became Mrs Eric Northman. Lief was our ring bearer and the girls were flower girls. It couldn't have been more perfect.

After everything, do you know what was the strangest thing for me? Seeing Eric hanging out with Sam, Alcide, Jason and all of them enjoying themselves, thick as thieves. The four musketeers Amelia and Pam called them- it was certainly something.

The End...

A/N: Iwant to say a big thank you to all my readers and all my reviewers. The Final huge thank you's goes to Phoniex Rose my first beta (few chapters only) and this final chapter was beta'd by the lovely GaijinVamp... i hope you enjoyed this journey not only in FF world but my own one in learning to overcome as much as possible the fear writting held for me. JoxX