Hiyas! This is my first Avatar the Last Airbender story, although this idea floated around my head for a while. Sorry if it seems a little short, but it's just hard to elaborate on this, I guess. So, tell me how you like it, and I guess if this isnt a total failure, I'll write and add the other parts.

Gyatso and some others were taking care of the young children in the day care. That meant that they had to listen to over a dozen crying four year old kids, who were all adorable in their own way, but who were also a pain to take care of. A part of their daily routine was to go out to a perfectly safe clearing on the high mountain, where they could see all of the life and beauty of the earth, and the air, and the waters.

So, as typical to this daily ritual, Gyatso and the other monks (old and young) went out to a clearing on the mountain. From this clearing, the cliffs and valleys of the mountain could be seen, afterwards fading into a vast ocean. Plants were evident on the higher cliffs, but were only seen as green smudges near the bottom. Gyatso felt a great sense of peace, and he closed his eyes and sighed happily.


A few feet away, one young four year old monk was exploring. The other, older monks had told him that it was very bad to go near the edge of the mountain. So of course, he went as close to the edge as possible.

There was a ledge, about 10 feet below, which doesn't seem like much, but for a very short and young monk, it seemed really far down.

The little boy turned around and called out to his friends. "Hey! Y' guys wanna see this? I bet it'll be really cool down there!"

The other boys, who were very far away from the edge, looked terrified, and one boy said, in a timid voice, "But we're not supposed to go there, Aang."

Aang opened his mouth to reply, but instead of a comforting "Don't worry, it'll be fun!", an "ACHOO!" flew out of his mouth, and he was launched in the air, and away from the mountain.


Gyatso was normally happy with this job. The kids were so lively, but at the same time, they were so calming. There were a few instances, however, where Gyatso would lose his cool, and would either be mad, or totally freaked out.

This was one of those freak-out times. He heard a really loud sneeze from the four year olds. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but it was way to big a sneeze for the little kids. Or any of the big kids. Or anyone, really, who wasn't air bending while sneezing. And from the sound of it, that was a really strong burst of air bending coming from a four year old boy, who shouldn't even know any bending yet.


Gyatso opened his eyes, and he saw a little kid fly away from the mountain.

He panicked, and he shouted to some of his assistants, "Someone grab Aang! Hurry!"

Unfortunately for Aang, none of the older monks there had gliders, so they couldn't go to catch him. Fortunately for Aang, he could bend himself, and he sneezed again, instinctively facing away from the mountain, resulting in him going back to the mountain.

Aang hadn't quite reached the clearing however, and everyone was still freaked out, but then Aang floated down lightly onto the little ledge that he had seen earlier. Despite being at least twenty feet in the air, he landed perfectly unharmed by the fall, and Aang shouted happily, "Fun! Fun! Can I do it again, Gyatso, Pwease?"

Gyatso, who was thoroughly relieved, but still spooked, answered, "No, Aang. I think we have been out long enough for one day."

He looked over at the other monks. "Well, go get the kids back inside. I'll get Aang."

With that, he jumped to the ledge, cushioning his fall with his air bending, and reached Aang, who was totally not scared at all, and was instead saying, "Gyatso, I'm sweepy."


Gyatso carried the now sleeping toddler back to his room, which he currently shared with a bunch of other kids. His room was still empty, however, as none of the other kids were tired. Of course, it probably had something to do with the bending. The first sparks of bending were always the most tiring after all.

Chuckling slightly to himself at the still-sleeping monk's cuteness, Gyatso placed the young boy in his bed, and tucked him in snugly. He smiled slightly, and he whispered, "I think we have a powerful bender in our presence." Maybe it could even be the Avatar. It would certainly explain why he could instinctively save himself like that.

Gyatso tuned to leave Aang to his peace when he heard a voice, that was very familiar, but from his long past. He turned around, and he saw the mouth of a sleeping boy move, but not the voice of said boy.

"Promise me to take care of him, Gyatso."

His eyes widened, as he saw, just for a second, a flash of Roku, standing regally over Aang, piercing Gyatso with a strong stare. His stare had joy, sadness, shame, and nostalgia in it, but most of all, it had hope.

Roku spoke again. "I have faith in this boy, he will surely redeem the world one day. But you have to promise me you'll train him, and train him well."

Gyatso, although in a state of shock, was still able to whisper, "I will, Roku."

With a satisfied nod, Roku's spirit morphed into a bluish mist, which faded back into Aang.

Gyatso closed his eyes.

"I will take care of Avatar Aang for you, Roku."