Where to begin I have change this spell or halloweentown won't be the same. I should first tell my daughter and Marine and Sophie. Hey girls I need your help kalbar change halloweentown into kalbar town. Mother I don't think he would do that he seems to be nicer now and Dillon seems to really like him please help me sorry mother I just don't think that sounds right. Sophie you will help grandma wont you? Of course grandma I am on your side. Marine dear you will help me right? Yeah for sure you are always right. Okay girls lets go and visit kalbar. See girls the town is changed there he is get him kalbar stop. If it isn't grandma aggie you will never stop me. Lets do this girls stop the evil with all our might and turn the town back to sight. It is working grandma we need more help. Hi mother you need help I knew you would help. It worked the town is back and we stopped kalbar for another year. Leave kalbar lets put him in jail for ever. Kalbar you will stay in jail for as long as you live..... To be continued